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(OOC) - About the Radio Station and it's purpose

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Some RP has been done for almost a month now, about the Spider Hill Radio Station and other major great plots. The Station is about to get online and I think we should say the main purposes for this:


 > We expect the Radio Station help creating minor or greater plots. It's supposed to enhance the RP in any way possible.

 >  Creating RPs around the benefits of having a station is also a main goal. So if anyone want to share a plotline that might be aided with this station, please send a PM to this account (SH_Station) or post in eventuals posts of the Station.  And we're not looking only for plotlines, but casual RPs as well, such as: advertisement, interviews, news (why not having reporters working for it around the Canyon? :D), etc.

> Also the Station will obviously work with music, although I'm afraid that won't be something like Demonville. It'll work more with RP than a streamed radio (unless someone is willing to host it. Engel has offered his radiostream account)


  I guess that Gina will be our main broadcaster (if she's willing to, of course) but like stated before, we can have other broadcasters, reporters or anything else that comes with all possible RP that surrounds having a radio station.   So that being said, I beg for the community to give a try and use the Station towards RP enhancement and above all: fun. It's a game afterall :)


I would like to thanks for everyone that have participated and supported this project.

Special thanks to: Engel, Jeass, Joe, Gina, Shadow and V.V.


Keep it up!


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One thing I've asked every station that has come to Fallen Earth but no one wants to do; Play old time radio dramas like The Shadow and Phillip Marlowe!

... Just because I have a hard time finding them and my network admin wont let me use any music downloading programs :( (He's paranoid about clouds.)

Other than that, I've been watching the story and it seems pretty interesting, but I'm still dead so I cant come by for a visit IC.... yet. ;p

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Thank you for organizing this! It was a great event and there was a lot of role play situations generated in a remote location. I mean - who would have thought that Spiderhill would be a suitable place for ANY role play. I always thought that role play in FE is location based, but it seems it is based around characters and active open minded players.

I think it is important to note that IC property of the station is neutral, it is not owned by any player, clan, faction or whatever. Hopefully it will bring some good vibes through the Canyon. Apocalypse sounds better with Lady Gaga!

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  I feel weird giving my ideas to a 'radio station'. Which character/person is behind this? Is it Ally?

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You don't need to give any of your ideas to the station. Specially if you doubt some foul play. It says you can share an idea if you need a radio station for your plot. Like when somebody opened a New Flagstaff newspaper account. Or Joe who allows people to share plots and gossip over his character. If you are asking who is the user of the FERP account, maybe they will send you an answer though.

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Old time-y radio? Easy enough, just direct everyone to an iTunes channel, there's a few stations in News/Talk (think that's the channel) Radio Time Machine seems like a good one >.>

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   But that's not the point, the point is to make a radio station for the people, and of the people, of Hope Springs and any other roleplaying town. The main reason for making this station is to make a more realistic and better roleplaying community. Like, having ads on the local radio if Wolfpack happens to be on the hunt for a man named Axton. (( sorry Axton, I couldn't come up with any other names, its only an example )). The point is it make it more interactive. Having people place Ads in the radio, or just tuning in to some popular wasteland tunes.

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The other issue with iTunes is trying to make sure evryone is listening to exactly the same song at the same time. I've been to some other DJ events where I actually got sick of the music that was being played and flipped over to a personal station, so when people started shouting hostile shit, I didnt realize right away that it was everyone singing along to the same song and thought I was looking at the start of a bar brawl.

It'd be interesting to see a non-bar/dance event that had its own themesong or sound track though.

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(( I die for the Greater Good!!! For the Imperial Guard!!!


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Petyr will have to check it out, plant some bombs, kill a few one-lifers. Et cetera, et cetera.


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*smacks the back of Petyr's head* "No. Bad Petyr! Behave."


"The future ain't what it used to be."


((Reckon it's a pretty good idea for the music stuff, just sooo many ways it could go wrong. Would be kind of amazing if the current FE devs came by this and came up with a few ideas for music broadcasting in-game... Someone (if possible) should contact the devs about this stuff and see if they're able to come up with something centered around this.

Plot wise, keke, someone should pretty much threaten to blow it up and an army tries to stop them or something like that, would make a pretty awesome RP event! Mind you, Strait might just be on the side of anti-Radio foreplay keke...

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(( Lol. The way its going at the moment, someone in Hope Springs could just say "Oh yeah, I blew the radio station up" and there you go, job done

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