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Memories of Lori Part 2: Between a Rock and a Hearth Place.

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   He'd barely gotten into his ranger garb as he made his way out of the door, closing it gently to test how quiet it was.

It hardly made a sound as the latch caught, no wonder she'd managed to sneak inside. He eyed his reflection in the 

metal plate he'd nailed to the door and gave his thick, black hair a once-over. Somedays he barely recognised the man

he was, exiled into an existence only a madman could have conjured up over a century earlier. With a sigh he buttoned

his cuffs and set off down the hill.

   The morning was as serene as it ever was this deep into the forest, the only sounds to be heard were the birds and the

occasional breeze sailing through the treetops. The ground was soft and springy from the recent rains, carrying him quickly

down the hill towards 'Lori's Rock.'

   "Hello, Lori..." He said as he strolled by.

   "Awwwwww! How!?" She demanded, pouting as she scurried out from behind to be beside him.

   "You do this every time I leave the shack..." He replied, keeping his eyes on the telling glow of the campfire below.

   "Oh..."  She replied, apparently oblivious to her own predictability.

They walked in silence for a moment before he caught a glimpse of her frowning at him out of the corner of his eye.

   "What is it now?" He asked with a sigh.

She hurried ahead of him and put both of her hands against his chest. He stopped and looked down at her, arching his brow.

   "You were having bad dreams again, Mister!"

He groaned and then nodded.


She leaned in closer to him, a mischievous grin spreading on her face. Her voice started low and rose as she spoke.

   "Was it the Spheeeeeeere again?"

He frowned and stepped around her, continuing on down the hill. He could hear her footsteps pounding down after him, he

knew what was coming next and flung his arms behind him to catch her. She leapt onto his back and wrapped her arms firmly

around his neck, sending him staggering down the hill at some speed.

   "I knew it!"  She said proudly, bobbing up and down on her 'mount'. "It was the Sphere!"

He rolled his eyes as they neared the bottom of the hill, the umistakable smell of bacon made his stomach rumble.

   The campfire at the base of the hill wasn't terribly busy given the time: a few patrols switching shifts, friends sharing tales and

information, and the odd star-cross lovers enjoying the warmth of the fire and, each other. Lori's head was all over the place, searching

for friendly faces. She spotted some of their friends huddled by the fire, sharing a drink and a few jokes.

   "Hi guys!"  She shrieked, right in Striker's ear.

The group turned to them and gave a wave before returning to their conversation. Lori waved back, almost falling off in the process.

   "Oopsie... they must have been out all night on early morning patrol. Poor guys."  She said.

   "Poor guys!? Guess who was with them!" 

Lori rested her head on his shoulder, thinking for a moment. 

   "I think Kevin and Lucy said they were going out... at least I think that's w-."

   "Me, Lori. Me!"  He interrupted.

   "Oh."  She replied, with a sudden realisation.

She crossed her arms over his chest and sighed happily, nuzzling her cheek against his.

   "You love me really though, or we wouldn't be best friends, right?"

He smiled briefly as he put one foot through the door to the mess hall.

   "You're okay... for a rotten Tech."

She puffed her cheeks out and frowned.

   "Hey, no fair! We're going in together!"

Striker chuckled and set her down, wrapping an arm around her and walking inside.

   "Come on, let's get something to eat."


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((BACON! If I join Vistas will I get free bacon too? :D~~~

Nice read!

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(( Infinite bacon! VISTAAAAA!

Lonely are the brave...

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(( This stuff really warms my heart.

On a sidenote........

(epic meal time music)

Mutations use up a lot of callories so we put BACON in our food. Open the bean can, heat it up to superior boiling perfection, grab the can, toss it away 'cause it's too hot, now grab some BACON and munch on it. We need basic food groups, who needs basic food groups, put some BACON in all of them. Grab a pan and put some BACON in it. Grab a rotter and strip some BACON from it (wait, what?) Put the BACON in the pan. While it fries like a pillar of pure awesomeness, grab a bowl, put some lettuce, slice the lettuce, put some tomatoes in it, sprinkle it with sliced cabbage like a boss, now give the bowl to your mother, grab your plate and put some BACON on it!

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((what the...?  o  _o

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(( One of those moments when I couldn't resist the urge to say something no matter what it looks like :P

It's from a youtube show - a bunch of people that use a lot of fat in what ever they make, especially bacon.

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