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It might surprise certain people to learn that Joe Spivey owns a variety of bona-fide legitimate businesses. The ammunition factory, for example, is totally, well almost totally… ok, pretty much totally legitimate. Other legitimate business Joe either owns or is heavily invested in, he became involved in due to either necessity or convenience.

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The Secret Adventurer's Club (Part 10 Last)

The little group huddled closer together. Anxious eyes turned in her direction and Finny could feel them boring into the back of her head.

“It’s okay. At least we can see more better.” She pointed down the tunnel. “Look, there’s all these doors to search.”

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The Secret Adventurer's Club (Part 9)

Before going through the curiously inviting door to ‘Lucy’s Special Place’, and all the possible treasures it might contain, Finny had the little gang collect together everything they had scavenged so far. It was a lot. Even without the pile of brightly coloured and exotic ladies’ clothing Onetooth and Worms had put together it was still a lot for a bunch of seven and eight year olds to carry all the way back to Badger Court. Finny sought a solution.

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The Secret Adventurer's Club (Part 8)

The next two rooms proved to be drearily similar to the first. Even more so in one case when Finny’s searching fingers found an over full pisspot. She dried her hand on the far from clean sheet and retreated to the balcony, leaving Casper to finish digging through the room’s contents.

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The Secret Adventurer's Club (Part 7)

The four treasure hunters ran back into the saloon area. The stairs leading up to the balcony were in the corners adjacent to the main entrance, one for each side.

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The Secret Adventurer's Club (Part 6)

The kitchen had been trashed, of course, but it’s much harder to destroy stainless steel units and mixers than it is old wooden tables and chairs. And these were even pre-fall so we are looking at durable here. But it wasn’t the general state of the kitchen décor that made the kids halt their headlong rush to claim any left-over booty.

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The Secret Adventurer's Club (Part 5)

What hit Finny as she stepped through the door from the ruined office into the equally ruined main room of the bar was the overpowering stink of alcohol. Its unpleasant smell made her want to gag and Finny immediately wondered if you could just get drunk from the smell.

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The Secret Adventurer's Club (Part 4)

Once he knew that he had everyone’s attention, Worms dropped to the floor and assumed the shape of the outline while doing his best impression of a long, drawn out death rattle.

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The Secret Adventurers' Club (Part 3)

Finny knew the name. She knew the name because she had made a habit of reading whatever was on Joe Spivey’s desk at the factory. She knew that Joe had recently bought some ‘Decorative Beer Pumps’ and some ‘Furniture; various’ and some ‘Kitchenware; Mis-cell-an-eous (she’d had to look that one up)’. She knew also that these and other items were now either in, or on their way to Joe’s warehouse on Verde Street.

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The Secret Adventurers' Club (Part 2)

Worms led them a fast paced and zig-zagging route through the back streets of New Flagstaff, making them wait in a tight huddle at corners until Union patrols were looking the other way and generally being all very ninjery about the whole journey. Not that it was really necessary but it did avoid much chance of their location being reported back to the orphanage by an over concerned busy-body.

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The Secret Adventurers’ Club (Part 1)

It was just after lunch. Finny still had the watch Joe had given her so, she alone amongst the four of them, knew that it was… She counted the ‘5s’… Twenty five minutes past one. She was still getting used to mechanical time, but Joe had insisted, so that was that. Nevertheless, it wasn’t easy making the time in her head fit with the little numbers on the thing on her wrist. In her head it was ‘feeling better after dinner’ time.

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Bonito Street

Does anyone have the player map map of New Flagstaff that includes Bonito (sp) Street?

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On the third day... (conclusion?)

It had not gone well. So not well in fact that Joe and Finny were now locked head to head in an emotionally charged glaring contest.

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On the third day...

The four of them exchanged glances across the table. Finny gave Casper a nod of encouragement and what she hoped was a reassuring smile. Casper very slowly, and under the wide silent stares of the others, got to his feet and lifted the open book with both hands. His thumbs pressed side by side against the spine and at the very bottom of the spread pages as if praying to the author. Maybe he was.

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Götterdämmerung (Aftermaths)

1/ Dr. Tukiko Troy

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Götterdämmerung (part 8)

Miss Brown’s choice of time and place for their ‘meeting’ surprised Joe. He had expected, in fact he would have chosen, an out of the way place like a derelict roadside store with clear vision all around so that ambush or betrayal of any kind could be better detected. But no. In their brief communication the night before Joe heard the smile in her voice.

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Götterdämmerung (part 7)

Joe broke the connection with Hyle and stood looking thoughtfully at Kirsten for a few moments. He was wrong to be angry with Hyle. He had ‘sold’ Tuki to her because he knew that she would take on the devil itself to protect her… as she was now proving by going to Aunt Lucy’s lair. On her own, no back up. Where she would likely run up against the two most evil women Joe knew.

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Götterdämmerung (part 6)

It was late afternoon and a lot of Lucy’s girls were now awake and getting breakfast in preparation for the evening shift. In the office the subject of conversation between Lucy and the two sheepish looking men standing by the door was Hyle Troy. These two, after checking on their buddy in the emergency clinic had overheard Hyle talking to the auctioneer and had taken it upon themselves to ‘warn her off’. It had not gone well but the men were wise enough to report their actions back to the boss.

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Götterdämmerung (part 5)

For the second time in her life Tuki found herself alone in a cell. There were differences though. The first time it had been a cold stone room with a forbidding studded door. Shackles had hung from the walls and the mould covered stones were etched in the initials of dozens of previous occupants, along with the obligatory stroke calendars of days ticked off. This cell was not nearly so homey.

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Götterdämmerung (part 4)

Miss Brown glared with teary eyes at the slimy bile sloshing across the bottom of the plastic bucket. Not for the first time she cursed LifeNet, its creators, their parents and anyone else who had anything to do with the fact that she was violently ill whenever she emerged from cloning. But at least she was safe. Well, safe-ish.

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Götterdämmerung (part 3)

By four AM the Spivey household was clustered in a little group behind the front door.

“Everybody ready?” Joe asked, hiding his anxiety so that his voice appeared calm and confident. There was a flurry of nodding heads. Joe smiled. “Good. Now remember…” He held his finger to his lips.

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Götterdämmerung (part 2)

Joe was enjoying a nice dream for once, then his collar started demanding his attention. Beeps, buzzes, it was even vibrating annoyingly, which was a function he didn’t know it had. Anyway, it was enough to wake him up.

Joe slid out of bed and groped his way to the bathroom.

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Götterdämmerung (part 1)

There are problems with trying to keep a clone imprisoned. Not least of which is ‘escape by suicide’. Your prisoner dies and is then re-cloned at the nearest cloning facility. The solution, of course, is for the prison to have its own cloning facility so that even if a prisoner does suicide, they still never leave the prison.

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A Christmas Ghost Story... Well sort of. (part 5 finale)

The New Flagstaff Orphanage Ammunition Company technically does have actual staff. For tax reasons, however, the orphans didn’t count. Officially, they are on an extended work experience programme for which they earn points which are then turned into cash donations for the orphanage. In turn, the orphanage buys its supplies from Spivey’s Independent Trading Company so everything works out nicely.

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A Christmas Ghost Story... Well, Sort of (part 4)

Joe opened his eyes and listened. Something had woken him up but there was a distinct lack of ominous sounding bongs. It was also very dark, not a ghostly glow to be seen anywhere. He felt his way to the end of the bed and slid off.

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A Christmas Ghost Story... Well, sort of (part 3)

BONG! Joe’s eyes opened. BONG! He sat up. Same bed. BONG! Still fully dressed. Joe sighed.

“Here we go again.” Joe shuffled down the mattress until he was sitting on the end of the bed. He reached into his duster pocket for his cigars and opened the pouch. Candy canes.

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A Christmas Ghost Story... well, sort of (part 2)

Tucked up in bed, in the hour before lights out and with the big dictionary by her side, Finny began to read. The sights and sounds, and even the smell, of the orphanage faded away as Finny entered and embraced the world of Ebenezer Scrooge and Jacob Marley. Of Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim. When the lights went out fifty-nine minutes later, Finny was thrust reluctantly back in the real world.

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A Christmas Ghost Story... well sort of. (part 1)

Boredom, is not something kids in the New Flagstaff Orphanage generally suffer from. Staff there know that bored kids get into mischief nine times out of ten. So, if you have nothing to do then the staff will find you something, usually involving a scrubbing brush and a pail of water. Consequently, the kids tended not to hang around the orphanage during their free time.

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Joe Spivey – Old School

Joe was watching Kirsten playing with Annie when the call he had been waiting for came in. He had been in a foul mood all evening. Kirsten had noticed it, of course, and had tried to find out what was bothering him but, for once, Joe was having none of it. A brief shake of the head and a change of subject was his only response. Kirsten let it drop and tried to keep the evening cheerful.

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Halloween Fantasy (part 70)

Bodil was looking at the picture of the old man, nodding her head.


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