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Vorela's Ramblings - Sept 14

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I didn’t realize when I offered to take Soya to my usual crash pad in Flagstaff for her to recuperate in (so that she didn’t have to listen to Drax and Jela go at it all night, can’t say I blame her) that I’d end up with half the clan camping out with us.  So much for secrecy and privacy.  Ah well, it’s actually been kind of fun.  And it’s nice to have someone else cook for me for a change, as temporary as it might be.  Drax can sure cook a mean omelette.

I’ve really missed having other people around, even if there are so many of them.  It twigs at those memories of family and friends and get-togethers on Sunday afternoons to celebrate both.  It’s been easy to start to slip back into my old habits of self-imposed solitude and self-sufficiency, like I’d been before Storm came along.  He was the one who taught me to live my life, not simply endure it.  Most days I’m just enduring again.  And watching Soya suffer through the pain of not knowing has been reopening a lot of the pain I thought I was finally past myself.

Speaking of which, I ran across Zero and Alicia at Beau’s the other day, and I happened to walk up just as he was telling her that Iro was dead.  Why he’s going about telling other people about Soya’s private matters...  Alicia quickly asked me if it was true, and I played it off as best I could as just a rumour while I watched Zero high tail it out.  It’s not my secret to tell, and Soya’s given me no leave to confirm the rumours.  I didn’t tell Soya about that conversation.  Considering she was trying to recover from her injuries and already was dealing with so much, I kept it to myself.

I ran across the old bronze yesterday on his usual duty of holding up the railing in front of Beau’s and instead informed him of the conversation.  Better that he deal with the matter internally instead of letting Soya’s tomahawk do it.  There are enough bad feelings around already.

And I must have been starved for conversation or something, as I ended up chatting with Boyd on the porch for a while.  I still don’t know if some of it was genuine small talk or if it was a hidden assessment in true bronze fashion.  All I know is, Mr. I’m Always Right has a conveniently faulty memory.


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((*sheepish grin* we did kinda take over her place for a bit, didn't we))

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((She's going to be scrubbing that bathroom clean for weeks. :P))

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(that would be cause of D and Jela...not from Soya!!)

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((I so hope we get to use construction to build our own houses / towns / clan halls / etc. here someday. Great writing as usual. It's been especially neat to kind of get a glimpse of some of Invicta in their sort of non-public downtime through yours and Soyala's posts too. Good stuff!))

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