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Back to Business


The rumble of the armored car echoed down the street as the car turned the corner and pulled up inform of the Jail.  The twin mounted guns lowered as the car powered down and Bubba got out.  He stepped up and stopped at the cooler on the porch.

Pulling the cigar from his mouth he shouted “Frosty!!  Why is all the fucking food on the front step, and why does it smell like roadkill around here?”

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Bad day, to worse

Bubba pulled up to Beaus, and shut down the car.  It had been a long day of trying to find the parts he needed to get the Truck he was trying to repair running.  He had the frame and most of the parts, but was missing a transfer case to support the 4 wheel drive.  Everyone he found so far was either rusted through, snapped outright, or the wrong length.  A loud crash and burst of laughter from inside told him that his day was not going to get any better.

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Business as usual

The rumble of a motor was heard inside Beau’s for a few minutes, Beau chuckled as the girl cooking placed two steaks on the grill and started ladling some chili into a large bowl, without being asked.  She paused and blushed, hearing the chuckle then set back to work.  The windows rattled at the noise a bit as the high powered car rolled up.

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Honored Memory

[[  OOC info to fill in a few blanks and explain some upcoming changes.  As always critique is welcome   ]]

*The streets of San Padro*
Bubba looked in the mirror.  He scratched at the few days growth on his face and scalp. “Damn I need a shave.  It’s been at least 3 days, and this shit itches!”  He glances down at the strait edge on the counter and starts filling the sink with hot water.   “About time I got cleaned up and back to work.”

*present day*

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(( This takes place just outside of Serenity.  Reports of missing Union Patrols are growing in the area.))

Bubba spit over his shoulder, accurately hitting the dark patch in the corner of the Garage he was in.  He absently poked at the Union Guard hanging over the opening in the floor, getting a grunt in response this time.  “Hey Boy… Eue awake yit?”

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Musical Interlude


[A little mood music:  http://youtu.be/Vppbdf-qtGU ]

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Remembering the past

Bubba leaned back against the garage wall.  He had been working on his car, and sipping from a fresh batch of shine.  It was not long that the car sat with several pieces removed and he was just drinking from his 2nd jar.
He leaned back and slowly closed his eyes..

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Open Season


The place was busy as usual, every road had people coming and going.  They businesses were thriving, and folks went around smiling to each other.  The prosperity of the area had everyone in a good mood, and leaving their doors open day and night.

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[[  Since I can not add it in game, I figured I'd put it here.  This is the Back piece for Hellbilly.  It can easily be seen IC if he has his shirt off, and you are behind him.]]


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Burnig up the Charts


The biker’s head rocked back as he was struck by a metal fist.  The Enforcers to his right and left held him in place by the arms, as the third beat him.  Blows thudded dully as the armored fist connected over and over.  The Biker groaned and then spit blood on the boot of the enforcer standing before him, when he finally stopped.   

“Son you’re not listening.  Turn at the hip and follow thru with your weight behind your elbow.”

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Southern Rock: Debut Album

The rumble of a chopper could be heard well before the rider came into view.  Rolling up to the building, the rider swung around and rolled the bike back, making it easy to mount and leave quickly.  The thud of his boots was loud on the boards as he went into the building.

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