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Union Triumphant: Men from the Sky


Kingdom of Falkland, 2311

Smoke and ruin surrounded them, the crackling of burning timber and the occasional crash of collapsing stonework an appropriate backdrop to the desolation of his soul at that moment. He was tired of running, the day's efforts leaving him an exhausted mess that could barely take another stop forward let alone bring his rifle to bear against the hateful invaders of his homeland. Now, sitting amongst the rows of bottles and packaged food, he waited for his pursuer to find him.

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Clone Tales - Running Man

Zanesville. The home of the Enforcers in the Plateau Region. Situated on a small plateau of their own, Zanesville is a military base built upon the ruins of a former airport, the original purpose of which has long been lost to those inhabiting the area. Hangars no longer serve as the home for the strange machines that once sat within, and have now been cleared out to serve as storage and housing for the various people and soldiers.

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Union Triumphant; A Doctor's Appointment

Description: Remnants of recorded conversation from the office of Dr. Patterson [ID (E)A9275/24775/2737]
Location: EXPUNGED
>Limited Access Granted

Talking out loud while no one is in the room is... unsettling, at least for me. Sub-vocalizing doesn't count, either. To think that after all these years I, Kiako Lalene, admit to being self-conscious. Yes, yes, I know, what a shock. That little "revelation" is why I'm here, speaking with you. At you.

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A Series of On-Off Tones...

To those searching the airwaves through their radio, they would come across a repeating series of electric beeps that slowly alternate in tone, with a seemingly random pattern. The noise persists for twenty minutes before stopping.

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The First Day (Unformatted)

((Prologue from a story I wrote, remastered edition))


Between the large swathes of land swallowed up by the untraversable Death Zone, the enigmatic and monolithic Wall, and the natural geographical features of the land itself,  the Grand Canyon Province has been in isolation from the outside world for over a century.

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Kiako Lalene Makes a Sandwich

        It is said that the sandwich was invented by a man who wanted to have his dinner, but not have to stop playing cards. Whether this is true or not is up for debate, however it is likely that nobody really cares. Walking into the kitchen, Kiako Lalene looked around for the refrigerator and, upon finding it, went over to it.

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Fruits of My Labor: A Story I Have Been Writing


I don't think the forums can handle a +6,000 word post, so I will just drop this here for those of you are interested in reading. Please keep an open mind, and enjoy.


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Journal Entry 9 - SPECTRO Metal Analysis is Magic, or A Tale on How Kiako Gave the Dick

13th of January, 2160

I am currently writing this in state of slightly beyond disheveled, due to my actions last night. I cannot find my underwear and my shirt is currently hanging from a ceiling fan in several ragged pieces, and I cannot find any coffee, but on the plus side however I am feeling a tad less stressed than I have been the previous few weeks, so perhaps this wasn't entirely a mistake after all.

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The Briefcase

It had been a day since Kiako Lalene's car had been damaged to a degree that he would need a brand new chassis for it. A day since he had had several assassination attempts on him. A day where a mob of people had swarmed him and gunned him down.

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Bringing in the New Year With (Hopefully Not) A Bang

Kiako Lalene lay prone on the floor, staring at the small mound of rubble that hid something much deadlier than some blunt force trauma. Snaking between two large chucks of cement were some copper wires that led to Prometheus knew where. He knew that within the rubble was an explosive device, and from the plasticy complexion of said device he guessed that it was C4. 

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Journal Entry 8 - A First Night Morning

25th of December, 2159


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Cremated Corpses Are Hard to Dig Up: A Tale of Futility

Terminal Woods was a forest that had been relatively untouched by man for decades, allowing the trees and plants to grow unimpeded by silly things such as chainsaws or harvesting machines. Instead, plants fought each other for nutrients and sunlight, smothering each other for survival.

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Journal Entry 7 - An Eye for an Eye

16th of December, 2159


Been holding onto a cybernetic eye for about a year or two now, just keeping it safe and intact. Haven't actually done anything with it until now. In a few days time that cybernetic eye will finally be put to use, and out of the jar.

Until then though, I am wearing an eyepatch that will reduce the strain on the current eye until it is removed. I'm not entirely sure though what the new cybernetic eye will do, as I have yet to give it to the Technician specialized with cybernetics: there aren't a lot of them.

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Journal Entry 6 - Thoughts

December 6th, 2159


This is the month of December, the month that is home to the holiday of First Night. People are turning to each other in the spirit of friendship and giving each other pre-holiday gifts: things like candied fruits, shiny baubles, and other things of a less than utilitarian nature. But they are still gifts of love and appreciation, something of which I seem to get little of, from either clone or mayfly.

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Journal Entry 5 - Foiled

November 11th, 2158




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Journal Entry 4 - Pissed and Other Synonyms for Anger


November 8th, 2159


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Idea for Global 2 Chat [OOC]

(( Since no one uses global 2 chat, why don't we hijack it for setting up roleplay events? ))

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Kiako's First Day Alive

((Just to let everyone know, this is the first chapter of a story I am writing; a crossover between Fallout Equestria and Fallen Earth, with Fallout Equestria being a crossover of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Fallout. The chapter I am posting has nothing to do with ponies, so fear not. Instead, it has to do with Kiako's first day alive.))


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Journal Entry 3 - Time Capsule

12 December, 2158


I was looking for decent salvage out near the Death Zone, when I happened to come upon a cluster of buildings. None of the buildings contained anything of interest. The thing that DID catch my attention was a small playground area [Playground equipment was most likely not safe to use] with a plaque set into a what I guess I would call a manhole cover.


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Journal Entry 2

(( Journal is OOC to those who have not actually read it in-game. ))

09 December, 2158



A lot has happened since my last entry. I got scalped, beaten, put into a bath tub with a corpse in it, and I made a little girl cry. Also Hope Springs got burnt down.


I have decided to put down new ideas for gadgets I can use. Today's idea is a disposable flamethrower, it consists of the following;

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Journal Entry 1

((Contents within journal entries are only known to people if they have read his journal.))


27 November, 2158.


So I figured that putting my thoughts into an empty book would be interesting. Seems that other people do the same thing. I guess I will put my ramblings into this journal.


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