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Vorela's Ramblings - Sept 5

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I finally got a chance to show Soya that cursed letter at the rally.  I felt bad as soon as I did, though, seeing her face harden again.  She was finally seeming like she might be letting a smile through the pain, and I went and killed it.  I just keep on telling myself that it was necessary.  I needed to know.  She needed to know, just in case.

I hadn’t meant for it to happen, but the letter ended up circulating a few hands.  Next thing I knew, Vonda was volunteered by Drax to shadow me a while, though she said she didn’t mind and it wasn’t really taking her away from anything.  Several others buzzed about giving me advice to keep my head low, watch my back, keep my radio on.  Should have just kept the damn thing to myself.

Each day that goes by seems to only prove my theory that the letter was either just a joke to rattle me and those to whom I showed it, or it was misdirected.  There’s been no one tailing me.  I’ve had no bad feelings like someone might be watching me.  So either he’s really good at keeping a distance, he’s letting me get complacent, he’s watching someone else completely, or he’s non-existent.  My money is still on him watching Soya, if he even exists at all.  I’m tempted to set myself out as bait and prove my theory correct.  And if I’m wrong... I’ll just have to hope that I’m faster or my next incarnation will be a little wiser, I guess.

Judging paint jobs at the market was a fun distraction, even if I had to spend a good chunk of time with that jackass who’d insulted me at the rally by assuming I was something less than I am.  Is stripper or prostitute the first thing people think of when they see me?  I wasn’t the one dancing on the bar in a barely there skirt and bra.  But it would explain a few things.


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((I hope you don't mind my comment, but I'm really enjoying these updates! It's such a wonderful way to get little glimpses of all the fantastic stories going on throughout our little wasteland paradise.))

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((I don't mind the comment at all, and thanks!  Been enjoying reading yours as well.))

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