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Fresh News!

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((All posts from the Spider Hill Radio Station tagged as IC [In-Character] can be considered in-game and the information contained in this entry may be used.))



Goooood morning ladies and gentleman!

This is your beloved broadcaster Susan Grindel, bringing you the fresh news from all over the place, except from the zones we can’t go across, of course, and maybe the Quarentine zone, and the raided zones, but that doesn’t matter because we WILL give you news!


Now, if you think the sky looks great and sunny today, think again! Professor Morton, in Picus Ridge, says that his meteorological knowledge tells him that today there might be a short rain in areas around the so called Sector Two, maybe such rain is coming from a possible storm up in Sector Three, so remember folks: cover your shelter with planks, plastics and anything else you can find!

However, if you don’t like rain and storms, chief Thunderbull from a local tribe says that we will have no sign of any drop of water for the next three days! So stay warm and take a sunbathe!


If you’re planning to go East and pay a visit to the nice folks in Trailer Park, beware! Huge footprints have been spotted in that area once more, however we’re not sure if it may be any vile creature around that area once more or just some teenagers trying to prank us.


We have received reports that some nasty raiders have blocked roads that leads up to Sunshine Corners and Flagstaff, be sure to carry a map and look for alternative routes. If you don’t have a map, you can buy one with us. The maps are provided by Spivey's Independent Traders, our beloved funder!


And since we’re talking about Flagstaff, we have some really special news for you. Our brave reporter Jon Toe has managed to interview some of the criminals that inhabits New Flagstaff. I know what you might be thinking, but why not listen to what they think? At least you’ll know what streets you can cross.


- Thank you mister..... er... hum. sir! For doing this interview. I garantee you that it's pretty hard to get a hold on cri- er... professionals like you he... hehe. Well... *clear throat* let's start with some simple questions, shall we?

yeayea, just call me Black ceaser

- So.. Bonito Boyz , right? Is that named after the street only? Or is there another reason for that name?

Naw, its the street a few of us grew up on.

- Can you tell us a little bit about how the Bonito Boyz was formed and it's purpose?

It started out as just kids watchin each others backs, makin' sure we all went to bed with food in our stomachs. Since its start it has grown from a street gang and now on the verge of becoming a very profitable business. Some of the foundin' people even got collars and shit now

- I can see that purple seems to be your... favorite color, perhaps? Why is that?

Bonito means pretty in Spanish, so when we went to get our colors we went with purple and white..be all pretty and shit. *laughs slightly*

- I've heard some complaints about the streets being *quotes with fingers* dirty and ugly. Mostly because of the drawings we can see on the walls around the city. What is reason for those?

Its to let outsiders know that thats our hood! you see that "rollin' 22" on the wall ya know to watch your shit! cause your in BB's Hood!

- While most seems to respect and support the local police force, Bonito Boyz on the other hands seems to stand against them. What do you feel towards the Badgers? Also, do you think that there are some citizens that might support Bonito Boyz instead the Badgers?

Badgers just privileged white foke. they don't know what its like to be poor, go to sleep hungry, or run around barefooted cause your fuckin broke. They just rich people playin army man and shit. We dont stand against them, they stand in the way of us gettin PAID! and i know people support us, those storm heads runnin around town fuckin love them some bonito boyz *Laughs*


- I'm sorry but... I have to ask... no answer needed thou.. hehe... *clears throat* what kind of dru- er.. services.. do Bonito Boyz offer?

Well rumors are we got the best storm in the wasteland. Its a drug called NUKE cut with high grade storm. People also say we sale weed and guns and run a small protection racket. But people say alotta shit yaw mean [(know what i mean)]

- If any of you could choose a different way of- er... profession... what would it be?

this the only life any of us know. its do this or be broke so we do this.

- Thank you for your time, mister Black ceaser. I hope you understand that I.. have to go.. to deliver... *clears throat*... this interview, hehehe... have a nice day.



And that was great Jon Toe interviewing mister Ceaser. It seems that he has done somekind of sing with his hands expressing the number two, by the end of that interview.

And now, I'm gonna talk a little bit about what you can make for breakfa- ...........



Thank you for listening my listeners! Stay tuned for more! And now, a word from our advertisers:


"Do you need rocks? We have rocks! They come shaped in square, circle, natural and even stars! That's right! Stars! We are Stars Rocks and we sell rocks!

We... will... rock you!"



Spider Hill Station, kindly brought to you by Spivey's Independent Traders. Your one stop shop for all your wasteland needs! Conditions apply. May not cater to all your wasteland needs.


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((Epic! :) Can't wait for the interview from the other side of the fence, as it were... so to speak... to coin a phrase.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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(LOVE IT! cant wait to see more of these!

((Very cool!!


*Contact me to Join the "Original" Police Force*

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((Nicely done.))

Engel's picture

(( Perfect! This will spawn a lot of good posts, I am sure of it :)  ))

- this comment was brought to you by Oilville Primo™ -

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It's funny I was considering trying to remake this "NUKE" recently as well. For purely personal use of course.

I feel like the kids Joe uses frequently may be susceptible to "gang influence". Keep an eye on your sla-- err, kids, Joe.


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(when the idea for NUKE first came out it was only cause i had access to 20 pounds of the best drugs in the waste that DR Dorado made himself. After talking to him OC to try and figure out what could be done to make the most potent addictive form of storm one could make, NUKE was born.

It will be hard pressed to copy it IMO unless you can somehow get some ingredients from Dorado. Also i keep a log of how much has moved, and how much of the 20 pounds i got from Dorado is left, in order to make sure theres not an endless supply of NUKE.


Not saying you cant try! please feel free to buy some and try to reverse engineer it! Just be ready for some long nights in the lab!


Petyr's picture

Petyr had hired someone to try recreating it and it failed miserably. Attempts at recreation took roughly two months and still had it fail. Even messaged Dorado asking what he knew about it (all OOC of course) before I had even tried to start to remake it. At this point it's a lost cause for me, but I enjoyed the process of trying.


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(Sounds like some fun RP! I know i loved emoting all the lab work. when i made crystal visionz Claire and i had a blast rping sampling it lol

anyways glad to see some unknown rp to me spun off the NUKE!


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