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Kirsten's Life [4] .. Lucky Bitch....

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      Six kilometers outside of Kingman, maybe halfway between there and Rest Stop, there is a disused railway siding, and old tank truck stands there like a memorial to the prefall world.

      I lie under it, sobbing. Make-up resembling a Turner painting, Cooperesque mascara runs down my face. My t-shirt has become a cardigan, open fronted. My breasts exposed. I fear every motor I hear on the nearby road. 


      Kingman, as you know is a town of two halfs, One side controlled by Casta Gaunt, the other a staging post for those preparing fo sally forth against him.

      I stand in line at the counter of the diner, waiting my turn. My eyes scan the menu board, My tired mind deciding what to eat, and if there is a safe place to spend the night.

      It's that double click, isn't it... The metallic clicks, the simple mechanism which locks the hammer in place and advances the cyliner one step forward, putting a fresh cartridge before the firing pin. You feel your heart, stomach, intestines and sphincter fall down into a jelly in the base of your torso. Fear.

      " What's a dame like you doing in a fleapit like this? "..  Came the sarcastic voice as the barrel pushed into the back of my head.


      " Lenny."  I gasp from a rapidly drying mouth.

      "Got it in one"

      I turn around slow, the pistol now pressing the bridge of my nose. Behind it I am aware of the rest of Lenny's gang sweeping the other customers outside with shotguns, one forces the counterstaff through the door to the kitchen.

      " You think you can fuck me and then rob me hmm?. I'll tell you something, sugar. No one does that to  Lenny Vladic."

       My thoughts are clear. 'No way you can flirt your way out of this one.'  I try to stop my legs from folding under me. No need, I am lifted bodily onto a table, the other four take one of my limbs each.  The laughter is cruel, the encouragements to Lenny are vile. 

       "Gawn, split her open. Cut her tits off"  ... I remember that one particularly.

        "Easy boys, we got all night.. "  Larry's knife opens the front of my t-shirt. The others laughed, groan   "Nice tits baby"

        I screw my eyes, trying to wake from this nightmare. 

        " Lenny....   Lenny..... Lennyyyy "  One guy is more insistant  than the others

        "Wait you twat, you'll get your turn.!  "  Lenny admonishes the persistant one..

        "  No !   Lenny.. Outside..  !!" he is pointing at the large windows.

        I feel my arms and legs suddenly freed, I see Larry and the others  staring behind.

        "Fuck.... "

        Thunder..  something akin to a Galleon broadside comes through the windows. In a instant the room fills with lead, splintered wood, shards of glass. I roll off the table and crawl under it. When I open my eyes, my face is a few centimteres from Lenny's. Our eyes meet and that moment when two people who have once been intimate recognise each other passes between us. 

         Whatever is outside switches from Broadside to "Fire at Will", taking down three of  Lenny's mob. One body thuds down beside the table. I look at  Lenny. 

        "Lucky bitch..." he growls...    

        An instant later I am running for the kitcen doors, I hear  Lenny s footfalls  immediately behind.  Another volley and I hear the sound of lead impacting flesh several times.. I hear Lenny's body hit the floor.  I keep running....

        They...they being a rival biker gang, have left just one guy outside... the rest are inside.  I dont blame this one's open mouthed inaction as a tall girl runs around from the rear of the diner, her naked breasts swaying in many directions.  He just stands transfixed as I leap onto my bike, kick it  and disappear into the darkening distance ....

         Now I lie under the tanker... sobbing...  but something ..  I get a sudden recollection... and I start to giggle... I am lying on my back  giggling stupidly at the stars.

         Delayed shock?  I have no idea  I Just find it hilarious...   Lenny's words ......  


                                      " Lucky bitch.... !"




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(( O.O Wow

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((Very descriptive! And so intense! *Tumbs up* :D


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