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Burnt Offerings- 3- Twisted Nature


I do sometimes wonder why Masters pulled me for his program. Most of the clones I found from that were beta clones, and I am not exactly supersoldier material. Well I wasn't, I think. I can imagine how I was labeled on the tin:

Sex: Female

Age: Too Old for this

IQ: Too high to have any damn common sense

Burnt Offerings-2- Something Old and Something New



((As a note, if you think your character should know, or be able to look up any of the information in these entries, talk to me in game or in forum. Today's post is still PG-13 ish, but does contain some discussion that isn't friendly to work, nuns, or small children))


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Ponderances of Alicia (entry 21)


((Greetings and salutations! My toon is Alicia Trabeal and this is her handwritten IC journal.  That said, you are reading it OOC; unless it is found IC and I have expressly directed you here.  If you have any questions or comments about it, please send me a private missive, I welcome them.)) 

Burnt Offerings- Moving In


Well, I suppose I’ll keep keeping this journal- and burning it regularly.   It’s Cathartic to write, but I doubt that any good would come of someone reading it.  

I added another town to my usual route last week.  Hope Springs.   I set up a home base of sorts there- diagnostic and research equipment, candles, tea set.   It’s a list that part of me will always snort a little at, but it brings me peace.   It brings me peace and I would share it with others.

Therapy Journal, Entry 10

((I had hoped to complete this in 10 installments, but it looks like I am going to have to add an epilogue to conclude it, stay tuned.))

Doc says I don’t really need to keep writing in this thing anymore, that I have pretty much recovered following the development of the visor, but I feel I need to finish what I started. I’m tempted to make a copy and send it by Rider to Burns in Midway, as a warning of what is to come, but I want to see the asshole’s face when he realizes who is after him.

When I recovered my senses again, Boruhai was gone, but there were many technicians in the rooms operating the equipment, taking readings, adjusting settings. They refused to answer any of my questions, treating me as nothing more than some sort of test subject. One of them continued to fiddle with my collar, causing more than one apparent short circuit if the sparks and smell of my own burning flesh were any indicator.

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Letter to a Daughter

((This is an OOC letter from a mom to her daughter. It is written in a slow deliberate script that is quite easy to read.  It was delivered to its intended by a Rider.))


Ever since I first found you, you have been a gem in my eyes, a soft spot in my soul that I have chosen to protect, love and nurture; I do all of this without question or hesitation; all before finding out who you really were.

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The Nuke Reject - Update 5

Written to some  Wolfmother

Therapy Journal, Entry 9

((The 9th entry in Duncan Miller's therapy journal, used to help him recover from life-changing injury. Sorry for the delay, it's been a bad several days and I wasn't feeling very creative. Getting so close to finishing this background.))

The answer was so obvious. Shiva gives us the ability to mutate with a startling array of abilities. All it took was a few mutagenic injections and the nanites do precisely as I command. This visor is amazing! I can see better than I ever did before. I get headaches if I wear it for too long, but I don’t need it to turn a wrench.

My awakening mind was bathed in agony, then the world was washed in white light. The murmur of voices nearby was unintelligible. After some time, the pain in my head cleared and I could take in my surroundings.

Matters of Faith

((Time to flex the old fiction muscles, and slowly and obliquely shoot for some backstory over a few posts for my main, Jesse.  Everything is posted first draft so pardon, and do feel free to point and laugh at, the typos.))

My name is Jesse, and I am a follower of the light.    Yes, the world has gone insane enough that I am a religiously inclined individual, a follower of a religious path, general quasi nun, and occasional preacher.  Right now, though, I am about to stab someone in the head. 

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Sabotage Jacked


The soft glow of a computer terminal reflect off his glasses, squinting in the darkness Jack taps away furiously at a jury rigged Keyboard plug in. The soft clicking of keys in the small room intermitantly interupted by assult rilfe fire out side. Followd by a wise crack or two of his partner.

" Ha, White crow?...  More like White bitche. Crap..  *pauses*  White Crap! HA! " the voice in the distance taunts.

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Hekate's Letters - Jan 21

((This was written the morning after the rally, before any further developments happened in the plotline.  I just haven't had time IRL to get it finished up and posted before now.  This letter is provided for OOC entertainment purposes and not to be used for IC information unless you somehow find it.))

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Curtain Fall, 2-2


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Guns and Coffee


It was filler, nothing more. Entertainment for the brutish savages that though once may have lurked in cigar lounges and chatted up in round tables or freemasonry about life and its seemingly endless constraints, now sharpened spears or forged ammunition for a raid the next day or valiant defense from it. While it was filler the evening was entertainment all the same. Even in the desolate Wastes sapient life clung to entertainment and light-hearted events with a the vice grip of a body struck heavily with rigor mortis, ironically for dear life instead of the lack thereof.

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Who is Lucci and where is Exneal?

((Hi everyone! Just wanted to drop a quick OOC not explaining what's going on with my characters at the moment.))


((Maybe a few of you remember one of the three entries I posted when I was playing my character Exneal Saton before I fell off the map. Well, some RL complications came up and so I quit the game for a time. However, I'm back now and with a new character I'm dying to RP. His name is Lucci (pronounced Lutzi) and I plan on making him a heavy armor rifle guy. As of yet, I'm not sure wether I should take him CHOTA or Enforcer, but I'll get back to you on that.))

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The Five Elements - Fire I

"Hey! Hey Lucci! Wake up, you lazy son of a bitch!"


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A Smile in the Desert, Part 1


(( My first time writing an honest to goodness backstory, so have mercy on my soul. Constructive Criticism is welcome though. ))


The sun scorched the dried earth, blazing down from the heavens as if wanting to burn away the last trace of life from the god-forsaken planet. Six figures stood in the weakly packed dust, one knelt on the ground. A quiet gust of wind gently blew, knocking tiny particles around with no effort, causing a miniature sandstorm at their feet. The metal from a sharpened knife glared brightly in the knelt mans eyes, along with the man pressing it to his cheek.

"I'm tired o' yer' shit, Allen."

Allen looked up at the towering man, muscular from wielding heavy weapons, and baked from surviving in the harsh wastelands for so many years. He said nothing, knowing of his fate from the start.

Therapy Journal, Entry 8

((The journal kept by Duncan Miller during his recovery)) 

 I should never have doubted them. Doc stopped by to check on me and I failed to conceal my research in time. He got as excited as I first had. He pulled a few strings and now I have my own lab here in Picus Ridge. The techs don’t even demand a direction of research, Doc told me to “follow my muse”, whatever that means.

I could tell whatever Burns had in mind was important to him. He rarely left Midway, and this dingy warehouse was a long way from Westreach. It didn’t take long for him to launch into a tirade. His exact words are irrelevant here, but he knew exactly which buttons to push to get a rise out of me. He accused me of skimming profits, of selling off merchandise, in short, of failure. He explained that he was going to have to personally take control of the company, my usefulness to the family had nearly run its course.

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Curtain Fall, 2-1

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Curtain Fall, 1-5


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Curtain Fall, 1-4


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Curtain Fall,1-3


Who are you clone? (3)


4 weeks.

It had only been 4 weeks that he lasted with those cold blooded murderers, but it had been 4 weeks well spent, well besides the rather unpleasent end that was.

They had done killing, a lot of killing. Especially his recruiter Aku and him had.

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Curtain Fall, 1-2


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Curtain Fall: A Tale of Two Actors, 1-1


((To introduce my two other RP characters, I'm reposting the chapters of this story from their original home at the Legends Forum))




Therapy Journal, Entry 7

This project is proving more challenging than I had initially expected. I think I have the technology adapted to one of these Tech visors pretty well, according to the feeds I am getting on monitors. But adapting the nanite interface seems to be beyond me. I’m going to have to bring in an expert, but I really don’t want to share it….I haven’t even shown Doc. I suppose at this point I don’t really have a family again. I have no reason to bring the Travelers into this, they’ll just try to exploit it or steal it from me outright.

We spent about a week in Sunshine Corners, enjoying the hospitality of the town. Most of my crew, clones and Children alike, spent a great deal of time drinking, whoring, and gambling. With the Union patrolling every corner, the few small arguments were interrupted before getting out of hand. It felt good to let my guard down a little.

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Sage Rush



The con had gone bad. Bad in the way that got grifters killed. She managed to sit up against the reconditioned van. Weakly she reached round feeling the blood and bullet wound in the small of her back. Looking at her blood covered fingers she shook her head. “Fuck,” she exclaimed to no one in particular as she sat with the dead bodies of three of her marks.


Therapy Journal, Entry 6

((The 6th entry in a therapy journal kept by Duncan Miller during his recovery from the loss of his eye. Getting close to the end!))



 So, Doc showed me something today. He had recently recovered a data drive that discussed a lot of strange pre-fall hybrid science. I think he was just trying to distract me, but I found something on it. It’s a series of multi-optics cameras developed by the US military that directly transmitted information to the brain of a user by means of experimental nanites. It was intended to centralize surveillance and intelligence gathering into specially trained “watchers“. I wonder if I can adapt it.


As the Xa'los sees, so shall it be done.

"Go find your Jabbuk, 17."
"But sir...how will I kn...."
"You will know your Jabbuk when you see him. That is all I am allowed to divulge. Now go."
"Yes sir."

Therapy Journal, Entry 5

((Happy Holidays to all and here is my 5th installment describing the past of Duncan Miller.))

I got a message from King Eddie today. Although he sympathizes and offers the continued support of the people of Credit Bend, he is bound by the Traveler code. This has to be handled “Family first”. This is some sort of bullshit catch 22. Burns won’t act against a Child as well connected, and now even Eddie can’t help me out.

The Northfields are a lot nicer than the Plateau. I’ll never forget my first view from the canyon overlook. We discovered, sometimes painfully, that the factions had a much more significant presence here than in the Plateau. Teadrinkers and hippies constantly interfered with any caravans headed eastward and a new faction I hadn’t heard of calling themselves the Union seemed to control pretty much everything else.

Therapy Journal, Entry 4

I tried shooting today. It’s damn hard without any depth perception. I don’t think I could defend myself in a pinch if I had to right now. I’m glad to be here, inside the walls of Picus Ridge. These Techs seem like decent enough people, if a little single-minded. They know their trade, and that works for me.

Some things changed when we started moving farther north.

Nicky sent a crew of thugs from Boneclaw to protect our interests as we grew into the Northfields. It was nice to have a little extra muscle around. The new guards were scary as hell, and most of the punks that would have given us trouble just moved right along.


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