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A löngu síðan á Íslandi ..... [5]

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And so it went as arranged, the big 6x4 arrived and collected Silja and her Momma from the farm. Silja quivered with excitement as Pfc Buchannan hoisted her into the rear of the truck to join her Momma. The big brown packing case took up the middle of the floor alongside that of Frú Jeppesson.

Frú Jeppesson sat with her son Gordi further along the bench seat from Silja’s Momma. Silja happily sat on the knee of Pfc Buchannan, Teddy sat on Silja’s knee. Pfc Buchannan smiled at Silja as she warbled on and on in Icelandic to him all the way down the rough track from the hillside to where it joined the tarmac main road to Reykjavik.

Everyone inside the truck noticed but did not think at all about the collection of yellow trucks and a bulldozer which stood parked in the lay-by at the junction. Each vehicle had a Lifenet logo painted on the door. A group of workmen stood idly by until the army 6x4 had gone out of sight. At this moment they all mounted up and headed up along the valley track from which the army truck had just come.

Pfc Buchannan laughed at Silja, making her smile. He thought she was some sweet kid, it was impossible not to be affected by her young spirit. To be fair, neither Buchannan or The Sarge, or anyone else knew the truth.

Frú Mortensson and Frú Jeppesson talked about things. Gordi sat quietly holding his mother’s hand. Gordi was 13 and had Down’s Syndrome. Silja knew him from school. Gordi’s Poppa had died the previous summer in a car crash. Presumably that was why they had been selected to join the Mortenssons at the Lifenet refuge.

The two mothers talked quietly about the possible fate of Henning. In all probability he had succumbed to the elements. He was drunk, there had been ice-rain. Frú Mortensson kept a brave face. No point in saying anything to Silja until there was proof of Henning’s fate.


The 6x4 squealed to a halt outside the Lifenet complex. The tailgate was dropped and a couple of the squad leapt out and grabbed the packing cases. Silja jumped into the outstretched arms of Pfc Buchannan and he placed her gently on her feet by the big truck. Silja’s Momma, Frú Jeppesson and Gordi were helped down. A tall woman approached the group and welcomed them to Lifenet’s Reykjavik facility. She was dressed in a dark blue twin-set and carried a clipboard. Silja was in awe, the woman was immaculately turned out, her hair and make-up, perfect. Silja noted the Lifenet badge on the woman’s lapel which announced that her name was Margaret.

Margaret’s Icelandic was almost perfect, it carried only a trace of an American accent. She welcomed the adults, then she instructed the troop to take the luggage to a nearby doorway. There, Lifenet operatives would take it and it would be waiting for owners in their new apartment. Margaret smiled at the wolf-whistle which followed her from the troop back to the new residents. As the families followed Margaret towards the glass and steel reception area, Silja turned and waved at Pfc Buchannan. He waved back happily smiling.

Inside, the reception was as plush as any good hotel, they were shown to comfy sofas, tea and soda’s supplied. Margaret sat down next to the two mothers, her knees primly together, and filled out admittance paperwork with them.

    Naturally, Silja took to wandering, Teddy in her arms, she pointed out to him the artwork and the nice furniture. She watched the smartly dressed people going to and fro, all dressed to corporate perfection.

“Nú láta mig taka þig á nýja heimilið þitt” Announced Margaret. Silja’s Momma waved Silja to her side. The moment had arrived, and their new apartment awaited. Silja giggled with anticipation, Teddy would love this… she had seen the photographs.

Margaret led then through a shiny pair of white doors, the Lifenet logo emblazoned on it, across a small ante room to another pair of doors. The first pair of doors closed. Then, Margaret, with feigned surprise, excused herself, saying she forgot some forms. She went back out the first pair of doors. They closed behind her again. Except this time there was a noticeable loud clunk. Then the second set of doors opened.


And before them lay... Hell.


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(( And here we are... The plot twist! ))

mah sig!

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  Margaret had been seated at the reception desk only five minutes when a breathless Pfc Buchannan walked quickly up to her.

    " 'Scuse me ma'am, "  

    Margaret's corporate smile greeted Buchannan. "How can I help you, Trooper? "

    Buchannan held out a small red pom-pom hat. " The sweet little girl we just dropped off? This belongs to her, she must have dropped it in our truck. Is she nearby?"

    "Oh you are just too late, the familes are being processed, Private."  Margarets corporate smile was implacable.  "Give it to me, I will make sure it gets to her as soon as possible."

      Buchannan's face fell.. He wanted to give it personally,"Too late", he thought

      " Damn.. umm well make sure she gets it... oh  and give her this chocolate bar too, please? "

   "Of course I shall" Margaret took the hat and chocolate, and smiled a smile which may have said 'Okay.. go.. quickly'

     Buchannan nodded his thanks and strode to the door with a certain disappointment, 'Silja is such a sweet kid '

     Lifenet receptionist Margaret Phillips watched Pfc Leroy Buchannan until he left the reception area and the doors closed behind him. She shrugged, then casually dropped the hat and the chocolate bar into the waste bin by her feet.  

Iss eggsackertly wot I said .....    Idd-eee- oot !

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((......................................................................... I don't like Margaret. (Loving the story though :D)

Btw, won't be on tonight as I'm out of town.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((I really enjoyed reading this story and I hope you continue. Great description of the scenery and precise but colorful characters descriptions.
Great job!))

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