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Kirsten's Life [7] .. And So to Joe.....

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             Lilttle dogs bark the loudest...

                                         .............. old dogs are more reliable


  I have heared about New Flagstaff, the girl in Pass Chris told me it was a big city. But it is not until I see its tall buildings rise over the horizon like a malignant handfull of fingers that I have any idea of the scale of the place. I stop my bike, stand by the road and breathe 'Wow !'... I even find myself giggling with excitement as I fuss with my make-up by the roadside, the small mirror balancing on the bike saddle, and me leaning over it, making sure my eyes are impressivly alluring. A girl should always be prepared to meet Mr. Right.. well, Mr. Rich-Right....

             The streets are wide and patrolled by some sort of Union presence, as they were in Sunshine Corner,. As I roll past some bar and an Old Cinema, I see purple. Well purple and white, riding toward me on a purple motorcycle. Well you know, sometimes I just get curious. So I spin around and follow this guy. 

             By riding past him  and then letting him pass me a couple of times. I think I attract his attention. Lets face it, riding a moto in a short skirt displaying the best part of my legs..... yeah  ! definatley the best parts. Hehe, it works.

              Anyway purple boy pulls over a few tens of meters past me and sits in his bike.  I sway my way up the sidewalk, watching him.

             " You got a name, sugar?" I ask,  I chuckle to myself which translates to a happy smile for the boy. 

             He looks at me from out of his purple street-punk outfit, I wonder to myself if he has seen the business side of a razor yet. But he is quite handsome  cute, all the same.

            " I got lots of names, but you can call me......  "  

            Umm.. ... Lets not say his name out loud, dear reader, lets save his .. what do they call it?.. his 'Rep ?'...  But suffice to say he passed compliments on my black leather skirt.. He is sooo sweet !

            So I chat with him for a little while, During which the conversation drifts along until it gets to him asking if I want to try some storm. Bahh !

            "Honey, I dont need chemicals to make me a fun girl, anyway, the stuff just means loss of sensitivity for this girl, and we dont what that do we? " I giggle to him and sit alongside him on the saddle of his bike.

            Shortly after that he was gone !  Just up and away without a word..  Can't think why, well, maybe I can. See, some guys like thier girls,...umm.. is  it 'Hoe's' they call them?  they like them nice and subservient. Some like them even tied up or even in cages dressed in not much. All that nonsence. Give these men a girl who is in control, who shows power..   heh!  'Hasta la vista baby'..  And a cloud of dust spirals into the evening sky.

            And Purple Boy was not the only one to buckle. Kirsten honey, this town is a real anti-climax. What with see through bravado and protective girlfriends and such. 

            What does impress me though is the number of cars. Huyy I have to get me one of these. One of the sleek jobs, not one of these tanks. OK the tanks are said to be faster, but I can sacrifice a few kilometers an hour to look good hmm?  Sure. Oh yeah that pink one over there the blonde is driving, she has taste, that girl.  Oh I better learn to drive one also.. but thats just a technicality.

            I see a dark green sporty car by the auctioneer. 

            I ask out loud " Who's is this?"

             "Oi ! My car.. bugger off away from it, I've just had the resprayed!",  Came the reply from a rather older chap who had just dropped all his papers on the ground.

           I clasp my hands behind my back, best way to make my breasts a little more noticable I have found. Best pout, best foot forward. This fellow looks lonely....


            " So what does a girl have to do to get one of these.... hmm? "    Oh his face is sooo sweet .....


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((And so begins the rise and fall... and rise and fall and rise and fall and rise and fall and rise and fall of Joe Spivey.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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"Oh yeah that pink one over there the blonde is driving, she has taste, that girl. "

         (((Why thank you !   Oh.. Joe and cologne?   well done for getting THAT square peg into the round hole.!

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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