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a paper house

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(( whatever you read here, burn it from your IC memory. Usually I don't care much about this but since my ex club is mentioned I am quite serious in keeping inner MC deals as a secret.))

*writing is all pretty curves*

Dear Diary,

Stopping at the Sunshine Corners gas station today I noticed a dozen of bikes parked there. A strong smell of "there is something wrong here" getting through the petrol. I rode into town.. real slow.

In front of the Iron Sights club house I could see some more bikes.. a swarm of them... all parked the wrong way. I cracked my knuckles and walked into the house through the front door. As soon as I walked in I found myself surrounded by six rowdy bikers, with more of them coming from other rooms.. members of a new motorcycle club Dead Angles I could see in the wasteland. Grinning at me like I was some little red riding hood that got lost in the forest.

What the fuck are they doing in my old club's property? I am not a member anymore, but I still feel a strong connection with my old pack, especially when there is trouble.

My breathing slowed down. My mind was clear and focused. If anyone knew me, they could recognize this Lost as someone who is calm as a bomb, looking around to spot that weak spot where she can wreck the most damage before she falls down. I know I can't take on six bikers on my own, but I will come again. And again. And again 'til I drop them, one by one.

Then I recognized one of them. I think he goes by the name "Almaul". We talked and tensions dropped. It seems that the house was given to them.. something I found strange. Very strange. I confirmed this with Robert from Iron Sights and as the bikers made room for me I left the place. They even invited me for a drink in their new HQ as they call it. Heh.. some good memories from that house. Anahata brought me there straight from Sector 1. And Big Bruticus gave me a nice biker "welcome". Good memories. Worth defending with everything you have.

I walked for a good 50 meters before my legs started shaking. What the hell was I doing? Silly. Like an animal. Going into the hornets nest. Blind. I noted down my shortsightedness.

Just hours after that I went to Hope to cool down and trade a bit. There I met Sybil Snow.. a wild and tough girl. We were never close.. but her list of supporters shrank recently and she was happy to see me. More territory wars. It was like looking in a mirror as she talked about mine, yours, hers, theirs...

Damn. I am getting sloppy. I need to be better than this. Thank you for that story Snow. So much threats on Hope. I wonder what attracts trouble here? What I am sure is that of all places, trouble always goes away from here, probably bored to death. I showed Snow a little place where I sleep when I am in Hope. It's not MY place, I know a few more people use it, but no one calls it their own. Good concept!

Property. Iron Sights. Dead Angels, Hope, Serenity.. how silly I was to almost lose my head and start a brawl over a piece of land someone calls his own.

*paper is folded into a 2D house, then set on fire*




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(( Memories will always be inside you. And many more good ones wait to be created.


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((this had more meaning for all of us OOC then it did for Lost's IC experience. I got it. *wink*))

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(( :) I see what you did there! I think. Wait, what did you do here?))

Hugs: There are far too many broken hearts.  Fortunately, anyone can be a mechanic!

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