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Good morning listeners! Today we have some  really good news for you all, they’re so good that I don’t even know where to being with. But, lets start with...... really? We should organise this better people.


*some noise of papers being browsed can be heard*




*clears throat* As I was saying, lets start with: travelers and tradesfolk have reported to have seen an odd creature around the roads that connects Sector 1 to Sector 2. While we are not sure what creature it might be, however by judging from the reports we suspect it might be what people call a Pale One, due to it’s agressive nature and odd looking features. If you spot an alone and tall man by the roads, avoid it at all cost. In fact, avoid anyone who might be.... alone... by the roads... Actually, avoid anyone who you don’t know or isn’t sure of his or her purpose.


Well, on a more fact based news: We have received official reports from Embry that states the kidnap of two children and three murders, claimed to be done by the same person. However, while the murders were commited by a doctor, the same had her children kidnapped and claims that a wicked clone blackmailed her to perform surgeries on three different young girls who died on the act. Some suspect it was the doctor herself who’s killed the young girls by amputating her legs, but others confirm the presence of a strange clone that was in Embry by the moment of all cases mentioned before. The doctor is now working under custody until Embry’s local force has any clue of how to deal with the situation and they claim to have the case open to anyone who’s willing to investigate such case, since the accused clone is now considered a fugitive with unknown whereabouts. The fugitive attends by the name of miss Brown.


We also have some fresh news about the future of dealing with criminal clone minds! Rumors says that a huge camp is being settled where once used to be a small town. Folks says that such place is going to hold some sort of games where.... criminals will club eachother to death as a way to achieve a permission to... live again... if you know what I mean. People hope that such game is going to create some sort of fear on criminals and prevent those from happening. It’s also said that bets will be a possibility, so who knows? If you have been stolen, you might regain your chips by placing a bet on who you think will win the games. Sounds..... fun!




And talking about criminals, you might remember Jon Toe’s interview with a mind behind the street gang Bonito Boyz! Well, today we’re bringing to you an interview with those who grant the safety on the streets and brings justice to the innocents! We have intervewed the Badgers in Flagstaff, and we hope you enjoy!


We've heard about the Badgers, but we'd like to ask this just for those who are about to know you. So, who are the Badgers?

Sassa: I'll defer to Rowdy, she's in charge of P.R.

Rowdy: The Badgers are, in essence, a volunteer group of concerned citizens who have banded together and undergone extensive law enforcement training with a vested interest in peace, safety and harmony for everyone in New Flagstaff and outlying areas.


It seems that Badgers co-inhabits the city with the Union. Do they support your work? Have you ever asked any kind of help to them? Or do they give you a hard time?

Rowdy: The Union has a presence in just about every major city in Sector Two. They are exactly the kind of group that we stand against. They tax the people, try to force the people into a somewhat zombified state of drug addiction, and for what? When the people need protection, the Union is not there for them. We provide our services without cost.  

Sassa: -smiling- The Union has helped us out, they just don't like it. We have been known to raid them for medical and technological supplies in the past.


Flagstaff is a reasonable big city, therefore I imagine it must have plenty of criminals. What is the most common kind of criminality?

Rowdy: You want to take this one, Sheriff?

Sassa: The most common type of criminal is unorganized. There are an abundance of harassment and malicious mischief incidents every day. We seem to go through waves where people want to do us personal harm out of the simple protest of not wanting anyone observing their activities, all the while claiming that they are not involved in criminal activity – other than the bomb I have just witnessed them planting beneath my car.

Rowdy: Yeah, it seems to go in phases. Sometimes there is a rash of petty theft stemming from the Union raising taxes or a dwindling economy. That's why we try and offer social services in tandem with crime prevention. There is never a shortage of missing persons cases either.




I wonder that criminals are not only humans, or one-lifers as many like to say, but also clones. Is there any difference how you deal with them? How does the Badgers sees the value of a single life, when it comes to a one-lifer? And how they treat clones that may have the chance of commiting the same crimes he'd commited before?

Rowdy: That's an excellent question. We do treat crimes committed by one-lifers and clones differently. We don't like wasting resources like jail space, job training or food on clones that are just going to come back at us and do the same thing all over again. We tend to deal with clones a lot more harshly.
As for finding a deterrent to getting these clones to care about anything but adding to their chip count, its a constant uphill struggle. On occasion you get lucky, and they just need someone to talk to, but it usually ends up with us fortifying ourselves against an even harsher retaliation.

What if a criminal manages to escape from the city? Is that the end of the line for the Badgers? Some people claim to have seen Badgers out of Flagstaff, but would it be related to a crime investigation?

Sassa: We used to have a great deal of respect for other law enforcement groups out there, until outlying towns allowed the harboring of criminals in their population and threatening us as the criminals. We have had some run-ins with other groups, but for the most part we do not let jurisdiction stop us from investigating or taking action on a case.   If someone came to me because their child was kidnapped and I returned only to tell them, “Oh yes, I found your child and the abductor, but they are in someone else's city and they won't let me in. Sorry.” Well I would be in the wrong line of work.


The crime life might not be the first option of a person, but the only option a person has. How do you advise those that lacks of opportunity to avoid the crime life? Does Badgers have any politics to prevent people from going to such kind of life?

Rowdy: I think almost all of us on the force have had to deal with hard times. I know from personal experience that sometimes you're forced into a criminal life just to put food in your mouth. Because some of us are extremely sympathetic to that, we are striving to put several social service programs into action. We don't have a budget, we rely solely on donations, almost all of them from our own members, small fines, or from seizures in criminal activities.  Food is available at all times in our station lobby. All personnel are required to contribute a minimum of ten hours of community service per week. We have a free clinic. We have started the Junior Deputy program, the SCOPE program and are working on setting up a homeless shelter and a job training program.

Officers, can you please tell us the worst situation that Badgers have ever faced, so we can illustrate to our listeners what you have to deal with daily?

Sassa: Dream plague, hostage situations, teasing calls that X amounts of bombs have been placed randomly throughout the city, kidnappings, murders, assaults, attacks on the station, vandalism, property theft...

Rowdy: -interrupts- We've pretty much dealt with it all, but the criminals are starting to get more organized. What was it, a couple months ago? We held our monthly briefing and there were five incidents preceding and four of five incidents after the briefing. That was in one day. The first situation was one of our officers gunned down in the back while jogging in plain clothes behind the station. It just got more and more hectic from there.


This one is tough, but I gotta ask. What about bribes? Has Badgers ever faced any problem with a member that doesn't want to follow the same philosophy? How do you deal with them?

Sassa: Sure, we get offered bribes frequently. It is very common on traffic stops for speeding. The first stop is a warning, and it's to let people know that, “Hey, you share the streets with one-lifers.” The speed limit is in place because a little boy named William Clancey was run over and killed right on Santa Fe Avenue, not because I'm a dick looking for pocket change.

-Rowdy and Sassa hang their head respectfully for a moment-

Rowdy: We have had a couple of individuals trying to hire themselves out as Mercenaries. We don't tolerate that, it just leads to corruption. Anyone accepting cash and favors greater than say, someone baking you a pie or drawing you a picture without solicitation will result in the removal of the officer.


What is your opinion about the Badgers current team? Do you think you have enough personel to handle all issues?

Rowdy: We have an amazing and well rounded team with a lot of individual strengths and personal diversity. We have accepted every challenge thrown at us, but no, we don't have enough numbers to be everywhere. We prefer quality over quantity. As a result, getting in there and getting our supplementary programs launched have been difficult because we are always having to deal with immediate situations.


How can one join the Badgers? What's the procedure that must be taken to garantee that such person suits well the team? As criminals, is there any difference on how to evaluate a candidate if he, or she, is a one-lifer or clone?

Rowdy: The first thing we usually do is the Sheriff will sit down and meet with the interested individual and just talk, see what their interests and skills are. We have a rigorous training program and a background check, but the first priority is to just kind of get them to tell them a bit about us and have the opportunity to tell them about ourselves. Some people have false perceptions about our organization so we like to be sure everyone is on the same page first.  We have welcomed people to the team with prior criminal backgrounds, in this world you would be hard pressed to find someone without a history of some type of “unlawful” activity. Sometimes it actually adds to that persons character and abilities.

Sassa: We also tend to keep our one-lifers in a safer situation than our clones. It isn't like we only allow them to do desk work, but it really doesn't make a lot of sense to put them out in the middle of a dangerous situation when people cloned specifically for law enforcement have died three or four times in the past week.



What about volunteers? I mean, those people who are not willing to fight but want to help in any way. How can they help Badgers?

Rowdy: There are always so many ways volunteers can help. It really depends on what interests the individual has, anything from donating a few sandwiches to the food cart, to putting some time in at the clinic, to offering temporary shelter or job training to those in need.


I'd like you, officers, to give a word to all citizens, listeners and if possible a harsh advise to the criminals.

Rowdy: -pondering for a while-  I'd say simply to use common sense and treat people the way you wish to be treated... but that obviously doesn't work when you live in a word populated with sometimes senseless people that don't give a damn about much, so I'll let Sassa answer.

Sassa: I guess I would say...keep your eyes open, keep yourselves and those you love safe. As far as the harsh advice, You can scream and cry and piss and moan about warrants...we don't have them and we don't need them. If you don't want to end up being dragged to death behind a cruiser, don't abduct and torture people.





I hope you all have enjoyed such interview as much as I did. We can already feel safe, right?


Before we follow with our regular broadcasts, once more we have opposite opinions about the forecast of the weather. Today professor Morton from Picus Ridge says that it might rain by the end of the day, however chief Thunderball says that today is his ancestors day, and his ancestors never cry. While we’re not sure by what he means, we’re guessing that today will not rain, by his opinion. Who do you think is right? Only waiting to check it out, but remember to keep your shacks closed!


This is it for today, may you all be safe and be careful when travelling or buying food! Thank you all, my dear listeners! And remember:


Spider Hill Station, kindly brought to you by Spivey's Independent Traders. Your one stop shop for all your wasteland needs! Conditions apply. May not cater to all your wasteland needs.










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Excellent Interview. Erm quick supplementary question, just idle curiosity really, kinda just popped into my head you know... ahem... anyway.  So erm just how much of a "donation" *wink wink* are we talking here?

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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"I wonder that criminals are not only humans, or one-lifers as many like to say, but also clones. Is there any difference how you deal with them? How does the Badgers sees the value of a single life, when it comes to a one-lifer? And how they treat clones that may have the chance of commiting the same crimes he'd commited before?

Rowdy: That's an excellent question. We do treat crimes committed by one-lifers and clones differently."

Ya know i have to bring up TY and ceaser here... LOL


Great stuff was nice to get an inside look at the badgers!

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*Shrug* I just saw some rough/tough love between two men (all be it one sided..) I mean.. Ceaser liked it rough right?


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Ceasers younger brother got picked up and jailed last night...he asked for ty. Lol. Casper and ty together again!

((loved this idea...thanks for letting us be a part of it. it was fun.


*Contact me to Join the "Original" Police Force*

(SH Radio: Thank you for letting us be a part of this!

You've no idea how Ceaser's demise affects me/Rowdy :(


I ain't Mike Jones, Keep my name out ya mouth, BITCH!

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