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First Entry In a While.

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((Forgive the writing style here, this would be my first 'log' style post regarding this character and Im sure wherre it wont be the last, some folks will not necessarily appreciate the style and manner in which it is written, remember it is written from the views of my character, and as such will be written how he wrote it, not necessarily for the joy of the reader, though I can only hope that you take some joy in reading it!))

*As you look to the log you notice that many prior pages have been torn out, but it would appear that blood and filth stains the pages that are left, as well as the torn fragments of those that have now gone missing.*


Year: 2156 Month: Unknown.

Ex-Leuitenant Acheron Telos, call sign Vaelthir (Vay-el-tear); Officer log, I've decided that given I seem to have a lot of free time on my hands out here in the middle of backwater Kaibab, that Id take to writing a log again, to pass time and to maintain my damned sanity. It was Tirion's idea and since the 'brains' hasnt stopped suggesting it since the nightmares started growing more and more frequent I find it hard to resist it.

Besides...if it keeps him off my back and gets him balls deep in the engine of that damned buggy again im glad of it.

As I write this its been one hundred sixty seven days since I last stepped out of a pod...atleast on my count, I could be wrong. Regardless thats how many days its been since I stumbled out and Tirion fell face first into the crack of my ass right after that, seems we've been glued together since then, if not for the fact we were atleast ten seconds appart I wouldnt be surprised if we were permanently attached at the hip, from the rumors ive heard about LifeNet issues and deliberate sabotage id say we're pretty lucky...I mean the vague memory loss is evident.

Regardless he's got nowhere to go, neither have I...I do some run and gun work for the enforcers now and then to keep myself focused and keep cash in our pockets and he stays with me, he was a specialist engineer in the army from what I can tell...pretty handy with a weapon as well a wrench.

We lost contact with Mahi and Karmen well over thirty six hours ago but thats nothing new, those two are always up to their eyeballs in shit and up to their elbows in shit they cant handle without us showing up to bust up the argument, with a mag or two if necessary.

Junkers and wastelanders for the most part dont have manners and Mahi wears a short skirt, dont think I need to say more about the trail of teeth she leaves when the pair of them skip town. Still I think im making some headway with them, Mahi is coming around to the idea of forming a specialised unit or group...one with as noble a cause as the enforcers but with half the paperwork...its a good balance, Im not sure just what the boys in green will actually think about it, or the techs for that matter if Tirion finally finds spine long enough to tag along, but its for the best...Im a changed man.

But then seeing the things ive seen and doing the things ive done...sometimes a mans' gotta know when its time to break old habits.

Ill write more next time I can get a minute to myself, till' then, Tirion if your reading this, your the one that told me to write it so keep that fucking nose of yours out of it.



Year: 2156 Month: Unknown Day: Log +1

Less than twenty four hours since I tossed my first entry in here for a while up and I get word from Mahi that her and Karmen owed some money for damages to a property over in flagstaff, those union boys ask questions through the holes they leave in your smoking body so Im about to head out that way now and see if I cant smooth things over with them, I doubt it since once they get an idea in their heads they dont let it go easily.

Still Karmen says that they've got them holed up in some holding facility but let them send out a call on our frequency when they mentioned we could pay them, I dont think they really let them know we'd be 'paying them a visit' with more than just chips though. Tirion whipped up something with a little more 'bang' for their buck thats for sure...chip lined suitcase bomb or something, he kept sayin' the chips were razor edged...so we'd expect a lot of clarret (slang for blood) when the flachettes' go off.

Dangerous job, those girls'll be the death of me yet.

Will add more later if I havent lost all my fingers.


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