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Hope Springs, Yesterday

As the last days over the last weeks, and since she was back; Shiu headed from Deafall to Hopesprings, directly. She don't know why but the second sector was always calling her while she works around Deadfall and Alpha. Wait. She know why. An old buisness relationship that turned into a friendship that turned into... Wait, this hasn't happened yet.

She stopped her bike in front of Hope's bar, glancing at it to see that face. She smiled behind her mask when she saw it, but the smile stopped at the moment when she saw the person with a man. A clean outfit, Traveler claws and squeezing the hand of the person Shiu was looking for. But as usual, Shiu tried to not show to the outter world her emotions, she simply walked to the bar, greeting people.

A short talk with the person Shiu was looking for and a bad sentence. Only one bad fucking sentence. Shiu wasn't that good with human relationships, she knew it but she still tried. "Maybe you and your... Boyfriend ? Wanna go inside, ahve a drink with me and talk about it ?" . Boyfriend ? Shiu you stupid girl. The person Shiu's enjoyed company just turned at her and watched her face. Shiu wasn't able to provide more to her than a dumb puzzled face. And the she sighed, faced the falling sun once again.


The man with the Traveler claws whispered to the girl and just after they left. Shiu had time to notice the fucker holding the girl's hand and squeezing it. As they were leaving, Shiu placed one of her hands on one of her Neverrender's Revenge. She was not happy, even really angry. Against her and the man. She was looking at her back, thinking like she was working. *I can take my weapon and open fire, the first two bursts in the knees, he's wearing a civillian outfit : not much protection. Once he's slowed, the two next right into his shoulders to sabotage his moves. Then, I rush to him with my Axe. One precise hit to the neck and it's over. Meanwhile, the risk to harm the girl is around 30% and I don't want it. Plus she won't talk with me anymore....* .

So she just stared at them while they were leaving Hope, heading to Serenity.

Jessiah came by soon after, they talked but Shiu was much more thinking about the man and the girl that just left. Damn, she was able to kill a Lightbearer and a Hulk at the same time in Foothills, to sell people as a labor force in Alpha, to held an Illegal guns trade in New Flagstaff, to assasinate people for a Traveler family, experiment for techs on human beeings, to scalp Enforcers... Well, to do any kind of dirty things at her work but not even able to walk to a person she liked and say "Hi, we're good friends but, well I noticed something different... Wanna spend some time together ? Like going to parties, do stuff or even maybe... I don't know !" With a little smile and that would have been good, but no; she can't do that. Too hard for her.

Shiu left Hope, heading to Serenity...

Serenity Falls, the same night.

While she was heading to Serenity, on the tail of the two persons that left Hope, Shiu was talking with Reavy over coms. She learned who was the man with the girl she liked : it was a certain Petyr. Shiu nodded, kinda sad. She knew the guy, she was dealing with him; dealing human lives. But that was before Reavy ruined Petyr's buisness. Now he jsut lives there. But Shiu was sure that Petyr, as all good Travelers, keep a good buisness and some relations over the town.

Once at Serenity, Shiu checked the whole town and most of its alleys and the bar. She stayed long enough and tried to show that she was curious and dangerous enough (She was still wearing her Tiger's armor with full gear) to be noticable by the townsfolks. It works like that in small towns like Serenity : you come once or twice, try to put your nose everywhere or just look... Curious and the word spreads : sooner or later people would talk to Petyr about Shiu's presence.

But, Shiu's inquiry was useless : no Sign of Petyr's car or the girl's car. So she left.

New Flagstaff, by the end of the night

On many things Shiu needed to do something : first about the girl and Petyr. Shiu wanted to be with that girl and was not willing to see the man instead of her. Second about work and reputation. Shiu was back in the Second sector but she needed to build her reputation again, to find some snitches again, to find informations and more : to find contracts. So She went at the place where she used to work : NF. She held some illegal activities by the time there. And her face was known. She went at Beau's Tavern.

There, she simply entered in the bar and asked "As usual : a glass of whiskey, no ice" . The bartender, and one or two patrons were surprised but still, the glass came, and she had a small talk with the bartender. On the conversation she mentionned one or two times the name of "Joe Spivey". She knew that, if she was looking for a job, she'll need to find it on the "Underground" side of the sector. The kind of job that pays well if no question are asked. Before establishing again in the Second sector, she needed to rebuild her reputation.

A cold blooded motherfucker. Some used to refer her like that. Someone that shows no emotions in the job and able to do the worse things for the sake of profit. Someone professionnal. Shiu always prefered the hard way in this kind of job. Mercs and freelancers that got moral don't go far and end at guarding peaceful townsfolks. Besides that, Shiu wasn't really willing to be nice and smile at everyone, she wanted to be the person she used to be.

Maybe this Joe Spivey could help her to restore some connections with the Underground world, maybe she'll figure thanks to him what's happening. Maybe some profits, too.

Otherwise she'll have to do it alone.

Once she was done in NF, Shiu simply left the sector : heading to somewhere in deadfall where she can rest, refill her stock and let the time work for her. And also figure a way to get closer to the girl she was willing to be with.

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