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Made it! (pt 3)


I open my eyes. It was all a dream. The sandstorm, hell and the baby.

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Steak Tartare

The story goes that the recipe was inspired by the Tatars, a horse-riding tribe that conquered much of the world a few centuries ago. They would place raw horse meat under their saddle and, as they were riding, the meat would get perfectly tender from pounding and saturated with horse's sweat.  They would eat it raw, ride hard and move swiftly. Because you will be serving the meat raw, be sure to get it from a reputable source, or tell your hunter that you will be preparing it as tartare so he gives you the best cut.


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Volume Two, Book Two,
Entry Six, Year 2163
Mid January

I'm having a hell of a time staying awake the past few weeks. I have shards of dreams where Im not sure if I'm asleep or awake, dreaming about working as much as I am scavenging. I dont typically have violent dreams any more, but I'm still waking up in strange places that are not the bed I took a nap in, or the arms that held me when I went to sleep. I feel sick and shaken when awake, exhausted and wanting to go back to sleep, but afraid of sleeping again and not being where I started.

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Unexpected burden


(First post ever)

For the past couple of cold and restless nights, Tom's thoughts have been invaded with regrets of what he thinks is one more missed opportunity to help someone he could.
Not out of chivalry or wanting to be appreciated, but from sheer goodness of his fragile and diseased human heart.

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Halloween Fantasy (Part 19)



Bodil’s eyelids drifted slowly upwards, the right eyelid seeming to require all the effort her barely conscious brain could muster. Then her priorities changed and the right eyelid remained at half-mast while the brain’s resources were channeled towards reading the glowing blue numerals on her bedside clock. ’03:01’ Its task done, Bodil’s brain was left to wonder why it always had to be three in the morning.

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10:54 AM 1/14/2016 SLOW IT WAY down TIME.      and its ravagers ...  so to sparkle like a snowflake .die in early APRIL           [OC] Sign of the dragonfly title...[IC]dave, noth,  nothere   MMM'' YES it is "dave ,its just ur sign almost like a third eye Chota scavenger" u are wise " u live that way, now know the way...  anyway leave it be " WORD TO THE WISE let it blow away and go dave nothere " Is that u"? no where noth weve been blown and the end ok/?.......... SEE ME, feel me like TOMMY did " {iknow tommy from CITAdel} [IC] ....

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Halloween Fantasy (part 18)


Professor Hill’s previous search had resulted in her sitting on the dusty floor of the archive in the middle of a circle of neat piles of paper. The search on Joe Spivey hadn’t resulted in a ‘neat’ anything and some of what she was reading was downright creepy. 

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A Fallen Carol: Part 5 (end) - A Christmas to Be Remembered

Stooge danced around the bunker while putting on his coat and hat and singing happily to himself. Once ready he rushed up the steps, through the bunker and through the doors to the outside. A small figure was walking nearby.

'You!' Stooge called after him. 'You boy!'

A short man with a whiskered face turned around 'What?' he replied with irritation. 'I am not a boy, just not tall, okay?'

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Caustic (part 2)


It's gonna take more than that to stop me.
This shit won't even slow me down. Burning eyebrows and stomach turning 'round. Please... I'm a clone. Even if I am not built to endure such horrific torment, I am expected to, and that's what keeps me going.

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Some where a little used Pod activates.



Somewhere in an abandoned bunker, a lone monitor displays a countdown as a file is scanned and repaired.  The pod behind it hums, yet is totally still.  Inside is normally a clear fluid showing the body of a clone as it grows.  The windows on this pod are a slate, black.  Unknown to all but two people, the pod is filled with Nantes.  The sound coming from the continual motion of millions upon millions of the tiny bots, following the commands of the program displayed on the monitor.

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A Fallen Carol: Part 4 - The Clone of Christmas To Come

The bunker lights flickered on and off and Pod number three continued to hum. The temperatur inside the bunker had lowered and Stooge sitting in the bed shivered and wrapped the blanket around him.

Eventually the humming and the flickering of the lights stopped. In the dim light Stooge looked over to the pod as the door slowly opened. Mist swirled and crept out along the floor. Nobody left the pod. Stooge watched and waited. Still nobody emerged.

Slowly curiosity overcame fear and Stooge left the bed and walked over to the pod. He peeped inside. It was empty.

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Where the Crossroads Meet


Somewhere between Westreach and Embry Crossroads.....................


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Halloween fantasy (Part 17)


Ellie pulled off the thin latex gloves with a casual elegance born from long practice. She rolled them into a neat ball and tossed them into the wire waste basket next to the desk where she sitting. Her steel grey eyes stared at the crushed but recognisable gold and bejewelled automaton, now innocently imobile on the desktop, while the pencil thin line of her mouth betrayed a gamut of negative emotions.

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A Fallen Carol: Part 3 - The Clone of Christmas Now

The noise of pod number two became gradually louder as if announcing the next visitor and then the noise became silence. Stooge looked to the pod. There was someone inside, perhaps they were-

Someone jumped out and with a loud voice roared "Merry Christmas!"

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Returning of the Russian

Im happy to say that im getting back in FE and it's gona stay that way.I don't know what's changed.I'm excited to see some new faces and some old ones if they are still around... I don't know how many people still remember me and who actually gives a sh*t about me coming back...Well see you in the morning guys with love ❤ Milo Winchester

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plain to see plan


time to start up again period   frozen time to let it lie... free among ur bones...  snow , a ghost let me go in<, have to pack again...  u so beautifull . away, so close ur eyes again. hush hush away my so beautifull there is a ghost. my habit blue sister blue ice close gimmie shelter away Mother father close ud been long diead ago by the time id had awaken ,Oh so it was a diffrent world then RAVEN u following me again ? Or just the wind a blast of cool fall re air recirculated revive. OH SMASH OH SMACK .

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Nature (pt1)

I find myself again, for the hundredth time. And for the hundredth time, I am amazed.

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The Hammer Drops In Odenville


Morning had dawned in Odenville, as Maddox was taking refuge boarding in a worn down two floor building that reminded something of old barracks or perhaps an old boarding home or inn.  The person that claimed it was offered 10 blue chips for the night and he agreed.  He was still trying to get over hangover from the joint Ardenn offered him from last nights escapade at Reaper's Flask.  As he slept noise and commotion was going on outside that didn't allow him to sleep well.  At first he took his headwrap that he bundled into a small pillow and place it over his head.

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From the Ashes, Baptism by Fire


The wind blew harsh outside the wasteland with the sand storm kicked up like shards of glass being rained down on this region of the Grand Canyon.  A tall rider wrapped in a brown leather duster coat with chaps and what shoes he could find venturing out on the back of an old horse.  A gift some allies gave him after his trials and tribulations at Facility 51.  His emergence into this world called the Wasteland was not one simply of a destiny.  It was literally thrusted upon him from the moment he stepped out of the Lifenet Pod.

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Looking for work


[[The following statement was scratched in to a bathroom stall in the women's bathroom in the NF Bunker Bar with a knife]]

Looking for paid work, radio me here 256.7 for more info



[[Sorry that this is short, if it annoys you...bite me, or don't that'd be rude]]

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A Fallen Carol: Part 2 - The Clone of Christmas Before

The hum was louder now and joined by other noise as the clone pod began the process of producing a body. Stooge remained under the blanket, peeping out to the pod. He did not like this. Not one bit. Perhaps if he remained hidden, whatever was coming would not notice him and go away. He pulled the blanket totally over himself.

From underneath the blanket he could hear the symphony of electrical, mechanical and biological noise as the pod continued to work to make a clone. It seem to never end, but then as suddenly as it began, it stopped.

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Halloween Fantasy (Part 16)



It was hungry. The hunger never went away, not entirely. The passage from day to night was no longer cognate with the abstract label called a ‘day’. Such mental constructs were well beyond its pulped and botched brain functions. But it knew that there had been ‘time’ since its last meal and it new that this time was bigger than some of the other times it had experienced. It was hungry. 

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A Fallen Carol: Part 1 - A Ghostly Visitor

It was the night before Christmas, when all through the bunker, not a creature was stirring, not even a-

Actually that was not true.


The sneeze echoed around the inside of the cloning bunker.

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Little Girl Lost -All Fall Down

The Penguin had been quiet for a long time, it sat upon a shelf in her corner with a couple wires connecting it to the guts of a radio.  She turned around and looked at the bundle on the small bed, two walkie talkies, one of them taped to a small smooth lump.

It was time, she was going to stop the Survivalist gang from terrorizing the old womans farm once and for all.

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End of the Year

Volume Two, Book Two,
Entry Five, Year 2162
Late December

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3:06 PM 12/3/2014That is not dead that can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die.” Abd Al-Azrad 730AD "That is not dead wichYou feel totally rested.
Version: Feb 19 2015 02:53:06
Welcome to Fallen Earth! If you have any questions about the game try asking fellow Clones through the /help chat channel, or check out our knowledgebase by typing /support.

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Eis, Eis. Maybe...

Costume Contest




'What?' Veronica asked clutching to the shovel. 'It is what?'

Veronica began to feel as if she would melt and her face was going a cherry red. Something was wrong. Very wrong.







Earlier at the Crafter Market...


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