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The Future of Today - From One Crew to Another


*Gunshots echo throughout the room* "Everybody on dey ground! This is a fockin' robbery! Listen to what I say and ye'll make it out alive!"

"What tay fuck did he just say motherfocker! Get tay fock' an the ground!"

*There would be more gunshots and of course screaming from the civilians*

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72 Hours Ago - Kingman Prison - 10:47 PM

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The Two Ways of Thinking

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Go Home


[Lead Me Home - http://youtu.be/K53Lf5Jkbjs ]

Good and Evil

You cannot judge whether one is good or evil by noting whether he is prosperous or not. Rise and Fall is a matter of the Way of Heaven. Good and Evil is the Way of Man. But, for morality's sake, we attribute prosperity and decline to good and bad respectively.

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Double Post (Ignore)

Double post

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Every Escape Needs Planning


Ben sat on his dusgusting old prison cot with his cell mate in front of him. You could smell the vial stench of piss and other horrible and disgusting things. The cell mate was playing with a deck of cards and Ben was sketching his own little art pieces with his papers and pencil. Suddenly a harmonica is heard in the next cell over. The harmonica gets louder and louder and whoever is playing it, clearly never held one in their life. 

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Two Hearts, One wall

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A Dangerous Deal

[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbz1cKUyXhQ For those interested in some moody music]

Ben sat watchfully across the road from a lady in a black leather jacket and fedora, her armored pants stood out with her clingy boots. He kept his hat slightly tilted forward so he wouldn't be as obvious as he continued to examine the lady carefully. The face seemed familiar, but he couldn't put his finger on it. It took him a few tries to figure it out as he shot several names through his head before finally walking over.

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Breaking The Ghost - The Crow's Plan [#1]


Ben wakes up in a familiar place that makes him feel safe. Until he glances around the room only to see two people there. The Crow...He's alive...As Ben looks around to find the nearest weapon, he looks down to his hands and realized they are tied with cable ties. The Crow slowly approaches Ben with a scalpel pressing the blade against his left cheek. He could feel the cold, yet sharp blade.

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Disturbed - 5 days remaining


I need to be patient...He lied, They've all lied...Hehe..They think I'm crazy?...I'll show them just how mad a man can go when he's pushed to it..


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What Lies Ahead (Zombies Ate My Neighbors)


I stared through my scope looking at what was ahead of me...Several wrecked cars but one thing stood out. This was recent, I could tell by the smoke and the blood on the door and on the inside of the window.

"What'd you see Ghost?" One of the travelers asked from me.

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The Awakening


[Moody music, This one doesn't matter if you're a fast or slow reader. The song is long enough either way :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqRZ2_w56U0 ]


Death. What did it mean to me when I was laying there, bleeding... At that moment and time, it mean't I needed to say and do what I needed to in that last breath. To speak my mind to all those around me and make them understand the message I was trying to share with them.


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Hello everyone,

This is a message to the community that a possible player in the game is stalking me. They have stated several pieces of my personal/private information and they do not feel like revealing their identity which raises even more of my suspicion. The reason it raises my suspicion the most is because the only people I've shared private information with is close friends which I talk to on the Teamspeak Client Program (Voice communication). Which I know for a fact it's non of them, as they were playing other games or on a specific account at the time.

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The Choices (Ben's POV)

My child was finally born and healthy, I was informed that the mother had died 6 hours after the birth from heart failure. One part of me was mad and upset, the other of relief. I picked the wrong lady in the first place... She had a sewer for a mouth and a itchy trigger finger. Something a child should never have to hear or see. Jim Greene, the man who informed me of Ashley's death. He suggested that I'd put the baby up for adoption for her safety. I disagreed with him right there and then thinking to myself once again, was I right to keep the baby?

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The Hundreds (IC Flyer)

This Flyer can be found in: Sunshine Corners, New Flagstaff, Hope Springs.

A young girl can possibly seen putting some up in Embry Crossroads as well.


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By Dawn, By Night (3/3)


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wh33uOP18bg - Listen until next song link]

Ben's face drips of sweat as he hears nothing but faded and foggy screams. He slowly opens his eyes only to face a concrete wall, He stands up blinking his eyes tightly as he squints seeing nothing but flood lights come into the room. He turns his head to the left seeing huge thick iron bars with a metal door. He approaches the metal bars rattling them to try and break them as he shouts.

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By Dawn, By Night (2/3)


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1OumA3TQVY - Some music]

Execution A

I sent Alpha Team and Vulcan to capture Crow's right hand man. I also had Miss Dupris go with them so she could use her "talents" on the gentleman. They breached the Embry bar like it was some simple arts and crafts.

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By Dawn, By Night (1/3)

[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJ7KpcY4M-w - for those who enjoy moody music :D]


"As I watch my friends fall, I realize that non of my enemies have fallen. The Crow. He's been behind everything this entire time. He blackmails people into doing things. That's how he's been doing what he has for ages!"

[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3UbE74HOb4 - next song after ^ :D]

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New Flagstaff Motel [Reinforced]

Ben and his group have all reinforced the New Flagstaff motel across from Beau's tavern.

The red is all sandbags and barb wire. (If you're color blind, I apologize then whatever color you see making an arch around the motel)




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The Job | Part 1 | Heat Kills

[Moody Music for the story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGorUmWMrwo ]

Ben walks into the Franklin Rider's office looking to the current employee on desk duty.


"What's my delivery today?" Ben asks as he leans on the front desk tapping his index and middle finger on the counter his mask up but his eyes staring at the man in front of him

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Waking to Reality

[Music to go with the story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vJTiUwGSL8 P.S. Try to read with the flow of the song if you're a fast reader. The song goes better when you read at the same flow ;) ]

Friendship...I've been so lost in thoughts and life that I forgot what that even means...

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Dragged across the wasteland [Part IV]

Ben wakes up in the house, his hands tied with rope and no sight of Abby. A man with a red plaid shirt, jeans and a black beanie searching through Ben's backpack.

"Where's the girl?" Ben asks with an angered tone trying to wiggle his hands out of the rope around his hands. His hands become red and irritated by the friction and pulling of the rope.

The man turns around, his left eye left covered by an eye patch as he walks over to Ben with a machete in his right hand.

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Dragged across the wasteland [Part III]

Ben and Abby walk across the old rotten floor boards of the abandoned mansion, Ben has his silenced pistol in his right hand holding it by the handle while his other hand cupping under the handle of the gun (where the clip would be).

Room by room he aims his gun in each one clearing them all out in case someone or something is hiding and hostile. "Seems clear!" he shouts to Abby who's sitting in the living room on the old dusty couch.

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Dragged across the wasteland [Part II]


Ben's voice echo's into the young girls ears as she takes gasping breaths looking around as her ears are ringing and all voices are echo's until finally it returns fading back to normal as she hears Ben say "Abby you okay?" she looks to Ben in the eyes and says "Yeah, just uh....Yeah. Great. So uhm...Let's try and go around em if we can." she says in a quiet panicked tone.

"Okay yeah sure." Ben nods in agreement as they slowly crouch walk to the left trying to go around the camp but at the same time avoid the sniper.

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Dragged across the wasteland [Part I]

"Are we there yet?" the young girl asks Ben

"No." he responds with an unsatisfied tone

"When will we get there?" the girl says in a curious tone

"Whenever we get there." Ben chuckles as he says this walking up the hill as he looks back to the girl "Come on, We still got some walkin' to do." he waves to the girl to follow

The young girl stares at him for a moment then begins to walk up the hill as she sighs loudly blowing air to the left side of her mouth.

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What's happened to the community?

Hey Guys,

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In the arms of a criminal

Ben wakes up from his rest due to hearing a knock on his door. He gets outta of his bed and walks towards the door clenching his hands into fists and rubbing his eyes with the fists. He takes his shotgun before answering the door but then thinks for a moment that it might be a courier. He opens the door and he looks out noticing nothing but a baby in a basket at his doorstep.

"What the hell?..." He squats down to look at the cute baby as it tries reaching for his face with its small hands.

Ben notices a note on the basket and he begins to read it.

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The Real meaning for MMORPG

This is strictly a joke for those who can handle it. No offense to any male players who play as Girls. I give full credit to Xanorin Blake for the image. *bro fist to him*


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I guess this is goodbye (solution found)

Hello everyone.

I just want to let you all know, That I am leaving FERP (dunno if its for good just quite yet but I'll think about it.)

Some of you may be saying in your heads "YAAY!"

Others may be saying "Why!?"

Well I am leaving because of the things I've done to people IC and OOC. No matter how hard I try to fix em sometimes (on any of my alts) I just get more hatred so. I suppose you could call it drama.

I've been apart of the community for almost a year in a half. (despite my accounts on FERP I joined em late) So I guess it's long enough for me.

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Change Ben, Change

"Have you ever felt alone? So alone to the point where it's just depressing? Of course some of you have. Not all, no.. Some of you are too good for that, Because what you have is something special not like the rest of us got. I've lost something close to me. Something very close and dear."

Ben sits on the floor writing in his journal.


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