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Explosive buisness

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New Flagstaff,

Shiu was talking with Aulwrak, at the pond. About things. But she was still looking everywhere, while talking. Looking for cops. She has nothing against them. But They'll probably won't like if they find out what she was doing.

Under her traveler vest, something was hidden. A detonator. A remote control. She has something to do in New Flagstaff. Buisness. Few days ago, she talked about her family in a bar, she talk lound enough. That allowed someone she was looking for to listen. She knows, thanks to her contacts in town that local gangs are looking for suitable weapons to fight the Union and the NFPD. But "legal" guns are too expensive and buy one means taht everyone will know that you prepair something. So she talked loud enough, in this bar. She let a way that'll help this gangster to contact her.

He contacted her. Asking for what she was thinking. A small order to start. Few handguns, some ammo and a small crate of grenades. Looks like gangsters are prepairing something.


So, she was talking with Aulwrak and looking for cops. And, guess what ? She spotted one, in a full black mésoprène suit, and a black scraf. Shiu aldready heard her name. The cop is nammed Lee Korben. And Lee looks at Shiu. Shiu grins, beneath her own mask. Her Traveler suit and her own scraf... She looks like an average Travelers, but, Travelers are sometimes involved in strange buisnesses. Looks like Lee was not a fool. The way Shiu looked around is a clue : she was prepairing a "strange buisness".

Realising that this cop'll found something at some time if she stays at the pond, she says hello to Aulwrak and leave the area. She walks in the small streets, the ones behind the buildings in New Flagstaff. Once she was sure that the cop wasn't following her, she headed to the place of her deal. Merchandise was aldready here, hidden. So, she prepaired the place : a small desert warehouse near the exit of town.

Remembering the last time she tried to set a deal alone (Union bastards !), She prepared herself well : she placed explosives inside the building, and prepaired her remote control. And she let her bike near the warehouse, to have an easy way out. everything was set.


The gangster comes : A bald small framed man, looking nervously everywhere. Looks like he was a bit scared. Good. When he went closer of the crate to inspect the guns and the grenades, she showed him her remote control.

"Try to fuck with me and we're both dead"

The small gagnster nodded. He looks more nervous now. One lifer ? Maybe.

He takes the crate, he gives Shiu the good amount of chips. She waits until he's far away and disarms the explosives and take them away. She returns to her bike. With these guns, New Flagstaff will certainly try to fuck with Union and NFPD, she doesn't care. it's just a matter of chips. War is good for one thing, at least : money. And with the guns, she just sold, they won't go far. They'll need more guns, more powerful guns, more grenades, more ammo.

It's just buisness.

((So basically, we could say that gangsters will have some brand new weapons, now. It'll certainly result in a criminality increase in town.))


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((Hmm keeping us busy are you? :D))

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((Always !))

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((Fun story, Shiu! Iniya's kind of out of touch with Shiu since she "changed", good to see what she's been up to.))

Hugs: There are far too many broken hearts.  Fortunately, anyone can be a mechanic!

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((I wasn't in touch with many people last weeks. IC reasons ))

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(( something has fallen into place with this post and what Shiu is trying to do here... I will buy a front row seat to watch this. ))

"There was a girl, a girl named Lost. Her eyes, they were like frost" - from the infernal journal of Zane Gore

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