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Kirsten's Life [1] .. Emergence

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Spinning, whirling 

                      Still descending

                                      Like a spiral sea unending

                                                                Sound and fury 

                                                                                  Drowns my heart

                                                                                                        Every nerve is torn apart............


I open my eyes...   the room is strange ...      people  standing around    ..  some have weapons.....   some stare at my nakedness.....  what am I?

     I get to my feet and someone gives me a bundle of clothes...  I look at myself....     I am female...     my body is covered with oil....   my nerves are aware... fresh

     "Hello, welcome to life Kirsten. "    The uniformed operative smiles at me irrepressibly. " Here is your equipment, clothes, weapons, food."

    I nod, still confused  He shows me to the shower cubicle.  I shower, the soap smells carbolic, sterile, disinfecting. The water is warm, feels so nice on my body. I step out and dry myself on a coarse towel. I am taller than all the others around. Two meters. I dress and find the operative waiting for me again.

     "Be careful, It's crazy out there"  The operative is Graham, Graham 14.  "Good luck Kirsten"  He shows me the steel door, the steps lead up to a hot sandy expanse. "Goodbye".

     My eyes are not accustomed to the bright sunlight, squinting I find my way down the sandy path to the village. All around i hear fighting and gunfire, screams and groans. What kind of hell is this? 

    "You look lost sweetie."  I turn to see the man. He is sitting at the back of the room, looking at me. He looks me up and down, his eyes seem ... kind....?     He smiles at me. " Need some help? "  I nod.  He comes close, touches my skin, I shiver. " Don't worry,  I can help.  Money, a little advice perhaps ?"

    I watch his eyes, they look at me, his hands gently take down the strap of my shirt, uncover one of my breasts. He touches it. " I can help you,  clones need help straight out of the pod, don't they ... " He smiles.  I feel warm inside, I nod.

    And so I learn.  I can use my body to get what I need. It is powerful, this emotion, this feeling. This power. It feels so good.

    He lies beside me, smiling. He gives me a bag, red chips, five of them. He kisses me. "Goodbye Kirsten, you were worth every one of them"  His laugh is strange..  He has power. He has his money. 

     I have power... I have my body.... 




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