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The 'Great' Grandmother

Many many years from now....

A family walk, Hyle, Tuki and the many several grandchildren ambled down Hope Springs Main Street.

As they drew level with The Waffelhus the group paused. Hyle looked fondly at he old diner. It was of course long sold and Hyle was long retired. The conversation turned to stories of the old days. Of the customers. Of when Tuki worked there. Of Great Aunt Sorja. And of course of the parties, and dancing.

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Hyle in TSW

Just a few shots of the other hyle


I know some of you have asked




hyle 3

hyl 2


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mistake please remove, Reaper


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Phew ! Now safe for work



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Waffelhus Enterprises A/S Præsenterer ... Hyle's Birthday Party !!



(( It would be fantastic to see as many old friends as we can get there ))


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wrong account goof

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The Death of Barry the Roofer with Vertigo (pt.3.. last)

Hyle watched Barry go back to his van. Joe Spiveys grocery list was complete. She looked around, then decided she may as well bring The Waffelhus accounts up to date. There would be no sunbathing that day so it was better to clear some of the paperwork which had backed up.

Outside, Barry had half staggered his way to the blind side of his van. He leaned his back against the white paint and let his knees bend. He slid down the side and sat pondering what to do. 

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The Death of Barry the Roofer with Vertigo (pt.2)


Barry balanced the Curry carry out on his arm as he turned the key in the lock. He was looking forward to a nice relaxing afternoon. As he passed the phone in the hall he noticed there was one message waiting for his attention. He set the food aside and listened.

The voice on the message was female, The English was well spoken but with a definate accent of some other language.

" Is that Barry the Roofer man? Come to me as quick as you can ! "

Barry slumped. No curry, no tub for him today.

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The Death of Barry the Roofer with Vertigo (pt.1)

"Perfect !"

Hyle smiled as she looked out of her window to see the sun beating down. She had cleared a space in her schedule and was now humming happily to herself as she packed her sunbathing kit into a bag.

"Towel... sun oil... " 

She picked up the bikini, looked at it and chuckled. Then put it back in her drawer.

" Nej, you are  not needed"

Dressing herself in loose clothing, she closed her house door and minutes later, Hyle's car was rumbling up Main Street, heading for The Waffelhus. 

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You Maniacs !

Ohhh Noooo !...  

While exploring. Hyle Sharky and Veronica make a terrible discovery...


Noo Hans


(( Little fun picture for Sharky and V V  ))

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Hyle smiled


In the distance she could hear the mixed sound of Sharky's motorcycle. The unmistakable symphony of growl, burp and fart.

Hyles day was almost over His day just starting. But over the weeks it had become a little habit that they would join for a supper/breakfast.


The conversation was always fun. Surreal, interesting.

Discussions on culture differences. He Being Chota, she being Tech. The fact thier body clocks were so out of synch, they only had time together short.

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Glædelig jul Sharky !!!!! xx


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baa baaa baaa baaaa baaaa

baa  baa   baaa

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Waffelhus Enterprises A/S præsenterer....



(( Please note:  start time is the usual time  UTC value changes because of end of summer time ))

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Waffelhus Enterprises A/S præsenterer....



Time to put on your Lederhosen or your Dirndl  !   there will be beer, oompah, beer, dancing on tables, beer. sausages, beer.. and more beer.

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Waffelhus Enterprises A/S præsenterer....... celebrity endorsements


Sunday.20 September.  Waffelhus Radio RUSH Special !!  http://myradiostream.com/waffelhus 15:00 UTC

ad 2

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Waffelhus Enterprises A/S præsenterer....




((  Starting 18:00 UTC  ))

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((Just for Joe :)


Not scary. just misunderstood

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(( Just for Sharky :P


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Tonight at The Waffelhus


4 july


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Always Hope ( Zombies ate my Lego)


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Always Hope ( Zombies ate my Hamsters)

( Posters around Hope Springs have been altered )


(( this does not mean there will be no RP at party time ))

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The Troy sisters invite you to.....



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