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The Box (Pt 2: Bookstore)


(Artist: Meeee) (Music: Farewell Life)










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Halloween Fantasy (part 34)


 A glance at the crowd showed Bodil that all attention seemed to be directed to the left and down the avenue of aircraft, whoever they belonged to, towards the way she and Victor had just come from. Bodil followed their gaze, looking vaguely upwards. She expected to see, something. Vertibirds? She had seen huge ones that could carry many tons of cargo.

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Halloween fantasy (part 33)


And that pretty much killed the conversation. The potential for an embarrassing silence was dispelled when Ellie’s notebook began to beep for attention. While the head of Troy security attended to business Bodil took the opportunity to look around.

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The Ride

The old biker rode into Sunshine Corners as he had a hundred times before.  Parking his chopper in fornt of the clubhouse.

He then slapped the dust form his leathers before entering and walked the halls, his footsteps echoing with each heavy step as he traveled to the second floor.

He found his room still the same way he had left it, and the leatherbound journal secure in its stashed location.

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Halloween Fantasy (part 32)


Ellie watched the car approaching. Though her sunglasses hid her eyes, her tightly pursed lips went a long way in expressing the feeling that she was not full of the joy and happiness being demonstrated in the crowded bleachers behind her.

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Rear Window [5]


Not his face !! “

Dwight looked up from his initial appraisal of the boy and cast a puzzled glance.


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Halloween Fantasy (part 31)


By the time she reached the comfortable warmth and light of the outside she had pretty much regained her composure and by the time she slid into the passenger seat the panic was barely discernable in her voice.

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Halloween Fantasy (part 30)


Two men wearing dark blue overalls stepped out of a small, temporary looking single story structure and came to a halt about five metres away. They stood in that military looking way with their feet apart and hands behind their backs that stressed the ‘don’t mess with us’ image the pose was designed to project.

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Halloween Fantasy (part 26) 700ish years ago

((Well, not really a problem, an omission. Well, not even that. I just forgot to post it. At least i think i did because I've just looked through my journal posts and I can't find it. Anyway, do you remember when I did that short series of posts about Joe in space and the weird aliens and pervy senator? Well I missed a post that went between:

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When claws are not so sharp


Houses do not usually talk. Veronica knew this. She jumped out of the buggy again, looked back to the house hidden in the darkness and listened. Nothing. Just the wind. Veronica was about to get back into the buggy when she heard it again.


It was not the wind. It was a voice.

'Help me. Please. I can hear you out there,' the voice called again from the house.

'Hallo?' Veronica called in reply. 'Is anyone there?'

'Over here,' returned the voice. 'The house. Inside the house.'

The Wasteland Valley

((Hey all, new here. Just a short story I did during work. I'm Vihtori Raivon ingame if anyone has any suggestions in regards to RP Hubs and things of that nature, still getting my footing.))
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'Are you sure?' Luka asked walking around the rock on which Veronica sat.

'Yes,' Veronica replied. 'The mechanic said on the radio that he will send someone.'

Luka stopped walking and looked at the buggy. Silent and still. 'Perhaps you could try it again?' he suggested.

'We have tried it four time already,' Veronica said. 'Something is wrong, it needs the Mechanic to examine it.'

'Did you check the fuel?' Luka asked.

'It is electric,' Veronica said. 'Battery not fuel.'

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Phew ! Now safe for work



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In  10:48 aM 12/5/2016.love  us one byONE HUNT US   blow         telepathyTHE wick ............{IC  give blessings LOCO LIGHTS horizontal BOMBS BURNS . IC[maybe its mostlys time MMM, yes, just before ive lost  that , That  thread of yours in thoughtsof .... MMM, Oh yeah  yes  yours...

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Monday Morning (Let's call it 10 AM)

Tukiko took a deep breath and with two hands, placed the manila folder she had been carrying flat on Joe's desk.

"I'm not sending anyone back to the... I mean home. They're all fine." She opened the folder and read from it. "Two cases of acute viral rhinopharyngitis. Several none work related abrasions..."

Joe sat up.

"Acute viral whatnow?"

"A cold Joe. Two of the children have a cold."

"Well why didn't you say that in the first place instead of getting all 'Lah-di-dah' doctor on me?"

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Monday Morning (Getting on for 10 o'clock)

It had taken a while, but Joe's ears were now picking up the familiar sounds of ammunition, and therefore chips, being made once again. One by one even the four urchins of the apocalypse had seepishly slunk back into the office and, under Joe's hard stare, got back on with their work. Lethal head lice having beeen proved non-existant thanks to the orphanage's liberal use of a particularly pungent but effective shampoo. Peace, then, had returned to the ammunition factory.

Well, for a few minutes anyway.

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Monday Morning (About the same time)

Joe tapped the broken pencil on the desk a few times before getting to his feet and walking around the desk to the door. On the other side of the half glazed door was a plank balcony, with stairs at one end and the only unbarred window at the other. The balcony allowed Joe to look down onto the shop floor and his regular appearances through the day helped to keep up production. He stretched his arms along the bannister rail and took in the scene below.

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Foot Fools in the Shadows

Veronica and Sharky stood outside the cave looking at the enterance.

'This is it,' Sharky said. 'The home of a huge Sasquatch.'

'The cave looks like a throat,' Veronica said.

'With a huge hand on top of it,' Sharky added. 'See, it even has a thumb.'

'Yes, You are right!' Veronica responded seeing it also.

'A big hand for a big foot,' Sharky chuckled.

'And a big throat,' Veronica added.

'But is it deep?' Sharky said quietly.

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Monday Morning 9:15 AM (ish)

From inside his office Joe stopped hearing the normal low noise of a smoothly running ammunition production line. He looked up from his desk. The glance he directed at the four little orphans in the corner ensured that they didn't add to the sudden drop in productivity as four unkempt heads immediately assumed an air of increased concentration on their tasks.

Joe's attention was turned to the half glazed door as footseps outside signaled the hurried approach of some urchin or other, hopefully with news of why he was no longer making money.

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Monday morning 7.30 AM

Joe tried to count heads while the crush of orphans forced and fought their way through the door into the ammunition factory. The older ones won of course. Bigger, stronger, and in most cases, meaner. But that was ok because it made it easier for Joe to spot the four faces he was looking for.

"Oi! Finny, One Tooth, Casper and Worms."

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Little Girl Lost-Call of the Wild (Pt 2)


((due to moving it took longer then I expected to get back to writing, continuation from part 1 that can be found here.))

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Scavenging run


Zanesville outskirts, Sector 1

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NoWHere near here

https://youtu.be/XFP_RKY4-WA  Death  Hear Huh?: Clear ahhh he stops the kiss MMM.  yummy Yummy?? LoL loh oh oh oh shes vanished  i am the NON Clone  within  u, dave Telepathy thru YOU  like ur drone  Noth  Piss  FLOWIN like wind INTo A kiss OM On INTo the FIX  toward the  TOMB  flowers withered stones AH HAH NitetimeS/ LAST shroud  when sun has moved around  U again Goodbye SUNSHINE  Good morning her kiss  INTO SUNSHINE gone  GET out dave Gogone to another virtual Real.. we dont want u here in this one...

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Waffelhus Enterprises A/S Præsenterer ... Hyle's Birthday Party !!



(( It would be fantastic to see as many old friends as we can get there ))


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Knock, Knock, Knocking on Halloween Door


It was Halloween and the gloom of the evening seemed to be alive with mischief. Or so Veronica liked to imagine. As she stood in Lukas lab in New Flagstaff she glanced over to the carved pumpkin near the window. Well, it was not really a pumpkin, more a oversize tainted vegetable of some kind. Actually it was not really carved, more hacked to some hideous form by the enthusiasm of Veronica but with very limited skill. She smiled. It really was hideous. Luka hated it but it quite is the resemblance of him she thought.

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The Box (Pt 1: Family)



(Artist: Me!) (Music: Fleshless)








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The seeds

Hello to everyone that still reads and posts on these forums. I wanted to share fantastic news that I am currently writing a proper book!!

During the time spent in FE and on this forum I've gradually lost any fear of writing. At first I thought that I could only write short forms but it turned out that a book is just a collection of relatively short chapters.

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Un Hinge


https://youtu.be/jGNkm-SFsAYPM 10/18/2016 possehey /u,I in these musings of urs. muse  i am the within  u... have lifted hand  and knife dagger hand scalpun BALLS , UN  hinge :       /im goanna guide us understand very well Noth cause theyre comming from me.Radio broadcasts     writen urunhistory  within here Noth oral history says they have always lived there.Noth oral history un none  i am'' is THIS HERE?

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Like a Volt in the Night

'Calling Window Washer. Calling Window Washer. Hallo? Are you there?' Veronica stopped and listened to the radio. No response. She glanced out of the garage to the Picus gate, illuminated by guard light in the night, before returning to try the radio again. 'Calling Window Washer. This is Purple Pigeon. Are you-'

'Veronica is that you?' returned a voice within the crackle of static.

'Shh... Do not use my real name!' Veronica responded urgently.

'Oh yes... I forgot about that Veronica,' crackled the voice again.

'Fenster! No real names!'


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