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The House Always win!

The House of spokes is making a return to the waste!

We will re-open our old shop in Hope springs (if still open, kinda assume it is, if not we will find a new location.)

Keep your wasteland ride in tip top shape, make sure to visit the House Of Spokes, for any and all repairs!

House of spokes offers:

*RP on car issues and upgrades using a complicated and well defined roll system. (Josey Grimm, Gavin Gunn)

*custom paint jobs and builds (Josey Grimm, Gavin Gunn)

*Dome fastback cars built to order (Maria Gunn)

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House of spokes raffle time!

spokes.jpg(ty engel  <3)



As a thank you and in celebration of HoS bringing in over ten yellow(real chips) at its new location in Hope we will be giving away a hot hatch and custom paint job(3 royal dyes)!

we wanted to do one where you have to enter IC at the shop, but kinda doesnt make it fair as you would have to catch one of us on and we all play pretty random times.


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House of Spokes: New engine on the block


HoS now offers made on order Dome cars.

These cars take 3-8 (roughly) days to complete, we will start on one as soon as an order is placed.

Fastback: http://fallenearth.wikia.com/wiki/Fastback_Key

Hatchback: http://fallenearth.wikia.com/wiki/Hatchback_Key

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Tattoo Gunn




Man: Hey, Mama Bear, watch it around the spine!


Woman: You're the one that wanted a full back piece, slacker! Now be still before ya wind up with dolls and flowers!

*Bzzzz bzzzzzzzzz bzzz....*

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*Posted around the wasteland (again)*

Ad's posted around the wasteland, s1-s3, some auctioneers may hand them out also.

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House of spokes finds a home

After talking to the mayor of Serenity Falls House of spokes is now open there and ready to take orders!

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Fort Callaway

"Eight days...man i went way over on this job" gavin thinks as his eyes watch maria in her skirt dragging in another sheet of steel.

( House of spokes did some house upgrades for jason callaway, here is the work done.

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Forgotten Rust...


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South Burb Vandal!

(house of spokes shop was vandalised. here is what it would look like. this is as close as i could come to the description of the tag.

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(flier posted around south burb only)

(after a mail i want to add this is open to anyone, you would just have to see the flier IC and they are only posted in south burb.)

As a thank you for all the great support the House of spokes has gotten since we have opened we have a specail gift for those that helped us and reside in this area.


House of spokes is running a raffle for a house of spokes custom built chopper. The chopper is now primer gray but the winner will get a custom paint job of their choice! raffle ends Monday so make sure to enter today!


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(Flier from AH, posted by vaults and old H.o.S shop) House Of Spokes, With a new and better location to serve you!

The House of spokes has moved to the south west side of south burb (behind the bunker bar). We will open at the new place Friday and have 25% off all work done for our weekend sale! Marias home brew served to all paying customers all weekend!

Hope to see ya there!

H.O.S (as always Gavin Gunn and joesy Grimm have public radio set up)

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House of spokes high performance parts.

(flayer at bank and auction house in south burb)


House of spokes is happy to now offer high performance parts! limited supply so hurry to get yours today!

Contact Gavin Gunn or Joesy Grimm at 793.3.22


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House of spokes Custom paint Jobs.

here is the custom paint jobs that gavin and or Joesy have done so far. This is what you would see if you saw these vechiles IC. Doing the custom paints where harder then i thought, hopfully ill get better with practice. thanks to angelica for being the first!

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House of spokes (south Burb mechanic)


The House of Spokes is now open in South Burb, Contact Gavin Gunn for all of your mechanic needs.

Reinforcement of doors.

hidden spots on bikes for weapons

all tune up and motor needs plus all custom work. contact Gavin Gunn for needs.


Gavin Gunn - 179.65.3

Joesy Grimm - 203.87.4


(all items found in game and re-worked by rolls IC nothing will be poofed into game)

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