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The Unpredictability of the Storm - 6/11(3)


Storm closed his eyes as the bullet from the large tent whistled past his head, it was so close he could hear is fly by. He rapidly fired back into the tent aiming low. The sound of groans and pain erupted from inside and he heard the man call out.

Alright…Alright, The man yelped as his gun came flying out of the tent, followed by him slithering like a snake.

Storm grabbed a piece of rope binding the man’s midsection to a worn chair from inside the large tent. Without hesitation he grabbed a stick from the fire and cauterized in the open bullet wounds on the man legs.

The man screamed in agony, they echoed against the wall but fell on deaf ears. They were alone, and no one within miles. Storm grabbed the man by his hair and leaned down in his face and spoke quietly to the man, his eyes fixated on his prey, showing not a shred of emotion, no humanity, and no soul.

The Unpredictability of the Storm - 6/11(2)


Storm rode to the location he was given, the wind at his back. This wasn’t a job for coin, it was personal, it would be painful, and it was for blood. He rode for what seemed to be an eternity as he pulled up a safe distance away to the encampment near large rocks, making the only escape, death.

He kept quiet, silent, as he made his way closer to see what he was up against. It wouldn’t have mattered anyways. Army or not he was going in, but it was better to be some what prepared then to fail once again.

He looked over seeing two small tents, a large tent, and two men walking along the perimeter of the camp with their rifles.

Looks to be 5 to 1 odds, I’ll take that, he spoke quietly to himself.

The Unpredictability of the Storm - 6/11


Storm rides quickly making his way across the desert, pulling up dirt and sand out in the middle of no-where. He had left Beau’s some time before midnight, making sure he reached his destination on time.

He had just left V with a good bye kiss and a task incase he did not return. He asked her to meet him at 3:00 am, at a specific location, by a campfire. More importantly he gave her a vial of his sister’s blood that he protects with his life wearing it around his neck and close to his heart. He vowed to use her blood to bring her back, but he just hasn’t found the means to do so. He wouldn’t have trusted anyone with that Vial, unless the path he was about to walk was dangerous and had the potential for him not returning. That task would have been passed to Vorela if he in fact did not show up to their meeting.

The Unpredictability of the Storm - 6/04


I can’t sleep, the chaos of the nights events have me feeling uneasy. Not because I give a flying fuck about the war going on, but because it hits me personally. The last time I saw a large group of militaristic pig fuckers like that a lot of blood was spilled, and not everyone comes back.

It’s funny how when the feebleminded follow the idiot, and the idiot follows some screwed up ideals that they are the law of the land. I used to joke with my sister when we were growing up, the bigger the gun the smaller the dick, and that if she was ever going to get married; she should be looking for someone that uses knives, pistols, or their bare hands. I would have liked her to find someone and be happy with them, but she never had that chance.

The Unpredictability of the Storm - 5/27


Who are you?

God Damn, I am tired of being questioned. Does it really fucking matter who I am?

Are you going to try and tell me that you have children or a wife and I am supposed to care? You should have thought about that before you pissed off the wrong person. It’s nothing personal. I don’t care who you are, I don’t care if you own a farm and feed the birds or run an orphanage. I have a job to do, and I refuse to fail. I was born and trained to succeed.

I am here to take your life, what would make you think that I want to be your friend? What makes you think that I give a shit what you have to say or what information you think you are entitled to? I don’t want to pal around and chit chat with you like we are old friends. The only thing I want to hear is the gurgling sound when you are lying there choking on you own blood.

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Life on Hold -2-



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Cooking with Class - Journey of Eva Olan


Eva stoked the fire underneath the pot of boiling water. She had paid dearly for the tablets of pseudoephedrine, the bruises of fingertips still on her upper arms.

"Ass.....told him no lasting marks. Oh well....what's done is done."

She stirs the pot and dumps the big pile of little red pills into the boiling water. Leaning back, she pulls out a plastic bag and takes out the ceramic pipe and stuffs it with dry brown flakes. Eva leans forward and snags a small stick on the edge of the fire and uses it to light her pipe.

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The Empty Serynge I

The sky was the same endless blue as always, decorated with the usual small clouds that moved at a painfully slow pace. It was the perfect backround for a usual day at Depot 66. The usual thugs were trying to sneak into the city, the merchants were bartering with wanderers and the scavengers were as loud as always about their findings.


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Chasing Echoes - 5


((Written to 'Perfect' by Smashing Pumpkins. NOTE: Roberto Torrente's in-character letter to Druuna included in this segment with his consent.))

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The River of Black Oil - 2


((Written to 'Are You There' by Klint.))

Continued from 'Chasing Echoes - 4'

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The River of Black Oil - 1


((Written to 'Joker Theme' from the Dark Knight soundtrack.))

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Vorela's Ramblings - Nov 19


((Written in obvious, deep anger, by the depth of the pen ripping through the paper.  Language warning.))

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Gasoline, Gears and Gun Oil -31-


Figuring Micheal Seven could use a good dose of his own medicine Zane had parked his interceptor a ways away from the old airfield, hidden in a small gully.  Now he sat in the rafters of one of the hangers, back in the shadows, his glasses off, he saw with a clarity few could imagine in such darkness.

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The River of Black Oil


The story started in Echoes of Memory and Of Sinners and Saints continues as a new group of characters become entangled in the struggle to stop the flow of a nefarious new drug into the wasteland. I like to write to music so some will be set to tunes I feel enhance the mood in some way and I'll provide a link if I can.

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Chasing Echoes - 4


((Written to 'We Had Love' by the Scientists.))

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Chasing Echoes - 3


((Written to 'Closer to the Sun' by Slightly Stoopid .))

Invicta. An archivist in New Flagstaff had told her that in a language that was ancient even to the old world, it had meant 'Undefeated'.

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Gasoline, Gears and Gun Oil -30-


*Soyala's voice in Zane's dreams* ((taken from  Hózhóojí - The Blessingway ))


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The Beginning of...the End?

 The flames crackled merrily at Robbie's back, a bonfire of varied items gathered over several months lighting the area. In front of him lay hundreds of disassembled bullets, separated into 3 piles: Casings on the left, bullets in the middle, gunpowder on the right. Chuckling and looking down at Yotey, he scooped up as many of the casings as he could, then tossed them into the fire. "Not sure it's hot enough to melt those...but I'm not leaving all this junk lying around for some dirt sucking scavenger."

My Journey - An Invitation

((/ooc  Thought I'd post this link to FE Wastelanders Gossip here as I hope some might be interested.  I hope it's an opportunity for some free flow role play a bit different from the usual events and with a cross community focus.  If you think it's worthwhile please spread the word.))



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Chasing Echoes - 2


((Written to 'The Fade' by Megafaun.))

The anger of the viper.


       *As usual, please excuse and try to ignore my naab english, waiting on Miss Nibbles checks :p*


Green Vyper stares at her own image in the  mirror.

"Soon" she whispers.

After giving to herself a long last look, she pulverizes the mirror with a punch... leaving  nothing but her fist's mark in the wall.

She checks her hand : three fingers broke. The pain is helping her to keep her concentration.

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Searching for the Truth (Teaser 2)


((Another teaser for Searching for the Truth. I think I'm addicted to writing now lol. This is a direct continuation of the first teaser.))


1 week later...

GlobalTech Japan Branch. Kyoto, Japan

6:30 p.m.


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Chasing Echoes - 1


((Written to 'Family Inheritance' from Sean Young: Pariah.))

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Chasing Echoes


Following will be brief glimpses of some of the continuing wasteland adventures of one Druuna Czarra, as well as some of her thoughts and concerns about those wanderings shared in various ways that will hopefully seem appropriate to each particular post and the Fallen Earth setting over all. I like to write to music so some will be set to tunes I feel enhance the mood in some way and I'll provide a link if I can.

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Foreign Body

(This is the introduction of my character. I chose CHOTA for her faction since you can't post without one so if it is wrong I apologize and will adjust it accordingly)


Will and Fate

** hello folks, been thinking about a journal for a long time but my rusty english makes me real shy. So please try to ignore my grammar as much as possible and welcome into Vyper's mind.

I will try to regulary add informations about Vyper's state of mind and philosophy**



Duality, This is what the universe is made of.

Matter and elements, Love and Hate, Will and Fate...


It is easy to rule matter when you dominate the elements.

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Gasoline, Gears and Gun Oil -29-


He knelt over the remains of the fire where he had put her, nothing but ash remained on the charred ground. His thick glasses hung down from one hand has he silently watched the rain as it began to soak in.

"Zane.." a voice from the shadows spoke.

"Not now Michael, just go away." Zane didn’t need to look up he’d heard the voice whispered from the shadows more than enough to know its owner.

Chronicles of a Moll


Last night was pretty interesting, made my way up to New Flagstaff. I ended up at a part filled with baila looking for fights. I'm just glad no stray bullets found me.

I got work though, my first decent looking guy in weeks. I managed to squeeze two blue out of him, so I'm not sure if he was gullible, or that horny. Or both. I'll probably get repeat business from him though.

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Sins of the Father


((Written to Queen of Death - Unreal Soundtrack))

((This has nothing to do with my upcoming Advent storyline, but it sort of shows the past tension between Archer and his Father, and how much he loved yet hated his father.))


November 10th, 2156

Leroy Hunter's Estate,  Somewhere north east of North Burb   9:44 p.m.


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The Nuke Reject - Update 2

((Here is the week's follow up on the Nuke Reject storyline))


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