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Little Girl Lost- A Secret World -Part 1

((This is a crossover RP that involves another game (See title of post). The Idea is to take nothing from either place but instead merging the two but it may well disagree with the concept everyone else has in game. This said I ask only that an open mind is kept as the story is read and please be assured it will not be pushed on anyone when she returns to the wastelands (and she will be back).

Currently Canni is beyond the place a distant Tuesday night DJ refers to as "The Canyon" Having followed Ardenn into a portal that lead to a very secret world.

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(( This part of the story starts the same day as my last journal entry: Black and Yellow ))



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*based on a true story actually

Everything is not always violent and bleak and full of despair here in the wasteland, but it seems to me that when the good news finally come every once in a while - they do so with a tinge of blood anyway. 

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Between A Rock and a Crazy Place - Part 2

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

Albert Einstein

'What are we going to do Dude? I mean... will she dissolve or something?'

The geologist known as Rocky looked to his Vista friend. 'What? What the hell are you talking about?'

'She is one of those collar wearerers dude. They dissolve if they... you know... when they... you know... if they... you know...'

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Black and yellow


Sunshine corners, Northfields

holes are good for everything

Seemed like all allison really did while she hide off from the res of the world was dig holes. For what reason? Well she didn't know that much. She would trap them, hide loot in them, Or just leave them out.Maybe it was something for her to do while she stayed at Newton away from people because she wasn't sure of what was going on in the world and didn't want to see if it was, Or to see if a new out break had happen. So this is what she did dig holes and hide, But maybe it was time to come back to a town like Oil ville and talk to people.

The Playground

Kaibab Forest, 0326 Hours.

The skies were black, covered in a harsh rainstorm. Blanketing the lush forest of Kaibab, the wind howling and sharp during such a storm.

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Peaceful in the Spivey residence


Silja stood behind the board, slowly and methodcally ironing the pile of laundry. She hummed a little tune to herself as she steamed and pressed the tiny blouses and colourful dresses. The pile on the left diminishing. The finished pile on the right smelled wonderful, warm and clean. 

Silja paused for a while. The aroma of fresh laundry triggered a little pleasant daydream.

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year of the Fear


Let it be known that the last year was - the year of the Fear.

By naming it properly I hope to bind it to a time frame behind us, where it can stay harmless and docile.


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(OOC) No More Aventae Stories




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Like A Bat Out of Hell


Afternoon, just outside of New Flagstaff.............


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Between A Rock and a Crazy Place

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."

Albert Einstein, Smithsonian, February 1979

Veronica knocked on the door. From inside she could hear loud music but no response to her knock. She knocked again. Nothing. She pushed the door open a little and peered inside. The room was thick with smoke. 'Is anyone there?' she called. Someone was in there. 'Hallo?' she called again louder, 'Anyone there?'

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Halloween Fantasy (Part 23)



The professional in her, the intellectual, wanted to call Victor out on his bold assertion. But forcing an argument on a man she was hoping to get closer to was not exactly going to be a winning strategy.

Days At A Time


I decided to set up home on the roof of the library.  Rains a fair amount here, I think I could use that to my advantage somehow. Roof became the best option when I spent a sleepless night worrying something was going to come through the windows. I don’t know what’s out here, could be human, could be something else. Could be nothing. Nothing is just as terrifying really, if no one’s inhabiting this town – there’s a damned good reason for it.

I just don’t know it.

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Now Hiring!

-Many signs would be seen around various main cities. Oilville, New Flagstaff, Traders Flat, Citadel, and Embry. Each one containing the same message on it.-


(( This is an attempt to bring back Garrett's old shop. Anyone is welcome to come, and anyone is welcome to apply. The location is the New Flagstaff Ballistics Shop))

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COME up AND see me


11:41 AM 8/18/2014/ 8:47 AM 3/20/2016 Make Me Smile   hey joe u beilieve me ? .........  good to go PLUSH PLUSH PLEASURE UU         Cycle/ coded ?.... Two sun u  ole one here and another in  WHITE  PLUSH PLUSH plush PLEASURE UU ...a sign omen  unballanced cromosome / Growth ??Truth?

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Hyle smiled


In the distance she could hear the mixed sound of Sharky's motorcycle. The unmistakable symphony of growl, burp and fart.

Hyles day was almost over His day just starting. But over the weeks it had become a little habit that they would join for a supper/breakfast.


The conversation was always fun. Surreal, interesting.

Discussions on culture differences. He Being Chota, she being Tech. The fact thier body clocks were so out of synch, they only had time together short.

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EVER kill


EVERY animal near ever. Just bones. Now. Most beautifull,    see Death in or near_here.  Death SO beautifull VACATED . I no more.  No more like,....u before u like before?   NOTH ,NOWHERE. If  u CAN t imagineand fuck  me in the other place; if u wish and when i look into ur eyes our eyes i. GAZE DOWN, eyes closed .go back LOVER? We  are into the blow like in spot. Exact !Anomalties ,Veronica on a swing.Spot tell usEvery life is in many days, day after day Where every where is ever u were?Where ever shes ever been? lLIES .. Thats where were headin. Om.  In the mirror. Pass that spot...

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To Kingman and back (A Returning King: UPDATE : Participation is welcomed with consent to the Story. If you wish to participate PM))


((Trigger Warning: This story contains themes of cannibalism, Schizophrenia, and Corpse Mutillation. I tried to spare every gory detail leaving in only enough where a general picture could form in the mind of the reader, as I wanted this to be friendly to most audiences.))

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Darmody's Story - Rattle snake Outpost

It's been 2 months... I've ventured back and fourth out of the village in that fraction of time. But for the past month and a half I was out of the village. I went to visit other cities and outposts, there was one completely walled up by survivors. They had Enforcer tents, military issued equipment. None of them were military however.
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Distant memories


Karl now well rested and with light beginning to appear over a nearby hill cascading down onto the small camp he currently resided, it wasn't much but it was a respite from the wasteland. The small camp consisted of a small fireplace flanked from all angles with varying sizes of rocks a simple creation and yet so esential to life. Just beyond the fireplace laid an unfurled bedroll tattered with a collection of belongings including a rifle, the ammo for said rifle, a few pictures facing down onto to the ground and finally a small bag that contained a couple of cans of food and some water.

Stuck Outside - One


Things to be thankful for:

Sturdy walls

My steadily returning technical aptitude

The hobby store down the road

A relatively undisturbed library


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picture this


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Halloween Fantasy (Part 22)



Bodil relaxed… a little. Well, perhaps more than a little. It was a nice day. The countryside was beautiful, despite the lurking Auto-Cults. The car was air conditioned. Victor was charming, and he smelled nice. So, Bodil didn’t let little things bother her. Like that she was being driven to a place she didn’t know, to be among people she didn’t know to be a witness to something she knew nothing about.

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Unexpected burden (pt.3 end)




Countless restless nights draining the will to get out of bed just to avoid further stress of this strange thing that everyone refers to as everyday life.


Nightmares by night level the amount of trouble and misery seen by day. Many times before thought of just ending it all came to his mind. Thinking whats the point of counting sand grains in the desert when you can see desert storm approaching on the horizon. 


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Desert Heat

The radiant sun shined especially bright on this quite day. Sandy footprints being blown over by the short gusts of the heated wind. If it caught you off guard, you may even get some wasteland dust in your eyes. The air had a certain heaviness to it, possibly a factor of humidity, but he wasn't a weatherman, so who knew.

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The Bonds Between Us

The secret agent struggled but the straps were too strong. He was firmly attached to the table. Nearby the machine was quiet with a hint of menace to come.

'It is no use struggling Mr Bond,' said a man in a white suit before pulling a huge lever. The machine began to hum and then pulse of electrical sparks which danced all over it.

'What are you going to do with me?' Bond asked hiding fear and concern from his voice, ever professional.

'Give to you a little encouragement,' the man said with an evil grin.

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Halloween Fantasy (Part 21)


((I at last found a picture that does justice to my concept of the Troy family headquarters seven hundred years after the end of the Clone War)) Cool




Eggy House


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