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Irovagh's Log Book

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((going to start off by saying please do not post in this section if you have a comment please post it in a PM to me to keep it less cluttered and so I can continue my writings. thank you all for helping in this. Oh forgive me and be kind as this is the first journal type story I have ever done.))

Name: Irovagh Dainakor

Callsign: Wolf

Age: 42

Homeland: Born in New York to an Italian Family-first life/Unknown-second life

Occupation: Smuggler, Cleaner, Former CIA Assassin/Spy from memories.

Weapons of Choice: Dual Colt Peacemaker(http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b225/late2wake/colt%20buntline/IMGP922...) (modified calibre,modified appearance because of models in game), Shotgun and Sniper Rifle. Carries a dagger up his sleave at all times and a boot knife in each boot.

Tradskills: In character only...Bugger, limited mechanics(usually just will steal a vehicle if he needs one, Radio Technician, Tinkerer. Tend to work with bugging devices, cameras, micro bugs, tracking consoles, telephones, cell phones small mechanical devices, traps. CIA Assassin and Spy, Also modifies and packs his own bullets(equivalence of Cop Killers)

Personality Traits: Quiet till he gets to know you, Loner, Cold, Calculating and Intelligent but chooses not to show it, Will resort to his guns above all as thats what he knows. Tends to be trigger happy with the refrence shoot first ask questions later but is a good tactician.


Dual Back Stories:

Born in 1942, Died in 2010. Born into an Italian Mafia family in 1942 living the son of a Don. Enlisted in the Marine Corps when he was 18 serving proudly. Made some waves upon his EAS and recruited into the CIA as a NOC. Died in 2010 on his death bed his DNA was extracted for future projects.

Second and Main:

Born in 2114 to a Las Vegas Family Traveler Boss named Thomas Dainakor. Abducted in 2127 by an organization ran by Foreman to create an elite assassin in employment by the Enforcers. Foreman later felt that the expieriment was wrong and unjustified and had it terminated in 2133 when Irovagh was 19. Foreman ordered all evidence destroyed and the facility was abandoned. Irovagh escapes and begins carving his own way through society believing he was a reincarnated CIA Operative from the 20th Century. He sought out jobs trying to make a living when he finally signed on with the Enforcers as a contract man and bounty hunter. When Colonel Armstrong finally decided that Irovagh knew too much he tried to have him killed. Irovagh barely escaped with the help of some friends among the Techs. After working for the Techs for a time Irovagh began to grow restless and felt drawn to smuggling. After making contact with some Traveler's he decided to begin his new career. After multiple encounters Janitor took notice of Irovagh and informed him if he wanted to make real money to come see him. Irovagh felt drawn to this man. So he did just that and scheduled a meeting with Janitor. Janitor made him an offer of a lifetime to work directly for him as a cleaner and spy. Irovagh having his former background accepted this duty and beegan fullfilling contracts for Janitor almost immedately. After working for Janitor and making a name for himself he began looking for a family. Others he could relate too and found his way into Beau's Tavern in New Flagstaff Where he met Rose. A Beautiful woman who accepted his application to join Invicta Motorcycle Club at a party hosted by Invicta.

Key notes: Irovagh can not become a clone as the info would not transfer over to a new body and he would cease being himself. The story and paper work handed to Irovagh through Henerkin from Red is completely accurate. It denotes all that has happened from the expieriments hosted by the Enforcers to create the perfect assassin. Foreman grew a conscience and had the program terminated. All data was to be destroyed but Irovagh escaped. Colonel Armstrong took interest in Irovagh and set events in motion to have Irovagh enlist in the Enforcers So he could re access the info stored but untouchable in Irovagh's mind. So he could restart the project to terminate his enemies. Scrapheap is a casualty to Colonel Armstrongs vengence stealing his unique collar to infiltrate Invicta and kill the leadership as they are his biggest threat.

*His childhood memories can be restored with Nat's and Dan's expertise...Noc will find out the memories are truly implanted but it shaped him into what he is. and if removed it could be harmful if not fatal.

((please feel free to use my NPCS but do run it by me first so I can give you a basis on how they would react...Colonel Armstrong is evil reincarnate so play him as you see fit basically)) lonewolf.png


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After a brief tour of duty as a merc and military assassin I have decided that the Enforcers are just too crooked to be anything but evil in my eyes. I have done stuff I am not proud of but the thoughts that flow through my head of a previous life have pushed me into this kind of work. I have gone UA or Awol some would call it seeking refuge among the Techs that I have made allies.

I am twenty-one according to my paperwork that I stole while leaving Post 23. Been doing this work for about two years give or take. I signed on as a merc with my friends to help them aquire the technology they seek and learn a few new things for myself about some of the new tech out there. I still don't fully understand the concepts of clones or cloning and not sure I really want to.

((time skips ahead with no entries))

Today I received a letter from someone named Janitor. Why anyone would choose a name like that is beyond me but I don't know. The letter stated that he could help me make money and a way of life if that's what I want to. Also said if interested to drop a note at designated coordinates in Credit Bend. I think the Travelers run that town. But its only a short drive north from Picus Ridge so maybe I will check it out. I am twenty-four years old and only get what the techs can afford. I do a lot of charity work so to speak for them. It may be good to make some real money for a change. So I am going to take a drive up north and see what happens.

Well after getting my ride outta the shop I rode on up to Credit Bend and did as the letter told me to do. Then an amazing smell hit me. I somehow remembered the smell from my memories, spaghetti. Oh how I could go for some good food. Tired of scrounging on coyote meat. So I followed my nose to a cafe to find a bunch of folks sitting around a large table chowing down on spaghetti and bread, smelled like garlic bread from my memories. As i walked up to the door guns came out and were pointed at me. I thought I was dead already when one man spoke sitting at the head of the table. He asked who I was and I stated my name. You could see the gears grinding in their heads and they one by one began holstering their pistols. Two men stood up walking over shaking my hand and kissing my cheeks in an old Italiano greeting. I remembered this from my memories but returning the handshakes and nods. They man at the head of the table was the last one to come to me, greeting me in the same fashion. I almost felt like a celebrity. They invited me to stay for dinner and offered me a seat like I was family. I accepted and joined them. Not else really important happened till after most everyone had retreated to other duties as I sat there enjoying some red wine. I was astounded by the reception I had received. There were only a few left when in walked a man clad in a long flowing black duster with dual revolvers strapped to his hips wearing what appeared to be a hockey mask and an old derby hat. The room went silent and all but the man at the head of the table stood up and bowed their heads to the new man and then began shuffling out the door rather quickly. Not knowing what the deal was I sat their finishing the best meal I had eaten in a long time. The man spoke in a gruff voice. Irovagh? Then I realized he was there for me. A thousand thoughts bounced through my head in a matter of seconds. The final one being this was my last meal. But I showed no sign of being worried or concern and just said, yes to this black clad figure. His voiced boomed and said I am Janitor. I only nodded sipping the rest of my red wine down.

I haven't written in a long time. Found this old journal of mine tucked in a box a few days ago. Lets start off by saying I am forty-one years old now. Man has it been a long run. I am Italian Indian. I go by The Lone Wolf to some Wolf to others. I spend most of my time wandering the wastes transporting goods or smuggling. I also am what is now called a Cleaner and have been for quite some time. A cleaner is just another glorified word for hitman or assassin. I'm a family man in employment with the modern day mafia known as the Travelers. Its said I can never be a boss as I am half Indian. Cherokee they called me. But it's not that important at this time to me as I know nothing about Indian's other than a few books I read.

I was first called The Wolf by Janitor. Didn't really understand much about the Wolf at that time. Then I realized one day after seeing one how majestic the animal is. A perfect hunter. A warrior in its own right. And from that time on I accepted this. The wolf is a very powerful totem who can survive on its own and who also is very protective of family. Especially their mate. And a wolf mates for life. Too bad I haven't found someone special to me. I don't think I ever will.


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Going to be a short entry tonight don't really feel like writing had a tough job and I am in the hospital with a broken ankle. Not a lot of damage mostly a severe sprain but my tech friends says I broke a bone. They said with the tech I will be good in a day or two. I miss Nook though. hes been my companion for several years now, Thirteen if I count correctly. We work well together and hes saved my life on several occasions. But the damn techs won't let him in the hospital. I will make sure I have a talk with the heads later about this. Some scribbles end with a line drawn across the page.



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It's been a couple months since I have written anything again but I feel like writing again. My life is complicated sometimes. I like camping under the stars but it never feels as secure as when I am back home in Credit Bend. But I make the most of it wherever I lay my head. Nook is laying beside me chewing on a piece of jerky, he's perfectly content. It is so peaceful out here tonight. Nothing out of the ordinary really. Just the occasional coyote howling at the full moon high in the sky. One thing from my memory are crickets and locusts. Never hear any of either anymore. Wonder if all of them died in the fallout.

Nook just decided to take my journal from me. Had to chase him down, damn dog thought I needed to run some or something. For anyone who reads this forgive the teeth marks in the book and this half torn page that I now right on. Nook is really a good dog. He the best companion a loner like me could have.

I took out a Vista today. Hes worth three red chips to Janitor. I got a bonus though. He had on a hat I liked so I took it. He didn't need it anymore. Finally get to put this old beret away that I have been wearing for many years since I left the Enforcers. It was a bit dusty but can't expect perfection I guess. so i knocked off the dust and slipped it on my head. Could you imagine it fit perfectly. Like it was made for me.

Tomorrow I have to head down to Trumbull and take out a target that owes a lot of Travelers a lot of chips. This hit is from King Eddie in Credit Bend. Says he wants a prize from the kill too. So I will likely just snip off his pinky finger or something. haven't decided yet but it will have to be good. I hate when they want prizes for my kills. Just seems wrong or something. O'well its what I was paid for. I am going to shut this now ratted book because of Nook and try to catch a wink or two.

Haven't written again in several months. forgot my journal up here in Credit Bend and haven't seen my place for like six months. Turned forty-two yesterday and barely made it home. Several of my friends were waiting on me. I shrugged them off not in the mood. I grabbed a bottle of whisky and went to my room and proceeded in getting drunk and passing out on the floor in the bathroom. Why the bathroom I have no idea why. I don't remember much past my first couple drinks. I am alone I have nothing but Nook and the occasional lover. The wasteland is for loners like me though. But if there was only one spark of beauty maybe there would be.... ((the writing trails off with a few scribbles ending with a jagged line))


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Was monitoring multiple radio stations today when I found one with folks talking on it talking about Motorcycle Clubs and just various stuff. One voice kinda stood out to me as if I had heard it multiple times. Then I recognized it from Boss meetings in Credit Bend. They called him One-Eye. Wonder if it's just nickname or if he really only has one eye. Maybe I just ask him someday. But anyways there is some sorta party tonight at Beau's Tavern in Flagstaff. I think I may go by and see whats up.

I went to that party last night. Some good people there. Met a few really great ones. This one guy named Scrapheap or something, what a shitty name. Another guy named Reaper was running a booth playing music from before the fall. Its was great I had a lot of fun maybe drank a little too much. Talked with Reaper briefly and asked about the Club. It's called Invicta. After talking with others a lady walked up to me and asked why i wasn't dancing. I just kinda shrugged and told her I didn't dance all that much. Then Reaper played Motorhead and I just kinda went all loopy and started headbanging and moshing with that lady, and Scrapheap. Her name is Rose by the way. After partying with em for a while I asked what it took to become a member and Rose said that since she like my dancing she could patch me. So she did and I became Invicta. There was some crazy talk about cloning and someone named Karen and then I met this other guy who seemed to be really drunk who was harassing a Sheriff named Jericho who seemed to ignore most of his rantings. I think his name was Xoth. He wore the same patch as I was just given. So he must be part of this family. Most of the rest of evening I chatted with Rose and Scrap hitting it off pretty good with them.


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Once again I have been really busy but I had to write today...The voice of an angel came over the radio. she was very quiet, seemed to be a little shy. Something in her voice just inspired me though. i don't know what nor do I know why. This family. Invicta there's been some trouble. I may have even brought some with me. Someone from my past is stalking me again. Named Armstrong. Colonel Armstrong. I think I may have to kill him. I will just leave it alone for now. Maybe I can drop off the radar again. I really like this new family though. It feels like apiece of my life has been restored. I will keep trying to add stuff when i have time but my schedule has really gotten busy as of late.


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We had an issue to take care of today. We met with a bronze named Redrazor. Most I noticed called him Red. I assume like most that his name is something differant and Red is just a call sign again. I don't like cops and I told him he did anything I would give him a third eye to see out of. He made no threatning movements so I lowered my Peacemaker tempting him to try anything. Something about him was off though he didn't carry himself like other bronze I have met. He didn't really seem like he wanted to be there. You could also hear it in his voice while speaking that he was hurt and very greatful to be in our presence. There was some words carried between several of the people who were in attendance at this meeting. One Eye and Red did most of the talking. Soon we were setting off to ride down to Picus Ridge. I was finally going to meet this chick named Karen that had wronged so many of these folks. It was an enjoyable ride with the exception of an Enforcer riding with us.

We arrived at Picus and we all got off our bikes and walked the into Picus towards the back end. We got followed One Eye back where Nat had parked her car. I guess they had captured Karen and shoved her in Nat's trunk. Satai another cleaner within Invicta was there. I guess she was a healer too. Xoth that other guy I've mentioned was there as was his love interest Dry. We were all kinda standing by waiting on One Eye to open the trunk. Not knowing what to expect I had pulled my coat back to reveal my Peacemaker waiting for the draw to shoot whatever was in that trunk. One Eye slowly slid the key in the lock and turned the key opening the trunk to reveal what appeared to be a woman at one time but she was in bad shape. She had blood crusted all over her. She looked like something out of a horror flick from my memories. A lot like the zombies I have seen out in the waste but yet better preserved than those others I had seen. Regardless she was in bad shape. My pistol with instinct came up to bear on this creature, this woman. Satai spoke up saying no guns. I glanced over at One Eye and he nodded so I lowered my gun back into it's holster making sure it was free from restriction for another fast draw. Satai began performing some unique healing techniques on this woman and you could see her flesh mending and becoming whole again. After some time Satai had succeeded in getting her back to consciousness where she picked her up and out of the trunk of the car and then laying her down on the ground near the back of the car. She was beginning to understand that we had helped her and tried speaking. Telling us it hurt and other inaudable things that I truly didn't understand. She asked for nanites to help her repair her body and I went to retrieve some. A local doctor owed me a couple favors. I brought them back handing them to Satai who introduced them into her body and they began working. She was healing fast than any known medicine could fathom. Satai told us that we needed to get her to a hospital so without thinking I walked over scooping her up in my arms carrying her to the hospital in Picus. Something made me feel a little sorry for this woman. After laying her down in a bed I nodded to Satai and left so she could continue her work.

We all headed back to Beau's and had a few drinks. sitting and talking about the stuff that had gone on. Could she be evil or was it what she had said. That she was taken over by Tetrax. Guess we truly never will know. Was she doing all this herself or was she playing us from the beginning. I don't know But I will do what need be to protect my family.


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Well I haven't written in a few days. We have a party tonight down in Embry I am going to escort Karen down as she is doing alot better and i feel she needs to get out a bit. She left early knowing she would need to take breaks on the long ride. I met up with the rest who were going and we rolled out from Beau's Tavern. It was a long ride but somehow refreshing. It had been a long day and the ride helped. We got down to Embry and the place was hopping. Music was loud and everyone was enjoying themselves. Karen radioed apoligizing for being late she said she needed a little help so I left for a few. joining up with her and walking her in. All the conversations went quiet. Seeing Karen. I spoke first telling them that she wanted to tell One-Eye and Xoth that she was sorry. She decided not to at the moment walking around the room. I looked around the room to see all who made it seeing Red I went to talk to him he seemed disturbed. I spoke with him for a few minutes and he left shortly after Karen walked up. She wasn't too far behind him in leaving. A few minutes later I followed them out the door Red had dissapeared and Karen was over beside the building coughing up blood. I looked over to her bike walking carefully over placing a bug just inside the seating of it. Then began digging through my own saddlebag finding one of my bugged radio's. She came to me saying she had to leave and was gone for a bit. I took her old radio and gave her the bugged one making and excuse that her radio was a bit battered and the new one would serve her better she accepted this and rode off. I rejoined the party. Maybe an hour or two later she returned saying that she had just passed on the information she had been hired to collect to Forman and I was shocked that she would play me as she had done and just stood there as she rushed out the door. I didn't know what to do so I ran after her hopping on my own bike gunning down the road trying to find her which I did. She told me she was a spy hired to find out what info she could about me and Invicta and that they were coming for all of us. I gunned back to the bar reporting everything to One-Eye.


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It been some time since I've written at all in this thing but I was at the Tavern today. Xoth was celebrating his his clone day. And he wanted his friends to join him for drinks. Before entering the bar the image of this young woman with blueish hair and all black eyes jumped into my mind. I have been experimenting with my telepathy some so at first it didn't really occur to me. Until walking int o Beau's seeing all in attendance. X was behind the bar helping himself to the alcohol Dry was sitting on the bar Nook was laying at the bar watching the girl I saw in my vision with curiosity. She kept watching him too. Scrap my good friend was standing there with a bottle in his hand tipping it back on occasion. Guess these clones don't have to worry about alcohol abuse or cirrhosis of the liver I mean they can always just kill themselves and get a new body. Me and him have became fast friends. Not sure if hes even concerned with whom he really is. He just enjoys being with us. I didn't mention but he finally is wearing the patch, hes not just a friend but a brother now. I said my greetings to all never taking my eyes far from this new lady. She was just so facinating and she seemed to really like Nook. Then Nook did what I never expected him to do. He reached up licking her in the face all while wagging his tail. Nook has never licked another soul as long as hes been with me. I knew then that she was the one. I talked to her briefly before she wanted to head to her camp to crash for the night. Some went outside X and Dry. I stayed inside talking with Scrap. We both heard some noises sounding much like fighting so we took off outside to find X standing over Karen's body her head nearly severed from her body. X stood their grinning all while yelling at Rose Eston. I tried to split them all up and nothing seemed to work so I radioed One-Eye to come help with the situation wasn't sure what set it off. Dry was dangerously close to having Rose shoot her. Rose Scooped up Karen's body putting it on her bike talking on her radio and rode off. I just stood there shocked at it all for a minute then congradulated X on his kill. He was more happy than when I gave him that zippo. Probably the best present he could get was getting his revenge.
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We had our Tuesday ride tonight. A lot of people attended. The girl that I have mentioned is named Soyala. She has a beauty beyond anything I know we sat there at the camp fire talking long after everyone had left. I put my hat on her in an old custom. It means that you chose the person you put your hat on. Works the opposite way too. If the girl takes your hat it means that shes chosen you. I actually asked her if she wanted to be my lady. She told me to ask her tomorrow. So I did. After the sun came up. She was very cautious about it. She asked if I had a place to sleep and I told her yes I had a place in Credit Bend and she could stay there too if she needed to. She hesitantly accepted. We rode into Credit Bend and dismounted our bikes. I dug in my pocket giving her a key to my place. I then led her up the stairs and told her to use it as she sees fit as showing her around my place. She seemed happy but she is a very shy lady. Every time I look at her something stirs inside me. Its like a yearning, maybe its her I have been seeking all this time. Maybe she is what I have truly been missing. She seemed more than happy to see my bath. While she is getting cleaned up I am going to go down and do some buisness in town.


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It has been several days again since I have written. Soyala and I have grown really close I have had several more of those visions while I am with her. She is my soul mate for all I know. I wonder some times if her being as young as she is...is wrong. But I remember things from history on occasion that stated others married women at young ages. But she is only seventeen. Much more mature for her age. Could be the way she was raised. Everything I have heard her say a couple things stick out to me...She is her fathers daughter and when she thinks of me it is always Naaldooshii. She told me what it means and I still can't wrap my head around it. It is difficult to fully understand not knowing her native tongue. Maybe one day I will fully understand it. When she is ready she is going to take me to see her people. They have reverted back to their primitive ways in some peoples eyes of medicine and herbal remedies. But when its not broken why fix it. It has worked for their people for centuries and most Indian's I know out live others. So something must work. I have been teaching her some about today's first aid. Combined with what she knows from her people she will make a great healer. She is already a great healer with what I am teaching her she will become even greater.

I met up with her in Watchtower today. The sun glistening down on her sitting at that picnic table writing in her own journal made her even more beautiful than she already is. She thinks I don't see what shes doing but I have seen her. I had some buisness to conduct here and she said she would be fine. I met up with Torlek and he said he had spotted three targets tracking her. He arranged an end for two of them the third is still stalking her and I so I will continue to monitor my traffic for a possible confirmation on an attempt at mine life. They may go after her to get to me.

Well it is done. Last night sitting by the fire next to Soyala my radio dance in my saddlebag. Armstrong's voice boomed for the man to take us both out. I whistled for Nook to track him and he found him while i had motioned for Soya to stay down and quiet. I tracked the target and killed him with Nook's help. I went back to camp and sat down with Soya. She didn't say anything even though I knew she knew what I had just done. I sat back down with her pulling her close and we laid there watching the fire together till we both dosed off.

It was time to finish this. We went back into town this morning. I pulled her close kissing her before I pulled away to take care of the problem that seemed to be knocking at my door constantly. I went straight for the problem. To cut the head off the snake. I drove to Post 23 sneaking in and doing just that. I killed Colonel Armstrong and several of his highly trained troops on personal guard duty. I didn't get away unscathed as I had planned. I took two bullets one that passed through the meaty portion of my arm and the other went deeply into my leg. I got on the radio hearing One-Eye and Nat while trying to reach Soya. Told them that I had been hurt and I would need a doctor. I pushed my bike to the limit hoping not to bleed out while I got back to Soya. Once finally reaching her she helped me with all the knowledge she knew to keep the infection down and helped me pull the bullet from my leg. The little bit of first aid and her knowledge helped me survive. We got to a doctor. I could tell that she was worried. Not only in her voice but her mind kept shouting it to me. A Doc I met I can not remember her name patched me up at Beau's. I took it easy the rest of the night till me and Soya decided to head for my place in Credit Bend. Upon arriving back in Credit Bend we saw a seen in One-Eye's room that turned Soya beet red. She was very embarrased. We retired to my room with her help I made it upstairs. The antics in the other room could be heard in mine so i retrieved some hearing protection to hopefully help Soya some. I made her sleep in the bed and I sat down on the floor with my back against the wall. A couple hours later she must not have been able to sleep as she asked me how I was doing. I told her I was in a little pain and she got up to tend to me fixing my bandages. And urging me to get in bed with her. I did just that and she rolled over almost instantly falling asleep. She must have begun dreaming as she was moving around some and occasionally letting out a whimper. So I laid my harm over her and brushed the hair from her face. She calmed down as the security i provided must have been enough. I faded to black.

She got up sometime that morning and when i finally woke up she was standing on the catwalk outside watching the bustle of life around Credit Bend. I crept up behind her wrapping my arms around her kissing her neck. She said that she needed to go and restock her herbs. I didn't want her to go but I know I can't just lock her away. So after turning her to me and kissing her deeply which she pushed into our tongues dancing together like entwined serpents I pulled back whispering to her to come back. She nodded fighting with herself if she should stay or go. I hope she never realizes that I read her thoughts more than i listen to myself. I went down and had dinner with the local bosses in Credit Bend.


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Several days or weeks have passed I have lost all track of time. I see the sunrise and the sunset but I just can't recall how many have went by. Soyala and myself have taken an oath from her people. It joins each others souls together. A bit like a marriage. But I know Indian's are like that of the wolf. They mate for life so we accepted each other. During the words that she spoke I felt a rush of something tearing through my chest but strangely it didn't hurt it made me feel relieved as she began to talk. But not in her voice even though it was her voice. Its confusing in a way but the voice said that it was her mother. What I know is her mother is dead so that means she is speaking from the afterlife. We had a nice but short conversation where I vowed to take care of her and never let anything unfortunate happen to her as long as I was alive. She told me good cause I would feel it too as our hearts minds and souls were now joined as one. She then departed if that's the right word and Soyala reached down picking up her ceremonial tea which I took a long drink from. She took the cup from me and drained the rest of the cup. She told me she wants whats hers and so I undressed her. Very cautiously and carefully making sure not to hurt her we made love. After our joining I told her mine with a smile and she giggled at me. We lay there staring into each others eyes for a while. We then got dressed and moved to our horses packing up everything and leaving our mountain behind.

We arrived at the rally location where some were waiting on us already but more was coming. Tonight was going to be the best ride I have had thus far as Soya was with me.


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I woke up in a cold sweat again dreaming or visions I don't know. This one was of a lone wolf running across the fields and over the mountains with green eyes. The eyes I have seen many times. They were my eyes. A black wolf with green eyes. The moon was full last night and Soyala calls me Naaldlooshii from all that I understand of what she has told me its a man who can take the form of an animal. In my case it seems I am that wolf. I don't sleep much but when I do I am plagued by my dreams. It always makes it easier when Soya is with me. She has truly completed me making me whole. I would do anything for this woman. I can constantly feel her with me even when we are apart. I can almost sense her fear before she knows its there. I read her thoughts as clearly as if they were my own. But again my dreams plague me. Ever since I was patched up in Beau's that night I have noticed that I heal very quickly. Like its supernatural. I have read books and seen movies of this type of thing and it never seems to wind up bad for the one who it happens too. I am a bit worried.

After the ride last night and after Scraps almost untimely demise by the sniper I noticed an increase in my perception. I can smell things from greater distance's, see further with the naked eye, and hear even the slightest noise for a distance. I have also begun to notice my temper is rising again. I feel a boiling rage dwell up in me especially when anything threatens Soyala. I do not understand these feelings at all nor the sensations I have been feeling. After taking Soyala home in Credit Bend we made love again. She drifted off into a solemn rest. I left to do some thinking on my situation when Dan, Nat and Scrap invited me to have a drink with them at Beau's. I accepted joining them a few minutes later. We sat there talking about various stuff. Dan seems to have changed some since he has gotten most of his memories back he seems even more curious about stuff and it didn't help me any when I asked them if they knew about different things medically. Upon hearing of my condition and seeing the things I showed them about my scars and injuries they both became even more interested. They both looked at me with something very different in their eyes than I had ever seen before. Not much frightens me but their gazes rather jokingly or not frankly had me scared. I don't trust techs. They have screwed me up. That doesn't mean I won't work them but man they scare me with their crazy notions. I just don't want any part of their experiments. They both talked about about getting brain tissue samples and DNA samples and my god I can not think about it. I retreated outside where there was more room to run if need be the circled me like they wanted something more than just words. I hopped on my bike popping the clutch kicking it started. They continued to close in on me. I finally gave them what they wanted. A tissue sample from my arm. I drew my knife cutting off a piece of flesh then handing it to them. This didn't appease Dr. Frankenstein (my new nickname for Dan) any as he wanted some blood too pulling a syringe out of his ass for all I know. I mean does he really always carry this stuff on him in hopes of finding something he doesn't understand. That's just not human that's crazy psycho babble bullshit. But who am I to judge. Hell I kill people for money after all.

Now Soyala knows everything that happened and shes a bit worried. I comforted her encouraging her that everything was alright but she still seemed worried. I just want to be left alone. Let me enjoy my family and my love. We are only what matters to me. Her safety is the most important of all. I will write more later after Soyala goes to sleep again. She is sleeping sound here in Coppermine area think this place is called Mobray. Keep forgetting for some reason like something is trying to mess with my head.


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I have never felt like this about another person. Soyala is amazing even for her age. We have an amazing relationship. And she is the only thing that seems to keep me tethered here. When I lay my head down to sleep and it is more common on a full moon it seems my dreams plague me. These visions flash across me at an alarmed rate as if I am really there. Hell for all I know I truly am there. Something always brings me back. Its as if I am trapped when my dreams happen I know everything I do but can't seem to fully control it. The dreams come and I roam the wilderness as a wolf. I think Soya was sent to me to control it or teach me how to control this thing that I am or help me cope with it. That's why she calms me the way she does. There have been many times when I felt like ripping the head from someone only to find that when I gaze at her beauty I am transfixed in her. What is happening to me? Am I becoming what I have been studying? I have sought out knowledge when I have been away from Soya read some books and thought long and hard of videos and movies that I had seen. This isn't possible what I am thinking. It unnatural. Even Supernatural. Am I truly what Soya has called me? A Skinwalker.

((writing trails off))

I spoke to Natasha this evening she stopped by aiming to speak with Soya and myself about those tests she wants to perform. She told me that it was going to be basically a physical. Soya slept soundly through our hushed conversation. She also saw the two cuts on my arm after showing her the pure silver dagger that I had found and had crafted. I held my own test slicing it into my arm. The cut was excruciating and I was glad I did it away from Credit Bend as it sent a howl through me and I became very angry at myself. So it seems I am what I have read about seems silver is the only thing that truly hurts and makes a lasting wound. So again I demonstrated this to her barely holding that howl in from the pain trying hard not to wake Soyala. It left a cut next to the other one. It didn't heal once again. It doesn't seem to hurt when I just touch it the silver that is. But it hurts something fierce when I am cut with it. She wiped blood from my arm touching it to her tongue moaning at the sensation and taste of my blood. I then demonstrated that it was only the silver that left a lingering cut or wound drawing another of my knifes form its boot sheath slicing into my arm watching it heal as I cut with no pain. She also told me stuff about her own past. Referring to herself as a vampire. This isn't possible is it. Everything I have read states differant stuff about vampires and I should be ripping her heart out. Says Kindred are sworn enemies of the Kine. Maybe I am not what I think after all. But why the ordeal with the silver and all these visions that dance before me while I sleep.

Nat asked me after we spoke about it if I wanted to have a drink with the rest of the crew. I accepted and kissed Soyala on her forehead and cheek walking out the door shutting it and locking it setting my trap so no one could enter without me knowing as I always do. The trap is little more than I slight tripwire that breaks if much pressure is put against it. That's how I know if others have been in my room. We drove down to Beaus's I drove Soyala's Dream and Nat rode on a majestic Wolf she had just gotten someplace. Her wolf is black and very large. I guess he doesn't like many people but he seemed to really like me even taking a piece of jerky I offered him. I guess he ate his former owner in front of Nat. After getting to Beau's I got out going inside being introduced to A friend of Nat's named Sarah. A woman with fiery red hair. I wonder if she has the temper to go with that. Shortly after arriving I went up to Beau giving him a handful of chips that I had earned from the smuggling run I did today with the aid of Scrap and Xoth. They provided security on their bikes. After making the delivery that One-Eye asked me to do I was paid by his contact giving a portion of the chips to Scrap and another portion to Xoth. They are my two closest friends from the entire family. We sat at beau's for some time. The Krieger sisters had a bit of sibling rivalry and fought it out with their fists Dry almost knocking Shani out knocking her down to the floor. Even Xoth and Scrap after getting drunk fist fought Scrappy winning. The night went on with more drinking and then Nat called Dry a pussy. The only thing I could think was maybe that blood knocked her wacky. Or maybe she was testing Dry. I don't know they had a bit of a scuffle knocking each others hats and bandannas to the floor. Dry knocked Nat down a couple times Nat slammed her into the bar. They hit each other several times and then Nat smiled at X revealing her fangs to him. Some more words were exchanged and X drew his sword telling Nat if she bit Dry she would lose her head. Some of the stuff had become not so friendly. I watched it all till weapons were drawn. Even One-Eye said that we had enough enemies that we shouldn't be fighting each other. I had jumped off the table placing my body between X and Nat. I told him that no weapons needed brought into this he quickly informed me that it wasn't my buisness and to back off. I told him that you are all my family so it makes it my buisness. Nat collapsed to floor and Dry released her grip on her. A minute or two later Nat stood up telling the crowd that everything was fine and she wondered why we all just couldn't let the girls play. Hen had also closed into the small group by this time asking if Nat was alright. Then As Nat walked out more rage had begun building within the bar. I was even starting to get a little hot. I went back over to the table I had been carving into. Climbing back up onto it and crouching down. I made a comment that some CHOTA can be a little too hot headed at times that they need to take a page from the book of the Travelers and seek the inner piece until the rage needed found. This set Scrap off. He had been drinking a lot more than I had ever seen him drink before not sure what the deal was but he approached me telling me to say it again. So I did. I told him that some CHOTA needed to find the inner peace or they could lose themselves to the rage and blood lust. He told that if I had a problem with it we could take it outside I told him that there was no money in it and I chose not to fight my family. He then informed me to shut the hell up about it. More words were said and I began to feel the rage boil up in myself. I got up walking out of Beau's after I am sure my eyes were red. I left jumping in my car and turned the car towards home to see Soya still laying there resting.

She must have sensed my pain as she woke up ushering me into bed with her. Wrapping her arms around me comforted me enough and it appeased her as she drifted back off into slumber and I actually followed her into dream land myself. I actually slept for the first time in days it seemed. Her wrapping her arms around me is all that it took last night.


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[Story Break][Chapter One]

Soyala sat with Irovagh at the campsite where they made love for the first time near Coppermine. The view upon this mountain was grand and he was glad she chose to stay with him if not worried at the same time that he would hurt her. He told her he wasn't sure what would happen but she insisted on staying with him. They sat there while watching the sun go down him hoping this wouldn't be the last one he would see as she had made the promise to finish him if he turned on her. She accepted this promise and said that she would turn the knife on herself if it came to it. So he was going to fight it with all that he is to make sure he didn't hurt her. The only thing running through Irovagh's head was what if she doesn't have time and I go wild on her as this is a full moon and I hurt her before she has a chance to end it. She will find away I know she will. He looked at her with his loving eyes encouraging her about his love for her without words. She was looking back at him and she just said "I know and I love you too."

The sun was fading behind the hill at an alarming rate. As if it was afraid of the moon and what the night may bring. Irovagh sitting there without his shirt began to feel uneasy and restless resting in Soyala's arms. But her touch seemed to relax him and she seemed to know at just the right time to squeeze him again comforting him in her loving nature. He looked up at her noticing the moon was about to drop leaving the world dark to them. They turned their attention to to the flickering flames of the camp fire and watched it her holding him for a change. "Remember my love if I come at you please end it as quick as you can I do not want to hurt you." All she could do was nod her head in her promise.

[Chapter Two]

They sat there quietly occasionally exchanging a glance at each other as the sun set and the moon came into full view. It was beautiful. Irovagh reached down running his hand lightly over Soyala's hands giving them a light squeeze then pushing them off to the side standing up. Upon standing completely he looked up into the moonlight and his eyes glowing brightly from the moon beams as his body slowly began to contort and transform first his facial features followed by his body. hunkering down into a crouching position he fully formed into the full form and a rather large black wolf complete with Irovagh's tattoo's wearing the twin silver earrings in both ears. He pointed his now completely formed nose and muzzle into the air and letting out a at first low rumbling then a full on howl directed at the moon. Other wolves in the area repeated his call knowing that the alpha male was near and knew not to approach him.

blackwolf1x.jpg((Image may get changed but assume this as a place holder))

The now fully formed wolf turned lightly sniffing the air recognizing a scent. The scent belonged to his love Soyala. He turned fully to her acknowledging her presence and slowly walking towards her. Soyala sat their transfixed by the occurrence watched in awe with fear at first. Seeming to sense that he met her no harm she began to slowly calm down ever ready to draw the silver blade that hung from her belt. The wolf walked towards her still sniffing the air stopping at her. Never locking her gaze upon his eyes in hopes he wouldn't take it as a challenge and attack. He nudged her hand with his muzzle and she raised her hand slightly still worried what would happen. He sat down in front of her sitting on the ground Indian style and lowered his head licking her hand that now rested in her lap. She reached out and ran her hand gently down the side of his head still keeping her eyes up so not to challenge him. He raised his head looking into her eyes licking her chin. She sunk her fingers into his fur around his neck. He then lowered himself down laying across her lap. The wolf was easily twice her size if not larger but he felt as light as a feather to her. She slid her one leg out from underneath him letting him rest on her other leg stroking his beautiful black fur gently. She could almost hear him say aloud "Thank you and I love you," without him actually speaking. She continued to stroke his fur letting her fingertips trace over his tattoos that he kept in wolf form. He laid there falling asleep at her gentle caresses. She then lightly pushed him off of her snuggling in beside him wrapping her arm around this giant of a wolf falling fast asleep beside him.

Upon waking up she noticed he had rebuilt the fire and had eggs and some form of meat cooking in a skillet. He turned to her as she smiled up at him. He returned her gentle smile pointing at the food now cooking. "This is about the best I can do when it comes to cooking," he stated. She acknowledged by shaking her head and smiling again. They sat there eating breakfast occasionally smiling at one another. He finally thanked her for being there for him and he also told her he remembered the transformation and everything that happened that night. They kissed passionately their tongues dancing and intertwining like serpents seeking fulfillment. They both had set their dishes down and rolled over onto their bedroll fulfilling each others needs.


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During the ride on Tuesday Soyala whispered in Irovagh's ear telling him she wasn't feeling well. He walked to to the other side of the fire.helping her lay down. He asked, " Would you like a bedroll my love?" She nodded. He walked the fifty paces to their bikes retrieving a bedroll then returning to where she now waited. He laid the bedroll out on the ground near the fire sou she would stay warm covering her up and kissing her forehead goodnight. He went back over to where the party was happening with his brothers and sisters constantly walking over checking her out from time to time.

After the party had fallen apart he wandered over to where Soya was sleeping good leaning down kissing her forehead and cheek realizing she was running a fever. So he hopped on his bike and drove into town to get some medicine from the satchel she kept at their small place in Credit Bend. Upon looking in the satchel he decided to take the entire supply just in case. Hopping on his bike spinning gravel and dirt he raced on back to the campsite.

Upon arriving he was sent into a frenzy looking all over thinking he had went to the wrong place. Her bike and gear were there but Soya was gone. Smelling the air revealed an unfamiliar scent he had never smelt before. It smelt like death and not the death he smelled when around Natasha. This was somehow different. He began searching the area using all his discipline he had learned over the years in tracking. He scoured the area for hours even changing to wolf form in search of his one true love. He got back on his bike after packing her gear, clothes, and belongings on his bike he radioed a friend outside Credit Bend to come pick up her bike. He got to the garage to see his buddy pulling in with Soya's bike up on the truck.

After parking his own bike he spun around looking in the now night sky seeking answers that didn't exist. A piece of parchment blew up to him in a gust of wind catching a hold of his boots. Stooping down Irovagh picked up the piece of paper yellowed by age finding image030bj.jpgscrawled in blood on the piece of paper. He leaned his head down smelling the paper revealing the undead smell he had when around Natasha. Vampires he thought, his rage beginning to boil. Irovagh hadn't been able to sense or fell Soyala in nearly twenty-four hours now which just added to the rage now boiling to the surface. He unloaded his bike packing everything into his car peeling out headed to the only place he knew that had problems with Vampires.

After entering the small town he began hearing a Raven cawing in his head. He brushed it off as his imagination seeking the graveyard. After entering one of the crypts and killing many cultists and pale ones alike. He grew even more suspicious about the cawing that continued to echo in his head as if it was in his head which just agitated him more and more. He continued going deeper into the crypt his spirit guiding him on the way in. He grew weary as the doors closed in around him locking him in this damnable place. He began to feel as if his life was ending when he saw the biggest most horrible blood sucker barreling down on him with its hands held high and murder on its own mind. He lept up from a crouching position stripping his gear in almost one fluid motion shifting his form into that of a predator as well. He was once again in wolf form leaping at the charging vampire biting into its flesh ripping shreds of its undying skin away from its body with his own claws and fangs. The Vampire getting a hold of Irovagh tossed him into the wall across the room. Irovagh hitting the wall hard letting a gust of wind escape as he crumpled to the floor. The Vampire lept at Irovagh laying there. Sinking his fangs deep into the wolf's hide. Irovagh releasing a vicious growl flipped the Vampire over landing on top of him reaching down with his muzzle ripping the Vampires throat out then tearing into his chest ripping out his heart swallowing it in one gulp. Irovagh sat back on his hind haunches letting out a howl that could be heard for miles echoing through the corridors of the crypt.

He sat there for a while morphing back into his human form. Getting dressed and looking around the room to find a switch of some kind to open his personal prison cell. Then he heard it again as if teasing him. The raven cawing in his ears. He had about as much as he could take leaping at one of the barred gateways he began shaking it not realizing his radio was keyed up and tuned into the Invicta radio channel. He ripped the cage door down bringing the annoying sound of metal scraping stone and bending under his strength that he didn't know he possessed. Finally tearing the gate down enough squeezing through the opening he left the now body littered crypt for more answers.

After returning to Soyala's Dream he climbed in dusting himself off sitting down into the seat. Sticking his key into the ignition and turning her over. Letting the purr of the engine sustain him. and level his mind. Then once again the raven cawing came to him teasing him yet again. "I am tired of you show yourself or are you afraid of me you god damn bird." The cawing ended and he felt at peace once again.

Reaching down turning on his radio he keyed up hoping someone had seen or at least heard from Soyala. He put Soyala's Dream into gear spitting gravel behind him he began driving down the road as he keyed his handset up once asking if anyone had heard from Soyala. Several no's came back to him through the tiny speaker of the CB radio. He stopped the car carrying on and letting others from Invicta know that she was missing. He grew angry yet again as others said she might have falling into a ditch as it happens to others. The truly only calming voice came from Satai saying that she could sense her but this didn't calm Irovagh much. He felt his blood begin to boil yet again and the change began not realizing he still had the button pressed on his mic his body began contorting, knees bent backwards, his size not only tripling this time but growing even larger up to four times his normal size. The car was no match for the transfiguration and the windows shattered the dash began buckling under the pressure and size of him. The rage had consumed him and he was on the warpath to find his lover.



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He tore from his car ripping the door cleanly off it's hinges falling to the ground. Out came the beast the human wolf hybrid. He sought blood and death to any who stood in his way. He would tear through the country side with the attempt to track Soyala whom he loved with all that he was. At this moment the beast took over with that only thought, find Soyala no matter the cost.

Occasionally he passed a cottage along the side of the road sending people fleeing in terror of the sight of him. He gazed around looking at everything. Tracking every place he had been with Soyala. He went to the mountain where he had made love to her for the first time. He entered Watchtower being shot at by the local enforcers. He ripped them apart as their bullets found him enraging him more. People screamed in drastic fear leaping and clawing their way into their homes. Grabbing one enforcer by the throat saying, "Soyala." The enforcer couldn't respond as he was being held by his throat. Not giving the answer in time found him with his neck snapped as Irovagh squeezed popping it like a zit on a teens face. He then just threw the limp and lifeless body against the wall of a nearby building. He continued hunting and tracking with no luck. He began to grow weary as the moon set and the sun was beginning to rise. He knew he had someplace to be later that day but he couldn't wrap his mind around it. Then the raven began cawing in his head yet again. It was only toying with him he thought. Growling he charged headlong into the side of the building making an attempt to get the noise out of his head. All this managed to do was enrage him more charging off back to the camp from Tuesday night.

After arriving back at the camp Irovagh laid down where Soyala had lain. Smelling what remained of her scent and finally calming down her morphed back into his human form crying at the carnage and the rampage he had caused in hopes of finding Soyala. The thought and promise returning to him that he had vowed to always be there and to always take care of her to her Ama. He wept more as he didn't know what the problem was and where she had gone too. Not even a scent of her in any direction from the campsite. He had always been a superb tracker and yet he wasn't good enough this time. It was like being an amatuer tracker all over again. He laid there thinking trying to collect his thoughts for several hours with no rest laying on the ground where she had slept.

After hours of laying there he finally stirred standing up realizing he had no ride and no clothes. He looked around spotting Nook. "Come her boy," summoning Nook to him. Nook pranced up. Irovagh stooped down to make eye contact with Nook. "Find Jerky boy, go find him." an hour later Nook returned with Jerky in tow. Irovagh dug through the saddle bags finding his extra clothes putting them on strapping on his guns he mounted his trusty steed and rode hard to where he thought his car was. Upon arriving at his car he saw the damage and began cussing at his own stupidity. Sliding on his duster and retrieving some more ammo he set out for Beau's Tavern. Stopping by the garage telling his mechanic to tow his ride in giving the location he rode the remainder way into Beau's. Dismounting from his horse he very wearily dismounted hearing the music already being spun from Reaper. Maybe he just needed to go in and relax a bit before continuing the search. He walked into Beau's where he was greeted by Scrap and Reaper first and foremost. Scrap brought him some water as he could tell he needed it. Irovagh tipped the canteen back draining it as if he hadn't had anything to drink in days. Most everyone was already starting to party. He walked over to Soyala's and his table to find a naked girls dancing on it. Sighing he walked over into the corner crouching down pouring Nook some water from a now full canteen that was full again even though he didn't remember filling it up again. His head spun his eyes drifted through the crowd and the internal racket of a crow cawing as if laughing at him kept him from fully resting and gaining even a small amount of peace. He spoke to a few people here and there. Always returning not even remembering who he talked to or what he talked about to the corner which he chose for the evening. He felt like a drug addict strung out from lack of sleep and rest needed. Shape changing takes its toll you he thought. I need to control my anger better, he thought to himself. The night passed people had fun laughing and partying trashing the joint as always.

Towards the end of the night Reaper tossed Irovagh a rider patch telling him to wear it with pride. Irovagh turned fixing it to his jacket saying he would always. Reaper passed out again and the spinning stopped. Satai showed up informing Irovagh that she could still sense Soya that shes at least alive still. That gave him some reassurance but not enough they spoke for a while. Irovagh felt the rage coming on walking away from Satai for a minute to one of the pillars giving it a good punch cracking the wood clean through. "I promised her and her Ama that I would always take care of her no matter what or it would be my life over hers," he stated. Satai and Alaric both told him that it wasn't his fault. Irovagh shook is head the rage taking over. "I got to get out of here for a few minutes and get some fresh air clear my head," Irovagh said turning towards the door walking to it and kicking it open and off the hinges. He continued walking out Satai and Alaric close behind him. He didn't like his family seeing him in this state. He walked down the steps to his horse giving it a gentle pat and stroke along his neck. "Had to revert to my horse as both of my rides are damaged and in the shop," He stated. Satai nodded saying that Jerky was a fine steed. Irovagh gained control over the rage and sat there quietly talking with Satai and Alaric for a time. Satai and Alaric encouraged Irovagh that they would do their best to find her. Irovagh's head swam with the eternal racket and constant reminder from the raven cawing which seemed more like laughter in his head. He felt he was going insane from the never ending racket. After Satai left, Irovagh and Alaric exchanged some more words and he was off to get some sleep.

Irovagh wandered lazily back into the bar where Scrap, Xoth, and two ladies were playing pool. He climbed up on a table stooping down to watch and listen. Scrap bolted out the door not long after. Irovagh noticed that Xoth was missing his pants not understanding how he lost them to begin with. Which he stated to Xoth. Also asking Xoth where Dry was this evening. He didn't respond well about Dry being missing. So Irovagh asked him what he did this time in a joking matter what did he do to piss her off? Xoth immediately took the defense telling Irovagh is wasn't his fucking buisness. Irovagh was startled at Xoth's behavior and told him he needed to calm down. Xoth continued to anger Irovagh till he asked Xoth if he liked both of his knees? Xoth didn't respond. Irovagh calmly stated, "If you like both your knees you stop trying to anger me." Irovagh stood up stating that he didn't feel wanted here at the bar and chose to leave but not before he stopped near Xoth leaning in, "Love ya brother but you need to calm down, I ain't the enemy." Irovagh continued outside climbing on his horse and leaving Beau's behind yet again.

Irovagh roamed the wasteland thinking what he had to do where he could go for information on Soyala's whereabouts. Coming up blank at every turn. He stopped talking into Soyala's radio she had left behind. "Anyone out there tonight?"


Rovagh's picture

Irovagh burned rubber after speaking to Satai and Aeree on the radio. The only thing that kept running through his head was that she was alive. Even though he couldn't feel her he knew in his heart that she was still alive. His Ceptor barreled down the road the RPMs being pushed as far as the engine would allow, it was red lined and revving harder than ever before. She was his life his love.

He pulled into the campsite where she last was meeting Satai there. He asked where Aeree was as a giant crow landed and shape changed in front of him. Looking peculiar at the image of Aeree not really saying anything. Aeree said, "I found her but we must hurry, and I don't think it wise you drive," seeing Wolf beginning to rage. Irovagh's temper was to its boiling point he almost couldn't control himself. He wanted blood and thats what would happen.

Irovagh climbed into his car's passenger seat which seemed to be getting crowded. The enclosed area had him even more furious. Satai pressed the gas pedal to the floor spinning gravel and dirt behind them as they bolted down the road following Aeree. After some time of driving Aeree stopped climbing out saying hurry.

Irovagh was flinging his gear away as he was diving out of his car already shape changing. He had already pounced the first two guards he saw with no effort from his massive form. The first one being ripped nearly in two as his fangs tore through its body. The second one's head held firmly in the werewolves grasp popped like a zit spewing blood everywhere. Satai happened by and began her own dance of death. Irovagh continued after each new guard that arrived sending some flying with missing limbs. While Aeree seemed to vanish. These abominations these judges just kept coming with greater numbers being sent back to their own personal hells that awaited these evil bastards. The blood kept flying till all were dead. Seeing a ruckus Irovagh charged over shifting to human form to see Soya laying there beaten and battered. He darted back to his car grabbing his coat rushing back to her covering her up and scooping her into his arms with little effort heading towards his car laying the seat back and placing her inside. He turned to look at Satai and Aeree as if thanking them shutting the car door and headed for Credit Bend to their safe house.

On the drive home Irovagh continued to attempt to sooth and comfort her to the best of his abilities. He had come down from his rage and was now calm looking at Soya with his loving eyes from time to time. She stirred slightly from his touch and it made him feel even that much more frustrated that he had let this happen to her.

They arrived back in credit bend where he carried her up the stairs placing her on their bed and began seeing to her wounds and bruises how he could. "I will make these fools pay, all of them, This will not go unpunished," Irovagh stated in a low voice being careful not to disturb Soyala from her much needed rest.

Irovagh left the room after she seemed to be better and resting as comfortable as she could be. Torlek came running up. "I am sorry Wolf had I known you were going to need me....." getting hit square in the jaw Torlek folded backwards flailing down the stairs coming to a rest at the bottom of the stairs. "I told you to watch her god damn it, I told you if I wasn't around that you had better be her guardian angel, I can not believe you let me down. You have been a brother of mine for a long time. This better never happen again or you better be dead if it does," Irovagh growled. Torlek looked up to Irovagh with a tear in his eye, "I am sorry, I will never let something like this happen again. This is more than I can bare already, please forgive me Wolf?" Torlek laid there on the ground looking up the stairs at Irovagh for a moment. Irovagh made his way down the stairs helping Torlek to his feet. "I am sorry Torlek," wrapping his right arm around the much taller and younger kid. "It wasn't your fault, it was mine, I just think I needed someone to blame and you were first in my site brother," Irovagh stated. "I have a very important job for you, I want all the locations of these Judges found and I want them to pay with their blood. Use that rifle of yours an eliminate all you can we will do the rest, then report back to me you know where I go," Irovagh snapped. He turned going back inside their room and watched Soya sleep. Occasionally wetting a cool rag and placing it on her forehead after kissing it. "I love you my darling and this won't ever happen to you again. I promise! I swear!"


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Irovagh sat in a chair at the foot of the bed watching Soyala sleep after laying the tea leaves over her bruises as she had instructed. He sat there pondering on what the next course of action to be taken was. Waiting on his private communication from Torlek he stared out the window of their room watching the normal travel through Credit Bend. Every time Soya jerked he was on his feet again with the wet rag wiping her forehead and cheeks. He kisses her forehead again then pulling back begins to recite a poem that pops into his head.

Like woven words they come
into my room each night,
Increasing, never ceasing,
until the morning light.

Happy, joyous thoughts
and dreams of stately things,
slip through the Dream Catcher
as if on angel wings.

Entering my state of slumber
as I lay upon my bed,
no bad dream can enter ...
caught by the Dream Catcher instead.

He speaks to her in soft tones never wanting to disturb her. Never again will this happen he says once again before opening the door and walking down the stairs to his car keying up the mic and filling the Clan in on her situation. He was invited to come drink with them but he deny's it saying only that his place is with her till she recovers. Irovagh then signs off the radio with a somber "Wolf Out" turning off the radio and heading back to the room where she lay mostly helpless in bed from her injuries. Another Indian Poem coming to him as he sits there waiting...

I call your name out in the night.
The moon is howling too.
I scream at things that cause you fright...
And I come to protect you.

I am the spirit
of the Cherokee...
Sent to light your way.
I am wolf.
I protect you on this day.

Into the evening shadows
I make my way with stealth..
I am Wolf...
I am yourself...

Irovagh drifts wearily off to sleep slumped over in the chair listening and waiting for her to stir.


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I laid down next to her snuggling up next to her draping my arm gently over her telling her I loved her, and slept more than I have in several months last night. It was nice to have her home and safe again. I truly thought I had lost her. I couldn't even sense her how I usually could. After rescuing her with Aeree and Satais help I could sense her again but if wasn't like it was before. Something in me changed i lost my connection? I don't know.

I met up with Aeree last night in Credit Bend while she was sleeping. I spoke with him for a good long time. I asked him again about a vision quest for me also showing him the teepee I had constructed. We sat around the fire still talking occasionally when he stood up telling me it was time picking up several heated rocks and placing them on the ground inside the teepee. I asked him what I needed to do and he tld me. After getting rid of all my clothes I followed him inside. He told me I needed to shut my eyes and tune everything out and concentrate, teaching me how to consult and speak to my spirit animal.

I first found myself stareing at a bright white lining in front of me. I extended my hand as if pushing it out of my way and walked through it revealing an open field extending for miles. I walked around finding a tree with a rock in front of it. I did what came natural walking up to the rock and taking a seat. I sat there for only a few minutes when a white wolf strolled up looking at me. It spoke to me calling me by name. I was a bit startled at first not fully knowing what to expect. This was my first vision quest, and a learning expierience. The wolf spoke to me about things in my life helping me gain a complete balance of my condition. At the end of our converstaion the wolf extended its paw to me telling me to find her if i ever needed to. I took the wolfs paw in my hand for a brief minute. The wolf then pulled its paw away leaving a wolfs claw in my hand. Shee said to keep that on me at all times walking away around behind the tree.

I opened my eyes seeing Aeree sitting across from me still chanting. I smiled feeling hole again and completely being able to sense Soya once more. We stood up exiting the teepee and walked back to Credit bend where we spoke for a bit longer.



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She didn't feel like driving or riding on the back of a bike so I drove my ceptor and she rode shotgun tonight. She always seems to love the purr of the engine and how she rumbles sitting there. She gives the biggest grins and always cranks the window all the way down. We drove from Beau's to Sunshine Corners to the old clubhouse. Guess it is finally aired out from the Karen fiasco. That's good because its a nice place. We partied into the night with little regard for time as usual. Tank showed up and I introduced him or what I knew about him to Noctifer. He was given our radio frequency and a prospect patch. I think he will definitely fit in. Soyala seemed to hit it off well with one of our new Roadkills too. She spent much of the evening talking to Vorela. A pretty girl who is slightly older than Soyala but still very young. Seems that she is playing hard to get with Storm who wasn't there last night. The life of the party was Dry and Xoth walking into the bar from the shower where they had been rather busy as we could hear everything through the thin walls even over the music. Soyala seemed to really enjoy it last night. Actually got up and bounced around the room for a change talking to others. She seems to be taking to the Club more and more. We decided to head outside so we didn't have to listen to the moaning anymore coming from one of the bedrooms as Xoth and Dry had moved there at some point. So a lot of us went down poolside and continued the party with a few stripping down and jumping into the pool. Soyala sat on the edge with her feet in the cool water. After a time I could tell she was getting tired so i asked her if she was ready to go. She of course was. She also stated that she didn't wish to stay at the Clubhouse with some of the antics going on. So I helped her into the car and we drove off to find a place to build a fire and camp out. We found a nice small area where there was some Coyote traffic but it seemed safe enough. We laid next to each other her facing away from me. I could tell she was crying and watched the images dance in her mind. She tried to block it from me but I met the back of her neck and head with a couple of light kisses reminding her I was here for her. She rolled over tracing my face with her fingers and she kissed me.

The next morning she rolled up looking at me beaming with glee. She must have felt a lot better since the wonderful evening we had. I taught her a few things that she didn't know and then we sat there talking for a bit. It was the best thing that could have happened that early in the morning. She glowed the rest of the day. Up until the the point where she witnessed Nat shoot Xoth testing his collar. Then instead of manning up and apologizing right away he decided to play a fools game and keep us guessing. This tore Soyala up as she still didn't fully understand all the ordeals with cloning and clones alike. It took a long time to bring her down from the shock she was suffering from. She only knew a sister had just shot a brother and fed him to her wolf. My temper had begun to boil but I controlled my self for Soyala's sake. I decided I wasn't going to just walk up and shoot Xoth if I ever found him or punch him. I decided to speak to him and voice my concern over his antics. He apologized to Soyala and she seemed to settle even more after the vision we shared. I asked Dan and Nat to teach her what they could in the most simplest manner possible about cloning. They did and she seems to grasp it much better and has a clearer picture about it now. This gave me a huge relief. She still has much to learn but it will come in time. I will continue to teach her everything I know and some as I learn new things myself. She is teaching me how to speak Navajo not intentionally but with being able to read her I am learning her language faster than anyone could teach me. I am also learning  some stuff in Cheerokee when i take my vision quest. Its like I have known it all along Just had forgotten it. It is a great relief to learn stuff about yourself that you didn't previously know. After all was said and done we headed back to our place in Credit Bend she started up the stairs in front of me when the smell hit me. Something was different. As I got to the top of the stairs I noticed the wire at the door had been snapped. I told her to wait. Not to go in. I drew my revolver from my hip and entered the room in front of her telling her once again to wait. I continued smelling the area when I found where the smell was coming from. Anyone not able to smell the faintest change would have missed it. The assassin was good but not good enough. I flung open the closet doors firing 5 .50 rounds into the assassin with no hesitation. I reached down knowing that the sound of the revolver would scare any other possible intruders to give me enough time to move the body. I drug the corpse to the door clearing the rest of the place. finding no other intruders i went back to the corpse at my door digging through his pockets finding a White Crow identification badge. When will these fuckers learn I don't have time to mess with them. I shoot first and ask questions later. That's my way and that's how I have stayed alive this long. We went back over to the tent i had built and where I perform my vision quests. It in a small ravine that can't be seen till you are damn near up on it. We laid down and slept cuddled up next to each other for some time. I woke up and went back into Credit Bend to grab a few of our things. Upon arriving I climbed the stairs reached down to disarm my small explosive to have the device trigger against me I went to run when it exploded send me flying off the balcony embedding my body with glass, wood, metal, and brick. I hit the ground with a thud my body aching from all the wounds at once. I rolled over looking back up at the building that was missing almost the entire top floor where my room used to be. I shrugged off all who came running to the scene climbing on my bike and getting away from Credit Bend. I had become to used to the place and my guard was lowered because of this. it was time to find someplace new. I went back to where Soyala was still asleep. I sat there watching the fire flicker when she woke up telling me I look like hell asking me what happened. I filled her in and asking her if she wanted to see the new place I had found. She was happy and packed up her gear and I showed her the airstrip. She seemed to like it but I could feel her disgust at the trash and debris around the buildings. I am sure she will help me clean it all up.

I told her about a smuggling run I had to do today and she was more than eager to run to my ceptor and climb in. I'll make a smuggler outta her yet. I showed her where I retrieved the weapons from and she didn't hesitate in sending a few of the devils to their makers either. I know she had some stuff pent up that needed release and she proved it several times while collecting the guns dumping them into my trunk. Made away with over 10 chips for the run and she now can buy some stuff for herself as well. I split the money with her as she is still stubborn and won't accept my help even though she is my lover and my life. After delivering the weapons we headed back to Flagstaff to get changed and cleaned up for the party at Beau's. Several people were there and we all had a blast till that douche of a man named Drake showed up causing a ruckus. He ran his mouth a lot. Didn't know how to keep his lips shut.  No biggie he will get his in time. I did all I could occasionally pulling from Soyala's emotions to keep myself calm. She just doesn't understand how much she helps me. The party was coming to an end and I asked her if she was ready. She nodded and we rolled out heading to the airstrip, our new home.

By time we got to the new place we were both ready to unwind and she was ready for a shower.  While she undressed I went and got the water started and made a note to myself to get a hot water heater installed in the new place.  Cold showers suck, but when you’re with someone you love you quickly forget about the cold and can only feel the heat.  We didn’t need to worry about any bothersome neighbors this time either.


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The moon was full in the sky tonight. They slept just outside of Fracture. She acted better than she felt. He could tell. He kicked himself for doing that. he wasn't use to controlling the speed of which his memories flashed by it even hurt his head from time to time. He shared his entire life with her. That of which he knew about. She rolled over facing him after laying down on the pallet he had made with the bed rolls. He could tell she was in pain but she did everything she could to hold it back and sort through it. Once again his thoughts drifted on how to ease the pain he just shared with her. But he was lost on how to fix it.
He hadn't intended to share the assassinations with her but he couldn't stop the mind. It was all or none now. He had no control over it. After the transfer his head pounded. Felt like he had just been hit with a sledge hammer. He watched her drift off to sleep. running his fingers through her hair until he felt she was calm enough to sleep soundly. He hadn't told her that while he waited on her to wake up earlier he had resigned his Cleaner job. He would no longer carry out assassinations for anyone. He would only kill to protect her and the family now. He had made a lot of money and had spent even more and was done with the job. His nightmares had begun again as it happened with most contract men. He needed a reason to get out of the life and she was that reason. He loved her with all he was and never wished her possible harm because of being a hit man. There was enough danger in smuggling and fencing. He didn't need anymore trouble. Janitor was not the most happy about his decision but he accepted it and Janitor couldn't ask more of Irovagh. He had carried out hits for janitor personally for more than 15 years.
He looked down at Soyala smiling brushing her hair back placing a light kiss upon her brow. He then laid his head down draping his arm across her side pulling her closer to him dozing off next to her.
It wasn't more than two hours when he shot up with a scream and frightened look spread over his face. He was sweating. Sweating a cold sweat. She sat up with a worried look on her face trying to comfort him. She kept asking him if he was alright but he couldn't hear her. He couldn't hear anything around him. He saw everyone of the assassinations again. He had reawakened his memories which he had locked away unintentionally when he shared his mind with her. The assassinations plagued him when he slept. Tonight was the worse it had been in a long time. She was sitting there trying to calm him down and he knew nothing about it. Black tears streamed down her face unsure what to do. She didn't understand what was wrong. Or could she. She kept trying to comfort him and there was no comfort to be found. He was still asleep sitting straight up. The visions raced over him in waves crashing down around him drowning him in his memories. She shook him terrified of what was happening. Then at blinding speed the vision he tried to lock away more than any other hit him and her at the same time. Hit them both like a lightning bolt riding the storm. The vision seemed to flash by in slow motion. There was a woman with short black hair, Soyala saw the woman realizing that she must have been important to Irovagh at some point. The woman was tied to a chair and gagged with a white rope tied around her head in her mouth. She had been beaten. Soyala instinctively reached up touching her own almost healed face. The woman wore a knee high dress that was torn up the side and she had blood dried and crusted on the inside and outside of her legs. Her white shirt was died red from the blood that had leaked from her lips and split eye. She was in bad shape. Her mascara had run down her face mixing with the bloody mess of her face. A man stood behind her with a knife in his hand saying stuff that couldn't be understood in Russian. Irovagh turned his head seeing a mirror seeing his own reflection. Another man punched Irovagh sending his head back facing the woman sitting across from him once again. His head dropped seeing for the first time that he was too tied to the chair he sat in. A meat hook grabbed his chin from behind forcing his head up again directed at the woman across from him. The man who spoke Russian tilted the woman's head up running the blade he held in his hand across her throat. The woman went from a muffled scream to a gurgling outcry as the gash stretched across her neck opening her throat like a can of tuna. Blood began to pour from the wound. The vision blurs as Irovagh's eyes filled with tears watching her die not capable of doing anything about it. The vision ends with Irovagh opening his eyes tears streaming down his own face. He turned to Soyala pulling her close crying into her shoulder.


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I lay there watching her breathe looking at the inflamed bite marks I had caused. I was scared for her. I wanted her safe but I wasn't sure if I wanted her cursed like me. We had been in the heat of the moment when I sunk my teeth into her my canines protruding ripping into her flesh like an overripe tomato. The coppery taste of blood filled my mouth from her shoulder I swallowed it taking her in. She screamed in both pain and pleasure. I don't know what came over me other than the fact that her body language wanted me to bite her but was scared at the same time. We lay there talking it sinking in that I just cursed her. A lone tear rolled off the tip of my nose splashing down on her shoulder. She rolled over to me while trying to rest running her fingers over my face asked me what was wrong and I spilled it to her. told her I was scared for the first time. I didn't want her to suffer the pain that comes at first. The first change was painful and exhausting for me. I hoped it wouldn't be that way for her. She kissed my chin where my tattoo rested embedded in my flesh. She wanted this too but she was scared as I was. She didn't know what to do or how to react. I almost hope that I didn't curse her. She doesn't think of it as a curse. She sees a gift in it. This issue I suffer from I see as a gift and a curse all in one. I see the good and the bad. I see suffering and pain, I see pleasure and fulfillment. Freedom also pours from me. I feel truly free when I take my wolf form and just run the wastes. Its complete freedom. I don't have to worry about anything other than Soyala when I do that. Don't have to worry about the Bronze, Bearers, anyone. Its just me. I can constantly feel Soyala so she is my only concern.

I continued to sit there at the foot of our makeshift bed watching her. She had been sweating when I leaned in to check her she was boiling with fever. I hope it doesn't last. This is one of the first stages and I didn't know how to explain it to her. On what would happen. I had just gone through it recently. It consumed me every night for weeks till I passed out and that's when the first dream happened. I don't know if her body was rejecting or accepting it. The fever could be caused either way I don't know that much. She will wake up soon enough. I had turned on the radio for a time listening with the volume very low so not to wake her up. Seems Hen had been shot so I took off. I knew she was safe out here so I left her to hopefully help Hen the stubborn bastard. Chased him red lining my engine where I finally met up with him in Kristo's. He looked rough but stable. He had used the old gunpowder technique and patched himself up. Dan and Nat were there talking to a prospect. He didn't smell right. Something was off with him, just couldn't put my finger on it. I gathered he was a Tech but again he smelt different. Hen handed him a prospect patch and seems he is a brother now. We stood there chatting with each other.

After Dan went back inside his house and Hen and the new guy went their seperate ways I pulled Nat to the side. I told her I had possibly infected Soya. She became hot. She yelled at me. I moved my head glancing around quickly and told her to hold her damn voice down. She lowered her voice a few decibels but continued to express her rage through her gritted teeth. I told her I didn't know if she would even become one as I wasn't completely sure how it worked. She was still hot about it but she accepted it. I have finally gotten to the point I fully trusted Nat and bound our blood. She asked me what it was about her that drove men crazy. I told her honestly that she was pretty and she had a feel that drew men in. I told her also that if I wasn't in love and bound to only Soya that I would likely find her attractive and alluring too. But I had only one love and that's the way it would remain. She is just a sister to me nothing more. I asked her if she had any NOS stashed away as I was out and I had to hurry back South to Soya. She cave me a half full canister which I dropped into my car red lining the engine blazing a trail South to the airstrip. I arrived and she had moved. She must have woken while I was gone. I am sure she felt the fever then. I'll tell her more when she wakes up later. The stuff she can expect to come so it doesn't hit her with surprise. I leaned down and gave her a kiss seeing her personal journal laying beside her pillow. Now I knew for a fact she had been up as it was opened with her pen laying in the folds of the book. I crouched down at the foot of our bed and began writing waiting on her to wake up watching her labored breaths escape through her lips as she slept peacefully. Or so it seemed to me....


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I've been watching Soyala closely since I bit her. She eats more and more rare meat. and her rage is growing. When she snaps I am quick to wrap my arms around her which comforts her and the rage dissipates as quickly as it came. I love her so much and I wish that i wouldn't have bitten her now. The marks are mere scars. She seems to be doing fine but I can tell she is changing. She may never become one like me but she still has the rage. I don't know. The waxing moon is tomorrow night which means a full moon in about three days or so. We should know by then for sure.

I don't know how she doesn't remember what she did to the judge after sitting there in wolf form watching it all I just can't see how she has forgotten it. She must have buried it in her mind somehow and not even I can can find it. I can read her deeper than anyone else but its not there. I hope it doesn't come back to her now or at the least in-opportune time. That could cause some damage. She cut him with shallow cuts. He screamed like a baby. At the end she took his man hood with the knife and sticking it into his mouth. She then plunged the knife into his chest killing the man. She gave him a much sooner release with little information. I would have gotten all the info I could from him. Who was responsible who called the shots. But that's my way of thinking. I think she just wanted revenge and took it from the first person she could. None the less Torlek has been busy for me gathering the info I need.

After my full retirement from being a cleaner I have been asked to carry out one more job. But I turned it down. J came to me again pleading with me to do the job. I finally accepted. He told me he couldn't trust many of his cleaners with this job so I accepted. It is another Traveler. More so its a woman. An old acquaintance of mine. She was a lover. I guess shes been trading information with the Bronze. This is why I have to retire. I do not think I could do this again. Everyone I have loved has died. Either taken by rival cleaners or I...(the pencil smudges). I can't do this again. I won't Soyala is everything I have always wanted and I won't allow my fate to fall on her. I will kill everyone who even looks at her funny. I almost hope she is marked now as no one knows how to take my kind yet. She will be safe if anything were to happen to me. I am not fully ready to kill another former lover, but I told J I would do it. That it should be me. Soyala has been wanting to head back south to Boneclaw. That's my chance. Shes hiding out near Depot 66. She shouldn't be hard to track down. It doesn't make this any easier for me. I can tell she knows I am worried. And I let her believe its only for her. I have done so much killing in my time I worry that I have lost my soul or I am losing my soul. That's why it has to end...

I got the confirmation from Torlek. He is a great tracker. Beth has been seen outside Depot 66. We leave tomorrow to head south. Torlek looks so young for how old he is. We joke that he is older than dirt but I think hes older than that. He says he only remembers his life back in 1742 on to present but he says he has flashes of memory from before that. He always states that hes a shadow of his former self now. As if her doesn't truly exist any longer. So I call him Shadow and its not to far from the truth as he seems to vanish some times into thin air with only seeing a shadow leave. I guess if he truly is what he says he is he can take any shape or form he truly wants to. I don't understand it.

She stood there waiting on me as Irovagh who barreled into the garage parking lot, almost hitting Draxen who was parked there he skidded his Ceptor to a stop nearly missing him. The smile spreading across Soyala's face upon seeing me. She looked beautiful standing there. Irovagh had packed all the gear into the trunk and back seat of his ceptor. He flung open the drivers side door stepping out smiling at her. She returned his smile through the mask she wore pulling it down so he could see her lips. He walked to her wrapping his arms around her lifting her off the ground placing his lips against hers and kissing her once. then kissed her again pressing his tongue between her lips and letting their tongues dance briefly. After pulling back from the kiss that she wanted he smiled up at her. She was giggling at him dangling her feet to the ground. He let her slide down his muscled chest so her feet once again touched the ground. He felt as though everything was perfect for a moment he had his love and an open road. He had left the dogs against their own protests to protect the firehouse and airstrip. They would be fine he filled their water and left them plenty of food, enough to last them a week easily if not longer. He filled enough barrels of water to last a month just in case. She saw the worry cross his mind for a brief moment and asked him what was wrong he looked back at her smiling. "Nothing love just taking a mental note of everything, making sure I didn't forget anything."

He opened her car door leaving it open for her to shut and walked around the car. He climbed in shutting the door leaning over to kiss her again. She smiled as his lips touched hers sighing deeply as if she didn't want to stop. He winked up at her and gave her an encouraging smile. Mixed emotions flooded her mind about Boneclaw and the trip south. She knew deep in her soul that it needed to be done. She had to go to Boneclaw and learn more about the CHOTA. He wished that she would give it up after all the stuff they made her do but knew that wouldn't happen. Forcing someone to contract tetanus, Who does this? Tetanus can kill you. Most of them CHOTA are too wild for their own good. Leads to early graves. But who was Iro to judge, he had been killing people for money for damn near 20 years and his memories said longer than that. He reached over turning the ignition it firing on the first time as always. He pushed the clutch to the floor and shifted it into first spinning the tires he bolted down the road shifting it into second then third and so on. Iro reached over placing his hand on Soya's thing giving it a light squeeze. She looked up at him smiling. He then ran his hand up and down her thigh a few times giving it light squeezes and making her feel good he leaned over the best her could kissing her cheek and neck swerving to miss piece of debris in the road.

After some time of riding she kicked off her boots and reached back into her bag pulling her journal up and began writing, it wasn't a long entry but he was sure she put down what she wanted to as the engine purred heading down he road. She laid back in his lap and smiled at him as shot her feet out the window. He brushed her hair back and she said before i forget i need to stop in Zaneville. Irovagh nodded and pushed the peddle to the floor again. They arrived at Zanesville. Irovagh looked down to Soyala laying in his lap telling her he couldn't get out of the car in case someone recognized him. She understood and nodded. They pulled up and parked on the main strip as she climbed out Torlek appeared. Irovagh was a bit curious. Soyala walked around the car Torlek spoke briefly nodding to Irovagh. he placed a piece of paper into Soya's hand and as she looked down he vanished again. Irovagh smiled as he knew almost instantly. The man had done good. Soyala climbed back into the car a bit perplexed at what she had just seen or didn't see. Irovagh told her that he does that. She still looked confused as they drove down to Depot 66 to sleep for the night. As they pulled in to a place just outside of town Soya grew antsy. Irovagh wasn't thinking about it at first. The place was an old burnt out church. He owned it but there was a pulpit still standing inside. When Soya saw it she froze. He apologized but somehow knew his apology wasn't enough. He led her away back to the car after smashing the wooden pulpit. They drove on into Depot 66 and stayed at one of J's safe houses. The night progressed on they sat there talking softly in the candle lit room. She had calmed down and he kissed her neck shoulders and lips...

After making love she fell fast asleep in his arms laying there naked she slept soundly. He sat up looking out the window as if he needed to knowing the first full moon was close. He climbed up off the pallet covering her back up kissing her forehead gently. She reacted by smiling as she had every time he kissed her forehead.


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After climbing out of bed he crept out the door trying his best not to wake her. Irovagh crept down the stairs as if he had done it a million times. He had a job to do and he did not welcome it. He started towards his ceptor and then decided against it. He instead checked his pockets making sure he had his garrote. He had planned to take her silently so he didn't have to look into her eyes. It was bad enough that he had to kill her to begin with. He didn't want to look into her eyes when he did it.

As the door opened Soyala sat upright. She knew he was sneaking off again but this time she wanted to watch him. She slid her pants on pulling her shirt on grabbing her knife just in case. She to crept out the door like a thief in the night. She had watched his shadow briefly disappear from time to time. Picking him back up and continued following him for about three miles outside of Depot 66. Where he stopped dropping his coat. She could make out his shape a lot better now that they had ventured far enough outside away from the lights of the small town. The moon beamed down on him showing off his form. She watched him stoop down undoing his holsters and laying them on his coat. As far as she could tell he was going to change and quickly started looking around to make sure no one was around. He surprised her when he reached down picking up something he turned his head towards her his eyes glowing in the moonlight. She crouched down suddenly thinking her saw her.  He looked to be holding a thin piece of string in his hand. She searched her memories finding it. A garrote wire. He was going to kill someone she instantly thought. As she was distracted he had begun walking again. She turned her head up seeing him and began to follow again. The glow of a campfire came into view which distracted her for a moment when she looked back to find him he was gone. She assumed he was going towards the campfire and headed slowly that way making sure she didn't make a noise.

After dumping his gear he looked back briefly seeing her. His eyes glowed in the moonlight. He knew she was following and he thought better of it to let her know. Her emotions were too revealing for him and he always knew. He didn't let her know that he knew. He just let her follow him. He stood back up while she was briefly distracted and kept his course. Her thoughts gave her away. They made her a beacon in the night to him, but he chose to not let it distract him. He had a job to do and no matter how much he didn't like it he was going to succeed. He walked on for another mile or so when the glow of a campfire lit the horizon up. The soft orange glow made it hard to hide but he managed to do just that. He crept up a small distance from the fire when a soft female voice shouted don't move or I will shoot you where you are. Now reveal yourself.

Soyala jumped slightly from the shadows when she heard the voice. Irovagh stood up from behind the small rock he was behind and Soyala let a soft sigh escape her lips. She watched as Iro walked towards the woman who held a crossbow leveled at Iro's chest. Her heart jumped a beat or two. She watched as Iro walked towards the strange woman. She also watched as the woman let out her own sigh lowering her crossbow. She watched Iro walk calmly towards the woman and the fire. Then the rage began to boil in her as the woman stretched her arms out wrapping them around his neck. She watched for a minute as Iro showed no emotion. Not even his smile she was so accustomed to. Then she saw it. The knife in his left hand. He had wrapped his arms around this woman who wasn't a stranger to him it seemed. She watched her rage seeping from her as he drew his left hand back plunging the shining blade into her back. The woman looked up touching Iro's face mouthing the words sorry as she went limp in his arms.

Irovagh looked at the woman who recognized him half running to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck. He placed his arms around her waste holding her for a brief moment. He mouthed the words I'm Sorry as he plunged a knife into her back. She in turn told Iro she was sorry touching his face and going limp. Irovagh stooped to the ground laying her on her back pushing her lids open to let her soul escape. A single tear falling from his nose. He reached down moving her shirt to the side pulling off two necklaces she wore. One would be the locket he had given her. The other would be what J wanted to prove she was dead. He stood up pushing her body into the fire. His emotions flooded out. All the women he had been with or had loved at one time or another now were dead.

Soyala watched on and Iro's emotions flooded the area. She was struck with one the one she had viewed with her own eyes through Iro's. This woman was the same woman she had watched as her throat was slit. She now partially understood, but she couldn't fathom how.

Irovagh still stooping down turned his head towards Soyala. His eyes glistened over with with the flickering of the flames. He coyly smiled. Then he stood up walking back towards town.

Soya's heart raced as she couldn't tell if he knew she was there or not. Her thoughts raced through her head. She had to get back before him but he would hear her with his wolf ears. What if he already knew I was here with his telepathy and his smell. The thoughts came faster to her than anything before. She began to half run half walk the distance back to 66. She made it there before him but didn't understand how. she climbed the stairs undressed and lay back on the pallet. Her heart racing when the door opened. She went wide eyed as she saw him walk through the door. She couldn't figure out how he came up the stairs without making a noise. Her heart was still racing...

Irovagh walked back to wear he left his coat and pistols slinging both over his shoulders. He began walking the distance back to 66 arriving moments before Soyala did. He stood beside the building and watched her burst through the door trying to catch her breath. He smiled. As she burst through the upstairs door he opened the downstairs door and began his slow and calculated walk up the stairs. He could hear her stripping her clothes off dropping to the floor next to the pallet. He pushed open the door just as she sat down on the pallet. He smiled at her all his troubles fading.

"I didn't wake you did I?" He calmly stated.

She shook her head still trying to catch her breath. "No I just woke up, bad dream or something."

He smiled at her again. "I am glad. I had to get some fresh air, and if you want to know anything all you have to do is ask as always."

He laid his coat over the dresser hanging his gun belt on a nail he then dropped the locket on the dresser next to his coat kicking off his boots and pants he climbed back down onto the pallet with her. He kissed her lightly as he ran a hand down her back gently causing goosebumps which in turn sent a shiver down her body. He laid down pulling her with him. He kissed the back of her shoulders which eased her mind for a time. After some well placed kisses she was with him again and she rolled over to meet his lips pulling him forcefully to her. After some time they fell asleep in each others arms.


Rovagh's picture

The almost full moon illuminated them as they slept. Soyala snuggled back into Irovagh. They sat on their horses watching them. Three lone figures clad in old black robes with the white collar the only hint of color. The carried rope rifles, clubs and knifes. They were part of an older order than the judges but the judges hired these three. They were hunters. Hunters of the supernatural and they were here for the lovers. Irovagh, Aeree, and Satai had made a fatal mistake. Revealing themselves and their supernatural abilities. Aeree and Satai were both gone. They couldn't be found. But the hunters had been tracking Irovagh's movements for months now. They witnessed Irovagh sink his canines into Soyala. They knew if they allowed him to live that he would wreak havoc, but they had their orders. To bring them in to the judges. Those who found and hired the hunters. It wasn't quite time yet but it would be soon. They would pounce on Irovagh first taking him down then shooting him with a tranquilizer to put him out. It was a tranquilizer that would bring down something the size of a war mammoth from history so they knew it would work on Iro.

Soyala stirred and Iro squeezed her to him instantly waking up. Something was different in the area but he couldn't place it. He looked around a bit trying to place the curiosity he had nipping at the back of his neck. He shrugged it off. He then nestled his face back into Soya's neck and drifted back off to sleep.

The hunters watched the couple at every turn. They weren't completely sure if he was even any trouble or if he was worth their skills.

(back at the compound)

Elder Garowitz' voice boomed, "I want both of them. They are sinners. She is a false profit and needs to be instructed on the ways of our lord and savior! He is an abomination and after I get his secrets I will kill him slowly so he has time to repent his own sins!"

The younger man stood in front of him, "I understand sir, we have found three hunters and they have been relaying information on their movements. They deffinately know their jobs and will not kill them, from what I understand they have tricks and tools to apprehend anyone and anything."

Garowitz snorted a reply, "Then why aren't they in my dungeon already! I want them here now!" slamming his right fist down onto his desk.

The younger man replied, "I will send an urgent dispatch to find out what they are waiting on." He turns and walks away pushing the heavy doors open walking out them.


Rovagh's picture

Chapter One

The three hunter's had roamed back towards town when a Franklin's Rider came barreling down the road on horseback. Two of the hunters drew revolvers the third unslung his rifle aiming at the man on horseback who was charging dead for them. All three cocked their weapons.

The lone rider through his hands up in the air. "I have an urgeant dispatch for a Van Cleef, Von Heer, or Vaz Dugeon."

The three hunters looked at each other lightly snickering. "Well son what is it?" said Van Cleef.

The rider dropped his hands slowly reaching into his satchel withdrawing a letter. He then handed it to Van Cleef's outstretched hand. The Rider waited patiently for payment, when Cleef nodded Dugeon raised one of his revolvers putting a round through the center of the riders forehead. The entrance wound looked like a small calibre where blood began to trickle out of the hole. The horse reared up throwing its not dead rider to the ground. He landed belly down revealing the gory mess from where the rest of his head no longer existed. Cleef began reading the letter aloud to the other hunters.

Masters Cleef, Heer, and Dugeon,

My master has informed me that he is done waiting on you. If you do not fulfill the contract set forth you will be tried and punished by his hand and you will be stripped of your priesthood and never again allowed to ventrue from the confides of our noble house. I want the wolf man and his woman brought to me. You have three days.


Prefect Lomis

Cleef snickered, followed by an uproar from Dugeon and Heer.

The three of them looked at each other shrugged turning their horses back to the campsite where Irovagh and Soyala slept. Heer seemed to be the quiet one of the three and with good reason. He was a expertly trained sniper and took a position on a hill overlooking the camp. The fire had died down to a low flicker. Heer withdrew his rifle taking the prone position looking through his scope of the tranquilizer rifle. He had a perfect aim to put Irovagh down. He had his actual rifle laying next to him in case it went bad. Dugeon and Cleef had crept into the camp area and made nooses they could slip over Irovagh's head and feet. Dugeon stepped on a twig as Soyala and Irovagh bolted upright instantly seeing the two men. Irovagh rolled out of the way just in time as the rope pulled tight nearly missing his head. He rolled to the side with his gun belt in his hand pulling one of his revolvers as he was shot in the neck with the tranquilizer. The pistol fell clumsily from his hand as he reached back pulling the small dart from his neck. Soyala had backed up into their horses trying to mount up. As she pulled herself into the saddle the horse collapsed under her sending her sprawling to the ground.

"Soyala, NO!" Irovagh yelled as she fell from the horse and his world went black. He slumpted to the ground with a thud.

Soyala had found her bowie knife and came up with it clutched in her hand snarling at the two men glancing briefly at her horse then diverting her full attention back to the two attackers who were circling her.

"Come on little lady, we ain't gonna hurt ya. We just going to take you to our boss is all." said Dugeon.

She drew back her knife preparing to lunge at one of the two men when a dull thud hit her in the neck. She reached up finding the dart sticking out of her neck falling unconsciously to the ground.

Heer walked down the hill to the other two men as they tied them both up. Beesh lay on the ground bleeding out from the 30.06 round that penetrated it's skull. As they tied them up Irovagh began to squirm coming too. He overheard the men talking looking around through a blur from his eyes seeing Soyala laid out on the ground once again bound by preachers. His rage began building as he received a painful kick to the ribs and a boot to the temple rendering him unconscious. Little did he know these men knew what they were doing they wore silver tips on their boots carrying silver bladed weapons with silver rounds in their rifle and pistols. They definitely were prepared for the worse if it came to it. Never before would a kick to the temple have put Iro out so fast before. Heer scooped Soya up draping her over his horse tying her feet to her hands under the horses belly. Dugeon and Cleef heaved Iro up on his horse doing the same tying him foot and wrist under his horse. Cleef led Iro's horse taking lead. Heer followed with Soya draped over his saddle, and Dugeon followed in the rear admiring Irovagh's pistols taking them as his own.

Soya stirred a little draped over the saddle. Tears began to flow as she realized what was going on. She had been in this same predicament recently. Then she thought of what her and Irovagh had been talking about before they fell asleep. Would it hurt the baby if she was pregnant draped over the horse like this? A million thoughts crashed through her mind. She managed to turn her head seeing Irovagh bleeding from the facial wound laying limp and tied over the back of his horse. She turned her head back the other way to see this burly man staring at her toying with Iro's pistols. She noticed his robes and the collar at the top of his robes. Recognizing it as an old world symbol of how priests dressed. She began to sob louder and then screamed for help. The Horses stopped and the man on the horse she was on swung his leg over the saddle dropping to the ground. He began tying a sweaty rag over her head gagging her so she couldn't scream any more.

"That will teach ya to be more quiet ma'am," winking at her. He climbed back up into the saddle and the horse began moving again. She laid there watching the ground pass for what seemed like hours when she saw Irovagh move. She made the attempt to scream through the sweat covered rag that was secured in her mouth not making much noise. She heard the man laugh at her attempt. Irovagh began to move his head as he came too. He raised his head looking back seeing Soyala trying to warn him as he looked up taking a silver ringed fist to the side of his face rendering him unconscious yet again.

They stopped outside an old church. All three of the men swinging from their saddles. She now saw the men wore alot of silver. Silver spurs, silver boot tips, each of them carrying silver knifes. She then knew that these men were professionals. They succeeded where others would have failed.


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Chapter Two

The first of three more men emerged through the doors to the rundown church. They were truly judges. They wore the same clothing that all the other judges wore through out the Grand Canyon Province. These were the same evil bastards that had almost had their way with her.

As two came to the horses to un-tie Soya she kicked at them trying frantically to free herself. Then a dull thud took her in the back of the head. She faded to black slumping forward. The hunter had withdrew a blackjack and thumped her a good one rendering her unconscious again. The three judges carried her inside the church and down a spiral set of stairs leading into a deep dungeon.

When Soyala woke groggy with a major headache she looked through her blurred eyes around this room. To one side sat a torture table with tools next to it on a small cart. Across the room from her was Irovagh wearing nothing but chains bolted to the floor and wall. She realized then that she too was naked. Moonlight beamed through a hole in the ceiling. She wondered how long she had been unconscious. The moon wasn't quite full but a little sliver was the only thing missing. Irovagh had crusted blood plastered to his face and more blood still oozed from the open wound above his left eye.

She thought why hadn't it healed, realizing that the ones who came for them wore silver tipped boots and those rings the one had on. Were they silver as well? She struggled slightly realizing she too was chained to the wall with smaller chains around her own wrists and ankles. The cuffs were slightly larger than her wrists but still too small to slip her hands from. Even though she tried it was hopeless. The metal dug into her hand when she pulled as hard as she could pinching a nerve she gave up. She looked up as she heard footsteps. Boot heels came from down the open hallway to her left. Five men entered the room. One in fancy robes, another in blood spattered clothing, and the three hunters that had captured them. They stopped just outside the room talking with hushed voices. She struggled to make it out what they were saying. To no avail that too was useless. The place smelled rank blood littered the floor in different areas. There was also a grate in the center of the room. The floor sloped slightly as to allow water or blood poll to the center and drain down the shaft which looked big enough for a human to fit down.

She was brought back to reality as she heard Irovagh groan. She attempted to speak finding out her mouth was overly dry. She tried to wet her lips and they burnt from her saliva. How long had the been unconscious she thought as a man walked in.

"Two days. You have been out for two days." He walked over to a table near her retrieving a canteen walking back to her. This man looked gentle but just as threatening in her current state, as the other men who captured them. He tilted the canteen up to Soya's mouth pouring some water over her lips. "I am sorry I can't do more but if you don't drink you will die. You are dehydrated, and I am a doctor and prisoner just as you are. The human body can only go without water for about three days at a time and you growing close to that point."

Soyala sipped at the water being poured over her lips. For some reason she trusted this man. And she nodded her head as he spoke truthfully to her. He pulled the canteen back from her slightly giving her a moment to speak.

"Where are we?" She whispered softly.

"I do not know," came his reply. "All I do know is i have been beaten in another room much like this one till I swore I would keep you two alive till they are done with you." He raised up his shirt revealing a protruding rib and major bruising to his torso. He snarled in pain as he raised his arm to show her the busted rib and the bruising. "The are good with their clubs and know exactly how to hurt you and get your oath. I can not deny them they have my wife as well. I do not know where but they have her." Tears began forming in his eyes from the pain and the hurt of him not knowing where his wife was.

Soyala nodded to the man feeling sorry for him. "Sorry," she said mustering her own strength to speak.

"Shhh, keep your strength in reserve. I have a feeling you are going to need it soon." The man said as he pointed over to Irovagh. "He is the one in the most trouble right now. The aim to kill him after they torture him. If I have listened well enough hes your lover?"

Soyala nodded to him slightly. "Irovagh my lover yes."

"And you dear? What can I call you?" He asked.


"I am sorry for this, I truly am, I wish there was something I could do." the man stated.

Boot heels beat the floor once again. Soyala turned her head to see the five men walking into the room. They each took different positions in the room.

"Wake him up," the man in the elegant robes commanded.

The man who had been tending to Soya walked across the room picking up a bucket of water throwing it into Iro's face. The water splashed into him partially rinsing the blood from his open wound. Irovagh shook his head shaking the water out of his face.

"What the fuck is going on!" Iro snapped realizing he was shackled to the wall. He looked across the room at Soyala. "If you fuckers don't let me out of here you are going to be sorry." He growled his eyes beginning to glow a reddish tint.

The man in the elegant robes snapped and a board smacked into Iro's left side breaking his ribs. Irovagh's rage dropped as fast as he let it boil gasping to catch his breath. "Now I have a few rules. First, no cursing. Second, no taking our lords name in vain. Third, no spitting on my floor. My name is Elder Garowitz this person with the stick is Elder Johanson. The three hunters are Masters Cleef, Heer, and Dugeon. We will all provide you with the discipline you lack. Once you swear allegiance to our lord we will kill you quick and hopefully Heaven will open its gates to you as retribution allows."

Irovagh snorted up a loogy lined with blood spitting it at Garowitz. "Fuck you and your god, when I get out of here I am going to eat your fucking heart!"

Soyala let a small grin stretch across her face making sure she was as quiet as possible.

Garowitz snapped his fingers as once again the board cracked into Iro's side sending a roar through his throat.

Iro struggled against the pain and laughed, "Is that the best you fucking pukes can do? Last chance let me out now or you won't be happy when I do get free."

Soyala gasped as she saw the three hunters started walking towards Irovagh. Two of them were carrying a whip type weapon with shiny metal sticking  out from it in multiple places. She recognized the metal as silver.

"Since you are going to be tough we will take care of this, the easy way." Garowitz stated. 

One of the other men pulled a lever and the floor above and below Irovagh turned so his back was now facing Soyala. Garowiz took a few steps backwards as the two hunters moved into place. The third hunter moved around to stand next to Soyala. The other two hunters Dugeon and Cleef began twirling the whips around snapping them into Iro's back opening wounds across his back. Irovagh let out out a howl each time the whips came in contact with him. Soyala tried to turn her head as the third hunter grabbed her head forcing her to watch. With each contact of the whips more flesh was pealed away from his back sending another blood curdling howl into the air filling the room. Soyala's tears flowed freely. This was tearing her apart watching this. Her own rage began building.

"Stop this your huting him she pleaded with them." They continued their punishment oblivious to her screams.

The whips cracked down again as Irovagh's head dropped. His body had sustained more than he could muster and passed out under the sheer amount of pain.


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Chapter Three

As Irovagh passed out his body going limp Soyala began crying uncontrollably. Her tears streamed down her face. She was sure they had killed him. His body was limp and he was bleeding worse than she had ever seen. She only hoped that he could somehow wake up and shape shift and escape this hell hole. Her black tears streamed down her face. She would be lost without him. She glanced up again after all the men had left the room looking over to Irovagh. His skin was flayed from his back. The gashes were deep. She wasn't sure even shifting forms would help him at this time. She thought to herself staring wide eyed at him. Some one's boot falls could be heard approaching again. He head snapped up to see Cleef enter the room with a regular knife in his hand. He walked swiftly up to Soyala running the sharp blade across her inner left thigh.Soyala let out a scream as he cut into her flesh letting her blood seep out running down her bare leg. Then slid the knife into a sheath on his belt drawing a silver knife running it along her right inner thigh producing another cut the blood spilling out of it running down her inner thigh. She again let out another scream.

"You son of a bitch we are going to kill you," she retorted.The rage billowing inside her. She shook her restraints to no avail the were too secure.

"No my dear you are going to be our pleasure after we finish with him. He is our fun you are the pleasure." Cleef smirked. He reached up clutching her jaw between his thumb and forefinger placing a kiss upon her lips.

Soyala bit down on his lip drawing blood taking a piece of his tender flesh as a keepsake. She snarled at him with the piece of his lip hanging out of her mouth.

"You bitch," he raised his hand to his now bleeding lip backhanding her busting her own lip open.

She looked back at him with frenzy in her eyes waiting for the moment to rip his heart out. She turned her head spitting out his blood and flesh snickering. "You'll have to kill me before I let you have me Jish-cha!"

He clutched his lip again seeing the blood pulling faster not fully realizing the damage she had done to him. He clutched at his mouth as he ran down the corridor leading away froom the room.

It was quiet again. She could hear herself think once again. The cuts on her legs were painful. Shee looked down at her naked form taking in the extents of the gashes he had caused on her legs. Why did he do that? She thought to herself. Then it came to her. The regular knife wound will heal faster than the silver wound if I am truly becoming Yenaldlooshi. They seek to find out for their own knowledge. What will they do to me if I am. She pondered her questions as sleep fell upon her.

She was awakened by Irovagh's screams. They were at it again. They were torturing him. he surely couldn't take much more after the whipping they gave him earlier. This time they had knives sticking out of his arms and legs in various places. Tears began to flow instantly from her eyes again. Blood had pooled on the ground at his feet. He kept growling at them. Snarling, he tried to bite them as they stuck anything blade through the meaty portion of his arm. He had about had enough. He changed shapes into his hybrid form. Even the strength form this form was no match for the chains that bound him. He pulled at them trying to free himself. The one man hit him across the face with the stick he had recently used to break his ribs. Irovagh had lost himself with the torture. He had become the hybrid out of pure hatred pure rage. He snapped at one man nearly getting him as his canines clamped down in a vicious swipe. The next man wasn't so lucky. He caught Dugeon by the arm his teeth ripping into his flesh severing the arm at the elbow. The board came down smashing him in the face. Dugeon yanked his arm free tearing the rest of the tender flesh away completely severing his arm. Lose strands of sinew hung from Irovagh's mouth blood pooled spilling out onto his chest spraying the wall as the arm fell to the floor. Irovagh snapped and snarled at the other men who grabbed Dugeon from the floor and ushered him out of the room.

Soyala half happy smiled and grimaced at the same time. She thought hard trying to feel Irovagh with emotion so he would feel her and remember her. Irovagh looked up seeing her making him more furious seeing her bleeding. He tugged at the chains harder trying to break the bond that had him securely fastened to the wall. She knew then that till he got free he wouldn't calm down but she knew he wouldn't hurt her either. She now prayed for the strength to break her own bonds and help free him. She sought guidance from he Anai. I need something. What do I do? She pondered. Irovagh stared at her from across the room his eyes riveted at his true love.


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Chapter Four

Soyala had drifted off to sleep again. Irovagh stood fixed to the wall securely unable to move. he continued to rattle his chains violently. He even stretched out trying to grasp the knives that stuck firmly in his arms with his mouth. He growled with frustration.

The sun was coming up. It was getting hot in the room where they were chained. In walked the man who had helped Soyala giving her knowledge that would eventually help her. Irovagh growled at the man as he approached Soya.

The man spoke in a soft voice to Irovagh. "I will not hurt her. I am a prisoner as you both are. Me and my wife are being held captive as well."He stooped down to the ground setting a bucket he carried in down in front of Soyala nudging her gently to awaken her. "Hello ma'am," as she looked down at him with sleepy eyes. "I am here to clean your wounds." She smiled at him. "Would you like a drink?" he asked. Waiting for her nod to follow. He walked the few steps to the table where he retrieved the canteen then walking back to her. He tilted the canteen letting the water pool in her mouth. "Don't swallow too fast dear as it may give you cramps." he stated warmly. She nodded in acknowledgement. Irovagh let a low growl out. She nodded at him as well. The man stooped down withdrawing a a soap filled rag washing off first her legs examining the gashes the man had done. She flinched slightly from being touched by anyone but Irovagh but she knew he was trying to help so she let him finish. The man then stood up after cleaning the wounds gingerly. He dipped the rag gather a little more water wiping off her lip slightly cleaning the dried blood from it. Her lip was busted open in the same spot as before. "That's not so bad it should be healed in a couple days." She winced as he touched her lip. He then turned to face Irovagh in his hybrid form. "Now what am I going to do with you huh? You need to drink some water yourself or you could die." Irovagh let out a low growl. "I know all about what you could do to me." He points to the arm laying at Irovagh's clawed feet. "Will you allow me to give you some water or is that going to be my fate as well?" Irovagh just snarled at the strange man who seemed to be trying to help. The man walked slowly towards Irovagh with the canteen stretched out in his hands. He got within a good distance and tipped it back as Irovagh tilted his head drinking the water.

The sounds of footsteps brought Irovagh out of his drinking. He turned his head growling. The man stepped away and looked down the hallway seeing the men coming his way. Soyala's head turned as well hearing the foot steps approaching. Once again like before five men entered. One minus an arm at the elbow bandaged up. One minus a piece from his lip who glared at Soyala who smiled back evilly. The two elders with grim expression spread over their face and then the last man.

Garowitz spoke calmly as before. "I am going to give you another chance to comply demon. No Spitting! No Foul Language! Repent your ways! Give yourself over to your lord for punishment and your death will be swift."

Soyala laughed, "He will never do as you wish. He is what he is and he loves me not your false god. If your god was so almighty and truly cared what happened down here he would interfere in your methods. You are truly jish–cha!"

The Elder looked at her, "Shut your mouth woman, you will get yours soon enough. I am going going to enjoy watching your torture the most." Do your worst to this abomination." Makes a motion at Irovagh.

Irovagh snarls around the room watching for the first attack. Growling more ferocious than he ever has before. His growls sending shivers up Soyala's spine. He bangs pulling on his restraints even harder attempting to break free as the whips begin twirling. The first attack coming form the Elder with the club smashing his ribs that had just healed. The first whip came from the one armed man named Dugeon. "I will destroy you for taking my arm!" Snap! The whip comes down dragging through Iro's fur ripping into his flesh. Snap! The other whip comes down ripping through his fur and flesh. Blood began to seep out of the wounds being opened on Irovagh's body. He continued to growl, snarl, and howl as each whip struck him again and again. He tugged at his restraints harder loosening one from the wall. After several more lashes the whips stopped and the board began to crack in to his mid section again. This time the man broke it against his ribs. Irovagh growled panting as they stopped their onslaught against him. Once again blood trickled to the floor from the open wounds causeing mats in his fur and pooling around his feet. The men had cleared out for some time once again.


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Chapter Five

Irovagh watched the man leave his hazel green eyes locked on him. He snarled slightly as the man disappeared down the hallway. Soyala looked up at Irvoagh smiling. She wanted so much for him to touch her. Irovagh's hazel gaze shifted to her then through the opening in the ceiling of this damnable place. The sun was dropping faster than he had anticipated. The way she looked at him in his hybrid formed worried him. He stared back at her trying to calm his emotions. The knives stuck in in his arms and legs kept his rage beating. Seeing Soyala chained against the wall also kept his rage boiling. Se looked at him with worry. She didn't think either of them were going to survive this. He continued to try to calm himself. He drew strength from her gaze. He leaned his head back howling up at the rising moon. He then drew in what he could in his weakened sate shape shifting back into human form. Soyala gasped as she saw the blood dripping from his arms and legs the cuts the whips had made left multiple wounds and flesh shredded from his body. The shifting from hybrid to human form was enough to drain him again. He barely was able to look up mouthing the words I love you to Soyala passing out once again.

Tears began to flow from her eyes as she watched him slump over again. She hated seeing him like this. She looked skyward seeing the moonlight begin to beam down through the opening. If it was going to happen it would happen at anytime. She looked down to either shoulder looking at the scars Irovagh had left in her flesh. Her tears hit the scars. She looked back up to him tugging the at her own bindings again. She didn't weep for herself. She wept for Irovagh hanging limply in his bindings. She didn't know how much more blood he could possibly lose. She knew he was strong but she didn't know how much more he could handle. She had watched him sustain more damage than twenty people could endure. What he went through would kill a lesser man. It may still kill him.

Just when she thought she would doze off again suspended there the sounds of foot steps began echoing down the long corridor. Her head snapped up looking, trying to see who was coming. Garowitz was the first to enter the room, followed by Johanson. They were the only two to enter this time. Johanson carried two buckets of water. Soyala watched the men closely. Johanson walked over infront of Irovagh setting the buckets down in front of him.

"Wake him up!" Garowitz barked.

Johanson picked up one of the buckets throwing it on Irovagh. Irovagh woke up with a roar erupting from his throat. His cuts burning fiercely from where the water was splashed on him. Irovagh's eyes glowed brightly at the man as the salt that was in the water burnt more than any of the other wounds he had sustained. Irovagh looked back and forth between the two men his rage peeking again.

From behind the two men Soyala screamed at them, "What are you doing to him?" As she watched the pain spread across her lovers face.

Garowitz spoke, "Only some salt added to the water, Its a common thing used in torture to keep the body alert."

"Stop it!" Soyala screamed at them.

Garowitz walked over to the table retrieving a small metal cup. He then slowly walked back to the bucket bending down dipping the cup into the water filling it up. He then stood back up walking towards Soyala tipping the cup splashing it on her. The salt instantly finding the open wounds on her legs and lip. Soyala's head snapped backwards letting out a blood curdling scream that caused Irovagh to raise his head panting.

"Leave her alone you mother fucker's." Irovagh said his voice harsh.

Garowitz walked across the room dropping the small metal cup into the bucket of water as he passed pulling back his sleeve on his right arm revealing for silver rings. He punched Irovagh in the face several times splitting his lip and eye open again.

"I have warned you son about using foul language in my presence. If it continues you will not be happy about the outcome." Garowitz retorted.

"Do your worse to me. You will never get what you wish from me. I will gladly die before I give you what you want. Now either let us the fuck loose or you will not survive the night." Irovagh stated speaking in a soft hoarse voice.

Garowitz raised his hand again striking Irovagh several more times opening new wounds on his face.

"Your threats ring hollow in my home. You are an abomination. You brought this on yourself after all. Your bitch got what was coming to her. She was lucky you arrived when you did. She was being put down like the rabid animal she is." Garowitz snapped at Irovagh.

His words hit the right nerve as Irovagh jerked his arm ripping the chain out of the wall snatching Garowitz by the throat he began squeezing. The chain rattled against the floor as Irovagh hand tightened trying to squeeze the life from the man. Just when he thought it would go his way Soyala screamed and Irovagh went limp from the board crashing down over the back of his head. More blood began to seep out of the wound opened on the back of his head. Irovagh's grip loosened releasing Garowitz. He gasped trying to catch his breath massaging his throat. Johanson moved to his side.

"Can you breath sir?"

"Yes I can breath." Came the reply from Garowitz.

Soyala stared wide eyed watching this exchange. She truly thought they were getting out of here when she saw the bolts snap under the pressure Irovagh emitted pulling the chain from the wall. The two men stood up tall once again and walked down the corridor leaving them alone once again.


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Chapter Six

Irovagh was slumped over hanging by his right arm, his knees on the floor. He looked like a rag doll hanging there. Soyala stared across the room at him.

"Iro, Iro, Irovagh. Come on wake up. Please wake up." Soya said.

Irovagh stirred slightly after hearing her voice. He raised his head trying to see her past the blood that had run into his face and eyes. The wound where Johanson had smacked him the back of the head had already healed but the blood still had time to matt his hair. He reached back feeling the area that had been busted open an hour or so prior. The moon was high in the sky now and his body was slowly healing itself. He took the moment to reach up sliding the knives out of his bicep and forearm that were so cleverly shoved through the meaty portion of his arms. The wounds began healing. He then reached down pulling the knives out of his thighs causing more blood to spill out on to the floor. He grunted with each pull of the blades. Most of the wounds would not heal quickly as most were done with silver. But some had healed partially. He couldn't reach the other daggers in his free arm. They were painful. He looked up at Soya who watched him. He shook his head.

"I don't know how much longer they will torture me. When they get done with me they will move to you. You need to find a way to free yourself. Get help and come back for me." Irovagh stated.

She still watched, transfixed on him. She was losing her inner struggle and she was letting herself free. She occasionally tugged at the chains trying to weaken the bolts from the wall as he had done. Her ears perked up as the foot steps came again. Both Irovagh and Soyala now watched down the corridor. The five familiar faces appeared in the doorway. Irovagh reached down picking up one of the knifes.

"Well well well, it seems as though you are trying to escape." came Garowitz' voice.

He walked through the other four men carrying a sword of elegant craft. The blade shined in the candle and moonlight. Irovagh knew what this meant. He looked up at Soyala. Soyala returned his gaze. She looked at the men mustering a smile

"If you let him go I will vouge my loyalty to you and your god." Her tears silently flowed once again.

Garowitz turned his head abruptly towards Soya. "You would do this to save him?"

She nodded, "I would do anything for him."

"Very well," Garowitz retorted. He turned motioning for Cleef to unshackle her.

Cleef walked slowly to Soya, smiling. Upon reaching her he ran his hand gently up her body caressing her then continued his reach up her arms undoing the shackles fastened securely around each wrist. He then stooped down to the ground to undo the ones fastened around her ankles. He looked up at her body smirking. She returned his look coyly. She was mere seconds away from her plan working. As Cleef stood up she jerked as he ran his hands up her inner thigh. Standing completely up facing her he smirked again. She smiled revealing canine fangs and leaned in, tearing into his meaty throat, her eyes ringed with a slight tinge of red. She ripped out Cleef's throat snarling at the others as they fell over themselves watching her hands contort into long slender claws. Irovagh gazed on. He began to reach down and unshackle his ankles as best he could. His own eyes began glowing brightly as the rage swam in him. He reached up as he saw Soyala charge across the room leaping onto Heer, slashing with her newly formed claws, taking half his flesh from his face with one swipe sending blood and hair flying down to the floor. Johanson and Garowitz stumbled over each other fleeing down the corridor. Heer in pain reached for his pistol drawing it firing two rounds at Soyala. The first one went wide, the second one grazed her neck. She tackled him to the ground ripping into his chest as he screamed, breaking his rib cage and ripping his heart from the now bloody mess of his chest.  Her eyes looked up to Irovagh fighting with his last shackle. She growled at him. Irovagh fought with the shackle taking the opportunity to break it free. He turned his head towards Soya as she came towards him. She stretched her hand out, back handing him across the face. His head snapped back, his eyes glowing more brightly. He shape shifted into his hybrid form ripping the chain from the wall with only a slight pull. He could almost see her smile. They looked at the last man standing in the doorway transfixed on the situation. The last hunter made the attempt to run falling backwards over his own feet and slamming into the concrete floor. He went into shock as Soya crouched down over him shoving her newly clawed hand into the mans chest sending blood tissue and bone against the walls.

Irovagh had finished withdrawing the last of the silver blades from his arms and was now hunched over standing behind her. He pushed passed her heading down the hallway. She turned slamming him into the wall. A low growl escaped his throat as he let her lead their path down the hallway to a set of stairs that extended upwards in a spiral.


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Soya’s heart thundered in her chest as she crouched against the wall, watching the door as Iro pulled the silver laced knives out of his flesh. The wounds oozed blood and plasma, kept fresh by the toxic metal. The last of the blades he could reach fell to the stone floor. Iro knelt there, trying to regain any strength his body would afford him.

"I don't know how much longer they will torture me. When they get done with me they will move to you. You need to find a way to free yourself. Get help and come back for me." Irovagh stated.

Soya shook her head back and forth as he spoke. Hadn’t he learned by how just how stubborn she could be? She started to reprimand him when boot falls echoed down the hall and the door was pushed open yet again.

She kept silent and still as they walked into the room. The silver sword reflected the light of the precious moon that filtered in from a small window. Irovagh gave her a solemn look. She kept her face as blank as possible as they shared the moment, knowing what the men had in store.

“You are your fathers daughter”, she told herself. Bolstering her courage, she stood up, head held high. She forced herself to stand there, unashamed of her current condition. Cleef and Heer instantly looked at her as she took a step away from the wall.

“If you let him go, I will vow my loyalty to you and your god”. Her voice rang clear in the stone walled chamber. Even as she spoke, silent black tears flowed down her cheeks.

Garowitz looked at her curiously. “You would do this to save him?”

Slowly, and without hesitation, she nodded in reply, “I would do anything for him”.

The man considered her words for a moment before motioning to the man she’d bit earlier. “Very well”.

Cleef walked a bit more cautiously towards her this time. His lip was a reminder to him that sharp teeth hid behind her soft lips. He leered at her as he approached, eyeing her like a piece of fresh meat. Soya stood stoically, even as his calloused and repellent hands groped her body. She rubbed her wrists as she waited for him to unshackle her feet. “shideezhi, you do not need do this. Let me” Soya struggled with the inner voice who had been arguing with her now for some time. What did it mean by ‘let me’ It was like time slowed down while she watched Cleef work on the last ankle cuff. Soya closed her eyes and in that split moment she gave into voice and gave herself over.

As Cleef stood up, he dragged his hand up her inner thigh adding a quick grip to the cut he gave her earlier. Soya winced, but held her ground. He came to his full height in front of her with his lecherous grin. She looked up at him and slowly gave him a grin of her own. Before he could react she reached up and gripped his shoulders, leaning into his throat and sinking the sharp canines in. Her teeth tore through flesh and tendon, tearing his wind pipe free. As black as her eyes normally were, a red ring tinged the irises as she looked towards the other men who stood in shock.

The once demure girl stood there, closing her eyes again for a brief moment as her thin fingers lengthened, or seemed to. The nails that extended were long and sharp. She opened her eyes and set her sights on her next prey. Heer back peddled as her gaze fell on him. She charged across the room and leapt at him, racking his face with her razor like claws.

Irovagh stood there for a moment, registering the transformation he was seeing and finally understood what happened. Like last time, she had no recollection of what happened because she wasn’t in control, someone else was. ‘Time to think about that later, he thought before he went back to struggling with the ankle restraints. He glanced up several times, once as she swiped her claws across the hunters face. Irovagh quickened his efforts as Heer, in a terrified panic, pulled a revolver and tried to focus. His first shot went wide, striking the stone wall behind Soya, the second grazed her neck, pissing her off even more. She pounced, slamming him down to the ground. In a sudden burst of strength, she punched downward, breaking bone and ripping flesh, as her hand made entry into the man’s chest. His heart was still beating in her hand when she pulled it from the mess.

Irovagh could feel the new influx of anger and hate coming from her, but it was coming from another, someone else who inhabited her form. He struggled with the last shackle and stood up just as she walked up and back handed him across the face. The sudden move was the catalyst he needed to shift back into his skin walker form and yank the chain away from the wall.

The hunter called Dugeon tried to collect himself, fidgeting with the only weapon he head left. He took a step back into the hall and raised his arm to throw the knife at her. In that moment she rushed him, her whole five foot four frame tackled him. In a heartbeat he was dead, his life’s blood covering her in a thin layer.

Irovagh started down the hall corridor when Soya shoved him against the blood splattered wall. For as small as she was, the mutations, along with the effects of his bite, gave her the strength of a six foot eight line man. She looked up into his wolfish face, her own as impassive as can be. He may have been bigger, but she took the lead, heading down the hall. One thing was clear though, Garowitz was his kill.

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Chapter Seven

The sound reached both of them as they looked up the stairs. The church bell tolled and a man could be heard reciting something. It was the same man that had taken care of them. He sat huddled in a corner of the hallway up the stairs. He spoke:

"I watched as the lamb opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the seven living creatures say in a voice like thunder, "Come!" I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest.
When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, "Come!" Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make men slay each other. To him was given a huge sword.

When the Lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, "Come!" I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, "A quart of wheat for a day's wages, and three quarts of barley for a day's wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!"

When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, "Come!" I looked and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hell was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth."

He looked up seeing Soyala and Irovagh glaring at him. The man pointed at the cell where his wife had been beaten to death and butchered. The view in the cell was gruesome. It appeared that she had been raped and tortured beyond humanly possible. Her neck was nearly cleaved in two. Her body remained stretched out naked on the crude slab with her arms and legs bent at odd angles. This only fueled the rage that boiled in both Soyala and Irovagh. They both looked at the man snarling a warning to stay out of their way. The man nodded in understanding, passing them and heading back down into the lower chamber.

The couple climbed more stairs and were greeted by several more judges. The judges stared wide eyed at the pair, transfixed and scared. They finally got a glimpse of what they were facing. Pure fear crossed their faces. Irovagh and Soya leaped almost simultaneously tearing through the judges that stood in their way. Blood and sinew were sent flying in all directions as the ripped each of them apart.

At the far end of the upper corridor stood a locked door with two men guarding it. This was the room they wanted. One of the two men was Johanson, the other another judge wore prefect robes. He glanced a sideways glance at Soyala who started running down the long hallway. Irovagh leapt forward digging his claws into the loose cobblestone, dropping to all fours and charging them. Soyala reached the men first slashing her long nails through the tender flesh of the prefect while sending a back kick into Johanson sending him flailing against the wall. Irovagh leaped over them putting his weight into the wooden door sending splinters flying everywhere. Soyala sunk her canines into the prefect’s throat, ripping it out before turning to Johanson. He had drawn two daggers, making an attempt to face her down.

Storm had been driving by the old dilapidated church when he heard vicious growling and screaming coming from a grate in the soft earth. He wandered over to the grate peering down to see a werewolf partially chained to a wall and an unclothed blue haired woman ripping through the tender flesh of a man who had just tried to shoot her. The woman looked familiar but different. Then it dawned on him. That was Irovagh and Soyala. He took off in a sprint towards the front of the church. Storm slammed into the doors of the old church, bruising his shoulder slightly when the doors failed to budge. He looked around seeing four horses tethered up at a watering trough not far off. He made his way over untying the horses and leading them over to the huge double doors. He tied ropes to their saddles and then bound them to the doors. He slapped the horse on their rumps and fired a few rounds in the air, sending the horses running. Storm stood back as they pulled the doors open and off their hinges.

The sight before him was pure disgust. There were bodies spread out on the floor. The smell of death and decay hit him full on as a hot wasteland breeze rushed through the holes in the church and out the newly opened doors. He took a moment, fighting the urge to retch as two men came running from a back doorway. Without hesitation, Storm drew his pistols sending the two men flailing to the floor with clean shots to the head of each of the men. He half smirked looking around for more targets. Cautiously he walked into the center of the room just as more judges poured out into the room, charging him. He carefully placed several shots into the men, emptying the rounds from his pistols. In one fluid motion he flipped his pistols over in his hands and used the butts of his pistols as hammers, bashing in the skulls of the other four men who charged him. He reacted on instinct, having no time to think about it if he was going to help his friends.

Irovagh glanced back at Soyala as she tore into Johanson, devouring his heart in a bloody mess. He turned his attention to the last man standing. Garowitz stood there with his elegant sword extended out in front of him like a rookie fencer. Iro snarled at the man revealing the canines that he was about to rip this man apart with. The Elder realized he was already dead, but wasn't about to give up. He was going to die, then so was the creature before him. Irovagh contemplated the best approach. He knew all too well that a man or animal pinned in a corner could be a fearsome foe so he cautiously stalked the sword bearing man, moving closer with each step of his heavy paws. Soyala crouched over the broken and bloody body of Johanson as she watched this short game of cat and mouse.

Irovagh continued to move closer, within striking distance. Garowitz sword came up almost intuitively as Iro lunged at the man. The sword ripping through Iro's chest nearly missing his heart just as he sank his fangs deep into the man who now folded in two from the impact. Irovagh ripped into the man’s chest as he lay there gasping his last breaths of air. Iro devoured his enemies heart in one bite. Irovagh tilted his head back letting a howl rip through his throat. With the sword sticking out of his chest, he collapsed shifting back into human form and falling unconscious. Soyala rushed to his side as her own slight form regressed. She grasped the hilt of the sword and withdrew the tainted blade from his chest.

At the top of the stairs Storm had reloaded his pistols and continued to blast the judges who retreated, trying to escape. He sent them two by two back to the hell they crawled from, a smile on his face the whole time. These men were somehow responsible for Iro's and Soya's imprisonment and he wasn't about to let any of them flee the scene.


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Chapter Eight

Irovagh looked up at Soyala smiling painfully at her, his eyes rolled back and closed. Soyala's tears once again began to flow as she frantically searched for his heartbeat. Her thoughts clouded her mind. Had Garowitz truly killed him? She laid her head down to his chest hearing his heart beating weakly. A soft sigh escape her lips. She placed a kiss lightly on his lips. Blood oozed from the open wound in his chest and back. A pool of blood had begun to stain the floor under him. She leaned over him, her strength returning to normal again. She struggled trying to roll Irovagh up on his side. She ran her hand down his back trying to find the wound. Upon finding it with the tips of her fingers she realized that she needed to bandage it up.

Storm had found his way to the stairs and began to venture down them after he finished off the last few judges that came about. As he came out of the small alcove that housed the stairs his eyes transfixed on the gory mess on the walls. Blood and entrails lined the wall. He turned his head, looking around seeing Soyala hunched over Irovagh in a room at the far end of the hall. He walked slow and cautiously down the corridor. Soyala briefly raised her head becoming more alert when her eyes met Storm's, she paused letting out a soft sigh. Storm ran to them hopping over the two bodies lying in the corridor. He holstered his revolvers seeing the mess down Soya's face of smeared blood and tears. He slid off his duster draping it over Soya's shoulders. She reached up pulling it around her for the first time realizing she was still naked. She grimaced at Storm who shook his head lightly.

"What’s the problem?" he stated looking down at the blood pooling under Iro.

"He's bleeding badly. We need to get him bandaged up." Soyala said urgently.

Storm nodded, "I'll find some bandages."

He charged off down the hall looking in rooms as he passed them. Finding a cabinet in what looked like a medical room he burst through the door, flinging the cabinet open finding medical supplies. He gathered up bandages and went running back down the hall to where his friends were. Upon entering the room, Storm stumbled slightly, catching his balance and sliding to his knees next to Soyala and Irovagh. Soyala struggled to tilt Iro up so Storm could bandage him up. He wrapped the bandage around the bleeding man’s chest, sealing the wounds securely. Hopefully the bandage would slow the bleeding. Soya looked up at Storm.

"How did you find us?"

"With a little luck I guess. I was driving by when I heard the screams and howling. I stopped to check it out, that's when I saw you, realizing you could use some help." Storm cleared his throat.

"Thank you. We are in your debt." She whispered, still worried about Iro’s condition.

Storm nodded as he finished up tying the bandage. "Is he going to be ok?"

"I honestly do not know." She stated. "But I hope so." Tears trickled down her face.

Storm looked over at her once again. "How did this happen? Why are you here?"

She went on to fill him in on everything that has happened. Occasionally leaning down to listen for Irovagh's heartbeat and check his breathing. She realized it would take a lot longer for him to recover than it has in other situations. She lightly ran her fingers over the gashes where he had been whipped. Most of them had closed up. The holes in his arms from where the silver daggers were jabbed through had also slowly begun to close. He was still in very bad shape.


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Chapter Nine

After bandaging him up Soya and Storm picked him off the floor. Storm stooping down hoisting Iro up on his shoulders in a fireman carry. He carried him up the stairs as Soya stealth-ed back through the dungeon finding their gear most tattered from where they cut it off Irovagh. She found his holsters but had forgotten that the hunter had taken his pistols. She slipped her own clothes on heading to the stairs and ascending them when a noise brought her out of her daze. She quickly crouched down waiting to spring at the target when she saw the unnamed man approaching. He carried two revolvers. She instantly realized they were Iro's. The man extended his hand trying not to get to close to her as he had seen what she became. He was frightened. She smiled taking the guns from him turning she went up the stairs. The man stood there watching her go up the long spiral staircase. A smile stretching across his face. He rubbed his hands together pleased that he had fulfilled his job so aptly. If this was a movie he would have been awarded an academy award. He smirked again pulling a radio off his belt.

"Jaina, it was successful. Neither of them are any of the wiser. Our plan is succeeding."

"Good," came the reply from a female voice.

He walked quietly up the stairs as he looked at the bodies piled around. He slipped through a window and out across the field where his dune buggy waited. He climbed in and took off towards The Ark.

Storm and Soya hastily dressed Iro as he stirred lightly. He slowly opened his eyes tipping his hand to his mouth as if asking for water. Storm bolted to his motorcycle withdrawing a canteen the full on running back to Iro and Soya. He tipped the canteen up as the water poured down his throat. He swallowed slowly.

"Now look who the damsel in distress is." He laughed softly.

Both Soya and Storm let out a small chuckled in relief to Iro's humor of the situation. They helped Iro to his horse. Soya climbed up in the saddle inf ront of him as her horse was no where to be seen. Storm looked up at the couple.

"Will you both be OK? he asked.

Soya nodded for both of them. Storm kicked his bike starter and took off down the road. Soya nudged Iro's horse forward as they began their long ride home.


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 Irovagh watched her walk out of Beau's, her ass shaking as she walked towards the door. Damn she looks great in skirts, he thought watching as she glanced back, giving him a demure smile just as she walked out the door. She had just got done dancing for him in the crowded bar. He’d ran his hands up her thighs while she swayed and dipped her hips, teasing him. Irovagh was so turned on by her dancing that he would have pounced her there if there wasn't so many people about. The only thought crossing his mind was her telling him... "You know where I will be." Winking at him just sent him into a frenzy. He wanted her just as bad as always.

There was plenty of time for that later. He hadn't spent much time with the family and chose to let Soyala sleep for a little while. He strolled around the bar talking to others occasionally. After speaking with a few members from the organization known as Saints Inc Irovagh decided it was time to speak with Tony Archer and figure out just what the hell he had done. Irovagh had thought he had backed off from harassing Andrea but it seemed some folks still held a grudge against him. So he watched and waited for Archer to show up. He was speaking to Moiraine when he caught Archers smell over the booze and smoke. Irovagh excused himself, walking out of the bar finding Archer just as he was about to enter. He nudged Archer and told him to follow. Archer did so reluctantly.

"What is going on," Iro stated.

"What do you mean?" Came the reply.

"Have you messed with Andrea since I told you not to?" he questioned Archer

"No I haven't. I told you I would leave her alone but those other Saints members are out for blood against me. Got shot in the ass last week by one of them."

"Ok lets get to the bottom of this." Irovagh stated leading Tony inside.

After some discussion Irovagh was able to help settle the dispute and Archer and Sarah both said that no further actions would be taken against Archer and that the ordeal was over. Irovagh smiled at the outcome and left them, heading to the bar.

Several minutes later Cole Wilson approached Irovagh asking to speak to him for a few minutes. Cole was a member of the Brenhauer Traveler Family. They are a bit of royalty among the Travelers. Irovagh has always thought they were too uppity for his tastes and usually steered clear from them. Not being 100% Italian had its disadvantages and its advantages. This was one of them. He never had to rub elbows with the rich and could let himself gain his own form of power with fear as he had done for so long thanks to Janitor's help and influence. Cole offered Irovagh a deal and was finishing the negotiations when a shot rang out from Archer's rifle. Nat clutched her chest and fell backwards to the floor next to the pool table. She and Archer had been fist fighting, beating the shit out of each other. Archer must have had enough and pulled his rifle out firing one shot into Nat's chest killing her instantly. Several rushed to Nat's aid. Irovagh was the first to arrive checking Nat's wound realizing she was dead. He glanced up at Archer just as Scrap slid his knives from his belt slashing with lightening speed at Archers’ jugular. Archer reached up clutching his neck as blood began to spill. Irovagh calmly stood up drawing his pistol and firing six shots into Archer's chest at point blank range, sending him spiraling to the floor in a bloody mess. Irovagh and Scrap looked at each other as if to say “good work” to each other.

Cole came running over trying to figure out what the hell had just happened.  He frowned, realizing that the deal he and Irovagh had just worked out came to a standstill. Irovagh turned to Cole and apologized, pouring a half a bottle of whisky on Archer's corpse. Scrap struck his Zippo, lighting the corpse on fire. The smell of burning flesh began to fill the bar as several patrons barreled out into the street. The last to leave were those of Invicta who’d joined each other on the porch outside.

After standing there talking for a time, Jerik spotted a dark figure leap off the roof across the street. Irovagh darted across the street to figure out what was going on when Jerik announced that it looked like a ninja of sorts. The first thought was it was a Light Bearer who’d come to settle the score with Irovagh personally.

He sniffed around the area gaining a familiar scent. It was Dan or smelled like Dan. The scent though was very weird and it carried a charge, like static. After several minutes of discussion and problem solving and Nat using a device on Scrap which caused him to vanish, they deduced that Dan had been infected with an electric charge causing him to vanish from reality to some extent. Irovagh came up with the idea that they could use Lifenet and possibly bring Dan back to the real world.  They headed to the large lifenet facility at the airstrip. With Nat's aid they hacked into Lifenet who dispatched a cyborg clone who appeared to look like Dan. It spoke in a garbled synthetic voice. It smelled different than Dan but at the same time, smelled familiar. Irovagh crouched down ready to spring as the first axe caught Irovagh in the shoulder, slicing deep into his flesh. Nat and Wichita ran out the door as the clone ripped the axe from Iro's shoulder spilling blood onto the floor of the facility. Irovagh's shoulder began mending itself as he jumped up from the ground.  He charged the clone, tackling him to the ground. Irovagh was thrown backwards by the cyborg’s amazing strength. Irovagh, not one to give up, with his rage boiling hopped to his feet shredding his clothes as he shifted into his human/wolf hybrid form and advanced, slashing the cyborg with his claws.  He pushed him out the door of the facility as he continued to slash the cyborg of Dan into ribbons with his claws. Dan went limp to the ground as Irovagh ripped through his chest with his enlarged canines devouring Dans metallic tasting heart, letting blood spill down his chest. Irovagh shifted back to human form as Wichita rode up on her bike and Nat exited the facility. Irovagh's wounds began to close Wichita watching the wounds heal themselves with much better precision than a nanite could do. Her eyes went wide at the site of his healing factor. Jerik wandered back up as Irovagh walked to his car grabbing a pair of pants and pulled them on over his naked form. He walked back over explaining the situation to Jerik while Nat tried to catch her breath. He drug the body to a fire he’d started and tossed it in before walking back into the facility and down the stairs, disappearing for a few moments.

He ran a check on what Dan's location is revealing nothing but Nat's name and the responsibility for Dan's missing persona. Lifenet spit out the sheet of paper he had requested stating Nat had been infected with the Tetrax virus. Irovagh gathered his gear Nats laptop and the printout and heading out of the facility turning he put two holes through the center of the terminal covering his tracks so no one else could access his hacked terminal. He casually and calmly walked back out of the facility stopping at Nat. Jerik, and Wichita. He glanced at Nat then walked to his car dumping his shredded gear withdrawing a nanite extractor, he walked to Nat carrying the extractor He held out the piece of paper letting Nat take it to read it. Nat's eyes went wide at the information. "Your arm Nat," holding the extractor out. Nat did as he said as he stuck the extractor into her arm withdrawing the nanites. Nat hissed revealing her fangs at the pain. Irovagh with the sample went back to his car raising the hidden compartment up under his trunk revealing his computer placing the extractor into the required slot he began running the test on the extracted nanites returning a loud beeping from the computer. Irovagh raised his head looking at Nat. Nat had wander over into the middle of the three of them near Iro's car. He walked back into the facility blocking Nat from being able to reclone then exited the facility once again. "Thank you Dan for teaching me some stuff dealing with cloning." he stated. He then casually unlatched the leather strap holding his revolver in place. He turned to Nat. "Nat I am sorry about this and I hope you can forgive me." He drew his pistol with unresolved speed. "Damn you fur ball," she stated as he fired one shot into her head splattering Jerik and Wichita with blood, brain, and bits of skull. Jerik leaped down ripping Nat's collar off her neck pressing a few buttons causing the collar to register that she was in fact still alive. Irovagh stopped down opening Nats eyes letting her soul escape. He then scooped her body up carrying her to the fire where he had just dumped Dan's body letting her fall into the fire. His head clearly buzzing from him having to kill a friend who he cherished. Hoping that the facility would be able to purge the Tetrax virus from her. He looked at the fire shedding a tear. He slid on his sunglasses nodding at Wichita and Jerik he climbed into his car and headed for the small motel room where Soyala was awaiting him.

Once reaching the motel he parked his car walking inside. He reached down inside their traveling bag pulling out his dust covered leather bound journal. He opened it. withdrawing the ink pen which was almost out of ink he began to write...

Well today once again didn't go down as planned. I am beat and I am lucky I can keep my eyes open for this. It looks like Dan is imprisoned inside lifenet. Nat has been infected with the Tetrax virus. and I have killed a Cyborg Clone of Dan and killed Natasha as well with a single shot to her forehead. Am I slipping. I am using the technology which I hate. Maybe its time to continue my own personal studies once again and learn of a way to make sure Soya can carry our baby. I know what I am doing but I don't want to let on to too many people that I once was a full blown tech. I told them I was a hired gun working for the techs. It seems that's what most of them believe. I was gave up the studies when tetrax showed its head. I just do not want folks to know about my computer skills and DNA manipulation. I put all that work behind me when. I just wanted to find out what they had done to me. I am responsible for Alicia Dainakor I am responsible for her first clones death. I gave her a soul it seemed. I say she was in the same program that I was, when truly she was my own personal program. She loved me and I betrayed her. I stole her DNA to work on my theory's. What more could I do. I regret it everyday that I could do that to another human being. She forgave me then I finished killing her clones saying Janitor gave me the job to end her life. Of course for all the work I have done for Janitor when I approached him about it he supported my ideas and gladly took the blame for sending me to do the job. How could I even tell someone this stuff. I would be shunned by family. Soyala may even leave me. I don't know what to do. I will just keep this buried and live with this crap. I have to. I am afraid what will come of it if anyone finds out. Some already suspect I know more than I should I am sure...



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Irovagh had the gear packed up and already in the car when Soya woke up. He gave her the morning kiss and finished taking care of stuff not saying much. He wanted to be gone and away from New Flagstaff before anyone could do anything so he could think. He had just killed a good friend of his and felt like he was losing it. He wanted to figure this out without anyone yelling in his ear.

Soya's voice startled him and brought him quickly from his day dream. She had wrapped her arms around his waist and kissed the back of his neck.

"Whats wrong with you? You seem distant today. She stated.

He shrugged, not wanting to tell her everything. But that didn't help the fact she knew he was hurting she had seen it before. When he killed Alicia. They both climbed in the car and he hammered his Ceptor's gas and bolted down the road. After he got far enough away he began to fill Soya in on everything tears fell from his face when he got to the point of him shooting Natasha. Soya seemed scared and shed a few tears of her own.

"Do you think she will fogive me?"

"Shadii is intelligent to understand I am sure she will."

"I sure hope so as I would hate for this to separate us as friends and family." He nodded and continued to red line his Ceptor.

"Do you forgive me? As I only had one thought in my mind. Which was to keep you safe no matter what."

Soya nodded at him, "Of course I forgive you. You were only doing what you thought best for the crew."

"Thank you, I just want to get you to safety so I can figure whats going on."

Soya leaned over slightly, grabbing his hand and holding it.  They drove in silence till they reached Kristo’s.  Iro drove pass their house Soya leaned up watching it go past giving him a weird look. Iro shrugged at her.

"I am taking you to a hidden house deep in the woods where we are going to hide you.  Its not I don't trust folks but Tetrax has its issues and I will not have you any where near it if the shit hits the fan. We will head back home after the majority of this is over."

She nodded, not liking the situation but understood his concern for their growing baby. After arriving at the hidden house Irovagh withdrew a kit that Soya hadn’t seen before. Inside the kit rested a  nanite extractor. They stood at the trunk of the car. Irovagh pressed a button and a hidden compartment opened from the bottom of the trunk, raising up on hydraulics and revealing a very intricate computer with multiple slots to plug devices into. Soyala's eyes went wide and looked at him.

"What is that," Soyala stammered over her words knowing that it was a computer of some sorts.

"This is a computer that can do just about anything I need it to do. It has served me as a tracking console even."

She looked shocked at the new information and stood there watching Irovagh boot the system up. Irovagh reached for the nanite extractor from the open case.

"Baby this is going to hurt a little bit but we have to know for both our sakes and the baby."

He reached for her arm and as gently as possible jabbed the extractor into Soya's forearm withdrawing a test from her arm. He injected it into the proper slot on the computer typing in his pass code.  The system began doing its work examining Soya's dna code, searching for any nanites that might possibly be flowing through her blood stream. The computer beeped spitting out the results. Irovagh let out a heavy sigh as if a weight as fallen off his shoulders.

"Thank whomever is responcible, but you are clean."

Irovagh cleaned the extractor and handed it to Soya. "Just do it how I did.  I will do the computer part so do not worry about that. We both should come back negative as we don’t have nanites to begin with, but we need to be sure."

Irovagh helped her take a test from his forearm. He injected the sample into the computer. The computer beeped a series of beeps returning a negative result as well.

"Seems we have both become lucky to not contract the virus."

Irovgah shut the trunk to the car and left the computer running as he led Soya inside. They both sat for a short time, ate a bit of something and then laid down and took a nap. While she was sleeping Irovagh placed his journal on the side of the bed. He had pulled a piece of paper out of the back of his journal and wrote a short note on it. Laying the paper on top of the journal he looked down at Soya sleeping. He kissed her gently then headed out the door.

I am heading to meet with Noctifer and Henerkin. I have a feeling this isn't going to end well for me knowing that he cares for Nat even though they are not together. Someone is likely to die tonight. We are heading to Disel Town. I will be in contact with you one way or the other. I love you and please don't leave the cabin here till I return. Take care of our child as I know you will if I do not return.

Your's always,


Irovagh heading out the door making sure the note would stay in one place.  He pushed the car part way down the dirt road and then climbed in and started it heading towards Disel Town. He arrived to find Noc and Hen waiting on him. His smuggler contact came up just in time delivering the collar to Iro. He could hear the men talking inside.

"I know that engine I built it, hes here." Said one of the voices who he knew it to be Hen.

Irovagh walked in with slightly slumped shoulders, still looking pretty beat. He hadn't had a good rest for days now. He was running on "E" and he felt as this was likely to be his last night if he didn't keep his wits about him. He placed the collar on the table in front of Noc.  Irovagh filled him in on all the happenings waiting for the shot to come that didn't. Both Henerkin and Noctifer felt that Nat would be grateful that he did what had to be done without a second thought. Neither of the men seemed worried about it other than the virus. They said their partings and left the town as quickly as they had all arrived. Now it was the time to wait to see if Noc could truly cure the virus.


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She said she needed to take off for a bit so Irovagh took off to do some more work on his car. She needed her space and he was willing to let her go but not for too long. He kissed her and she headed out the door. "Ti amo amore mio," he stated. She smiled back at him. He wasn't sure if she could understand him or not. But his memories had become to return to him slowly. It was after he got drunk. He knew something was different then. His Italian up bringing was hitting him like a brick wall. It made his head hurt at times. He spoke fluent Italian at times and he knew that she liked it. It was one of the most romantic languages known to man supposedly. He remembered his mother. She was full blooded Cherokee Indian. His father was a made man and head of one of the Vegas families. He was there when they brought the families together and formed the Travelers syndicate. How some of these folks became bosses is another issue entirely.

Irovagh walked out of their motel room and headed for the garage. He popped the hood looking at the engine seeing the extent of the damage. He thought to himself that he had some work to get done. He began working on his car getting it all fixed up to the best of his ability occasionally running to hen's garage and snagging a part here and there. Hen wouldn't mind and he had given Iro run of his tools a few times before.

The thoughts flooded his mind of his past. Growing up the son of a Don wasn't always the most plesant of lifes but it deffinaely had its advantages.


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I haven't been doing well lately. I feel like I am losing the fight with myself. The only thing I am sure of is that Soya loves me and shes enough to keep me centered. At least partially. The beast in me wants released but I fight the urge every step of the way. Friday morning I kissed Soya bye. I didn't and haven't told her what I have been working on but I don't think she would understand. I've spent many hours with my guide trying to find out why I am burning so hot. Why the rage builds so fast at times. She has seemed to help some. But it just wasn't enough so I went to Michael. Hes been working on a cure for my curse. Not sure if I truly trust myself any more.

He presented me with a device that looked much like a clone collar with some sort of weird device on it. He called it an inhibitor. He said it will inhibit me from shifting. Then placed it around my neck and fastened it securely. He then proceeded in punching me in the face. Which of course angered me and then I received a jolt of electricity in my neck. Of course it had its effect and instantly calmed me down. Not sure I like the feeling but it worked. I spent several days testing it and helping Michael with cure. I could not take my mind from Soya. i knew she was worried but I just couldn't go back yet. With everything that had happened recently it almost felt as if I was losing her. I wouldn't allow that. I must continue the research on the cure with Michael's help.

Well the day have come I am heading back out into the wastes. I have kept her roaming, looking, and waiting long enough. I found her in trouble. She contacted me on the radio and all I could hear was gunshots. She said she was pinned down and I tracked her position. I got there positioning my car between the door and the other Crow. They were wrestling with her on the ground holding her down and had their hands pressed against her mouth. Without hesitation I began firing sending their bodies to the floor. I got her free from the bodies and helped her up. Sometimes she is more frail than she pretends to be but I won't shield her any longer. There is a time to be the damsel in distress then there is a time for her to protect herself. She needs that. She needs to know I will be there if truly needed but also know that I can let her have her own space. If she wants it I will spar with her to hone her skills. She needs to be able to protect herself. She is getting stronger with everyday I just don't think she is completely ready for what there is. But she will be. She has to be in case something was to befall me.

After finally meeting with Jela I was able to pass on the info about Sai Wren to her. We all sat there for a bit and talked. When after finally hearing Soya speak to her I actually listened for a change. Soya is wiser than she ever thought she could be or wiser than I have given her credit for. She is still young how is that possible. I have been clinging to what I am and who I was. I let that go by breaking the disc I had retrieved from 23. I also took the inhibitor off and threw it across the room realizing it was part of who I am and I choose to accept it. Its time that I learn to control my rage more. Think more clearly instead of rushing off at the drop of a dime.


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Its been weeks it seems. I am learning control but yet I somehow think maybe the beast controls me more than I like at times. There are certain things that really, I mean really set me off. One of those is blood suckers. The smell drives me into a frenzy. Nat is different. She doesn't drive me nuts like others do. I have trouble controlling myself around Ty so I spend as little time around her as possible. I think I can control it around Nat easier cause we joined our blood. I don't know. Sometimes it is more than confusing. But Nat has crossed the line again. She turned Wichita and now there is another dio damn sanguisuga among us. I am not sure i can handle all of them at once. The smell alone reeks.When I smelled her I about ripped her head off right there. It took all of my strength to control myself. This doesn't make it any easier into controlling myself from losing control.

I've been remembering more and more of my padri time when he was with the Mafia. It seems he was a Consiglier then became boss of his own famiglia for quite some time after moving to Vegas. He seemed to be well liked by many people except maybe the rival famiglia whom seemed dead set on ruining them.


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((written in conjunction with Soyala, her parts in white))

Soya’s dreams were troubled.  The night’s events twisted and swirled in different paths as her dream soul watched helplessly.  One path showed Irov being led out in cuffs and taken to Post 23 where he was beaten for hours on end before being dumped on the steps of Beau’s Tavern.  Another dream path showed her dying on the wooden floor of the tavern, having been in the path of a bullet.  At the site of her dying, Irov went into a rage from which he never returned from.  Over and over she relived different paths of the dream in which one or all of her beloved family die.

“Soya baby, wake up” Irov said quietly as he gently shook her shoulder.  Soya squeezed her eyes in pain as she tried to take a deep breath.  It was dark in the motel room when she opened her eyes.  “It’s just a dream baby” he said as he read into the superficial dream, “I’m right here”.  She rubbed her eyes and looked around.  Irov was geared up and ready for anything.  “We need to go.  I need to get you out of here” he said as he gently scooped her up from the bed.  With a kiss to her temple, he transferred some of his pain numbing energy as he carefully carried her out to the car and set her into the passenger seat.  Nook whined in the back and laid his head on the center console.  She didn’t ask any questions, just concentrated on her breathing as thoughts of the nights cloning conversation ran through her mind.

Iro drove for hours it seemed. He occasionally checked her making sure she was as comfortable as possible. When Soya stirred awake she would occasionally hear Iro talking, assuming it was just him on the radio and would dose back off. After what seemed like hours of driving Irovagh pulled off the road. He opened his car door climbing out then shutting it. He walked around the car and opened Soya's door, scooping her up as gently as possible and laying her on a stretcher. An unfamiliar face met her as she stirred and opened her eyes, sending her into defense mode.
"He's safe my love and you will be safe here. Michael is going to look after you when I am away. He will help you heal and do whatever you need him to do. He has known me for a long time and also will not allow anything to happen to you. Just be calm and relax we are going to move you inside the bunker."
Michael and Iro stooped down lifting the stretcher and carried it towards the bunker. The bunker looked well taking care of and looked like any of the other Lifenet bunkers but much cleaner and well kept. Her eyes drifted among the gadgets and computers feeling uneasy and out of her element but knowing she was safe. They continued through secured doors, carrying her into a room that caused her eyes to go wide. The room seemed entirely too large to fit in the bunker. It was decorated like the woods.  There were live trees and a free flowing waterfall with an open lake. An artificial sky was the only sign that all this was contained inside a building. Birds chirped and the smell was just that of an open wilderness. The artificial sky seemed like it was so far away. Soya's mouth dropped open in an exasperated sigh as it seemed too good to be true.
Iro and Michael sat the stretcher down on the ground. Irovagh helped Soya adjust setting her feet in the soft luscious green grass. It tickled her toes as her feet touched it. It was cool to the touch and felt authentic. A blue bird flew down spying the humans and quickly flew off again. A wolf could be seen at the far side of the lake taking a drink from the clear water. This place was beyond perfect. Iro gave her some time, smiling as he watched her curl her toes in the soft grass.
"This place was built to enhance and study nature before more could be released into the world outside. It’s been kept secret so no one could damage what we have built here. Call it the secret Vista in us Techs. I don't think you could find a better place to recover. Even your increased healing isn't going to help those ribs as quickly. So again where better to heal than someplace safe, secure, and as beautiful as this. No one we know except for Michael knows about this place. We have gone through great lengths to build this place and will not let harm befall it." Iro stated softly with confidence.
Michael broke silence, "I have put my entire life into this place and helping people. I have 14 trusted people on my staff who work in this facility on various projects. Two of which are skilled hunters and trackers, one of which is my head of security who "handles" people who wander too close or get too curious. He was trained by the best."  Michael nodded at Irovagh as she spoke to Soya.
"Whatever Michael. lets get moving and show her mine, or our room." Irovagh said.
He helped Soya lay back down. Lifting the stretcher, they moved through the remainder of the wooded area into a well lit room with a one way window overlooking the waterfall and lake. The decoration of the room was what would be expected from Irovagh. A computer rested against one wall of the room. Along another, a Plasma Screen TV in good working condition sat untouched. Along yet another wall under the one way window sat two chairs with footstools positioned so you could relax and watch outside. A button console was embedded in the wall. On the far wall were two doorways one leading into a fully functional bathroom and the other leading into a bedroom which Iro and Michael continued towards carrying Soya stretched out upon the stretcher. After reaching the bedroom they sat Soya's stretcher down on the floor. Iro walked around scooping her up gently laying her in the bed, kissing her softly.
"Rest a bit I have a few things to tend to but I will not be far. I love you and I want you comfortable."
He leaned down and kissed her again. Irov stood up and together the two men walked out with Michael leading the way.

Soya laid her head back on the pillow.  The fresh clean scent of the linens caused her to pause for thought.  They must have known they were coming and straightened up the room.  She recalled Irov talking on their way there and realized this Michael was who he must have been talking to.  She lay there listening to her surroundings.  Electronics and lighting hummed softly.  Outside, through the glass window she could hear water flowing along with birds chirping.  Why hadn’t he told her of this place, she wondered.  It was a little piece of engineered paradise hidden away under the desert wastes.  Even the air smelled differently.

“Soyala?”  Michael’s voice broke her out of her mental examination of her surroundings.  He approached slowly, trying to convey that he was no threat.  He was older, somewhere near the same age as Irov, with sandy blond hair and laugh lines around his eyes and mouth.  He laid a small black box with a few buttons on it on the nightstand next to the bed.  “If you need anything, anything at all; assistance to the restroom, or something to eat, just push the white button.  I do have a few women here and they wouldn’t mind helping you.  If it’s more urgent, press the red button.”  Soya nodded, not saying a word and keeping her face masked with neutrality.  Michael watched her for a moment before nodding, “Ok well…Irov said to tell you he’ll be back as soon as he’s done with business.  He wants you to get as much rest as possible and said not to worry so much”.  Soya nodded her head again and paused for a moment.  “Did he say where he was going?” she asked quietly.  Michael simply shook his head, “no he didn’t.”  He looked down at her through blue grey eyes.  He smiled warmly and patted her arm.  “Get some rest.  He’ll be back before you know it.” 

Soyala sighed as she watched Michael walk out and close the door behind him.  She waited several moments before she felt her bandaged ribs, causing herself to grunt in pain.  “Shit” she muttered as she let her head fall back on the pillow.  A hundred thoughts ran through her mind.  She recalled the conversation between Anaai, Shadi, and Irov, about cloning, and how Shadi and Irov could upload his DNA data into the Lifenet system.  The thought terrified her, and at the same time she knew why he’d consider it.  She was surprised he’d never considered it before.  He’d lived as long as he had without being a clone.  If he went through it now, it would give him a greater advantage and she wouldn’t have to worry so much about him.  “But could I do it” she whispered to herself.  Could she let her livind make up be put into a machine that would recreate her anytime she died?  What would it do to her souls?  The moment her true body died, would they leave and go to the land of the dead?  Would they wander loose upon the wastes, knowing her flesh walked again but unable to find her?  Would her new body be soulless? Would she know who she was, what she was and where she came from?  Soya squeezed her eyes shut as these thoughts tormented her mind.  The absolute was that she’d live forever.  She and Irov would always be together, not having to worry about the mortal safety of each other.  The unknown was what would happen to herself, her being, what made her Soya.  Black tears seeped from beneath her closed eyes and continued to flow steadily untill she fell asleep.

The artificial lighting outside to make it feel like daylight had been dimmed to night time lighting. There was little light in their room to see by. It was night time and most were sleeping or sitting down to dinner, books or heading off to bed. Iro walked in the room and stooped down next to the bed. He reached over and wrapped his hand gently around hers and watched her breathing for several minutes. Tears streamed down his face. This is my fault to begin with, he thought. He eased down to the floor crossing his legs Indian style. Being careful not to wake her he rested his forehead against her hand and closed his eyes.
With a barely audible whisper, he spoke to himself. "When Tank hears about this fuck up he is going to tell Soya's father and be ordered to bring her home and kill me. I guess that is when I will remove this slave collar around my neck and let him take my life. I am done. If I lose her then my life here is forfeit. I can't continue without her. If it is the last thing I do here I will make them pay all of them one last time before Tank ends me. I won't even fight him."
Soya laid there not moving only listening to Iro's barely audible words with intent concentration. Irovagh was unaware that she had awakened to his touch as she usually always did when he came in late. His mind was shot and he badly needed rest himself. So her eyes opening didn't even register to him with his ever alert mind.

Soya slowly turned her head on the pillow and looked at him.  His forehead rested against her hand as he held it.  "You're not going anywhere" she whispered as she squeezed his fingers, "And neither am I"  Irov lifted his head and looked into her eyes.  Tears dampened his cheeks as he lifted her hand to his lips, kissing the backs of her fingers.  She pulled her fingers from his grasp and reached for the collar of his shirt and pulled it back.  She looked at the collar that was fastened around his neck and touched the warm smooth metal.  "I'll not let fear of being without you hold me back next time" he whispered gruffly.  Soya's expression remained neutral as her eyes drifted back up to him. 
"Did it hurt?" she asked, her voice barely above a whisper.  Irov shook his head from side to side, "Not much, just a pinch".  He tried to smile reassuringly as he brushed a strand of hair from her forehead. 
"Are you sure of this?"
"I'm sure that I don't ever want to leave you behind and this is the only way I can be guaranteed of that."
Soya looked around the dark room before closing her eyes and taking a deeper breath than what she could do before.  Black tears shined against her skin as they made wet trails down the sides of her temples, disappearing into her hair.  "I don't want to live without you...I don't care about my souls anymore....you are my soul" she whispered through tear induced hiccups.  "Tell Shadi I want to..."

Irov laid down on the bed next to her, being mindful and careful of her injuries.  He cradled her next to him as she worked hard not to sob.  The injury to her ribs and lung were still painful.  She channeled that pain, allowing it to remind her that she was still very much alive and laying in his arms.  The decision she just made sent her souls in a spin.  It both relieved her and terrified her at the same time and the only place she could find solace was there in his arms.  This is where she wanted to be, forever, and if she were to go through with this decision, then he’d never have to worry about her again.  She wouldn’t be such a burden or a liability to him.  Irov kissed her forehead as emotions ebbed and flowed to the surface like the tide of the great waters she’d never seen.  “It’ll be ok baby, you’ll see” he whispered as his lips moved against her forehead.  “We’ll talk to Nat about it when you’re better.  Just…rest…get better” he whispered, as numbing sleep began to take them both.


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Iro and Soya had decided to head North to Spruce. It was going to be a long journey and they both knew it. Iro had left all the stuff he didn't need including his car and bike at the house in Kristo's. He carried only what he needed and she wanted to take. They left Kristo's and began walking north occasionally sharing some banter with each other. After walking all day they made a small camp for the night where they enjoyed each others company as they had many times over. Iro told her he was worried about meeting her people to some extent and she assured him that it was his idea to begin with.

The next morning they packed up their camp covering their trail they again headed north towards the gap that lead through the Dead Zone. Irovagh smelled and heard the men and women long before Soya did and motioned for her to stop. They crept through the area looking through the brush finally gaining sight on the men and women in a camp site. Judges blocked their path. Iro was sure that they could sneak by and Soya nodded in agreement. Little did Iro and Soya know that they had been being followed since Kristo's being herded like cattle into a trap. Moments later the ambush was sprung and Iro and Soya were both captured and taken to separate areas in the Judge camp. After hours of endless questioning and beatings they both got to see each other again. Only to watch each other be tied to poles and whipped furiously. The judges continued to tell them it would stop if they would just tell them everything they knew. Iro truly had tuned them out concentrating on Soya and didn't even know what he was supposed to confess to begin with. After watching Soya being whipped like an animal for a time he finally caved to tell them all they wanted only if they would release Soya. As the judges untied them Iro mouthed the word for Soya to run. As Iro's bounds were removed he struck out at the men giving Soya long enough to get away. He watched her run knowing that his time was just about over. His exhaustion  was reaching its peak and couldn't use many of his special abilities so he struck out with his fists and strength his last strike was ripping into one of the men with his mind causing his brain to hemorrhage. The butt of a rifle came down on the back of Iro's skull with a lound crunch. Iro went limp falling to the dirt and grass.


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Hours later. Irovagh found himself shackled to the make shift bed. His mind swam curiously as to where he was and how long he had been there. He couldn't remember much. When he thought of stuff the only visions that swam through his head were that of Soya. He could feel her breath against his cheek, her touch across his arm, her scent hovered with him. He smiled slightly remembering everything about her that made him whole. He opened his eyes but his vision didn't come. Everything was black but he heard people talking not far away. He smelled the air and the thoughts of the judges came to him. He snarled at the thought. The door opened to the room where he was being held a light shining through but vision still not coming to him. The panic set in as he realized that he was blind. He tried to touch his face but the leather straps held his hands in place. The man who entered the small room spoke.

"It hurts not being able to see anything doesn't it. Our Lord works in mysterious ways. He has taken your sight for punishment for your wicked ways. He will return it when you fulfill a job asked of you. He wants a woman dead. You know this woman very well. You were her lover. But not any longer. She thinks you to be dead. She doesn't think you are coming back so she has moved on. She has found other lovers now. She won't be expecting you to show up. She will be surprised and then you will strike. Sink your blade into her back like you did your former lover. Yes we have watched you for some time now. We know all about you. I will leave you some time to think about this proposal."

The door shuts behind the man and Irovagh is left in the dark once again. Irovagh's panic returns. He makes the attempt to cry finding out he has no tear ducts for tears to come from. He closes his eyes and begins to concentrate on the noises trying to calm his feelings. Her appearance springs back into his mind. She was as beautiful as always. He could feel the link and bond they shared. She was weak. She was hurting. She was in pain. Her fear clouded her judgments at time. He couldn't place why she would give up but it seemed as though she was. He had to get to her.  Somehow. He had to make sure she was alright. Irovagh calmed his thoughts again letting the scent on the air carry to his nose the sounds carry to his ears. He began to let his other senses work in their own favor to replace his lost eyesight.

"Anyone out there? He spoke in hushed tones. Anyone out there?! Iro got louder almost yelling out.

The door opened and the same familiar light shone through the open door. The same man stood in the doorway as before. Irovagh recognized his scent. "Can I help you?"

"I'll do it. But I need time to prepare. I have to get used to the factor of me being blind so I will need some training. Maybe even some sparring with your best fighters. If that is allowed. And I need to be untied. I am hungry and thirsty. I would love something to eat and drink."

The man stood in the doorway pondering the outcome of letting Irovagh free from his prison. "You aren't lying I could tell if you were. So I will grant you dinner. we wll talk more about the other stuff after you have eaten."

The mans footsteps fell across the floor as they closed the distance from the door to the bed Irovagh now laid upon. Irovagh thought of the outcome and played it through his head a million times while the leather straps were being untied of what would happen if he were to kill this man. He wouldn't be given another chance so he decided to play along for the time. After all they were going to set him free into the world. He would be able to hide so he thought. But did Iro truly want to track Soya down just to give them another option of killing her. He would decide when he had more time to think. The last of the bindings were untied letting Iro free. He sat up on the bed slowly his muscles ached as if they hadn't been used for several weeks. How long had he truly been there.

"You've been a prisoner of ours for several months now. We have kept you alive by use of common drugs and IVs." The mans voice boomed out loud. "Oh just so you know. I know all of your thoughts. When you struck out in hatred with your mental gifts it was me you almost killed. In my last breath of life I was saved from something I have no idea what. But now our minds are linked. I know all of your thoughts and I am sure in time you will remember how to use your gifts and you will be able to read mine as well. One thing I have found out. We are linked. What happens to me happens to you now. When I feel pain so do you. I too am blind from your assault on me. After several weeks I learned to cope with it. Blindness isn't so bad when you have other senses that are enhanced like yours are. Thank you for the gifts you share with me by the way. They make me stronger."

"So you know what..."

"I was thinking..." he finished his sentence. "Yes I know you are planning to play along till you can get away from us. So no surprises here. I am the link that binds you to do our bidding. I will not hesitate in sacrificing myself for the greater good either. In turn you will die as well. Not sure you are ready for that as you wish to say goodbye to her."

Irovagh sat there nodding completely understanding.

"See we share this bond and we are giving you the chance to do the right thing and end her life. Or we will make it even more painful on you and I will kill her myself. See I can track her just as you can. As me and you share a bond so do me and her now. I can sense her just as you do. Once she is dead we will be free again. Free to finish what we started."

Irovagh jerked at the thoughts washing over him. "What do you hope to gain by finishing my work? Create an army? You must know it won't work. People have free will. You can't control them. I learned this and stopped the work."

"We don't care about controlling people. We are just going to use the gifts which you have and have given others like Michael and his flock in their underground lair to wipe all the sinners out. God is punishing the world for breaking his plan. When we fulfill his plan we will be taken into Heaven where we will live eternally. Your little lover is a prophesied that she will kill our leader and our plan will be destroyed. So she has to die so our plan is fulfilled as with Gods plan is fulfilled. This is the only way it can be completed. She can not live if we are to live and succeed. So it is written in stone. She has to die. We just want to reach bliss Irovagh. So we will use the gift of the lupine to fulfill this. We will use you tto destroy those who would keep us from reaching bliss. There is more to you than even you know. You have been around much longer than anyone else in the world. You have been reborn many times."

"I don't care about any of this. I am hungry and would like to eat." Irovagh stated flatly.

The man nodded and Irovagh stood up stretching his legs and arms. He followed the other man slowly as if he had done it a million time before. Irovagh was handed a bowl and a piece of bread. "Have a seat and enjoy." Irovagh smelled the soup dipping the bread into it. The soup was good. It filled the void that existed. Irovagh hadn't eaten in weeks and any food would have been welcome.

"Here's the deal. You will be trained. But that training won't help you as we can not teach you anything about combat you don't already know. The best thing to do is to give you your weapons and let you set out on your own. Its the best way. Keep in mind once again I know all you do as we are linked. I've been granted the gift of watching you fulfill your duty and I will not hesitate in sacrificing myself to stop you. So after you finish eating you are on your own once again. This is as it is told."

Irovagh said nothing stuffing the last bit of bread into his mouth then dipping his spoon into the bowl pooling the last spoonful into his mouth.

"Very well. I need my weapons and my gear. Point me to the right direction."

"Follow me." The man began walking towards the building they had come out from. "Right here is all your stuff. I will be outside waiting on you to join us."

The door closed as the man exited the building. Irovagh reached up feeling his face finding the scar tissue over his eyes. His eyes were as something had burnt them closed. Irovagh dropped the robe that he wore to the floor slipping on his leather pants, boots, and duster. He slid his gun holster on gripping his katana slipping it in its scabbard hanging it on his back. He then slid his knives in his boots. Reaching down he found an unfamilar weapon. He picked it up running his hand over the length of it. The handle was much like that of a katana. The blade was something un-naturally shaped. It was round but bladed. Irovagh shrugged not knowing what to make of it he slid it inside his black leather duster. Finally he picked up his shades slipping them on over the burnt and scarred area of his eyes. He turned and walked outside. Several judges were standing and waiting on Irovagh. He stopped for a brief moment taking in all their scents turning his head back and forth slowly listening to each of their heartbeats. In a flash of a heartbeat Irovagh reached back drawing the katana from its scabbard and began dicing the 12 judges standing there. Several limbs were severed falling to the ground the judges screaming as they were cut down. The last man standing crumpled to the ground as his head rolled off his shoulders. In a booming voice not of his own Irovagh spoke.

"You have all been judged and found not worthy to enter heaven. This is not what my father wished for his people. If justice needs to be sought he will send his army to Earth to right the wrongs."

Irovagh jerked smelling the blood still holding the katana in his hand. He glanced around the area still unable to see anything. He reached down finding a dry rag laying on the ground wiping the blood from the blade returning it to its scabbard. He began walking south towards Flagstaff.


Rovagh's picture

Irovagh was growing weary and the daylight faded. He reached up to rub his sleepy eyes finding them still burnt closed. He sighed heavily at his blindness. He found a rock off to the side of the road sitting down and waiting for a few minutes. He had know true way of knowing which direction he was going if he was even going the correct way. He had been a tracker and trail blazer for a long time yet he began to wonder if he was lost. He had headed South and didn't truly know if he was really going south. A sudden movement caught his alert hearing.  A rabbit maybe. He turned drawing his pistol from its holster under his arm firing at the general direction of the sound successfully striking the rabbit which in turn released its own agonizing scream as it went limp into the brush around it. Irovagh stood up walking towards it carefully finding it with an outstretched hand he picked it up and walked off a slight distance laying it on another rock he had found. He began to gather some small twigs and grass to build a small fire with finding a good long stick he could use as a pit. Then he gathered some more small pieces of wood from the near by area. From outside looking in someone else would not think Irovagh was blind at all.

After getting the fire pit set Irovagh felt around his pockets to find the Night Wolf Zippo Soya had given him so very long ago. He cupped it in his hand putting it to his lips placing a small kiss upon the metal. his thoughts drifted to her. He pictured her as he remembered her. The sun beaming down upon her blueish hair. The smile that always lit her face when he would walk into the room as she awoke first thing in the morning. His thoughts had drifted off perched lightly above the fire pit he was building when a crack of a twig snapped him back into reality. He waited for the footsteps that had closed on him to get closer. He drew a knife from his boot slowly crouched there. The long black leather duster covered all of his movement. The raider continued to move closer oblivious to himself that he made more noise than an elephant moving through the wilderness. The raider got within striking range holding his two handed mace above his head he brought it down just as Irovagh moved out of the way of the lumbering mace. It was a slow weapon which gave more than enough time for Irovagh to strike. Irovagh spun around. His black duster flying as the air from his movements lifted it like angels wings. Irovagh had the perfect timing and reflexes like a wolf giving him more than enough time to sink his dagger into the mans neck before he could move. Blood sprayed out across the grass as Irovagh drew the blade from the raiders neck spinning him away not getting a drop of blood on himself in the process. The soulless body thudded to the ground lifeless. Irovagh reached down finding the mans pant legs wiping his blade off clean.

The raiders body would keep unwanted indivisuals from wandering into Irovagh's make shift camp so he left it there for a time. He turned back striking the zippo that had remained clutched in his left hand finding a small twig he lit it on fire coaxing the dried grass to life. The fire began billowing quicker than ever before it seemed. Irovagh fed more scrap to it continuing to build it large enough to cook the rabbit. After Iro was happy with the roaring fire he turned his attention to the rabbit. He spread it out on the rock drawing his knife he began to skin and gut the rabbit. He stuck the spit through the rabbit then placed the spit above the fire so to cook the rabbit. Irovagh dropped the remains of the rabbit on the dead man who laid on his belly not far away. The dead raider had laid there plenty long enough Irovagh thought. He grapsed the man by an arm and drug him off a slight distance leaving him for the coyotes to find. Irovagh then made his way back to his make shift camp fire.

The rabbit was almost done cooking and Irovagh picked up his canteen to find he was almost out of water. So he slowly took a small sip from the canteen then twisting the cap back on. Irovagh reached over the fire cutting a small piece of the rodent off testing the meat. It was done enough for Irovagh's liking. The meat was somehow more tender than he remembered rabbit and it went down with no extra aid surprisingly easily. It definitely filled the void he thought. After finishing his rabbit dinner he placed the bones into the fire breaking the spit placing it into the fire as well. Irovagh found a small log and moved it closer to the fire which he leaned his back against. His thoughts drifted off again to the love of his life.

Sleep caught up with him and pulled him deep into its waiting depths. Only to be awakened by the same deafening shrill noise he remembered right before he managed to slay all the judges mere days before. His body jerked as something took control of it once again. Irovaghs thoughts were shushed as the being spoke to Irovagh through his mind.

"We haven't fully had the chance to speak up till now. I have been watching you for many decades now. In all your past lives. It is time I introduce you to myself. My name is Gabriel. Some have referred to me as the Wolf. A loner like you who shares the same fate as you do."

"I don't believe in fate. I believe you choose your own path." Irovagh stated flatly.

"That may be true but there is still a much bigger design. And you Irovagh are my vessel."

Irovagh was startled a bit at this thought. What did this thing mean by vessel. And how was he able to take control of Irovagh at will.

"What do you mean vessel?"

"I have many vessels. None of which I can stay in as long as I can stay in you. You are my true vessel your body is strong enough to house my being as long as needed. Indefinitely if that be the case. But I will not do that. Not yet. I wish for you to finish living your life to its fullest."

"What are you?"

"I told you. My name is Gabriel."

"You told me? You told me your name! Not what you are."

"Forgive me I assumed you had already figured it out. I am an Arch Angel who left Heaven millenia ago to live among the humans. I was one of those who loved humanity so much that I willingly came here to live as one of you. My brothers do not all believe the same. Especially now in this war torn world that we have now. There is not much left outside the Grand Canyon Province today. There are only pockets of humans left. The Apocalypse has come and went. The horsemen were set free in their forms to wreck havoc on the world. And they succeeded. We failed in protecting you. Meaning Humanity. Now we can't do much. The world is still dead. Yes it is regrowing but it will take a long time. One more thing before I go. I apologize for your eyes. You don't remember what happened but well lets just say humans can't take seeing our natural forms and I was blind and revealed that to you. So forgive me but your eyesight is gone forever. Even your natural healing will never make that right."

Iro thought for a minute. Then broke the silence.

"So you will come and take over my body anytime you see fit?"

"No I will only take over you when you are truly ready for me to have your body. When all you have is gone and you are ready to move on. But I will continue to watch over you and in times of great distress I will step in and aid you. You have been granted knowledge of us. We ask, orr I ask for you not to share this with anyone. Not to mention most would just think you lost your mind anyways." Gabriel laughs slightly. "Sorry in my time on earth I have been able to develop a humorous side. But I will leave you now. You can summon me when you need to. You know how to now. I will leave you be for now."

A loud whooshing breaks the silence and Irovagh is left sitting there alone once more. He began thinking calmly that he doesn't believe in Heaven and Hell. He doesn't believe in Fate. But yet he didn't think he was imagining this. It really happened. What was to happen now. Should he end his journey and hope that Soya was alright. Or should he continue. Irovagh was now more lost than he ever had been before in his life.


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   Irovagh sat there in Wolf form crouched down in a patch of tall grass. Soya looked happy. He wasn't sure if he should approach her or not. This new guys name was Zane from what he could pick up. Irovagh plopped down the rest of the way listening to them talk and then head to bed. He heard things that he wished he didn't have to. Soya was his love and she was supposed to be his and his alone. Maybe she thought he was dead, lost to her forever. Maybe that is the way it should stay. The emotions wailed up within him. Irovagh pulled himself from the grass and trotted off to find something to eat.

   Several hours later what seemed like an eternity Irovagh found the warehouse building again. He plopped down in a different spot trying to hear everything. She was talking but Irovagh didn't know to whom. He sat up trying to get a better look to no avail. He sat there and listened for a time when he heard the motor cycle approaching again. Soya's words trailed off as the engine of the cycle became louder. Irovagh crouched down in the tall weeds and grass concealing his view from any passerby. He laid there his eyes being drawn down from his sadness. He rested his head on his paws laying there and listening intently. The night was rapidly approaching. Irovagh decided he would remain her protector and keep his nose out of it even though his heart had another direction.

It wasn't long after night fell upon the house and the pair had ventured to bed when a twig snapped drawing Iro's attention. It was the tracker that Iro had seen twice now. He to seemed to be watching the pair. This didn't set right with Iro. No matter who the tracker was after that endangered his love. Irovagh staying crouched down in Wolf form crept around behind the stalker. The man seemed to be trying to find away around the multitude of traps the man who seemed to own this building had in place. Irovagh continued to creep up behind the man who was oblivious to Irovagh's presence. A tracker but definitely an amateur Irovagh thought. He got within striking distance of the crouched man when he lunged knocking the man to the ground. The man screamed aloud as Irovagh ripped his throat out with his fangs. The mans scream became blood gurgling as he died in place. Irovagh darted away from the building as he heard the pair bound out of bed from the attention that had been drawn to his attack. Irovagh laying low in the grass watched from afar.



Rovagh's picture

Irovagh hadn't left Soya's side since he found the tracker stalking the building that Soya shared with the man that was in her life. He had watched her with his minds eye ever since. Even without his eyesight he could see Soya plain as day. Her interactions her thoughts once again. She truly thought Iro was gone and she was truly in love again. Iro thought of a saying he had been told a long time ago. "If you love something, set it free, If it comes back to you then it is meant to be." The words played over and over in his head several times each day.

The man made a move to draw on Soya and thought different when he saw the CHOTA guards standing behind her. From  what Irovagh could place he was a Tech. The Old Seer hobbled closer blocking his mind so he could not be read. This frustrated Irovagh as he could not get a clear picture of the man until he spoke to Soya. She escorted the man over to the small lake and sat with him speaking softly. The thoughts of Megara kept returning to him. Why hadn't she followed up with her already. I am giving her the space she needs to put her life right. Of course not really my choosing she thought me dead. Why has she waited so long. It has been months since she has seen me now. He shakes his head and continues to crouch down on the rooftop of the building and watch the exchange. A crowd had formed and his sight was obstructed partially so Irovagh leaped down and flowed through the crowd. Familiar faces passed him none the wiser of Iro's presence. He pulled his dusters collar higher reading thoughts and continued to move throughout the crowd unnoticed. Soya looked up gazing right at him at one point. Her thoughts going widely at everything the Spirit Seer told her. He thought she might have spied him but his appearance was too obscured. The spirit seer stood with aid of the two warriors and left Soya staring after them. Her thoughts told him what she was planning.

He listened from around the corner of the building as she radioed Drax. And then Irovagh knew that she had become a clone in his absence. Thoughts swam through her mind of the different conflicts she had in Iro's presence. Irovagh completely in tune with her mind bowed his head as he read them seeing all she had been through. If Iro still had tear ducts he would have cried. Instead he could only bow his head and mourn for her troubled times in quiet so-lice.

Irovagh leaned against the side of the building listening and smelling the aroma of the food she was preparing. He was lost remembering when she had cooked for him the first time. The sweet tasting Corn Cakes she had prepared down south. When the two had truly become linked. He had used his new gifts to probe her mind and see through her eyes. He saw the world as she saw it. It was different but yet much the same. He felt alive for that time. He thought he had someone to share his ugly life with and make it more pleasant. They had a good run of it. Maybe they would again in the future. The motorcycle engine brought him out of his day dream. It was too late to move so He remained deathly still. Neither Zane nor Soya would notice him standing there as the traps were securely in place. So Irovagh pressed his body against the outer wall and stood perfectly still. Zane glimpsed over checking his traps as he had every time he entered his building. Everything was in place so he proceeded inside the building. Irovagh counted his footsteps as he ascended the stair case skipping his two wired steps. This Tech was very cautious and made sure his house and belongings were collected. Unfortunately if Irovagh was an assassin sent to kill the two they would have had no chance. As he listened to the thoughts of where exactly the taps were and made a mental note of the layout. The two spoke for a time while eating. And they ventured to bed. Irovagh reached in his belt pouch withdrawing a piece of jerky. He placed it into his mouth and began to chew it savoring the flavor of the dried meat. He then turned to find his way to the roof where he had been sleeping for several days. He laid down and covered himself with his black trench coat listening to the world fall asleep around him.

By the time she woke up Irovagh had already headed towards The Lost City. He knew where she was bound and he waited for her to arrive. Her thoughts closed in on him as she got closer. So he continued to wait and watch. Several CHOTA tramped about in their way of life. He continued to listen to them. They knew she was coming but they truly had no idea as to what the time frame would be for her arrival. Irovagh heard the cycle's engine rev and it pulled down the long dirt road. She stopped her bike not even fifteen feet from where Irovagh lay prone in the tall grass and weeds. She keyed up her radio and spoke to Drax first, then Zane letting them both know she had arrived. Irovagh continued to lay in the grass and listen to her. She finally started the bike again and continued to head down the dirt road and get closer to the Lost City.

Three days he thought. Three days I get to see her alone away from everyone she knows. Should I try and make contact with her? He shook his head thinking better of it. You are here to protet her and to stay out of her life that is all. Do not interfere. She is good without you. Don't ruin that. Let her find her own way. Just leave her alone for the time being.

Irovagh followed her the remaining way down the road but crept through the grass like a hunter stalking his prey. Night had fallen and it was easier to stay hidden. Soya stepped off her bike stretching her legs from the ride. He watched as Soya walked towards the buildings. A woman's voice boomed out stopping Soya dead in her tracks. "That is far enough child, Who are you?"

Irovagh remained silent. The women had appeared even before he had smelled them. Now their smell was on the wind and they wouldn't go anywhere he didn't know about. These CHOTA were good. They had been living on the land a long time. But they still had flaws in their movements. They were not as strong as some Iro had come to know. The ones that made their home up north near Deadfall were what Irovagh was used to avoiding. The one known as Black Hand led her into the pagoda style building and Soya's thoughts drifted off. Iro chose to take this time to find something more edible than jerky and shot out into the night after stripping his clothes he shifted into wolf form and began his hunt. After a time he found a den of coyotes. Not what he preferred but it would have to do. He waited for one to exit the den then pounced ripping its throat out before it could cry out. He drug the carcass off into the night. After returning to his make shift camp he skinned the coyote and built a small fire pit which he used wood to shield so the flicker could not easily be seen by anyone in the area. He roasted the coyote meat and ate it after it was reasonably cooked.

He sat and watched Soya in her training for sometime. She seemed to be having a hard time of it. It was not the easiest for her to deal with. It seemed and felt painful from what Irovagh could tell. Her thoughts were clouded so he could not feel how she truly felt. His heart ached to know he couldn't do anyhting to ease her pain. But it wasn't his place. Had he been here it would have been harder he felt.

The sun rose over the horizon and he was left standing there absorbing the warmth from the sun. Soya's training had ended for the time and she walked out into the morning light to see a dark clad figure standing in the rays of the sun. She recognized the figure. Her eyes blinked involuntarily giving Iro the moment he needed to drop out of her view. When her eyes reopened the figure was not there. She mouthed Iro but realized it was likely just her tired mind playing tricks on her. She slumped down to the ground to get some much needed rest.

Iro wiped the sweat from his brow and let a sigh of relief escape from his lips. He was sure she had seen him. But as tired as she was he hoped she ignored it. She passed out from the exhaustion and he laid there thinking about her and their time together.


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