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All In a Day's Work



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Dead Streets


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Desert Heat

The radiant sun shined especially bright on this quite day. Sandy footprints being blown over by the short gusts of the heated wind. If it caught you off guard, you may even get some wasteland dust in your eyes. The air had a certain heaviness to it, possibly a factor of humidity, but he wasn't a weatherman, so who knew.

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The sound of worn shoes on pavement was quite a calming one; walking down the road south of Oilville could either be a cool night's walk, or a blood bath. Depended on how lucky you were, and how colorful your pocket of chips was.

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A Crack in the Distance (Part 1)


      Kabou cocked the lever back on his rifle, glancing at the other two nameless men with him. The lord snap of the action got both men's attention, but their attention soon died out. The back of the truck they were all sat in bounced up and down as they left the safety of Gaia, to the outer land. One of the men seemed to call position as leader and commanded Kabou and the other man to get their masks on. Kabou pulled his straps over his head and tightened them to allow his gasmask to sit comfortably on his face.

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-Howdy Everyone- (Questions from a newbie)

So I'm new here, and I wanted to ask a few questions. Anyone is more than welcome to answer these.

First: Is the RP currently at a stand still in Fallen Earth, or is it slowly leaving?

Second: If it's still around, where is it usually, and when? (I already heard of South Burb, but that's pretty much it.)

Third: Who do I contact for basics, or just some important details to know about Fallen Earth Roleplay?

Fourth: Are guilds needed in Fallen Earth Roleplay, or are they optional?

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