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Memories of Lori Part 3: Breadwinner

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05:25 May 12th 2144

Ma's Kitchen, Gaia

             They both stood at the counter, shuffling along to get to their choice of breakfast. Striker was having his usual: freshly toasted

          granola and a plate of bacon and eggs on the side, sunnyside up of course. Lori, however, was still pondering, chewing on her

          lip as she frowned indecisively at the selection of vegetables. In typical Lori fashion she opted for something completely different

          so as not to hurt the feelings of any vegetables by playing favourites. She ladelled a bowl full of leek and potato soup and grinned

          with a sense of moral accomplishment.

             In unison, something caught both of their eyes: a thing of unrivalled beauty, of unmatched perfection, it had them watering at the


             "Is that..." Lori asked.

             "...a fresh bread roll."  Striker finished.

          Kath, the frighteningly large cook, folded her monstrously muscular arms with a smirk.

             "Last one you'll see for a good half hour at that."

          Both Lori and Striker shrugged their eyebrows and nodded, setting their trays down in as subtle a manner as was humanly possible.

          They eyed each one another and each offered a friendly smile, more of a signal that the contest had begun rather than a gesture of

          kindness. Striker drummed his fingers on the counter, keeping Lori in the corner of his eye, she was fiddling with her jacket, returning

          his wary glances. The atmosphere was tense, even Kath looked nervous. Striker's watchful eyes shifted between Lori and the roll and

          Lori's hands, she was younger than he was, more spry. He'd have to be very quick to beat her to it, he had to throw her off somehow.

          He let his thoughts concentrate on her hair for a moment, the strands twisting around each other before they were given a firm telekinetic tug backwards.

          She let out a shriek and Striker pounced; his hand firmly around the roll in the blink of an eye. He grinned.

             "Ha!" He bellowed.

             "Hey, you cheated!" She retorted.

          He held his prize up to his face and took in it's scent before holding it out to, quite literally, rub it in her face.

             "Mmm... have a smell of what you're missing out on." He gloated.

          Lori just frowned at him and folded her arms for a moment before leaning in over the top of the bread roll and dragged her tongue

          across it. Striker watched on in horror as time seemed to slow, watching his victory slip away from him.

             "Gah... you can have it now!"

             "Thanks!" She said, plucking it out of his hand and jumping up to kiss him on the cheek.

          She put the roll on her tray and gave it a reassuring pat before she scooted off towards a table in the corner. Striker joined her a

          moment later, setting a glass of cloudy liquid down beside his tray. Lori frowned disapprovingly.

             "What?"  He asked.

             "You're drinking apple juice again!"

             "I like apple juice."  He replied, looking down at his glass, clearly confused at her disapproval.

             "But it makes your breath smell like pee!"

             "Does not..."

             "Does too! And all you ever do is sigh, sigh, sigh!"

          She started imitating him, exaggerating his sighs with her tongue hanging out. Striker just frowned at her, dipping his bacon into his egg


             "And this!" She exclaimed, pointing at his breakfast. "This is just going to give you wind!"

          Striker arched a brow at her as he finished chewing on a rasher of bacon.

             "You're one to talk about wind."

          She frowned at him.

             "What do you mean?"

             "Remember when you were only little and you used to wake me up because you were scared of sleeping on your own?" He asked, a

          smirk growing on his lips.

          She blushed and nodded.

             "You were scared of the noises the turbines made down in the valley so you'd come and cuddle up to me."

          Lori went a deeper shade of red and started hastily spooning soup into her mouth.

             "So imagine my surprise when the frightened little Lori was farting into her bloody hand and holding it up to my face... what did you 

              call it again? Cupcaking?"

          She spluttered her soup everywhere and whispered over the table.

             "Shut up, shut up! What if Kath heard?"

          Striker burst out laughing, Lori just sulked.

             "Surprise you even remember that far back you're so old..."

             "Not so young yourself anymore, twenty-seven soon, mm?"

          She grinned and started bouncing in her chair.

             "What are you getting me? Come on, you have to tell me!"

             "Oh I'm making you something special this year."

          She giggled and then frowned.

              "It's not socks is it?"

              "Oh... well... uhh..."

          She huffed and grabbed her bread roll.

              "Better not be socks, mister..."

              "Well you'll just have to wait and see."

          Lori went outside without a word but not before she leant back through the door and hurled the bread roll straight off his head. He

          frowned for a moment and then chuckled, finishing up his granola and washing it down with apple juice. He put the glass down and

          thought to himself for a moment before breathing into his palm and smelling it. She was right, and he was never  drinking apple juice



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"So imagine my surprise when the frightened little Lori was farting into her bloody hand and holding it up to my face... what did you 

  call it again? Cupcaking?"

HAHAHAHA I've laughed a lot with this entry. Thanks  :D

and apple juice does NEVAH makes any breath smell like pee. Pee does.

(That was really cute and nicely written, I'm gonna have to go back and read the other entries.)

I ain't Mike Jones, Keep my name out ya mouth, BITCH!

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((Nice read when sitting on a work pause with a cupcake and apple juice.))

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