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I miss Montana

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Kuo sat alone, and for the most part naked, wondering how in the hell she ended up in this position. Her mouth was dry and the pain that radiated over her body was mind numbing. As she looked around she tried desperately to focus. She saw not much more than a table and what appeared to be handrails to a staircase. As she tried to figure out where she was and how exactly it was that she came to be in this situation, all she could think was “men... stupid fucking men, and stupid fucking me”. She had always been kind of a loud-mouth, and it had gotten her into trouble once or twice before, but this was an entirely new level of fucked up.. even for her.


She had been working on a ranch in Montana when she met her best friend. All she was trying to do was make a few extra bucks to help her family out the best she could. She never would have imagined then what her life would be like now. The family that owned the ranch were successful and Kuo thought to herself “ If I could just keep quiet, earn my money and learn..maybe one day.. maybe I'll just make something of myself”. She and the owners daughter had a very different existence, but strangely enough that is what sparked the friendship in the first place. They were both catty, and had definite attitudes, but it worked, and it worked even better when they were fighting. It also happened to be one of the reasons that she ended up where she was now. Her friend's father purchased a collar in hopes of saving his darling daughter, and the trust fund he had left her was supposed to carry her through tough times in the “new” world. What he didn't know was just how badly his darling didn't want to go into her new life alone. She cashed out her trust and bought Kuo her collar. Problem solved. At least in her eyes.


They were supposed to clone years later in Montana, but due to some.. unexpected issues, they landed in this God forsaken desert and couldn’t seem to find their way out. Kuo tried to stay true to the person that she thought she was.. but in these strange and unforgiving times that was something that was harder to do than she ever thought it would be. So many times she had wished for it all to be over and prayed that she wouldn't come back, but no matter how hard she tried she just couldn’t bring herself to leave her friend alone. “ WHY did she have to bring me with her?” There would be no answer to that other than the one she already had... mostly because it was a question she would never ask again. Not because she was afraid to lose her friendship, because honestly, she knew that would never happen, more-so because now... she was afraid to be alone in this hell hole too.


She had died so many times over and over, and in this moment she wished she could do it again. With hands bound she wondered why she had ever believed that anyone other than her friend could be trusted. She thought to herself “ So he cheated on her.. so what!? So what I'm the other woman? It happens all the time these days I'm sure. I mean.. I kinda sorta cheated myself, doesn't mean I'm gonna go this far ta hide it!. Damn.. Chintowa!... Well, maybe he'll be in a good mood when he gets back and I can talk my way out of it.... shit... probably NOT going to happen. Jesus... why couldn't he just have killed me... asshole. Who the hell was he talkin' to and why? Doesn't matter I guess.. He'll get what he has coming.. some day... soon.”


She was unable to get to her radio, and for the first time in a long time no one was trying to get a hold of her either. Even if they were she would not dare answer and put someone else in danger. NO.. she was a big girl and it was time to put her big girl panties on, think about what to do and just DO IT. She had to put the pain aside and try to think of what she could do or say to get herself out of this mess her mouth had gotten her into. “ I never should have gone to talk to him.. I should have just chalked it up to this guy bein a dick and left it alone.” For now, she knew that she needed to try and get some rest. Today would probably be a longer day than she wanted to think about, and this life.. well.. this life was going to be the death of her.



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(( *Folds a corner on this page to keep track of the writer, interested.* ))

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(( Thank you :o) I appreciate that. ))

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((Very good reading! I'm betting an all-in that you and Rio will be a great contribution to FERP :)

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(( Thank you so much for the feedback! This is actually and honestly my first contribution to a site like this and I was quite nervous about it. I have another prepared, but it is on the long side and I'm not sure if I should keep working on it or just post it as is. Hopefully I will get better as time goes on and won't offend or bore anyone in the process lol))

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(( Thank you!))

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((Yes, very good read :) Ty for sharing and I'm looking forward to reading more.))

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(( Thank you so much Laughing ))

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