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A löngu síðan á Íslandi ..... [6]

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Disbelief  can take a long time to register in the mind.  Niether  Frú Mortensson nor Frú Jeppesson said anything in the  long  long pause which followed the opening of the second set of doors.

The ante room opened onto a corridor that went from right to left, but no longer were the walls dressed in expensive claddings, All they were, were plain concrete blocks. There were strip-lights in the ceiling and by the harsh light, various warning signs could be seen, all the signs were in English. 

The first to speak was one of the six people who were waiting for them as the doors opened. Two wore white lab-coats, all crisp and clear with the obligatory row of pens sitting in the top pockets which bore a lifenet logo. Behind them, stood four rough looking men, standing at ease in a quasi-military way. These four wore blue/black slacks and jerkins which had the Lifenet logo printed on the chest. The first thing Silja noticed was each of the four carried some form of truncheon or baton on their belt. Silja instinctively turned her face into her Momma’s coat. This was not good, she felt scared.

The man in the Lab-coat spoke first, with no pleasantries whatsoever.

“ The adults come with me, the children go with Doctor Phillips.”  He pointed at Doctor Phillips. Dr. Phillips bore an uncanny resemblance to Margaret, the lady who had met them as they arrived and showed them into the room..  and was now nowhere to be seen.. Dr. Phillips, in her crisp white lab- coat tapped her clipboard with her pen and held her hand out for Gordi and Silja. Silja clung onto her mother, but Gordi smiled and stepped toward the lady. Gordi could not understand  the situation, he prided that he was a good obedient boy all the time for his Momma. He smile a Downsy smile at the lady doctor. The lady doctor clearly flinched at the approach of the  shambling boy with Downs syndrome.

“Nei !, Gordi. Þú vera hér með Momma! “ Frú Jeppesson grabbed Gordi’s shoulder with maternal protectiveness and pulled him back.

“You no taking  my son.He stays with me !” Frú Jeppeson protested vehemently at the male doctor while retrieving trying to retrieve Gordi from the corridor.

The Male Doctor sighed, “So soon it starts” and nodded to one of the operatives at his side.

What happened next stunned everyone except the welcoming party. At the nod, the operative stepped calmly forward and quickly dealt a single harsh blow to Frú Jeppeson’s face with his club. In the stunned nanosecond, the only sound was one of Frú Jeppesons teeth bouncing onto the floor. Silja screamed, Her Momma swore. Frú Jeppeson cried out in pain from a bloodied mouth, she feel to the floor, dazed.

Gordi however, looked and looked at what had just happened. It took a few seconds before it sank in. Then he went crazy. He bellowed at the one who had hit his mother, then screamed, the scream became a loud sobbing, he strode toward the assailant only to be grabbed by another two of the burly men, whence he was dragged, screaming away to the left, along the corridor.

Silja clung screaming now to her mother. Her fingers tried to grip Momma’s big winter coat, but it afforded no purchase to her little fingers. Momma wrapped herself around Silja with all the strength of a mother bear. The Male Doctor stepped close to Frú Mortennsson’s face and said coldly.  “ She will be returned to you after you are both examined. Nothing will happen to her. She will be unharmed. Let her go or….  “ He glanced at the simpering Frú Jeppesson on her knees beside him “  Well,  we will still take her, but you won’t see her again”

Silja’s Momma screamed at him, but reluctantly let her grip on Silja  relax. Dr. Phillips stepped forward and took Silja’s other hand,, and pulled Silja, who was screaming and crying.

“Mamma, ekki láta þá taka mig. takk. Ég vil ekki fara !” Silja pleaded. Momma tried to give her the best assurance.

“þeir vilja koma þér aftur til Momma mjög fljótlega, elskan mín. Ég lofa, ég lofa Silja. ég lofa !! “  Momma cried out to her daughter as Silja was pulled along the corridor, screaming for her Momma.

The Male Doctor nodded “Good.”  and indicated  to the right with his biro. “This way Frú…. Mortensson?”   She followed slowly. Frú  Jeppesson, who’s coat and jumper were now a deep shade of crimson with the blood from her mouth, was hoisted to her feet and propelled along the corridor after Silja’s Mother and the doctor.

They came to the room and the door opened. With some faded good manners, the doctor allowed  Frú Mortensson through the double doors first. Her eyes widened. The room was lined with workbenches and medical looking machines. There was a hospital bed waiting for her. There were restraints hanging from it.

She gasped when she saw the stirrups, the last time she had seen anything similar was the night she had brought Silja into the world.

Björk Mortennsson started to sob. She feared what they may be doing with her little Silja. Her sobs became intense, “Ohh Silja, barnið mitt, barnið mitt. Hvað hef ég gert við þig. Ég er því miður barnið svo svo leitt, fyrirgef mér.

The doctor looked at her without and without any emotion, said. “Undress now.”


Björk Mortensson’s knees gave way at that point.


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(( O.O

Wow.... Just wow... Very nice post! Where's #7?? ))

mah sig!

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(( 2nd Wow. Made the old heart pound a bit. Looking forward to 7 , but with trepidation now.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((The worst side of humans. No compassion or empathy.
Very well written and please continue the story ;-)

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