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Sleepless Night

"And now ? What will i do ?"


It's the question who poisoned my existence from several days. I think about leave my old life for a new less shady and ghost-like.. But how ? I lived my whole life like that. How change ? I simply can't change in one day... How much time it will take ? What if that "new life mode "didn't suit to me ? What if i can't change at all ? What if i will fail and go back as before ? What if.. i fear to change ? A lot of "what if" but i don't have my answers. Who can give it to me ? Nobody.. Maybe myself but i don't find them.


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Halloween Fantasy (part 15)


Archaeologists tend to love digging holes and getting their knees and fingers dirty. Perhaps it’s a throwback to early childhood and playing around in the sand pit. Archaeologists tend not to love sitting in libraries at a desk piled high with books or at a computer screen where access to social media has been blocked by some university admin.

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Living in the Burbs - Entry 12


Chapter Twelve


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Knots and Isolation

(( Was writing to; https://youtu.be/9u9ymiSmtXY ))

Volume Two, Book Two
Entry Three, Year 2162
Early November

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Wait and Think.

You know.. When you wait your target, hidden.. You have a Lot of time for thinking. Maybe too much.


That guy, i don't know him. And i will never know him because i will put a .308 bullet in his head and leave. The only thing i know about him is the fact someone paid me to kill him.. That can appear to be cold and inhuman but it's like that. It's a job like an another. Some sell flowers, i kill people.. Doing my job make me a bad person ? I don't know. The only thing i know  is to kill him, be paid and it's done.


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Waiting for the Bus - A Halloween Story


They are like monuments to the previous age, a reminder to when people would travel across the country each person with a purpose, a reason, a destination. Their name so descriptive of their function.

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wink then blink


mostly u dream u plan time for fun and play... now and go about ur motions .right noth ?somehow  ////// Right?/////  U THINK ABOUT HERE DAVE ?Ur day, noth NOT NOThere there  TO GET LOST Noth! The..............  So u drive  ..............Light   so image lingo so when did///??? / 4:57 PM 7/12/2014  pUSSY MMMMMMMMM...  pack of wolves, hung like a myby; cIRCLED U  God89 ? THERE WILL BE NO OTHER PLACE DAVE , we DID CIRCLE AROUND U NOTH god dam lonely where u live nothh ,where uve lived here noth the other place ur place with all its significance in company comparission significant

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Halloween Fantasy (part 14)


Inside the museum it was pleasantly cool but there was something different from yesterday. A strange smell that grew stronger as Bodil and Victor wound their way through the exhibit stands to the doors that led to the conservation area beyond. It took Bodil a few seconds to recognise the odour before memories of sun-soaked parties on the golden beaches above the submerged ancient city of Rio de Janeiro brought it back to her in a wave of hedonistic nostalgia. Seaweed. Old, rotting seaweed.

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Halloween Fantasy (part 13)


 Bodil was propped up in bed enjoying yet another wonderful breakfast. It had been served by the same young man from yesterday and, between mouthfuls of perfectly cooked bacon and sips of rich-people coffee, she watched him as he pottered around the suite refreshing flowers and tying back the drapes and doing the half dozen or so other little jobs created just by the professor occupying the room. Smalltalk had revealed that the boy’s name was Arno, which apparently means ‘eagle’.

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Waffelhus Enterprises A/S præsenterer....



(( Please note:  start time is the usual time  UTC value changes because of end of summer time ))

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Waffelhus Enterprises A/S præsenterer....



Time to put on your Lederhosen or your Dirndl  !   there will be beer, oompah, beer, dancing on tables, beer. sausages, beer.. and more beer.

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Volume Two, Book Two
Entry Two, Year 2162

I spend a lot of time loathing my own existance.

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what something?U GIVE ME ?what  oh veiled Clarissa "This something i haveNTdream up IN mind scerene our merge ! IN my mind EYEi  has to dream up things for u noth......and in return u dream up for me  ,ITS ROLE PLAY FUCKMEFUCKHER TIME FOR U TO MEET forgotten again happens ANOTHERubile / NEWBIIIIIIIE TO HERE ur fucked Dave.  no NOT Loco Noco not savannah. clarrissa who is she? hush i dreamed one up.sO U DID OC in the other place?   and named her ?  this oneso beautifull?

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Where did everyone go?

The guy that manages the slave trade 'round Kingman; the good doctor that works at Pass Chris; the Union principal along with his "Hospital" administrator; The Banker's CFO; the tall guy in Traveler's outfit that nobody knows why he is here, but they kinda do actually; the blind man; the seer and the scribe... all those people you will never meet in person.

We are all here, alive and unwell.

There are no women at this table, no femme fatale to lighten up those somber faces, it's all business and, at its heart - pure survival. As soon as everybody is accounted for the meeting starts, heavy cigars and pipes already bringing the haze.

"Gentlemen, thank you for coming. Let us skip the usual formalities." the tall guy speaks with a heavy French accent. "we have Mr. Hansen here from the Banker's with something worth your attention."

The Banker's CFO in his blue and white livery won't stand up, since he is the oldest man at the table. He crosses his fingers and looks down, as if looking through the table: "Thank you. We have been closely following what is now a trend of falling withdrawals of our sector vaults throughout the Province. At this moment the..."

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Volume Two, Book Two
Entry One, Year 2162 (I think)
Early October

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Worship is an act of religious devotion usually directed towards a deity.
An act of worship may be performed individually, in an informal or formal group, or by a designated leader.


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Little Girl Lost -Cry Baby

She hoped there would be luck tomorrow with who she thought of as -Wee man-. He talked weird but liked how it made her think of a word puzzle.  She made sure to keep asking him things till he raced out of speaking range.

Canni hoped he would have the putty she needed, not knowing what something is makes it difficult to find

The tears were real, she was horribly lonely and frightened, adults only seemed to like her if she did not need or want to be around them all the time.  So she learned how to lie and act like she never cried herself to sleep every night.

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The Powergamer/One-lifer debate


Hello friends!


I was in some RP Combat with a person who will re-main unknown but I shall rename them Borris for this rant, Borris was a level 16 "One-lifer" who was trying to argue they were not "Powergaming". Powergaming for those who aren't aware is a style of interacting with games or game-like systems, particularly video games, boardgames, and role-playing games, with the aim of maximising progress towards a specific goal, to the exclusion of other considerations such as storytelling, atmosphere and camaraderie ( Yes I did copy and paste that from Wikipedia )

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today yes


 Momentarilly..BROKE VISSIONom OmVISSON ON TURNoff    ur veranda patio rooftops  panarama secret view ON/OM  u paint MAD , were all  mad IN loVe too two also with  you uu so beautifull wrong  , ABOUT TIME START AGAIN those painting ,  REEL TO REEL   those  PAINTING s , There forgoten  location   Momentarilly..BROKE VISSIONom OmVISSON ON TURNoff    ur veranda patio rooftops  panarama secret view ON/OM  u paint MAD , were all  mad IN loVe too two also with  you uu so beautifull wrong  , ABOUT TIME START AGAIN those painting ,  REEL TO REEL   those  PAINTING s , There forgoten  location  its a

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Warm Shadow

Partner 22
All the scars are on the inside, I'm not sure if there's anything left to me

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A Brutal Scene


Lee sat on the edge of her bed, dabbling in her sketch book when a call came in through her dispatch frequency. A body had been discovered in the bunker bar in New Flagstaff. Tucking the book under her pillow she heads out the door to her bike, speeding towards the city. Upon entering the bar the overwhelming stench of death and decay washed over her, making her gag. She rummaged through her crime scene bag and grabbed a mask as she made her way to the restroom to investigate the scene. The sight was brutal. Only a monster could do something like this.

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Slipping In



(Artist: pullingcandy) (Music: Vanes)




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My secret poetry


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Whisper on our lips like blood on our weapons....

Words...words can be very powerful or meaningless depending whose lips unleash them. The words spoken tonight will have the strength of gods, and could bring the wasteland to its knees.


Words, running over lips like warm blood dripping from the mouth of those that have tried to stand in our way before.


Softly spoken but with such meaning and life. The old chota warrior could feel the hairs on her neck raise and stand to show respect to those around her.


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A rare sighting


On a hot summer night like this, Beau's Tavern is a welcome sight to all those weary riders coming down that dusty south road. It may be warm outside, but it's cool inside just like the heart of the bald clone walking in through the main door. Rugged leather jacket zipped all the way up to his collar, a clean patch of skin around his eyes where the riding goggles used to sit and a pair of milky eyes that scream for a drink. What does this freak of the road want here?

The truth is, this rider only craves a drink. Something to cool down his tongue and something to make that red dust of Northfield's road in his mouth easier to swallow down. He turns and makes his way to the bar and at that moment the patrons can see the crossed symbols and letters on the back of his jacket. Their eyes go wide, and more than one of them feel something fishy about the whole thing but they know better than to ask out loud.

Facing the grim rider, the barman can't understand what the commotion in the back is about, but like any professional he quickly remmembers the drink associated with the face of an old customer. He places a glass and fills it with some lukewarm straight gin, a terrible way to drink what is already a terrible enough liquid.

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Stop! (Pt 1)



(Artist: Morrallshortie) (Music: Fatal Lullaby)

Previous Series (Connected)

Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails.


The two women force Ves to a remote and mostly forgotten lifenet bunker.

Ves: You two..umm ladies sure you wanna try this.

The ladies flash a pair of wicked grins as they nod.

Ves drops his duffle bag onto the dirt ridden floor and opens it.

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(Posted near Auctioneer in New Flagstaff, Credit Bend, Banker's Hole, and Redemption.)





(This will be paid out with actual chips.  The radio frequency posted is for Zoe Okane-in game.  Please post proof on this post, or in a pm.  Happy hunting!)


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