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This is the place.... [4]


     En..... to.... tre....


     "Is she really naked?.... and  is that a gun?",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The last concious thought of Number 2

     It was the surprised look on his friends face just before it exploded that made Number 3 turn around,  curiosity being what it is.  The last thing he expected was a naked woman stading one meter away. Oh, that, and the rifle butt being so hard.


     Twenty minutes earlier.....


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This is the place.... [3]


     There are few things more disconcerting than waking and the first thing you see is a gaping rifle muzzle......

     HyleTroy at first dismissed this as another of her awful dreams, but the dream quickly becomes a waking nightmare, She  closed her eyes again and waited  for more strange stuff to appear from her subconcious. 

But the kick was real enough....  that hurt. So was the grasping of empty air where her rifle should have been. 

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This is the place..... [2]


Dette er stedet......

      Hyle sat with her back against the wall, watching the cooking fire. Watching how the smoke drifted up, taking with it a few red embers which weaved around the spirals.  She rolled up a string of tobacco in a paper, licked the skin and put the end to her lighter.. leaned back and  took a long drag, blowing her smoke to mix with that of the fire.

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This is the place.....


This is the place....


            Hyle Troy gripped the top of the steering wheel as the faint cloud of dust settled behind her buggy. She just sat for a while, looking. This is the place for sure, the faded remnants of a cooking fire. The low broken wall she and Sorja had leaned against as the fatigue overwhelmed thier exhausted bodies.


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