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Awakening II / A Better Day Back

 (( A short section of Gerf's writing journal ... ))

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 (( It's been a long time since any activity, and I'm going to be slowly coming back to Fallen Earth. Enjoy! ))

Gerf woke. He found himself lying near the edge of a dirt cliff, parched and dusted with dirt. It had been a rough month. After driving back and forth from sector one and sector two constantly, he found himself catching up with old habits, but for what reason? He had taken care of his past, and has his mind set on the future. Yet, something was wrong. 

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The Dead

 Gerf was to do a simple job, free her. He had snuck into the camp and had failed. He had died the day after self-termination of his account at Lifenet. His corpse, covered in armor and missing a collar, lay in a badger fort at the boarder of fighting grounds west of The Gallows.

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*News Spread around Hope Springs and New Flagstaff* Hope Springs Explosion

     A bus located North-West of The Hope Springs Mansion was found inflames from what seems to a home made bomb planted under the bus. Large amounts of Storm and Cannabis are scattered around the area from the explosion. The vehicle is said to be one of the homes of the man 'Gerf'. However there was no corpse found, people are still unsure if the man was a clone or not when this event took place. No one has seen the man after this event. 

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Jail Log: #1

       Jail Log: #1

       " Jail was never a problem for me, it was better than sleeping on the streets. This time though, it felt different. The thought of a family made my mind feel as if I were actually wanted again. That's what they were like, a family .... even though they had a leader and ranks, but the people actually cared. I wonder what would happen if I wasn't with Iron Sights. Petyr would probably lock me up again and tear my limbs off. 

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One of Many, Gerf's Nightmares


         After doing nothing all day, I desided to take a nap. I laid on the couch where I always would rest with Athena, though I was alone this time. I closed his eyes and started to sleep. Doing my best to have pleasant dreams, I failed and started to have a nightmare.

                                                        Location: Nevada ; Time Period: Pre-Fall ; Gerf's age: 12

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