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Amy in Flagstaff half mask

Amelia    is meltin me/smellin katlik/-,Belda beast /  nitetime: inhaling her like a boquet of beautifull softness * in return.  Love            floating so high,

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for even my friends_ the Pack of wolves  .After a wink from my chota mom,kinda mischieious_ knows we must all eat shit to survive and then it so long ago i nothear dave laid upBeaten down broken  besides.. lilly a  peck a tinge of guilt? OH NO. Thankfully fully clothed almost red leather skirt remains hicked just above belly buttonpIERCED  sparkles. But its over  l. been called away.like we all are. tHE spellPUFF AAAAAAND THEN VANISHED toward heavES hell in acloner Cause its momentarilly death.

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 m Wild ChildCrash, discombobalated, miss .Near  her already, I miss her already. Unot alone , shes a list. Not not too long, maybe; three. Always some kind of lottery...  Gizmo stirring the pot, shufflin the deck!.. so the numvers..... the jewels/lure Flash!...  Maybe it called random; to the hELIUM screechers; Jakal Silent...

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Shredded to death by oh SUNSHINE

shoot   /.im killed by a bear
: Huh? The bear chews me up for awhile and nothere doesnt notice a thing.. 

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the other place shes a painting

.  Shes opposite of me but close,  spoke to lilly yesterday. I didnt see her.

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nothere. SO beautifull


  lost'' Lilly! nothere,.... no one gets to hold on long to anything? HERE.''even me.She flashes on to me her those two eyes hiked above me her belly button painting /panting once i had a start i cant stop. A hunger or a sigh oh cry of sweetness....    G assault  AH hahahahahass assurances LETS LETS yes yes! and we havent even REALLY STARTED YET  ,but shes playin WAIT_havent even tried doggie styleYet!! Hold her up even further cause i want to see  me swallowedin the red leather dress. period.

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M.F./ tHe Green Spirit

vanished or vanquished my Doomsday Mf. motherfuckmonsterfind... My Friend , any more /I  noth, i dave,dont care to blink over; d before e before f my friiiiend, MY  Fraulien G S WITH HER LITTLE TRICKS! her Gizmos her stone cheap ,chat chat; on first meeting.  her outside Oasis  her royal stonest, her greenest, her green ultra short skiiiiiiiiiiiiirt  yIKES! tight. like so Skin; llike mile high high; as a kite SHE WUZ,just a kidlike confronted?

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J my ride

jMy ride takes me places,sometimes away from human places ,along a barren stretch my ride will just take I just apply the brakes when i have to, Ive been run into by all kinds of anomaltiesIve been struck in my tracks- mowed dowm. That stupid ass front tire danglin.  A bOIL of fire ants,just not to long ago.. U. u sweet Mostly...my Lost.  this is partially to myself and U.  part diatribe to .MF mother fuckers Monster finds, and randomness and..the nameless. Those who oppose it and  conscioulsy  choose toil and monotonty? jAKALS/gEAR/shifter/ ?ASdefined in a fine dictionary i found.

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lflim flam MADE MAD by dieing/rebOrn By U girl= my encounters with beautiful +=star blinkin flash flesh ... tONES of everything conceivable before Big Boom before the beast that took my fathers eye scratch out with a swipe ..and in a BLINK:BLACK   being the most lonelist of all colors'; both One ...two of em hunting for lost things things that would catch ur eyes a hint of what the past might have pointed towared, if it hadnt all puffed and vanished in a flash. PERIOD.

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a DRINK , A redleather dress....... to Saviour

 If i must Iln -fliCK Pain ...I wont ignore em either like i ....,bUT something about LILLY? dancing too too close to her and a drink  My Chota mom would be shaking her fist down at me if see was alive.......u know i point up often ...why ?mention a name HATE!  hate me ,semi circle nothere i dont need to be a Red X I dont need to be outnumbered three to one ]. i iWont strike not like a snake so i might point up Chota lover i need more than the three feebs and theieves.

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Her PURR I ride

i like TO ride my bike, fASt weave thru the trees and just go..Toward dawn i come too ,a sigh ..like crossing a bridge into another world Babe !im reminded of another place where ur breathing besides me could be      I often wake up beside my bike that bike has become that kitten in ways I stroke her and she wakes up ,but spits noxous  PUFFS of blue smoke , shes an angy  Muck of a bike. Ride

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three days ago Paint me a picture inside those places

Lillian had contacted me. I  was right PERIOD! not yeT.

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TWO OF EVERYTHING.................She does bite

 I notheredave thinks of clones ,my head goes to spinning like the two two suns. When i speak of it, rarely IF ever. I know better [most of the time... I see with my own two eyes One SUNS,only if i close my very own two eyes2sunsCAUSE I USE MY THIRD INNER EYE  Usee? cAUSE those helium screechers [iyrok jABAL}start up again TWO whos i have no much use for

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Three tentative steps.....Robert Calvert

Three is the number after two i was learned by my chotaMOTHER.name?'' NAME OR NAMIN A THING oNE ISNT THAT TERRIBLE IMPORTAN SON'',so she would go on. tHIS is how i notheredAve began to talk.Most dont talk this way the ones at the place Barret SOMETHING mANOR? didnt;...  a few days ago and a few day before ? tHIS is why i was treated with dissrespect.names came my way.NAME  like loney Looney Udont dress chota fromCHOTA.finally I dont know what they mean. The hellium talkers or their words?i had to erase her her name as lilly or ivy?

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it has to be LOVE+inhaliled hellium voices

iF SHE FEELS HALF AS Happy as I do !Remove ur mask BarKeep says Thats not very nice I beilieve am not welcome here; iTS CLOSER TO THE TOP LEVEL OF hELL imGetting the peopleTALK nastiness NotALL i kNOW THAT.

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tThree make might, so he said; or though;: as he danced wee Late; night turning washed out waste; shrill not mellow   S,B,+..... ".Ur not welcome in that bar," She whoose not worth remembering tells me;..... ALL THIS and maybe more....Rats and fat Kats they scatter, lIKE blinking stars.....The real everyday always....Awakens infringws this place. Ill call the other place. There is this place and the other place.

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'Are you on LSD or somethin?'davE

maybe......nothere maybe davE Me?

''Oh!my!.....meMind doesnt tollerate well besides its a living hell here! Why accent it More clone? This is onne of mt favorite responses i HEARit as spoken to me inside mt head .Its a welcoming along with Looney > '' HEY hes Looney "!, or he must be '',its lonely here. BARKEEP Wont even allow a ole oleMAN a drink and hes a, Chota partched , the MASK tends to prevent Some blisters not all , Its LIKE ADHERED TO MY SKIN, sister Barkeep

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The BEARS .... Some.....

''Do A pantomine and the Childen will come.'' They will take me to a nicer place. Just around the bend Alway close  up the road a bit........I was learned by my MOTHER

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sO BEAUTIFULL speaks like that

 oH S.B. begins CUMMING   Please Please dont tell me that! I THINK? but maybe not . Maybe I need her>nothere Winks and  Wild child disappears Goes bye goes scram, goes offline, Online Cums again; above round to the side and finally beneath.I want ur LOVE and tenderness


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So,Beautifull continues to Speak

  its ALL a FUCKING DREAM! Nothere; S.B. reassures Nothere.i had to erase her her name as lilly or ivy? NAMES names are interchangable two folows one this one LILY CAN REMIN I SUPPOSE ,BUT ALREADY there is something troublesome a brewing or its brewed cant decide i dave dont want to think that hard cause it involves the other place

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  " i Crave. Famished EYES "_ WILD?!Quiet LiLLY;  sAYS. In so many ways Like,"'Fire fIRe bleeDU,dAVE" so 21st Century ilOVChilDmine.. In ur dreams Dave! Ur dancing cheek to cheek .....                                                                                      



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SO beautifull

I am, Notheredave:and Hello morning ! [THE FIRST LAST SONG ULL EVER HEAR  FROM ME]..................... hum Om, my Religion


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