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New Flagstaff Leafleted

((Overnight the following has appeared all over New Flagstaff. Posted on walls, pushed through doors and piles of them left in popular gathering places.))

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?


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Joe's funny story

((This is a story Joe tells anyone who stands still long enough near him))

'Ere, I thought my luck was in the other night!

There I was sat minding me own business, 'aving a quiet pint in Beau's and this bint walks over. Well, I say a bint but she was well classy. Union mind, coz she 'ad one of them badges on but I aint got no gripe with them lot.

Joe, thinks I, you luck's changing for the better old son. Anyway, I straightens meself up and she's just about to tell me how 'andsome I am when a pair of  Union gorrillas walk in all armoured up to the bleedin eyeballs. They fix on the skirt straight away and beeline straight over to us. Course, I could 'ave 'andled them no trouble but I din't want to scare the lady did I? So I stays put where I am.

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Overheard in a bar.

Was having my normal 5 pint lunch when I happened to hear this juicy little item.

Seems the naked and mutilated body of a hooker was found in a motel room across from Beaus. There were blood smears and bloody handprints on the wall at the scene. There were no witnesses, or at least no one would come forward and talk.

(Edited to change footprints to handprints)

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Whisper on the streets.

Here's an interesting little tidbit doing the rounds.

A clone, Lost Bride, stole something for Outsiders but she didn't give the stolen loot to Outsiders.

Now both Earthbound and Outsiders threaten to get to Sector 2 to look for the stolen item, some kind of device.

A bounty has been given on tracking down this clone and returning the device to either Earthbound or Outsiders.

Lost Bride is considered armed and dangerous: Shoot first ask questions later is advised.

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"Word on the street is..."

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Bleedin 'ell

Well now, this is a right turn up and no mistake.

Pops me clogs expecting to pick up where I leaves off and suddenly, wallop, decades 'ave gorn past and the whole bleddin world's gorn to 'ell. Took a bit of figurin aht but it looks like you're back to square numero uno, Joe me old mate. Just like when you started out when you was a nipper eh? Ok then, best get the lay of the land, see what's what and who's who. Then we'll see what needs doing.

The old army skill's with a rifle came in 'andy right from the get go. Didn't go much on all that diggin around in the dirt though. Definately not my style. Nor was all that bleedin pickin fruit before that bastard farmer would give me a decent horse. Soon sorted that though, pulled the old Huck Finn on some of the local kids while I put me feet up. I'll be long gorn before they try and spend those chips though, shame really, wouldn't 'alf mind seeing their faces!


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