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((Ideas of changes))

Hmm I've been thinking of next steps to do for a journal entry, and it just seems boring to be an immortal clone. Especially when the people recreating clones of you are the very people who you want to bury underground...I think I'm going to figure a way to have the clone thing continue, but have like a "final betrayal" moment in my story to truely free me from my creators, and turn me into a "one-lifer" If you have any ideas let me hear it, I'll see what kind of twists I can put down to turn me into an actual character, and not some clone mr. stu.

Out of the Womb


((Its been a while since I tried making an RP journal like this, so please easy on the Critiques xD))

Prrrsshhhhh. Woooosh.

The first few things I hear as my pod opens as I awaken, air rushing to fill my surrounding area.. Bright lights burn into my eyes, bluring my vision. Cannot look away! Close eyes. Breathing heavily, panicing. What the hell is going on!? Turn head. Turn again. Squirm! Open your eyes! Bright lights dim. Vision...clear. It's okay, calm down.  Breathe. 

I close my eyes and take a deep breath, then open them back up as I start to analyze my surroundings. Filthy. Dirty. I lean my head down and take a look at my pod. Clean. Comfortable. Cold...

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