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Little Red Riding Hood ~ Where O' Where is the Big Bad Wolf?

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(( The contents below and the link might contain explict material that some find offensive.  Previous post here... you might want to read this first))

He heard the click of her heels on the floor of the bunker before she came into view, before that even he knew she was nearby because of her scent, that unique vanilla musk that invaded his consciousness like the roots of a tree through underground pipes. He saw her visage through a drug induced haze .. surreal  and dream-like.  Traitorous muscles would not obey his commands, instead laying laying flacid and useless.

Except for his cock, its response to her scent was the same as always.

He could not quite feel the touch of her hand up his thigh until the tender palm wrapped around his erection, still he was unable to move but felt a hot current surge through his groin.  Time had no meaning, he was vaguely aware of her voice but unable to discern if it was real or imagined, all he felt was the moist constriction of her body as she rode him, and the pressure buidling till blood pounded in his ears drowning out her groans till a jolt hit him like an electrical charge and the pressure was relieved. 

Again her voice floated above him, almost soothing.

"Your going to be dreadfully upset with me but no matter, I had to keep you safe.  They were coming for you because of me and who else better to protect you from the Cleaners then one of their own?  

The soft lilting sound of her laugh filled the bunker and she leaned down to kiss his still form, leaving a red lipstick imprint on his bare chest.

"It wont be forever Wolfy, just long enough for them to decide your not a security threat after all.  Already there is almost no mention of the big bad wolf terrorizing the delicate townies, before long i can have you awakened, the effects of the drug keeping you in this form of stasis will not wear off till the antidote is given, but for now........

I intend to enjoy having you all to myself."





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(( *Blood gushes from nose* ))

Current Status; Fully Operational, Slightly Cheesy


“I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends”

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Si vis pacem, para bellum.


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(( Okay, that made my heart start racing. I need a smoke. ))

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[[ Awsome job, Litte Red. ]]

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Oh no!  O.O  That poor wolf has got its claws all tangled up in that lady's underwear. The poor thing will starve.

Erm................ Oops?

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Comforts Tuki "Im sure she will feed it and keep it happy" ((I like your description of Nish, nicely written))

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