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Somethin's brewin'

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As the blood trickled slowly from the wound on her leg she wondered what she had done so wrong in this life or any other to deserve the pain she felt so vividly. It had been days since her release and though she was starting to heal she couldn’t help but remember the pain every time she moved. It was a chore to get out of bed and an even bigger chore to sit down let alone get on her horse. She did it anyway. She continued to take the antibiotics that she had been given, but by now had stopped taking the pain pills all together. She didn’t want them. She didn’t NEED them. At least that’s what she tried to tell herself. She was still out of Hope Springs and would probably never return to Sin Falls and for the moment she was perfectly fine with that decision, so she thought.


She had come clean with her “ complication” as she referred to him since she had not wanted him to find out any other way. She had wanted to be with him, but felt there was something missing. How could she possibly and truly be his purpose in life? She was just a kid from Montana... He loved her though, and she betrayed him terribly. As she went in the bathroom to clean up she noticed that most of the bruising and discoloration had left her face and neck and that her lips although still tender were returning to their normal state of being rosy and pink. She stared at herself in the mirror and wondered, how she could have done that to him? She did the same thing that she had come to hate about the man she had cheated with. She had lied to him, betrayed his trust and hurt him deeply. All of this was dramatically proven when she returned home to find the place trashed and watched the man that loved her with all his might ride into the distance, not knowing if she would see him again. She prayed she would.


She turned away from the mirror and went about checking her leg. She had popped a stitch and torn a small section of flesh apart without even realizing it. “ Well, nurse is gonna be pissed 'bout this. Maybe she wont notice?” she thought to herself. Well, nurse was going to find out and she was NOT going to be happy about it. Especially when she found out why it had happened. She wasn’t merely getting out of bed, she wasn’t trying to make herself something to eat... she had met with him.


His voice echoed in her ear “ Kuo.. Kuo, can we meet yet?” She sighed a heavy sigh and wondered why he was trying to make nice. “ I dunno, I will have to get back to you in a few minutes. Damnit! I am so not ready for this! But, I want answers. The same answers that I wanted before. And I want to see if he is really kickin' the drugs. So help him if he aint!” He had been trying for days to convince her to meet with him and she could not bring herself to do it.. until now. She called him back on the radio.. “ I guess so, but ya show up alone, unarmed, and we don’t leave the spot I tell ya ta meet me at. Ya understand me? One funny move and you'll never see me again.” “ Yes dear, of course! Thank you so much”. “Good lord.. he almost killed me and now he sounds like some sorta lovestruck Romeo.” She sat and thought for a few minutes about this man before she left. His eyes were gray like storm clouds waiting for the relief of pouring down on the desert. His hair, the way that it fell across his face while he sat there and lied to her face. The way he smelled the day that he had taken her and decided she was no more than garbage. Everything that she could remember, she made note of. Fuel for the fire. That's all it was, just fuel for the fire.


She wrapped up her leg as best she could with the supplies she had left, got dressed and remembered to lock the door on the way out. She strained desperately trying to get on her horse and ride to the spot she would be meeting him. As she got there her stomach turned to knots, and her muscles began to ache. She would much rather not have been there alone, but she had to do this. She heard a familiar sound approaching and debated leaving right then, but changed her mind when she saw him. The hate that she thought would have started to dissolve by now was far worse than she had planned on it being. He was there. Right in front of her! She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and opened the conversation. “ Hello there Mr.....”



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((Oh I am so hoping that after the "Hello there Mr...." you pulled a gun and blew his brains out.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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(( hehe... I suppose I will just have to write the next part to this soon. ))

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