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We Want YOU for the Radio Station!

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((All posts from the Spider Hill Radio Station tagged as IC [In-Character] can be considered in-game and the information contained in this entry may be used.))



*a high pitched male voice*


What? WHAT!? What’s live? Oh! Right!

*clears throat and mumbles* I can’t read this, it’s too dark....... alright, better now.


Listeners of the beloved Spider Hill Station, we are here to announce that:

we want YOU to work with us! That’s right, you didn’t listen wrong! We’re currently in need of staff to help us to improve and be heard across the whoooooole land! Now listen and check if you can apply to any of these occupations!

If you love the mop more than you love your.. heh.. wife.. or husband, then this is the job for you, becase WE need JAAANITORS, yeah!

Now, I have no idea of what the heck this one does but it sounds complex to be a Sound Engineer! Got it?

And if you have a wonderful voice, you surely are the right shot to be OUR... *mumbling* hey.. isn’t this... my job? *clears throat* ahm... the second broadcaster...


*it goes in silence for a minute with some mumblings that sounds like a arguing going on the background*




*clears throat* I’m sorry folks, buuuut... LETS continue! If you thought that was all... you’re WRONG! We’re also in need of brave, BRAAAAVE people that enjoys traveling around everywhere! If you’re that kind of person, WE also need you to be our Re-... what? Reporter! Yes! You’ll enjoy the different places of these lands and you’ll write to us what’s NEW across these places so everyone can know what the heck is going on there! But be advised, clones will have... a sliiiight advantage for this one.

Stay tuned because we might have more offers in a close future! But for now these are what we got, so stop doing whatever you’re doing and come to our station right here in Spider Hill!


Spider Hill Station, kindly brought to you by Spivey's Independent Traders. Your one stop shop for all your wasteland needs! Conditions apply. May not cater to all your wasteland needs.

((Until we sort out ways to communicate In-Game, any kind of IC contact can be made thru FERP as a reply in this entry or via PM, so feel free to))




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(( I could imagine Axton broadcasting... one hell of a moment

"Neutrality at it's best."

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((With his muffled voice? :D

(These always crack me up!  Thank you!)

I ain't Mike Jones, Keep my name out ya mouth, BITCH!

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((I have a nice Japanese young man who would like to apply for the position of Janitor/handyman

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

((Who, where, when and how do I apply for a job as the spookshow host that does talk shows like, The Shadow?

What evil lurks in the heart of men? Only The Shadow, knows *Evil shadowy laugh*


*Middle Finger*

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Weird enough you reminded me of an old spook show episode but I cant remember the name of the show. Even weirder it was about the host of a radio show and all I can remember is that the man would be played by Jerry Stiller and would say This is Mandrake the Devil's advocate  


((Never heard of everything like that, then again, the only one I know is The Shadow (Which was made from the comic The Shadow). And that was the ending of it what I typed up... other then Fin, that was just to be a smartass :D

Prehaps look it up if you can remember the rough year it was done in, 10's, 20's 30,'s etc.))

*Middle Finger*

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((You really wanna apply to it? :D Can be fun if you do.


*Middle Finger*

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