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More Questions than Answers

((Another vignette depicting a scene in Markus' life; this time as he continues his ongoing journey of trying to understand who and what he is, and why he exists.))



The information scrolled up the dim LifeNet monitor. Markus cracked open a can of soda as he watched.


The Personal Journal of Markus Blood: Entry 001


     I’ve read that journaling can be good for a person, so I’ve decided to make an attempt. This will be my first time at writing something strictly non-technical, so I am doing my best to document the experience as I go. The grand question is: where to start?


A Moment of Weakness



“Every rose, has its thorn… just like every night, has its dawn… just like every cowboy, sings a sad, sad song…” BOOM!

The music stopped abruptly as the .50 calibre round turned the refurbished stereo back into the pile of scrap it had started as, albeit now in slightly less potentially useful condition.


That one is not going in the fucking daily mix.

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