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"With Love from Kay"

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Hope Springs, yesterday

"Would you be with me... Like, together ?" Shiu's heart beat was so high that she thought a second about cloning herself to stop that. She looked up at the young woman in front of her, she was looking so shy, so hesitant. Shiu knew it was kinda early, but she wouldn't make the same mistake twice. Petyr told her about that, by the past. Kayleigh looked up at her, smiling "Like a real relationship... I... I would love that." A smiles, a hug, and a soft kiss. Things are a way easier than what Shiu was expecting, for once.

After that, the night was kinda regular at Hope's bar. Shiu met one of Kay's new recruit : Stalker, she had some fun turning around him, intimidating him and threatening him. She even had the pleasure to watch Kay be kinda strict with him. It was odd but fun to see a big Enforcer calling the little 18-20 years old girl "Ma'am". And after that some drinks. Shiu noticed at some point that Kay was drinking maybe a bit too much, and asked why. She was nervous, obviously, and trying to hide it. She eventually told Shiu what was making her nervous : She was about to make a trip to Sin falls, to visit her ex's house. Shiu, just smiled at her and wrapped her in her own arms. "Let me grab my gear, i'll come with you."

Shiu had few things to do related to the mayor aswell. She they'd go together. They all met out of the bar, wearing full war gear : Kay, Stalker and Shiu and left to Sin Falls with the falling sun on the sky as a light.


Sin Falls

The town was empty, they eventually arrived next to Petyr's manshion, near the graveyard. And there, they ran into Reavy and Ghostlyn staring at the closed back door. Shiu assumed that Kay and Stalker were surprise dto see them. But Shiu hired the Pack to spy Vakkos for her she she wasn't surprised at all. She looked at Reavy, Reavy looked at her and then nodded. Few seconds later, Reavy shot three times on the door's lock and they entered in. They easilly checked the whole building. Empty. A man like Petyr won't hide serious stuff in his house. The only thing they found was a dog.

Kay smiled and killed the dog with a simple shot. They she took a knife and marked "With love from Kay" on one side of the dog. Shiu, was watching out of the manor, just in time to spot someone. *R*"Contact, Hostile north ! He just entered in the building" With Reavy as a sniper, the small team went to check on the Hostile. it was Milosp : a local townsfolk. They eventually went back into the house and the Wolfpack left. Once alone, Kay, Stalker and Shiu finished what they had to do in the house. Kay placed somewhere in the house a small teddy bear, with a firecracker in his mouth. And placed a jerry can in the kitchen. When someone knocked on the front door.

"Is there anyone here ?" They watched eachother, Kay asked at Stalker to leave, and then Shiu just armed her gun and went at the front door. It was Milosp again. He said to them that he was working for the mayor. Security. Shit... So Shiu started doing what she does the best : lying. She quickly created a small story : They encountered one of Sin's giant cockroaches and had to shoot on them (To explain the previous gunshots). While Shiu and the guard were speaking, Kay placed herself just behind the door, aiming at Milosp's head and just waiting for a sign of Shiu.

At some point the guard finally gave up on entering in the house and looked up at Shiu, offering her a drink. Shiu smiled and accepted, telling at her mate to finish to clear the house of it's cockroaches as soon as possible. Then she went with the guard to the bunker bar. Once they were there and the guard heading in the bar, Shiu recieved a message from her girlfriend : Everything was set up and she was aldready driving to Hope. Shiu told her that she'll stay, just to cover her track and her back. And she went down to ahve a drink with the guard...

Tonight she was Melinda, from "1.2.3 Coackroaches Cleaning". And was hired by Petyr to clean his house. The guard was cautious, petyr didn't said him nothing about that, Shiu just said something about a register to check and a possible mistake from the mayor. The guard was willing to go abck at the manshion to check Kay's work. Shiu told him to go first, while she goes to the toilets... A window to escape, perfect, the guard didn't asked questions and just left to the manor. Shiu waited like 1 minute, maybe 2 and then climbed the ladder and ran away, out of Sin falls, on the opposite direction. She had to run to Redfield's garage, change car and clothes. Once she was far away from Sin, she finally send a message to Kay "Everything is okay Honey, mission accomplished".


Hope Springs

Everything was normal at Hope's bar. A drunk patron, two girls speaking and some activity. And Shiu's girlfriend watching her. She went upstairs and mumbled to her. They were teasing eachother, talking about the work that was done. Some talk after, they eventually kissed. Shiu noticed Kay seemed to be shy next to the crowd, or maybe she was feeling odd. She talked about that with her. Looks like Shiu was the one really feeling odd. Beacause her girlfriend just leaned at her and kissed her. Not a soft kiss, a long and passionate kiss. The first one they had. And another one after that.

The bar started to be more and more crowded and at some point, Shiu felt the need to move away. "I got a place at New Flagstaff, wanna come ?" Shiu's heart beat was high again. Kay finally accepted, and while they were driving to NF, Shiu explained to Kay the history of her house. She bought it a while ago at Kyra for 50000 chips and it was supposed to be one Cartel's hideouts. But when Whiu left, she kept the place as a home.


New Flagstaff

Once arrived, Shiu made Kay come here and wait a moment downstairs. Shiu headed upstairs, to the second floor and opened her armory. She stored her guns in it and closed it right after. Then went upstairs, at the last floor and took over her shoes and her duster. She looked at the sight she got there, sighing, her heart beat still high "Come on, you can kill a Lightbearer at Foothills while you are attacked by a hulk trooper and can't deal with a woman...." . Shiu eventually went downstairs after a moment. And set herself on the couch with Kay. The girl had removed her armor and her boots, Showing her vista T-Shirt. She smiled when she saw Shiu with her short top and her leather chaps. Shiu smiled back and offered a drink, she took one aswell. They started talking.

Kay said to her that they don't date for long, but, well, they knew eachother for a moment. That she might love her. Shiu felt some pressure at this point "Honey i'm not that perfect, you know" . But, well she explained to Kay how she felt when she learned that she was with Petyr and that she was too late the first time, and how she felt after their first encounter when she worked for Le Cartel. For a moment, Shiu was feeling -something- for -someone- else than her. So she told Kay "And... I think that the feeling.... Might be mutual." Kay looked at her, smiling. and cuddled in her arms. At some point, Kay should have felt Shiu's high heart beat and slowly leaned in to rest her head against her legs, kissing Shiu's belly. Making her tickles. Shiu started feeling more and more nervous.

"Wha... What do you think about a visit of my home ? Plus we'll be better upstairs !" Kay was hesitant, wondering what Shiu meant but finally went upstairs with her. Shiu showed to her her armory first. There was all her guns : revolvers, steamshadows, neverrender's, magnums.... Her melee weapons, her ammo supplies, the bombs she uses in The District.... her armors... Everything. Kay was jealous "You can start a war with all that !" Shiu just answered "You never have enough firepower" . Kay was getting exited. She was like Shiu on that point : she loves guns. They went upstairs...

Shiu showed her her bedroom. And they looked at the sight Shiu got in her second floor. A nice view on Flagstaff and the Union's camp. She grabbed Kay's hand, smiling, and Kay's fingers runs around her. Kay was bringing her to the bed, gently. At a moment, Shiu looked up at her, unable to control her nervous state any longer. "D... Does it mind you if we just sleep tonight I mean.... I spent a long time without beeing into the arms of another woman and...." Kay smiled at her gently "I don't care of what we do as long as we're together, i'm okay, Shiu" . Shiu smiled "I... Thank you" . They kissed softly and spent the night against each other, sleeping..


New Flagstaff, the day after in the early morning

Shiu woke up, holding Kay into her arms. It was really early, maybe 0500, but Shiu had something to do. She went downstairs and took her armor and some weapons. She went to the bed room once again and kissed Kay's neck, stroking her hairs. Downstairs, she ate something in speed and cooked some bacon and eggs for Kay. She set up a breakfast table for her and let her a word. "Hey, you, I'm sorry to let you alone this morning. I had a very important job that I needed to do. I let you one key of the house. Feel here as it is your own house. Call me later today." . Shiu let one red key of the appartment (not the blue one she keeps for her locked armory) and left, to Sin Falls...


Sin Falls

Once arrived, Shiu checked on the manshion. She was disapointed. It didn't burned or exploded. Too bad. Shiu went around. Someone repaired the door, the lock was new. No way, she won't get in again. not far from the manor was a small crater and burned grass. Looks like Milosp found the bomb just in time and tossed it outside before it explodes. Shiu hopes that the guy ain't dead. he was just doing his job. Shiu also know that Petyr will soon be aware of who was there and will figure out who was really Shiu despite the lies she gave at the guard. And Shiu will make sure that he'll know it. She went at the front door and left a little word to Petyr. "Hello, mayor, The Crow is watching you." .

Let's just hope that he'll get the message. Kay needed to avenge from Petyr and Shiu needed to let him know that they can be two to play the "Shadow games".

Shiu looked up at the rising sun as she was leaving the place. it was tempting to go back at bed with kay, but she know that she had a lot of things to do. She also got a team that count on her to stay sharp on the battlefield. She needs to work hard, get money, and train for the team.


Another bright day on the wasteland....


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((Very nice Shiu :) Subdane was excited to see his old best of friends last night. Brief meeting but still :)

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((Yeah, was really nice to see that old sub again

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((Old?....Now you sound like my girlfriend.

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(( Haha feelin' the weight of the years on your shoulders ? Just kiddin'

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((Nah, he's just old and smells of sheep :P

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((nice Shiu that was cool action xDD Petyr needs a new back doors xD and nice story!!xDD

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makes me wonder how Shiu feels that Nylan back stabed Kays crew, blew up her bike and has killed her twice and is now waiting for a 3rd shot :s


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