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Time out

(Hey, just a quick note.  My hubby and i had a "discussion" today and we decided it would be a good thing to take something of a break from computers as a whole.  So, we are going to be taking 2 weeks off.  I wish everyone fun and good rp.  I will see you all in 2 weeks!!!  *hugs*)

The Dark Road: A call for help

           Canni’s cheek came off.  This thought and image has flashed thru her mind a hundred times over the past week or so.  It was horrifying to see.  It is horrifying to contemplate.  It stunned her and filled her with fear for all of those who she knew who had this virus.  The Zombie King was getting his minions. And they would come in the thousands, and they would not die.  It was because of this horror that she made her mistake.  She hadn’t been paying attention. 

Tony's Daisy


Tony’s Daisy


Just like me.

ooOooO   This is going to be a good day.  Tony comes home today after his last round of work.  He never says much about what he does when he is gone, and Yvette doesn't ask.  She knows it is always fraught with danger and her heart is always relieved to have him back home again.  Today she has something speical planned and she is on her way to the stores in New Flagstaff to pick up what she needs. 



Fire angels


(This is my intro to my newest toon  Tina Tee. )

Fire demons


    Fire.  Fire is among her very first memories.  A voice screams in her mind and then is gone in a flash.  It is coming, coming for her.  She hears it rage and only knows she must hide.  You are always safe when you hide.  But this time there is heat, heat so unbearably hot her skin feels like it is being peeled off.  It's roar is deafening and she cannot hear anything.  Except for the scream.  Her scream.


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