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Echoes of Memory - 11

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((Written to 'The Next Life' by Suede.))

She is watching him from the expansive bay window of a lakehouse they've rented when the phone rings. He is down on the pier, wrestling with a canoe that seems to be winning the contest. She is wearing a silly smile full of affection and amusement as she brings the portable to her ear.

"It's time." And suddenly the smile is gone, the color leaving her face entirely as the house seems to start closing in around her. She desperately clutches the phone to her head, her vision blurring as the world darkens so that tunnel vision allows her only the faintest glimpse of salvation out on the pier as it drifts further and further away.

"You know what to do." The abandoned portable is now spinning to a stop on the hardwood floors, the impersonal voice unknowingly speaking to no one. She has escaped to the car, has hotwired it for the blind haste that sent her crashing from the rented house without the keys, and is now speeding away into the forest. A glance back and she can see him standing at the front doors she'd left flung open, the utter confusion on his face like a dagger to her heart.

She drives and drives, racing through the forest, when a rattling buzzing sound alerts her to the cellular she'd discarded in the cup holder after a drive the day before. Slamming on the breaks, she comes to a skidding stop beside the road. The offending phone is now in her hands, staring up at her. The blinking text simply, "You can do this the hard way, or we will be forced to do it the easy way." She is left there sobbing as despair crashes over her like a wave.

Druuna wakes in the old house down on the plateau, the sense that something is terribly wrong near overwhelming. She scrambles out of bed, frantically kicking her legs into her cargo pants while pulling a tank top over her head, and half hops to the door and then scrambles out of her upstairs room and down the stairs with a pistol in hand.

She arrives at the open front door to catch a glimpse of the mother and daughter having some sort of morning picnic outside. Eddie appears around the corner from the living room as she makes a clumsy attempt to hide the gun behind her. "Everything alright Dru?" She's nodding, but he looks more concerned. "Whoa, are you crying?" She waves him off though, turning for the garage and cutting a direct path to engine hanging by chains from the ceiling. Setting the gun aside, she devotes her mind entirely to the next step of the project.

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