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COME up AND see me


11:41 AM 8/18/2014/ 8:47 AM 3/20/2016 Make Me Smile   hey joe u beilieve me ? .........  good to go PLUSH PLUSH PLEASURE UU         Cycle/ coded ?.... Two sun u  ole one here and another in  WHITE  PLUSH PLUSH plush PLEASURE UU ...a sign omen  unballanced cromosome / Growth ??Truth?

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Hyle smiled


In the distance she could hear the mixed sound of Sharky's motorcycle. The unmistakable symphony of growl, burp and fart.

Hyles day was almost over His day just starting. But over the weeks it had become a little habit that they would join for a supper/breakfast.


The conversation was always fun. Surreal, interesting.

Discussions on culture differences. He Being Chota, she being Tech. The fact thier body clocks were so out of synch, they only had time together short.

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EVER kill


EVERY animal near ever. Just bones. Now. Most beautifull,    see Death in or near_here.  Death SO beautifull VACATED . I no more.  No more like,....u before u like before?   NOTH ,NOWHERE. If  u CAN t imagineand fuck  me in the other place; if u wish and when i look into ur eyes our eyes i. GAZE DOWN, eyes closed .go back LOVER? We  are into the blow like in spot. Exact !Anomalties ,Veronica on a swing.Spot tell usEvery life is in many days, day after day Where every where is ever u were?Where ever shes ever been? lLIES .. Thats where were headin. Om.  In the mirror. Pass that spot...

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To Kingman and back (A Returning King: UPDATE : Participation is welcomed with consent to the Story. If you wish to participate PM))


((Trigger Warning: This story contains themes of cannibalism, Schizophrenia, and Corpse Mutillation. I tried to spare every gory detail leaving in only enough where a general picture could form in the mind of the reader, as I wanted this to be friendly to most audiences.))

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Darmody's Story - Rattle snake Outpost

It's been 2 months... I've ventured back and fourth out of the village in that fraction of time. But for the past month and a half I was out of the village. I went to visit other cities and outposts, there was one completely walled up by survivors. They had Enforcer tents, military issued equipment. None of them were military however.
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Distant memories


Karl now well rested and with light beginning to appear over a nearby hill cascading down onto the small camp he currently resided, it wasn't much but it was a respite from the wasteland. The small camp consisted of a small fireplace flanked from all angles with varying sizes of rocks a simple creation and yet so esential to life. Just beyond the fireplace laid an unfurled bedroll tattered with a collection of belongings including a rifle, the ammo for said rifle, a few pictures facing down onto to the ground and finally a small bag that contained a couple of cans of food and some water.

Stuck Outside - One


Things to be thankful for:

Sturdy walls

My steadily returning technical aptitude

The hobby store down the road

A relatively undisturbed library


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picture this


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Halloween Fantasy (Part 22)



Bodil relaxed… a little. Well, perhaps more than a little. It was a nice day. The countryside was beautiful, despite the lurking Auto-Cults. The car was air conditioned. Victor was charming, and he smelled nice. So, Bodil didn’t let little things bother her. Like that she was being driven to a place she didn’t know, to be among people she didn’t know to be a witness to something she knew nothing about.

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Unexpected burden (pt.3 end)




Countless restless nights draining the will to get out of bed just to avoid further stress of this strange thing that everyone refers to as everyday life.


Nightmares by night level the amount of trouble and misery seen by day. Many times before thought of just ending it all came to his mind. Thinking whats the point of counting sand grains in the desert when you can see desert storm approaching on the horizon. 


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Desert Heat

The radiant sun shined especially bright on this quite day. Sandy footprints being blown over by the short gusts of the heated wind. If it caught you off guard, you may even get some wasteland dust in your eyes. The air had a certain heaviness to it, possibly a factor of humidity, but he wasn't a weatherman, so who knew.

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The Bonds Between Us

The secret agent struggled but the straps were too strong. He was firmly attached to the table. Nearby the machine was quiet with a hint of menace to come.

'It is no use struggling Mr Bond,' said a man in a white suit before pulling a huge lever. The machine began to hum and then pulse of electrical sparks which danced all over it.

'What are you going to do with me?' Bond asked hiding fear and concern from his voice, ever professional.

'Give to you a little encouragement,' the man said with an evil grin.

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Halloween Fantasy (Part 21)


((I at last found a picture that does justice to my concept of the Troy family headquarters seven hundred years after the end of the Clone War)) Cool




Eggy House

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The Fury


Red is what she saw.

Red is the color of Fury

She mounted blades and spikes on her vehicle as and named it Vengence.

Red is the color of Revenge.




The same color that poured from between the young girls pale thighs and bare slit throat.

Blood mingled with mud and became black, like the sky.

A new storm swept to the unsuspecting camp of men, smug with their recent debauchery.

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The sound of worn shoes on pavement was quite a calming one; walking down the road south of Oilville could either be a cool night's walk, or a blood bath. Depended on how lucky you were, and how colorful your pocket of chips was.

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South (Pt 1 - Very Short Story)


(Artist: Aventae) (Music: When Memories Break)








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Dangerous Anticipation

It stands there always. Sometime alone. Sometime with others. Some feed it. Many visit it. In rain it stand, in sun, in day, in night. Guardian of the secrets within. Keeper of the mysteries shrouded in paper and string.

Veronica walked over to it and stood in front of it. Was it in there? She thought to herself. Had it arrived? A man nearby glanced in her direction. A woman stopped talking to her friend and turned to see what would happen. Two people walking stopped to watch. Excitement. Anticipation. Veronica opened the mailbox. Slowly. Carefully...

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Drifer Among the Wastelands


Evening sunset; somewhere between Oilville, and Depot 66..............................




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The All-Clone theory


A theory about the world of Fallen Earth

Premise: in a sealed-off environment, you can control everything.

The year is not  2156. 
The history that you are familiar with - is false.
Shiva virus is a lie. 

Something did happen around the 2050 that is far more terrible than global nuclear war and virus outbreak. 
Since the incident, the Earth is totally uninhabitable by humans. There were no human survivors. None. The Earth has fallen.

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Faux Hole Jewel


fuck hers HE does fucks em awayrNO kill joy   yes em bones out AWAY  created EVERYTHING losses ONE TO ANOTHERt the same as wuz before telepathy stain me taint me? [IC] "Noth ?"CLarissa thru telepathy noth stops the axing away at the pile AND gasps for  breath" huff huffer dont " Dave winks and blinks and responds almost automatically oh hell yes telephatically to QUESTIONS asked CLARRISSA TOO she doees too also, " Ur thinking to urself NOTH . ANSERING ME this is good so DAVE here again so DAVE here again PAUSE OC so sick so tired so slowly fading... "So u can feel that NOTH? WHAT?

Sinclair's Kincaid (IC Flyer)

*Flyers can be seen posted up at bars, post offices, LifeNet Bunkers and many of the common populated areas of Northfields and Plateau. The flyers seemed to have been put up in different fashions, clearly someone was hurrying to get as many posted up as possible*


[ http://postimg.org/image/r5hv7hklv/ ]

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Halloween Fantasy (Part 20)


The following morning there was a note with breakfast.

Dear Professor Hill.

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Sleep - Journal Entry No.1


So, here I am. Talking to myself. I'll write it down, just for the record. I haven't had much sleep, and I think this might help.

I've been thinking of the jobs I've done in the last few days. I'm not a fan of fighting all the time, but being a soldier in my pre-fall life thought me it's something I have to deal with.

Kingsman Prison has been an area of interest lately. Did a little 'supply run' I can't write down on paper, and then Trent tells me he has bounties to go 'collect'. But those come after what happened first.


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Unexpected burden (pt 2)

As car tires reach the old and familiar road of Credit Bend and salvaged bobble head calm down after rough terrain, Tom starts eyeing closest parking spot to his room at the motel. As rocks spray out beneath turning tires on the drive way, Tom spots that almost perfect spot just under his window of the upstairs room.

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The Future of Today - From One Crew to Another


*Gunshots echo throughout the room* "Everybody on dey ground! This is a fockin' robbery! Listen to what I say and ye'll make it out alive!"

"What tay fuck did he just say motherfocker! Get tay fock' an the ground!"

*There would be more gunshots and of course screaming from the civilians*

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The Bleach Blonde Stranger


(Picture: Yolandi Visser) (Music: Static)

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Made it! (pt 3)


I open my eyes. It was all a dream. The sandstorm, hell and the baby.

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Steak Tartare

The story goes that the recipe was inspired by the Tatars, a horse-riding tribe that conquered much of the world a few centuries ago. They would place raw horse meat under their saddle and, as they were riding, the meat would get perfectly tender from pounding and saturated with horse's sweat.  They would eat it raw, ride hard and move swiftly. Because you will be serving the meat raw, be sure to get it from a reputable source, or tell your hunter that you will be preparing it as tartare so he gives you the best cut.



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