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Kirsten's Life [6] .. The Other Half...

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            The English have a phrase for it, "How the other half live".  Ludwig van der Post III  had lived in Sunshine Corners for ten years. He was a one-lifer it turned out, and here he was living out his life in an enclave for the ageing. The rich ageing. A societal ghetto of the ones who grow more old and grey as the seasons pass by. And by seasons, I don't mean Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. I mean the seasons of the wealthy, a passage of one social round into the next.

           Ludwig showed me a lot of things.How to sit and walk elegantly, how to use in the correct order the bewildering array of cutlery as we sat down to dine at one of the sucession of Dinner parties we attended, where I would be introduced as "His Wild Flower, his Young Princess". 

           He would walk with me, inside the high walls of this strange inverted prison. HIgh walls to keep marauders out, or to keep the pretences in. I was never sure. In the store he talked at length about wine, food. I listened earnestly.

           I treat me well he did. I was presented with the most exquisite clothing you can imagine. This stuff was  ancient by-gone era finery. I wore clothes which must have been worn by generations of debutantes and society matriarchs. He adorned me with gold and pearls, like he was hanging ornaments on a christmas tree, had ladies form my hair into 'countess' styles. 

          On warm afternoons Ludwid played me recordings of Brahms and Debussy, Handel and Dvorak. Showed me albums containing photographs of some unreal civilisations. Halls and Castles. Princes and Kings, describing at length how this and that room was decorated, and filled with objects and trophies which were .... ancient. Ancient and other worldly. I saw sadness in his eyes at times.

          He would escort me to parties. And I tried not to let him down. People would smile and nod at my faux pas. Then quietly discuss me with askance glances. 'She's beautiful of course, but purses sows and ears, my dear.'

         In the evenings, we would retire and well... I know all this finery was in return for my... talents. But he treat me so well and I gave myself with abandon, why not.. I love my body. I made him happy. And so was I happy, for a while.

         On the seventeenth morning, I woke with the dawn. Ludwig always slept deep and long into the morning. I sat the the dressingtable for a while, arranging every last earring, necklace, ring in a beautiful formation on the table. I went to the closet and packed only those clothes I arrived with.

         Why did I not take them, after all, thats what Gold Diggers do, don't they?  I remeber what I decided. Only take gifts. I felt deep down, I was only leased those wonderful atrifacts of a fading life. I did not want to fade with them, I did not want to fade there with Ludwig.

        Crossing the room to the bed. I lean over Ludwig van der Post III  and kiss him and this strange world goodbye.



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((Kirsten and the story continue to develop hand in hand. A much softer, gentler story this time. :)

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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(( I like this entry, and the description of Sunshine Corners.  I actually haven't done any of the quests there yet (still running around sector 1 for questing), but that sounds like a good way of putting it from what I've heard of the place.  A fading life of nostalgia and times gone past, trying to keep the marauders and the reality of the present out. ))

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*Thinks Joe is going to be broke and discarded but hopes he will enjoy it while it lasts*....Poor sods

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