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Extreme Pizza Delivery

(( The following is a Crossover work between Secret World and Fallen Earth, at the request of a few players from both sides. Writing is influenced by Mood setting music and a few days of Twitter conversations, Discord Dances and PMs in my inbox. Yes, you can blame Canni.

Music; https://youtu.be/A8N0vzUgGhA ))

Location; Oilville, Nevada
Local Perceived Date and Time; 2/20/2165

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A Bittersweet Secret

(( I blame Canni and Dorado for the Crossover story. ))

"I will gladly peel away the layers of your body starting with your skin and whittling you down to your nervous system and keeping you alive the whole motherfucking time. Dont think I dont remember what makes you afriad or that I wont exploit it. She doesnt need to return to that place and honestly my only reason to return is to help people escape that place and that is it. Do I make myself clear, Salvaje?"

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Volume Two, Book Two,
Entry Six, Year 2163
Mid January

I'm having a hell of a time staying awake the past few weeks. I have shards of dreams where Im not sure if I'm asleep or awake, dreaming about working as much as I am scavenging. I dont typically have violent dreams any more, but I'm still waking up in strange places that are not the bed I took a nap in, or the arms that held me when I went to sleep. I feel sick and shaken when awake, exhausted and wanting to go back to sleep, but afraid of sleeping again and not being where I started.

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End of the Year

Volume Two, Book Two,
Entry Five, Year 2162
Late December

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We're Not Dead (Reapers Flask)


I won't ever give in
No matter how hard you pull me in
I know gravity ain't an excuse
Just wanna make things a little more smooth


The majority is still asleep
They're tired of those dreadful dreams
Now, let me shout and wake you up
Let me wake you up!

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Thanksgiving for the Franklins

The man in the yellow suit was all smiles when he brought in a second letter to the Franklin's office. The same destination as before with the same large sum of chips to make sure it got to its destination. Commending the men and women for doing a job he'd been worried might have been impossible. He'd lean against the commissions counter and paint out the story for the dispatch officer behind the counter and anyone listening in.

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Between the Lines of Light

Volume Two, Book Two,
Entry Four, Year 2162
Late November

The Expedition didnt last the months I was expecting, dashing several plans I had for reshaping the landscape and tapping into the minds of old and fresh podlings alike. Serious change would've taken me months of subtle work without my guardians or watchers perched on my shoulder all the time. After two weeks, I was prepared to open the bar again, and found a grimy and banged up Nightshade sitting upon one of the tables, back propped up against a wall, just happy to see me.

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Knots and Isolation

(( Was writing to; https://youtu.be/9u9ymiSmtXY ))

Volume Two, Book Two
Entry Three, Year 2162
Early November

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Volume Two, Book Two
Entry Two, Year 2162

I spend a lot of time loathing my own existance.

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Volume Two, Book Two
Entry One, Year 2162 (I think)
Early October

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Sometimes the art of lock picking is merely the question of weather or not you have a crowbar and if there's anyone around to catch you. Sometimes a shoulder braced against a door and legs pushing hard against a nearby rock. Sometimes its a screwdriver in a lock and hitting it with a hammer. Sometimes it was a sledge hammer against hinges. Sometimes, the door was strong, but the walls were not.

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"Dont Drizzt on my parade!"

Ardenn had spent the past few days in Warhall, helping Kyotan put a few CHOTA to the test, deciding if they understood the concepts of Anarchy, Freedom, Loyalty and Honor. Of those they had tested, Kaylee and Kai had passed moderately well and joined into their Family, now holding strong ties to the elders fo the generations before them. Branding them, giving them a physical reminder of who they were and the choices they had made.

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The Black Box

(( Mood; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNDw10_MbEk ))

Rain hitting the rooftops of the small town where the workers at the Mill worked, and the Interceptors engine as it idled in front of one particular home. It ha  a wide porch and a junked old pickup up on blocks in the driveway. The man inside adorned with a Marshall's uniform and Badge, face masked up and shielded like a bandit. He tightly gripped the wheel in both hands, staring ahead, as he'd been avoiding coming back to the place for some time.

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Moments with Kitty...

Ardenn flipped the pancake in the pan, eying it critically as the other side finished cooking. Counting off the time in his head he finally flipped it into the plate waiting for it in front of the small Chupacabra that was half covered in a film of flour from trying to help him in the Diner kitchenette.

"Be careful, its still hot." Ardenn waggled his hand at the half baked creature named "Kitty" by one missing red-headed clone child. Turning back to the stove, he started in on the next one.

"Squak!" Kitty made an alarmed sound.

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"The Enforcer threat is Real, Warchief." Shiu's voice echoed in Ardenn's mind as he sat smoking on a rock just outside of Sunshine. He hadnt had much time to talk to her during the Dinner last night where he had borrowed the Ranger's kitchen to feed several warriors and check in on Kaylee.

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"What is the Password?" Spoke the lips of a bruised and battered man in a rust orange jumpsuit spoke from his cot stretched out hastily on the floor of the hotel room. One eye encased in purple swollen flesh, covered in scrapes and minor wounds.

"How long has he been like this?" Above him stood a man in the black shaped mask and suit that a Desperado wore to protect his identity amongst his peers as well as beyond the safety of Family owned land. His hands encased in slim leather gloves, clenched in frustration at his sides.

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Week 4; Weeds that devour the soul... (Zombies Ate My Neighbors)


Dear Doctor Troy,

I am sending along a sample in which I beleive you will find your mystery pollen's source. I have taken multiple samples of this blue flowered weed around many of the epicenters of the elusive sickness that has driven many of our researchers mad and have found a few results.

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Grounded (Zombies Ate My Neighbors)

"I've got a couple people I need to check up on." Ardenn spoke to the girl in his back seat as they tore across the countryside to meet up with the road. Broken as it was, it would take them to his destinations faster than driving through the packs of scared animals and the stray former-survivor going crazy as he fought his own shadowy demons. He's pull a blanket out from under a seat with his eyes glued to the road, holding it out for the small girl clone trying to hold it together.

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Week Three; May Flower (Zombies Ate My Neighbors)

(( https://youtu.be/4N3N1MlvVc4 ))

As the dawn breaks, the sun crests over a shallow lake crusted over with the millions of miniscule worm-like creatures frantically twitching and squirming, trying to stay aloft lest they get eaten by the few fish surviving in the tainted water. Mosquito season on the verge of exploding into the canyon, if they could just get through this yellowy powder that coated the surface of their temporary spawning ground.

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Shoot the Messanger (Zombies Ate My Neighbors)

"Stop, STOP! What are you doing!"

Pinned to the ground by the weight of an armored man he couldnt see the face of, his pistol went off trying to rupture the head of his attacker. Ardenn had been caught by surprise and pinned, now trying to cause damage before the massive axe heading for his chest struck. The woman he'd been talking to retreating and looking on in horror as the soft spoken gentleman who'd been asking about a lost man , yanked out of his own buggy by a killer. Ardenn bore the fate of a distraction as the unarmored woman fled.

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Dispatch (Zombies Ate My Neighbors)


(( This isnt completely exactly how it happened, but I'm keeping as close to everyone's characters as I can without pulling up logs. ))

Ardenn hadnt stayed long in Oilville. Enough time to grab his things and book it out of there. Kyotan wanted to help so Ardenn got a lift back to Flagstaff to pick up his own car, a cheap interceptor he'd picked up a while back with purple and blue lazily swiped across its exterior.

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Week 1; The Shivers (Zombies Ate My Neighbors)

Needle Eye....

It had started with a simple tingle down his back. That gentle twist in the mind when the atmosphere changes and the inner ear doesnt quite compensate properly. Ardenn had stopped mid sentence, staring at the man in front of him. Holding up the box of shells he was offering the man for a meal, the box of lead and gunpowder stamped with his own little design of a smiling banana.

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Never Say "Plague"

Embry was clean. Midway and Mumford had seen a few cases. Terrance and Newton were Overrun. The most recent case had been reported in Spider Hill. At first it had just been the outlaying areas, the towns that had little information and even less technology to combat the threat beyond guns and using a lot of ammo against a threat. And then his informant died.

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"I want you to be Happy."

Propped up against a rock, a gentle breeze tossing the long blades of dried out grasses around him, the leaves of the deep red maple above him whispered amongst themselves as he enjoyed the shade they provided. A smoke adorned his left hand, a thin line of white getting lost in the flowing air, giving off a light herbal scent when he chose to draw a tainted breath into his lungs of the substance. His eyes drawn tot he gaps of clear blue sky between the branches of the lone tree amongst the dips and valleys of Sector Two.

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Passing the Time...

The two of them were suited up in their armor, showing their colors and masks of the CHOTA nation. They'd been called somewhere specific, by someone special... but they'd gotten there first and had some time to pass...

[Kyotan] says: .... Tell me a story.
[Ardenn Neraia] says: Once upon a time there was a little prince.
[Kyotan] says: What was his name?
[Ardenn Neraia] says: Prince Jamie.
[Kyotan] says: Was he hot?
[Ardenn Neraia] says: He was handsome, but he wasnt that kind of in your face asshole kind of hot.
Kyotan nods.

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To Whom It May Concern...

(( This post's contents are only IC for one person, for now, but the mailing is being kept public OOC to sew archs together and see the world from Ardenn's eyes. ))

Dear Queenie,

It has been 90 days since you pulled me out of retirement and onto this task of yours. Threatening my way of life, trying to focus on what mattered to me at the time. Your points of interest were pursued until the subjects nolonger held my interest considering my payment was a threat.

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Back on the Train...

"You are so cute when you are jealous." Kyotan teased him.
"I AM NOT!" Ardenn stammered, flushing at the half compliment.

It had been sort of a surreal moment, confronting his husband with a loaded rifle, freshly cleaned and new bullets within the chambers, ready for some cranial destruction. He'd thought a lot about what he was going to say but ended up rambling about whatever was on the top of his head.

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"You What?"

Fright was in her face as she expressed her undying love for his husband.

She asked if he was going to flay her alive.

"... I am thinking about it."

As he sharpened his knives in a dimly lit workshop, not really seeing what he was doing, but doing it with the muscle memory of ancient rituals, he thought about the rage boiling in his veins.

She answered his questions.

He expressed his doubt in her heart.

In the dark while he walked away from the bar, He reaffirmed his silent oath.

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Fear can cripple the rationalities of any man or woman when their primal instincts are reduced to a pile of nothing. Breaking down a wall of ones own self worth, doubts and excuses pouring from his mouth like vomit from a sick child. It can make one become wild when backed into a corner, or disillusioned when looking for an escape. Warped and confused like looking out the bottom of a whiskey bottle. Nothing seems solid any more.

Ardenn stuggles with himself, sitting out on the balcony with a projector, looking at the blanks creen of a centuries old drive in theatre screen.

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Currently one and a half bottles beside him as he stared out of the train car that acted as a workshop in Credit Bend. One paid off in Beaus tavern as he laid out family business before the close relatives of his target. Hunted for months, and now haunted him like a grim specter. The other, he'd bought from a girl on the steps of the tavern in Hope Springs.


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