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New Game ( Part one)

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He stood there like he had done many times before. The wind from the storm that was rolling in blew stray strands of his hair across the mask that covered his face. In that moment she was terrified. Her heart beat faster and all she wanted to do was to rush him and stab him right in the heart. She wanted to see the pain in his eyes as she plunged the blade into his chest. She wanted to see his gray eyes fade as that last breath left his body. She wanted to make him bleed, hurt and suffer.... even if it were only for a few moments.

No, she wasn’t going to take a chance to ruin the plan they had laid out. She took a deep breath and walked slowly to where he was. “ Ya got any weapons?” She did not have to wait long for a response. “ No” he said. “ I wouldn’t have come with any weapons after you asked me not to.” Kuo took another deep breath and motioned for him to sit down. “ Ya still off the drugs?” he nodded “ Yes dear.. no temptation even.” She nodded in approval “ Good. Keep it that way.”  She made him remove the mask and sat down with him.
They continued small talk for a while before she started to lose her temper. He wanted to hug her, touch her, and she was NOT happy about it. “ I have to make it convincing” she thought. She allowed it, but he would regret it, and that was the only thing keeping her relatively calm. He ran his hand along her cheek and pulled it away quickly. She had tried to warn him, but he had apparently forgotten. The pain that he felt in that small moment was nothing compared to what he had put her through and what she was now going to do to him. She would play the part of the “battered woman” to him. She would even go so far as to control her ability when needed just to lure him into her wicked web. She would sit on his lap and put up with is babbling and all of the “ I’m sorry” he could throw at her, and she would accept his gifts, which so far added up to chips and a new bike. With every look, every touch, and every word that came from his mouth her anger grew. She hid it well and would even go so far as to fight with her best friend for the sake of the show. Nothing had ever been so important for her to get right, and she would do whatever it took to make it happen.


They had started planning the day after Kuo had been picked up and received  medical attention. The two were a hand-full when they weren’t pissed off, but now, he would get the worst end of this hornets nest. Between Kuo's abilities and Rio's knack for constructing things, this was going to be a lesson for him. She would make sure of it. She had put up with him talking and touching for days and simply could not wait any longer.


The plan was set now, and all that had to be done was for her to get him where she wanted him. She had him wrapped around her finger and this would probably be one of the easiest things to accomplish.

The day after the “ fight” with Rio in the bunker bar in New Flagstaff, she would make final preparations and it would begin.


Kuo called him over the radio and asked him to join her for a drink. He all to eagerly agreed and headed out to meet her. She had two drinks waiting  when he arrived, what she did not expect was for him to show up wearing the same thing he had worn as he tortured her. She jumped up and asked him "What the hell are you wearing!?" He appologized and quickly went to change. While he was gone she tried to gather herself. “ What a stupid man he really is. To show up here wearin' THAT! What a moron.” She had already paid off the bartender to spike his drink and had paid the bouncer in kind to help them get the body up the stairs and into his own trunk. She waited for him to get back and handed him his drink as she started small talk. “ All I have to do is wait for the drugs to kick in and he's all mine” she thought to herself. Based on her beginning encounters with him she knew he was a “sipper” of his drinks and dosed it appropriately. She waited and watched as he took small sips from the mug and could feel her heart wanting to jump from her chest. Joking with him about the way he drank, she got him to the point that he raised the mug and just downed the entire thing. " Damn I'm good" she thought.  The healing techniques that he had motivated her to learn were going to pay off any moment. “ He yawned” she thought to herself. “It has begun.”


“ Ya alright?” she asked.

 “ I think I might head home.. I’m feeling a little bit on the tired side.” he said.

 “ Well, you want me to come with you? I could drive if you need me to...”

 “ If you want to you can.” He stood up and fell back into his chair. He didn’t know it just yet, but he wouldn’t make it out of this bar... at least not on his own two feet. He tried again and stumbled a bit before falling to the ground.

 “ Aww, darlin' ya alright?” Kuo mocked before getting on the radio.. “ He's out.. lets do this.”


Rio walked into the bar and after the women had a few words, she motioned for the bouncer to come and do his job.

 “Told ya he would fall for it... stupid Fuck. Ain't as smart as ya think ya are.. are ya!?”  said Kuo as she kicked the bottom of his shoe before letting the bouncer pick him up and toss him over his shoulder.


They walked out and she got the keys to his car from Rio, who had taken them off of his belt. Kuo got in and popped the trunk. “ should look familiar to ya.. its where ya put me.. remember that “ baby?”. Rio instructed the bouncer to toss him in the trunk, then tied his hands and feet to be safe and Kuo drove him to the spot that Rio had so carefully prepared. Once there, they dragged his body out of the trunk and set to work fastening chains to the eye-bolts Rio had drilled into the concrete. One on each side of his body for his arms to be stretched out like a 'T', two into the floor so his legs were to be spread into a 'V', and one for a rope to be looped through behind his head, insuring that he had no more than a half -inch movement in any direction. He was thoroughly fucked and he didn’t even know it yet.


Kuo sat nearby to keep an eye on his vital signs and waited for him to wake up. As she watched him she couldn’t help but ask as she laughed “ Well darlin', looks like I’m the cat now, and you're my mouse. Ya ready ta play?”



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(More! So goood



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((Muwahahahahaha, love it.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((Ah... the sweet scent of revenge. A beautiful romance.))

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