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Flickers Of Light

Tink, tink tink...

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Distant memories


Karl now well rested and with light beginning to appear over a nearby hill cascading down onto the small camp he currently resided, it wasn't much but it was a respite from the wasteland. The small camp consisted of a small fireplace flanked from all angles with varying sizes of rocks a simple creation and yet so esential to life. Just beyond the fireplace laid an unfurled bedroll tattered with a collection of belongings including a rifle, the ammo for said rifle, a few pictures facing down onto to the ground and finally a small bag that contained a couple of cans of food and some water.

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A Tale Of Two...Friends (Introduction)

A man with a ragged beard sat atop an ancient rusted barrel, this man wore a simple set of clothes ripped and worn down by time... The man went by the name of Karl he was yet to aquire his black and mud flicked duster from a friend who went by the name of Bas... Nor did he have his wide rimmed hat with flames running along the sides, infact he had very little to his name, nothing but a trusty rifle, the clothes on his back and a pair of shoes that wouldn't last the month.

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Karl's Journal Page Six - A General Update

Dear Journal...


It's been awhile since i brought a pencil to this block of paper i call a journal...Im sure there is a good reason somewhere back up along the road but il not mention it.


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The Eckel Family


(( Background music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3QEKT2mk_Q ))


-Someplace Near Depot 66-


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A Not So Final Farewell

(( Pretty difficult to fully get my feelings across and im not gonna lie...Tears fell in the event and as i said my farewells... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5bjJzJ-T4c&list=RDf5bjJzJ-T4c#t=0))


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A Stride In The Right Direction? -Part 1

-The Events Leading To The Potential  Occupation Of North Burb-

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Karl's Journal Page Five - What Will We Become?


(( Background music if you wish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsLG0V_w7rw ))

Prospectors... A polite word for scavengers.

Starting out as a trio of friends... We now have well beyond what i thought possible. Its always a shock when i look around to see so many faces in our ranks. But what can i say... The more the merrier.

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Karls Journal Page Four - Lost In My Own Mind

Journal entry -

(Background music - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nn-SLivtGxk&index=22&list=RDMWNoQ4xRyNU )


My days... Become a mixture... My life, A chaotic mess... My mind reels around in circles, Sometimes...I see things with clarity and other times...I see murky water. My time in this Wasteland... All wasted, Nothing lasts forever especially humans. Made to destroy, Made to wreek havoc. I am so very lost...

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Karl's Journal Page Three - Blabberings Of The Mind

(( Background music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxDGAojH9Jg&index=15&list=RDuQes2Bh9A3w Probably going to become a regular thing now that im getting into it.))


Today things went from bad to worse, Rain to storm, Lightning to thunder...

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Karl's Journal Page Two (Zombies Ate My Neighbours)

(Some background music if your interested in that:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtvDJMy18BE&index=46&list=RDuQes2Bh9A3w *Contains lyrics* )


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Karl's Journal Page one (Zombies Ate My Neighbours)

Dear diary Journal.


After having conversed with Ardenn i have come to the conclusion that we are all completely and utterly fucked.


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Saw Through That Lie Huh?

With a groan i dropped down into a sitting posistion beside the long ago empty swimming pool, The aged motel standing defiantly behind me... Its occupants long gone and replaced with the injured and tired. I fumbled around with my belt as i unclipped the radio that hung there and raised it to my mouth adjusting the various dials thay lay on its face.

*R * Hm, Violet... You busy?

*R * Urgh... I was... What can i do for you Karl?

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Waking in the dark (1/4)

I awoke, The cold concrete floor draining any heat i could muster... Sharp beams of light flooded in through thin bars that formed the barrier between me and the hall. The faint shouting in the distance as my mind tried to catch up with the events came alive as i pushed myself up looking around the semi-lit room, The shouting... It came from a familiar voice... It was Ben yes..Ben shouting from somewhere above. My attention flooded back to the room i was placed as i heard the immediate sound of movement behind me...

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