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Tallisen's Return.

[ Hello it is me again, joined five years ago and life got in the way before I could actually do anything beyond my first post, I'm back again and posting :) ]

Tallisen glances upwards before pulling the reigns back harshly on his horse, causing the animal to neigh as it comes to a stop while he reads the over pass sign, Odenville, Straight ahead.

He sighs before moving the reigns, directing the horse to continue onwards..

[ Feel free to add me in game as Talissen :) I would appreciate the company.]

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~`A Anticlimatic begining`~

He sighs softly sifting through rubbish squinting as he looks through it for anything deemed "Valuable", Every now and then he pockets somthing or stops to drink some water and wipe the sweat from his brow as he sorts through the pile, A crows call heard in the distance as he looks up at birds cirling over head he stands up picking his rifle up and slinging his backpack onto his back with ease and turns heading off into the unforgiving wasteland.



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