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A crumpled note for Joe....

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(( When Silja got back from her last courier mission, Joe was not in his 'offoce. so she passed this note to Rodney along with the keys to the car Joe had lent her for the job. Rodney of course put the note somewhere 'safe' and promptly forgot about it...) 

       Hai Joe...

               Just gotted back from talkings the nice boxes along to Fat Erik over at Bankers Flat Hole or whatever they iss callings it this dayses. Fatty Erik says ta.. even the boxes of baybee foods were seemings a little more than the heavy they shoudda beeen. Never mindings, Fatty Erik gived me the nicer boneyus for expressing the deliverelly so fastest, I means  a girls having the eggspenseres an stuff int she huh? You wanna i am sleepings in the ditches of holes by sides of road?, nahh, not safest for the young girly hmm ?   I am surest you are agreeeing

              Ennyways, I  am putted the car back  parkinged inn the carlott.  But  I should be saying the little red needley thing wass pointering to 'H' which iss meanings the motory engine thingy iss hottest that it should not be an so, I wass looking to the boots and founded the tin can with the oils for ennergine, ann anoffer tinny can with water, wot you said "Justin Cases there being the proberlem".  Red needley thing wass saying ennergine wass hottest and of course I putted the water into the toppest hole for the ennergine, ennergine wass hot soo I be putting the water into there,, wass making the bestest sence, an I am prackertickal as you are knowing.  

             The off courses I putted the oils into the hole at the front off the car, because the oils is browns and so wass the inside off this hole. See. I iss cleverer huh?.

              So no worrying Joe, car iss now Tickerty Boo and Iss all fixered now ! ready for nextest person to buy from you


               Lossa lufferly jubberlies to ya  xxx

               Silja   :)


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((Lol ahhhh well, that explains a lot. *Thanks Rodney for the note. Tears the note up into tiny little itsy bitsy pieces while expressing his opinion on helpless 'young girlys' and their mechanical aptitude* :)

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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(( My little red needly thing was pointing to H too.  Maybe that's why the engine sputtered, died, and there was steam everywhere... *shakes fist at Joe* ))

Silja Henningsdottir's picture

wass not me !  I fixered the thing propellerly

ermm  maybe... umm   upsss

Iss eggsackertly wot I said .....    Idd-eee- oot !

Engel's picture

(( Nice Icelenglish there. I enjoyed reading this. ))

- this comment was brought to you by Oilville Primo™ -

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((   Ensku minn er fullkominn, gott að ég í raun ekki tala íslensku því að þetta er það sem það lítur út eins og :)

Iss eggsackertly wot I said .....    Idd-eee- oot !

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*Makes a note to never ever hand over the keys to any of his vehicles to Silja or Tuki...again*

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