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Safe Passage

"I told you we should have waited for Momma to take us." Simon whined as he struggled to keep his end of the bundle off of the ground. 

His slightly taller sister blew an errent strand of blond hair from her nose as she tried to ease the weight her nine year old brother bore. The large bag filled with toys was not only heavy but cumbersome due to the odd shapes of the contents all crammed into one huge sack the two children had carried between them for a mile and a half already. 

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Who's yer Daddy? Part 2 - Hide and Seek



** Mood music **

((Most of lyrics also included in story))

**Continuation from pt 1

**A house just outside Tannerfield**

Ding Dong, I know that you can hear me, open up the door, I only want to play .. a little.

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Who's yer Daddy? Part #1 - Out of the Wilderness


**Just outside Tannerfield**


Glenda heard his swearing commence as soon as the lights went out, the generator he had just given an overhaul must have failed she thought, then worried about the mood it would send him into.

He banged, crashed and cursed his way down the dark stairs, the noise competing with the sounds of the fierce wind slapping tree branches against the house and shaking the windows.The weather matched his temper.

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Little Girl Lost-Call of the Wild (Pt 2)


((due to moving it took longer then I expected to get back to writing, continuation from part 1 that can be found here.))

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Little Girl Lost-Call of the Wild


canni-grampa wolf

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Little Girl Lost- Timelapse

"A childs gift is the ability to not recognize boundries and obstacles or the difference between good and evil until they are told what to think and what should not be seen.  A more pure energy can be found nowhere in the universe, a precious and fleeting resource that by its very design, craves a trusted hand to guide them."

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Little Girl Lost- A not so secret double post


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Little Girl Lost- A Secret World -Part 3

The girl stopped but the pom pom on her knit cap continued to bounce just slightly longer.

It was the same dingy-light grey as the almost knee length sweatshirt she had on over a thick long sleeved, blue T-shirt that was pulled over a yellowed somewhat stiff undershirt.

Orange shoes stood out beneath the scuffed bare shins that remained perpetually uncovered for the sake of better speed and agility of some long colorful board shorts.

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Little Girl Lost- A Secret World -Part 2


Till now,the biggest tree she had ever seen had been in Alpha County and protected by the Vista Faction. Aside from the occasional recloning in the past due to taunting Heretics, she had always been on good terms with them and so allowed access to the treasured monolith of a tree that was large enough for many people to live inside without actually harming it.

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Little Girl Lost- A Secret World -Part 1

((This is a crossover RP that involves another game (See title of post). The Idea is to take nothing from either place but instead merging the two but it may well disagree with the concept everyone else has in game. This said I ask only that an open mind is kept as the story is read and please be assured it will not be pushed on anyone when she returns to the wastelands (and she will be back).

Currently Canni is beyond the place a distant Tuesday night DJ refers to as "The Canyon" Having followed Ardenn into a portal that lead to a very secret world.

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Little Girl Lost-Sugar and Spice



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Little Girl Lost -All Fall Down

The Penguin had been quiet for a long time, it sat upon a shelf in her corner with a couple wires connecting it to the guts of a radio.  She turned around and looked at the bundle on the small bed, two walkie talkies, one of them taped to a small smooth lump.

It was time, she was going to stop the Survivalist gang from terrorizing the old womans farm once and for all.

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Little Girl Lost -Cry Baby

She hoped there would be luck tomorrow with who she thought of as -Wee man-. He talked weird but liked how it made her think of a word puzzle.  She made sure to keep asking him things till he raced out of speaking range.

Canni hoped he would have the putty she needed, not knowing what something is makes it difficult to find

The tears were real, she was horribly lonely and frightened, adults only seemed to like her if she did not need or want to be around them all the time.  So she learned how to lie and act like she never cried herself to sleep every night.

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Little Girl Lost- Bookworm

((While still Canni and retaining all of the memories of her former incarnation, I shall refer to her as her in game name of Candice for the sake of clarity and as a reminder that she is currently a bit different))

The waif sat in the ruins of what had once been the Dorado family home. When she arrived a week ago the place looked as if it had been ransacked after a rushed move since necessities were gone and what was left had been strewn about recklessly.

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Little Girl Lost-Through the Looking Glass Pt 4



Somethng caught the waifs attention on a shelf and she set the box down without looking at the name or even opening it.  With a jump she managed to topple down the horned helmet and the plastic wrapped bundle next to it.  One of the horns caught her lifenet pants and tore the cloth and the leg beneath, she winced and gave it no more thought.  Canni Belle had developed a high pain tolerance as a survival tool but often it created problems later on.

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Little Girl Lost - Buried Treasure Pt 3



At first glance it just looked like a pile of bones, a common sight to a child reared by death incarnate who often made his bed on a pile of corpses.  She had never given human remains any more thought then the rest of wasteland rubble.  Less in fact.

That outlook would soon be forever changed.

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Little Girl Lost - Down the Hatch -pt 2

The room had been large but was now just a debris strewn shell, broken apart by nature's claim.  A large rock had tumbled in on one side, beneath it and the dirt, something shiny glinted from the ray of sun that poured in from the hole Canni made.

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Little Girl Lost - Discoveries & Destinations

When she emerged from Boneclaw lifenet, Canni almost forgot the strange man inside who was frantic to know what she saw.  Her curiousity about what he said would soon return but for now the sun felt good and she needed a ride.  Despite the mans strong insistance that she needs petrol and a motorized mount, she knew where an old horse could be had that could get her to Oilville. 

That was the plan anyway.  Till the blight wolves showed up and the old mare could not outrun them, nor could a lifenet clad and unarmed young girl fend them off. 

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Eenie Meenie (Zombies ate my Neighbors)




Dawn was moments away when the filthy child snuck into to the cell she had been using  and carfully carried her stolen stash to her buggy.  The arsenal was assorted rocket shells from Ardenns car and grenades from Strelocks corpse after a failed attempt to take down the Reavy Zombie.

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Double Entendre (Zombies ate my Neighbors

Her wayward double peered down at her, expression mocking the small girl curled up in the large trash bin behind the Wafflehus.

The waif felt frozen, unable to move or speak and at the complete mercy of her competition for existance.

"I am everything you are not, taller... smarter.. and I have boobs." She sneered. "If that wasn't enough to prove I am the one who deserves to live..think about all of the horrible things I never done that you have."

"I never made any one sick, or shot them, or ate them..

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Zombies Ate My Neighbors- Wrongness

Canni leaned against her furry friend beneath the fallen satellite dish just slightly north of Oilville, a makeshift shelter for her and Grampa.  The girl did not need the rest but her priority was the aging blight wolf and she was careful not to let him get over tired.

She was near sleep when the grey old beast reared his head up and let out a warning growl, in seconds she was on her feet with shotty in hand.  All she heard was the screams of dying prairie chickens and that alone would not be enough to alarm Grampa.

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Little Girl Lost - Double Trouble (Quest RP cont)

She had gone to the coordinants given to her by the strange bald man to where the last known place her duplicate had been and found a very angry woman surrounded by her nearly demolished store.

The woman started yelling and blaming her, or rather the other her for the destruction and said she had ranted about shards. 

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Little Girl Lost -What could it hurt? (Quest rp)

((Here and there I'll be doing some questing mostly ic, anyone is welcome to come along for whatever parts they want, the title was the starter quest for this one.  Thank you for todays rp Engel <3))


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Little Girl Lost- Bumps in the road


The waif was cranky to the point even her sister avoided her.

She sat on the roof of the back porch in a preditory reaver vulcher-like perch normally reserved for hunting.. but instead the girl stared off at the distance.

The entire world seemed upside down to her.. all that was comfortable wasnt .. and visa versa.

She wanted to curl up on someones lap and rip their throats out at the same time.. as if somehow caught between the violent shapeshifting of wereolves.. after eons still hushed stories in the dark.

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The Christmas Box

"Is there anything in that one Mama?"

The small ragged boy clung to his mothers pant leg to balance her as she dived head first into the garbage can.  Wide eyes hopeful when she pulled back out holding something.

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Exit through the gift shop - Conclussion


Canni curled up on the cold floor and shivered as she dry heaved, the slow acting poison was taking it's toll even through her resistance. Shaking and dizzy she managed to stand up and collect her makeshift weapon.

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Little Girl Lost- Exit through the gift shop 5


Canni awoke in the pod where it all began except there was no graham and she wasn't feeling very good.  The syringe she used last time was empty and the girl didn't realize it held back the effects of the poison she had been given.  It was attributed to cloning sickness which was very rare for her unless she had many deaths in a short span of time.

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Little Girl Lost- Exit through the gift shop 4


The waif swung from the catwalk to the floor beneath but tried to stay within shadows not quite reached by the lights. Moving slowly she padded through the enormous storage room of filled pods, now and then peering into them.

Looking up she noticed the flashing red lights intruding into the peaceful blue and ran through a luminated area to get to something that caught her attention.

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Little Girl Lost- Exit through the gift shop 3


The naked clones moved about together as if searching for something or someone, they didn't speak even as occasional fights among themselves broke out. 

She went back inside the bunker and loosely tied some cable around several small pieces of metal and crept back towards the catwalk and threw it far to the left as she could.

It landed with a loud clatter as the cable unwound and the metal bits went flying in different directions, drawing the attention of the wandering clones, all running to converge as a pack on whatever made the noise.


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