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Audio Log: Lt. Colt, Tristan J.

*the tape recorder sputters to life as voice comes clear through the static*

...okay. we're set...  um, hello, this is Audio log one of lt. tristan colt... not quite sure who you are, but if you're hearing, this: you either shouldn't be, or i'm dead.

i don't really know what to say at this point... so much has happened.  guess i might as well start back at the beginning:  i came out of the pod with no memories, not supplies, no nothing... hell, i didn't even remember that the world was ka-put.  any way, this family found me and took me in.  i was a collar, they were no-collar's, i still owe my life to them.  i probably should have mentioned that the father of the family was an enforcer named Christian Wesker, he saved my neck from some bandits in depot 66.  thats how we met, me and the family i mean.  at first the man's 13 year old son, Aaron, despised me... but we got along okay in the end-d-d-d-d-d-d...

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The Waking Slow of Briar Lee

(( Warning: some swearing. This entry's theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0b_IHjWXbuM ))


Blunt Force Trauma


((Just a random one off scene of healing in the wastes.))


Sometimes, I think it would be easier if I was not a healer, and I set about training to be more useful with jamming a knife into people who seem to really be asking for it. Yes, it would interfere with my rehabilitation, but really, there comes at least one patient every week where I think a good stabbing might be the most beneficial line of treatment. Take for instance my last patient, who continuously shouted:


a small sound disk... entry one




Journal one…


My name is Wylest. I’m not sure that this thing is even working, since I ran the mic through a sub routine through my collar, but I think it’ll work… maybe…

Assuming this thing is working and I’m not just talking to the air, if you’re listening to this and my body isn’t  sitting around somewhere near  you, I’ve moved on.

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FDC Announcement


||| The American Nation Anthem queues in before a speech was made on radio world wide. |||

Greetings citizens, I am General Carleen Devine. This is a public announcement to everyone within the Grand Canyon Province of the reformation of the Freedom Defense Corps. Due to Colonel Scott Daedaelus' actions as commanding officer of the FDC forces, he has forced my hand to disband those in the command tree as a whole. You can say that we are reforming the Freedom Defense Corps from the ground up. new Leadership. Fresh recruits. New training regimens. New technology. New tactics as to approach the grand Canyon Province. As of this very day. Recruitment will now be open to all citizens of a orderly, technological nature. Help in the reformation of Freedom Defense Corps today. You must send mail to Post 23 ((Basically Just send mail to Carleen Devine.)) and be sure to include your name and we will reply shortly for an interview.

All Things Nice

((I had seen some discussion on the lack of child NPCs over the past couple days. Most of the time when I had mentioned kids in my own FE writings, they were being... well kids. Playing with balls, asking parents for food, and so forth. But FE is a weirder darker world, that really is not child friendly. And Kids, for their parts, aren’t always cute and harmless. This was me letting a few thoughts percolate, then subjecting Jess to them.))


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Memoirs of a CHOTA Girl

(I've decided to do a journal depicting Leeloo's life. Some of the events may be out of sync with their timelines. It's a lot to try and remember. But I figure given her lack of eduaction at the time, she would know nothing about calendar dates. Either way, enjoy)


*The writing and grammar of the entry appears to have been written by a five year old.*


Der Buke,

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Like a Phoenix...



|The radio station crackled to life for once, but it was a different station than the others.|

...This is Colonel Lonny of the Freedom Defense Corps. There seems to-.........-Scott is gone. I replace hi-........ command of the entire Freedom Defense Corps, we will b-........establishing presence in the Grand Canyon Pro-.......relations with Invicta Bike Gang must be impro-......clean up Scott's mess. Full recrui-....-ase is a go.

|The radio station went silent.|


((We are baaack.))

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The Journey Begins (2/4)


((Just a quick FYI, it turns out last year was 2157, not 2156. I went ahead and edited the last post so that it read 2157 not 2156, just to avoid the confusion of this taking place 2 years ago))


my fallen brother...

((i know the storyline is behind, but i thought i'd finally make a post about the events that unfolded at zainesville.  to be clear: i roleplayed arron wesker, and old alt, that was a nonclone recruit in charge of giving bail for icejay in the midst of all of it he'd been killed brutally by invicta, and this post is a response to that event by my main, who happened to be close to the late Aaron Wesker.))

Tristan had gotten the news from a freind;  how could he have not? it was all the buzz among unit seven operatives:  invicta had stormed zainsville and broken out icejay.

how, tristan mentally exclaimed, how could they just send a recruit to play bailiff?  how could they just send my friend out there alone?

tristan stormed into his tent in post 23 and threw his helmet on the table flopping down on the nearest bunk.  it wasn't his bunk, but that didn't matter right now; he needed to grieve.

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Order Through Chaos 3


Valarie caught word of a biker gang, called Invicta, which was hosting an event, called a "Bike Rally." Why didn't she get word of an event, hell, she has a bike, A little bit richer than other bikes. Bigger displacement. Different Engine, she loved it when she could go on a flat piece of road and just gun it, lifting the wheels up as high as she could. Too bad she had bigger fish to fry: There was a drag race going on North of Embry with a few cars and bikes to see who was the fastest. Althought she made it nearly top of her class, she only scored third out of five bikes. She even counted the cars there, it was only a small one, about three cars and five bikes, hers included.

She just loved the speeds she can get. And she can always fix her bike with a few tools needed. When she got done she was rewarded five blue chips for third place. Then she decided to ride off to New Flagstaff, boy this will be a long journey.

Morgan Procks AKA Mogy Proxy



Dealing Mogy by Natasha Sweeney
"So, we have a deal o' What?"


Name: Morgan Proks "Mogy Proxy"

Age: 32

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Order through Chaos 2


Waking up is hard to do...




       Wylest stepped out of the life-net machine and grabbed the side of the pod. A wave of nausea hit him for just a moment, followed by dizziness before he could look around.  Who was that woman? What dam was she talking about? Wylest frowned as he took in his surroundings.

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Sabotage Jacked 2.0


With the stroke of a key, on the back of hours hacking, it is done; Jack sits back in his chair exhausted.
After a moments rest he stands and walks through the massive yet somehow forgotten Lifenet facility. Its former owner, now dispatched, was a genius. He has hidden in this cavernous laboratory; Cryogenic vessels, medical research equipment and an array of interface hacking tools, hardware and software alike.

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Chitlins Con Carne

(( This story came to me as I was listening to Chitlins Con Carne, on the way to work this morning. My next one will most likely be a Noire-type story, when I get around to joining the Travelers and walking around Credit Bend a little! ))

Burnt Offerings-6- Epilogue

((The last in this series- you’re free! Er until I start rambling again, or I am defenestrated by some righteous sort.))

It does always help to go back.   My head does feel clearer after time with the Masters.   I still know what I have to do.    I need to continue to find my light, and I need to cast it on my shadow.  It is time to walk away from this once and for all.

And Yet…   Yet….

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Death of a Nightmare



She woke to a terrifying sound, a blood curdling scream that sent chills down the spine of death itself.  Flying off the sofa, she raced in the bedroom to the source of the sound. A once beautiful red-head was plastered against the wall above her bed, her face contorted in unfathomable pain as she screamed for her life.

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Allen's Mechanics...?

<Several ragged, yet maintained pieces of cloth hang throughout the town of New Flagstaff, hidden in areas where Union Patrols wouldn't see them, but many random passer-bys would certianly catch a glance. They all seem to be hand-written, although the handwriting is rather messy and some words are incorrectily spelt or just crossed out.>


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News Spread Around

((Another random short story, depicting a random talk a person could have while wandering the Wasteland. As always, comments are always welcome ))


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Sinclair's Chuck Wagon

((A number of small, hand-written flyers have been seen in the settlements of Sector 1.))

Tired of eating the same old grilled chicken at the only diner in town? Are your meals quiet and boring affairs?

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Order through Chaos 1


"Valarie, what will you do when the situation comes? Will you run, hide? Or will you fight?"


Those are the only words that she could think of as her bike got caught by a tripwire. Another Highwayman trap? This is the third time this week. When will they ever learn. Her body darted head-first onto the unkept roads, she manged to shift her weught so that she rolled along the broken roads as soon as she landed. She stopped rolling and laid on her back, as if lifeless, her jacket worn out, her fedora a few feet away from her. The Highwaymen made their way to their new catch and smiled. It was not a happy smile, or a grin, it was a perverted smile. The woman wore glasses and her surgical mask was now around her neck instead of along her mouth. In her hands where blood caked meathooks, one of the highwaymen tried to get closer to her, as if to try and kiss her lifeless body.

Writings for & To Iree Sunshine

(( Only known to Iree Sunshine IC ))

Place holder.

Therapy Journal, Epilogue

((And here it is. Finally free of the backstory and ready to move on to more modern events))

Doc didn’t want me to go back to Midway, he said it would just reopen old wounds. He doesn’t understand. Calvin’s a good guy, but he’s been stuck in the lab too long. His ideas about people aren’t quite right.

I loaded my bike with as much ammo, water and food as I could spare and headed south with the first rays of the dawn. It was good to get the road under me again. Learning to ride with one eye was less challenging than shooting, but there’s still a learning curve.

The miles disappeared under my tires. I was determined to get to Midway again. I barely noticed some for the small settlements I drove right through. It took several days, but eventually, the familiar terrain of Westreach was in view.

Entry one


Entry 1

Jason grimes , log no fucking clue on the date

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Chasing Echoes - 9 (The End?)


((Written to 'Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness' by the Smashing Pumpkins.))

Many years from now...

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Chasing Echoes - 8 (Epilogue)


((Written to 'T' by Glasser. Please note the depiction of what became of Verde Sahadi, Charlotte Williams, and Reno Star is posted with their player's permission.))

Months ago...


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Chasing Echoes - 7


((Written to 'Max Payne 2 Theme' from the Max Payne 2 Soundtrack. Please note the depiction of what became of Verde Sahadi, Charlotte Williams, and Reno Star is posted with their player's permission.))

Months ago...

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Chasing Echoes - 6


((Written to 'Plainsong' by the Cure. Please note the depiction of what became of Verde Sahadi, Charlotte Williams, and Reno Star is posted with their player's permission.))

Months ago...


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