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It's Back !

party poster

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Spotless Mind cont..



You must wake up......


Wake up........

                                                              ...... who are you?

It's me! Dont you remember?....

                              ........ No. Leave me alone, I need to sleep.

Come on, you must get up........

          ........ ach my head hurts, and there is blood under my nose.

And, we are pregnant........

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The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

“How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot!

The world forgetting, by the world forgot.

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!

Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resign’d”


We become what life makes us, every thought every emotion each reaction. Every trait of our being is formed by our experiences.

Even for a clone, born directly to adulthood. Fully adult even if only a few day or years old.

Physically 23, actually four.


So I am told.


So what happens when all those experinces that made us are taken away?

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Heads and Tails

Hyle dipped into her handbag and pulled out a bunch of keys. She closed door of her car, the pink inty, and then leant for a few moments against the warm fender. She listened.  

Hardly a sound....   just the wind blowing down Hope Springs main street and the occaisional ping from the cooling 2.5 liter engine under the car hood. She regarded The Waffelhus for a few minutes, then sighed before she walked up the familiar front steps where she offered one of her keys into the lock.

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To sleep, perchance to dream.

Skagerrak....   Kattegat....   Skagerrak..... Kattegat

The wiry small six year old girl stands on the strand softly repeating the two words. Her tiny voice is carried north on the stiff breeze, the same breeze blows her mass of blonde curls accross her face. She pushes the hair from her eyes with her right hand..

"Kattegat hånd.. "   She smiles to herself.

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Dreams come true, so be careful what you wish for.


Hyle sat in the hospital bed, the monitor beside beeped rhythmically as it interpreted her heartbeat into an audible signal. The tranducer on her chest fed the monitor with the information, lower down was a bandage covering the incision from which .......they......  had taken the sample of her body tissue.

"Ach, I wish they would get this over with soon."  The ladies in the other ten beds of the ward chattered and agreed with Hyle. They had waited for the last two hours since each of them had a similar procedure to Hyle's.

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How did we get here from where we were, min kæreste?

     Hyle Troy sat at home, for once, Sorja and Tuki were out. Hyle had nothing to do except relax. She took advantage of this lull, made some of Sorja's hot chocolate and sat on the sofa.

     She folded her bare feet under herself and blew accross the top of the mug of chocolate. On the table stood a newly framed photograph of herself and Vekthaur. She studied it, and smiled.

Him. Her lover. Hyle's mind filled with the last 18 months. My god !  the passion, the fireworks. The fights, the disagreements. The Volatility of thier relationship.

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One slow night in The Waffelhus


(( really enjoyed this bit of RP, so I decided to put it up. Enjoy))


Daniel Cross looks at Hyle. "What's the Blaineburger?"

Velkan Diablo sips his drink " Miss.Hyle if i may ask what is the towns stand on slavery?"

[Hyle Troy] says: ahh.  Fresh meat, cheese, salad  and fried onions. Just a moment Velkan, I'll be with you soon as I serve Dan.


Velkan Diablo seems offended she adressed him so ...commonly..as if he where a pleb ? Bahh !,  he takes another bite of his food

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Street Parties at The Waffelhus






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Street Parties at The Waffelhus

((  further to my reply to Kiako's thread))




Waffelhus Enterprises A/S


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Troy Sister's Birthday ..... evidence

((We all had a wonderful party, Thanks to all who showed up and added to the fun.)) 

((So here are some screenies I took at the party))

(( Enjoy them, comment at will ))




A good turnout

Boy meets girl.



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Birthday Party for the Troy Sisters


Hyle and Sorja Troy invite you to their

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Street Party at The Waffelhus tonight

Waffelhus Street Party

The Troy family will be hosting another street party outside  The Waffelhus  tonight

(Saturday 28 September)  

18:00 GMT/UTC.   therefore 19:00 UK time. 20:00 Denmark, Germany etc,  21:00  Finland

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Rick Aesterly at The Waffelhus

((  Thank you everyone who dropped by, I think everyone who attended had a fantastik time. We hope to run similar events in the future.Thanks also for Rick Aesterly who did a great job. A very believable pop star.Smile

Waffelhus Gig

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Waffelhus Proudly Presents

This poster appears in the usual places, i.e. any flat surface that Tuki can reach around Hope Springs and New Flagstaff. 


The Waffelhus Proudly Presents.....

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[ooc] The return of The Waffelhus

((  If all goes well I plan to re-open The Waffelhus in Hope Springs on saturday.    

           Attractions include Waffelhus Radio  , good food  and friendly chat.

           Hope Springs town and also guild are faction neutral.

            Menu will be as comprehensive as possinble   all food items  will cost 2 blue  and all drinks  1 blue,

            As ever , Coffe  is rp only,, and so payment is rp only. 'Twas ever thus.

            And of course...  Waffles  !!

            As most know, I am EU based so opening times will reflect this. 

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This is the place.... [14]


We can walk or roads together If our goals are all the same

We can run alone and free if we persue a different aim

Let the truth of love be lighted, let the love of truth shine clear

Sensibility, armed with sense and liberty

With the heart and mind united in a single, perfect sphere

(The Sphere, a Kind of Dream...  Rush )


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This is the place.... [13]


Red fireflies danced above the dark  horizon, and a woodpecker tapped out a short burst. The red fireflies, travelling at 285 m/s arrived shortly after the staccato tapping, travelling at 342 m/s, The speed of sound. Hyle held Sorja 's hand as they watched the fireflies dance off into the distance. She knew that for every firefly seen there were five or six unseen, the only clue of thier existance was the sand being kicked up at each side of the boulder that Hyle and Sorja leaned against.

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This is the place.... [12]


"Ragged lines of ragged grey. Skeletons,  they shuffle away. 

The shouting guards and smoking guns will cut down the unlucky ones"

(Red Sector A - Rush)

          She drove with ballet shoes. As silently as possible, Hyle Troy took her buggy to the preselected point, a dry gully 500 meters from the camp perimeter. A fair distance, but too close they would hear the motor, and probably see the car moving under the cherry moonlight. 

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This is the place.... [11]


Huyy,  theres got to be an easier way than this.....

    Hyle Troy was melting inside her pale blue armour, She was back on the ridge, the relentless sun bore down on her. Hyles right eye was glued to the telescope of her sniper rifle, she had been there for two hours, lying prone behind the tussocks of vermillion grass which formed a half meter screen along the top of the ridge.

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This is the place.... [10b]

Joe Spivey once described Hyle in a story as 'Nordic Doom', that made me chuckle..    I am not so sure,, but Barbie never looked like this ..




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This is the place.... [10]



I Dag er det Hyle's fødselssdag 

Hurra ! Hurra! Hurra!

Hun sikkert sig en gave får 

Som hun har ønsket sig i år 

Med dejlig chokolade og kager til.

Hvor smiler hun, hvor er hun glad 

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This is the place... [9]


         The stipple brown buggy crawled over the sand and rocks like some mechanical Creeper. The sun had been up for an hour at least, but the driver didn't care. Hyle Troy just stared ahead of herself, she had pointed the buggy north again, direct,  route one. Destination, the huge rusted doors which separated one form of hell from another far worse form of hell. She was going home, defeated, lost.

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This is the place.... [8]


       By the time Hyle had run back to her buggy she was sobbing. A hundred scenarios had run through her mind in the few moments it took to get down from the ridge. 

      Her emotions were in tatters, elated now she knew Sorja was alive, saddened by the vision she saw, "Sorja ....  oh  Sis ! what has happened ?"

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This is the place.... [7]


        Failed Clones..    you see them mostly in sector one,  close to the Spawning Bunkers mostly. They are easy to spot..    The ones who spring  high into the air every third of fourth stride. The ones who's arms are perpetually stuck horizontally in front of them.  The ones incapable of speech. The ones who can only move crabwise... 

     Yet, as you come further north.. sector two... sector 3..  they become less and less noticable. Did you ever stop to wonder where they all go?

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The calm before....... **This is the place[6]**

    Silence, bar the faint pinging of a cooling exhaust pipe  on her buggy. She sat on a flat rock gnawing a tough piece of Jerky, pondering the last 24 hours. Even the wind had stopped blowing , maybe even it was more sensible than she and stayed away from this part of Alpha County.

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This is the place.... [5]


      Odrinarily, a man would enjoy being undressed by a naked woman, some may even pay for the priviledge of being hung by the wrists while this happened ! ...    Ordinarlily, but this was a searing hot Alpha county day..and for some reason there was no love in the air.

     " So, you got a name, sugar?" Hyle Troy looked at the man's face, squashed as it was between his upraised arms. Hyle was not surprised that he spat in her face. His browned skinny features  grimaced at her , eyes narrowed to slits.  "Just you wait, bitch !"

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This is the place.... [4]


     En..... to.... tre....


     "Is she really naked?.... and  is that a gun?",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The last concious thought of Number 2

     It was the surprised look on his friends face just before it exploded that made Number 3 turn around,  curiosity being what it is.  The last thing he expected was a naked woman stading one meter away. Oh, that, and the rifle butt being so hard.


     Twenty minutes earlier.....


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This is the place.... [3]


     There are few things more disconcerting than waking and the first thing you see is a gaping rifle muzzle......

     HyleTroy at first dismissed this as another of her awful dreams, but the dream quickly becomes a waking nightmare, She  closed her eyes again and waited  for more strange stuff to appear from her subconcious. 

But the kick was real enough....  that hurt. So was the grasping of empty air where her rifle should have been. 

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This is the place..... [2]


Dette er stedet......

      Hyle sat with her back against the wall, watching the cooking fire. Watching how the smoke drifted up, taking with it a few red embers which weaved around the spirals.  She rolled up a string of tobacco in a paper, licked the skin and put the end to her lighter.. leaned back and  took a long drag, blowing her smoke to mix with that of the fire.


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