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As the tumble weed rolls, chapter 4

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"There's nothing you can do, Keith, stand back and let them do their job" Gabriel told him as he stood in the doorway of the repair room, facings Keith's back as Rawkings watched another man slowly die on the clinic floor. The paramedics and nurses, and other clinical staff were surrounding the old man, trying to resucciate him, but to no resolve. Keith watched on in silent dismay as one of his friends was dying in front of him, and he was helpless to save the man.
This was a reality that he had to eat every so often as an employee here at the dialysis clinic. It was called "end stage" care for a reason.
"You shouldn't  get close to people in this line of work," Gabe would tell him. But Keith saw them as people, not patients. Just people with a stroke of bad luck. If some of them wanted to be social and make friends, Keith was always one for conversation.
George was such a person. To the clinical staff, he was the bitchy old Jewish man, who complained about things like money, politics and the thermostat setting in the clinic. But him and Keith got along so well he was like an uncle to Rawkings.
Not even a half hour ago they were just talking. George had been out for weeks. Apparently recovering from a stroke. He was so cheerful though. He was going on and on about getting that old pacemaker fixed. He had them all fooled.
Keith Rawkings stared in silence as they wheeled the man out on a strecher, still giving him CPR in vain. Keith knew that was it. He was helpless. Helpless to save the man. As the doors closed behind them, Rawkings went back into his office, closed the door, put his head down on the desk, and sobbed.
That was so long ago....

"Quiet!" Keith snapped to Iniya as he held the staple gun to chest of one unconscious and bloody Yvette Landers.  "I need to close the wound." He was hunched over Yvette as she lay there on the garage floor, unresponsive to his voice.She had a large bullet wound in her chest. Keith had just gotten down cauderizing the wound with a soldering iron he found in the shop, under the direction of Doctor Theira Oxford on the other end of his radio. He had already lost his shirt, tearing it off to fashion a makeshift bandage that Iniya had helped me hold onto Yvettes chest to stop the bleeding. It was a gross and uncleanly procedure but he didn't have much choice in the matter. It was do this now, or watch her die, with Keith watching helplessly, again...
But the wound was still bad and the doctor told him he had to find a way to close it, fast.

How did he let this happen? Him and Yvette were just talking moments ago. She was laughing. He was busy putting on the usual Rawkings charm and making a good show out of it to her just after Iniya and Khalil Volk had left the waffle house to "talk in private."
Then Aulwrak Blackclaw showed up looking for Iniya. Keith told him she was with "that vampyre" just to get him out of his face so he could be alone with Yvette again.
Aulwrak, the same man who saw get into a fight with Khalil so bad, they almost both died.
The same man who shot Khalil dead, or so it seemed.
The same man he got into a shootout with Keith and his friend, Fox Dogg, to which Rawkings was severely wounded in his brain as a result. Enough where his delirium was so bad, Fox mercifully put him down so that he could clone and be new again.
Aulwrak..and he sent him off in the direction of Iniya who was with Khalil himself!

"How could I have been so stupid?" Keith thought as he watched the gun fight ensue between the two men, while he was well across the street at the Waffle house. Just in time to see Yvette, who he thought went home by now, charge into the garage door...
He tried to stop Yvette from shooting at Aulwrak as the big man kept kicking at Khalil who was struggling to breathe. All the while, Iniya was sobbing stuck in the middle.
Those two crazy bastards fight like this as a way of life for each other. Keith could have cared less if one finally offed the other.
But the women. That was Keith's fault. After the dust settled, and Aulwrak left a half dead Khalil and Yvette, and a sobbing beside herself, Iniya, Keith knew he was the only one there who was going to help anyone. He felt totally responsible for their predictament....

"Oh god..." Iniya swallowed as she saw what Rawkings was about to Yvette's chest with the staple gun.
"Jist hold er still!" he commanded Iniya, "Sit on er if you have to"
"Be aware of the recoil." he could hear the Doctor tell him on the other line.
Iniya cupped a hand to her mouth as she watched.
"Tell me how to start.." Rawkings said into microphone on his clone collar,"Do I go from the top down?"
Khalil reached over with his now feeble hand and spoke
"Let me bite her she will be at peace..."
"No!" Rawkings yelled at the Fanger as he swatted his hand away from Yvette.
"You don't understand, I wont infect her.." the man responded weakly.
Rawkings ignored the man. These people didn't get it.

Iniya didn't want him to help Yvette in the first place. It appeared to Keith that, like her, she was just another clone in Iniya eyes. She could just die and come back. She had been struggling to bring herself to help Keith with Yvette the entire time.
Keith came from a time when people died and stayed dead. He was not going to let Yvette die there on that dirty garage floor. His brain wouldnt accept it, and he wouldnt be able to live with himself if he didnt try to help her.
Khalil would recover, Keith knew it. He saw this before. The man was indestructable. But Keith had even taken the time to drag Khalil over to where Yvette was lying, just so he could work on both of them.
There was no reason to help Khalil in Keiths mind. His squabbles with Aulwrak put Iniya in the middle, which pissed Rawkings off, but he helped Khalil,  maybe out of a sense of pity for Iniya. She had just taken over the duty from Keith to feed Khalil from a stashed blood pack, so Keith would have two free hands to work on Yvette.

"Just drink that and shut up man," Keith told Khalil. "I've got this, ya hear?"
"Top, down, bottom, up. it doesn't matter. Just get it closed," Theira said on the other end of the radio.
No more delays. Keith started to staple the wound shut.
Iniya looked like she was about to vomit as she turned her head away from the gruesome scene.
With each recoil of the gun, Yvette's body recoiled back. Slowly, Keith got the wound closed.

"She's lost a lot of blood.. give her the other blood packet as an IV.." Khalil murmured.
It was worth a shot. Even though Keith had no idea what the blood type was on these bags, it was better than letting her die.
A Yvette still lay unconscious, with Iniya cradling her, Keith took to digging into the garage drawers for anything to make a makeshit IV out of.
He found some thin walled siphon tubing that looked like it would handle the job, however crudely.

"Iniya grab the other pack," Keith said. "Not the one he had his teeth in"
"..fuck...you.." Khalil hissed, obviously offended by the comment.
It was at about that time someone by the name of Izii showed up.
The man had apparently been some type of former combat medic.

((and now a change of pace, bet you werent expecting that! chat logs time, everything included!))

Izii Helfari plucks out one of his many booster shots, and makes with popping the syringe off the end.
Keith Rawkings holds a hand to Izii staring at yvette the whole time
[Izii Helfari] says: I was a field medic, in another life..
[Keith Rawkings] says: man help us with this IV then
Izii Helfari holds out the needle for the man, stowing the stim away.
Keith Rawkings grabs the needle
Keith Rawkings rams it onto the end of the tubing
[Keith Rawkings] says: crap one more thing
[Keith Rawkings] says: Izzi hold this man
[Clan] [Theira Oxford] <R> How we doing, Keith?
Keith Rawkings hands izii the iv
[Izii Helfari] says: Da..
[Clan] [Keith Rawkings] *R* duct tape...*
Izii Helfari takes the crudely made IV.
[Clan] [Theira Oxford] <R> What?
Keith Rawkings grabs the duck tape he saw in the drawer earlier
[Keith Rawkings] says: ok let me see that
[Clan] [Theira Oxford] <R> Why do you have duct tape?
Keith Rawkings grabs for the IV tubing
Izii Helfari hands it back over.
[Yvette Landers] says: (omg.. just wait for Iniya to get back!!!)
Keith Rawkings starts taping the needle to the siphon tubing
Izii Helfari shucks off his weapons and ammo.
[Keith Rawkings] says: ((nope too late))
[Keith Rawkings] says: shoves the IV into Yvettes arm
Iniya comes back with an armload of needles and other paraphenlia.
Khalil Volk goes from pale to light blue tinge
[Keith Rawkings] says: Hey man *gestures to Izi, can you hold this up in the air?
Izii Helfari checks the Khalil fellow's neck, obviously feeling for a pulse.
[Keith Rawkings] says: just wait
[Keith Rawkings] says: give it a minute first
Izii Helfari -- well, or not!
Izii Helfari -- might be a wee confused.
[Yvette Landers] says: (envisions car oil and other black particles making it into her bloodstream)
[Clan] [Keith Rawkings] *R* giving her blood and waiting a minute before we move her to the clinic
[Clan] [Theira Oxford] <R> Keith? Answer me!
[Keith Rawkings] says: ((yeah its a dirty job))
[Clan] [Theira Oxford] <R> And what does that have to do with duct tape?
Keith Rawkings smacks yvettes face a little
[Iniya] says: (lol.  This ..is one situation where cloning is looking really desirable as a treatment))
[Clan] [Keith Rawkings] *R* cant talk, gotta get her to the lab, someone came to help
[Yvette Landers] says: (no kidding)
[Iniya] says: Khalil? *shakes him* Khalil?
[Clan] [Keith Rawkings] *R* says he was a field medic
[Clan] [Theira Oxford] <R> Ok. Excellent.
Keith Rawkings talks into mic *says he was a field medic
[Iniya] says: ((feel free to die, Yvette, lol))
[Clan] [Theira Oxford] <R> Put him on, if you can?
Izii Helfari takes the blood-bag, holding it up.
[Keith Rawkings] says: hey man whats your name?????
Yvette Landers seems to be breathing a bit easier
[Izii Helfari] says: Izii.
[Clan] Clyde Harper has come online.     <---------------------------------------------------------JEEZ I WONDER WHO THE FUCK THIS IS? XD
Iniya shakes Khalil more vigorously, not getting a response.  "Khalil?  Khalil??"
[Keith Rawkings] says: Doctor wants to talk to you
Keith Rawkings cranks his mic up
[Clan] [Keith Rawkings] *R* he's on what do you need to tell him?
Iniya rolls Khalil over onto his back and puts her ear over his lips, checking to see if he was breathing.
Keith Rawkings checks yvettes eyes
[Clan] [Theira Oxford] <R> Who is this?
Khalil Volk is not
Keith Rawkings *mic* noise says "Who is this?"
[Keith Rawkings] says: ((cmon bro talk back))
Keith Rawkings leans over so Izii can talk into his mic
Iniya swears with sailor-like vigor and tilts his head back, breathing two breaths into his mouth, followed by several chest compressions.  "Someone help me, he isn't breathing!"
Izii Helfari waves a dismissive hand. "Serzhant Helfari, ah.. medic, not quite a doctor."
[Clan] [Theira Oxford] <R> Just tell him what I had you do and if he needs to undo it, do it fast. Blood and antibiotics are key here.
[Clan] [Theira Oxford] <R> Ask if he knows how to type and cross?
[Clan] [Keith Rawkings] *R* Izzis voice Serzhantr Helfari, ah..medic, not wuite a doctor."
[Yvette Landers] says: (I need sleep soon folks.  What are you going to do with me?)
[Keith Rawkings] says: (9we;re going to eat you yvette now hold still))
Iniya is busy giving Khalil chest compressions, pleading the other two for help.  "Help me, he's -dying-! Yvette has a collar, Khalil doesn't!"
[Clan] [Theira Oxford] <R> Oh for fuck's sake....
[Clan] [Keith Rawkings] *R* thats it we're dragging her to the clinic*
[Clan] [Theira Oxford] <R> Good. Go now.
[Keith Rawkings] says: Izzi grab her feet man
[Clan] [Theira Oxford] <R> what's her status? Pulse still good?
Keith Rawkings grabs under yvettes shoulders
[Clan] [Clyde Harper] *R* Pulse? What happened?
[Clan] [Keith Rawkings] *R* yes moving her to clmin now
[Keith Rawkings] says: wheres this clinic?
[Keith Rawkings] says: lets go
[Clan] [Theira Oxford] <R> Shooting in Hope's Spring.
Izii Helfari grips under her knees, picking her up.
Khalil Volk pulse is very slow and weak
[Keith Rawkings] says: (stand up Yvette))
[Clan] [Clyde Harper] *R* Oh.
Iniya gives Khalil two more breaths, followed by more chest compressions, then stops to check his breathing again.  "Dammit don't die Khalil, please!"
[Yvette Landers] says: (you aren't helping Khalil?)
[Keith Rawkings] says: Iniya stay here with Khalil
[Clan] [Clyde Harper] *R* Nobody bleeding in serenity, right?
[Iniya] says: ((Oh we see how it is....fanger-haters))
[Izii Helfari] says: We should get this one to a safer place, and I will come back to check on the man.
[Keith Rawkings] says: ((lol you know I love you man))
[Keith Rawkings] says: ok thanks izii
[Clan] [Druuna Czarra] ((Are Vista faction skills like One Shot One Kill out of the game now?))
[Clan] [Theira Oxford] <R> One is taking blood. The other, the female, had a chest wound. Cauterized by sautering iron and stitched up by staple gun for transport. Blood is on board now, no idea if it's the correct type.
[Khalil Volk] says: (( bite me! 8-p
[Keith Rawkings] says: does someone know where we're goin?
[Iniya] says: She has a clone collar, Khalil is going to -die-!
[Keith Rawkings] says: no he wont ive seen this before
[Clan] [Clyde Harper] *R* Where is she?
[Clan] [Theira Oxford] <R> Keith? Answer the man.
[Keith Rawkings] says: this man is indestructable
[Clan] [Clyde Harper] *R* Wait... Taking blood?
Iniya gives more breaths, more compressions.
[Iniya] says: ((lmao))
[Clan] [Theira Oxford] <R> Nevermind that.
[Clan] [Keith Rawkings] *R* cant ..talk... 8breathing heavily* moving her to the clinic in Hope
[Izii Helfari] says: Boschze moi! set her aside and I shall ensure the man with -one- life will live.
[Yvette Landers] says: (Perhaps we say we took her upstairs and plunked her into cymon's bed
[Keith Rawkings] says: lets go now!
[Keith Rawkings] says: ah fuck this man
[Keith Rawkings] says: grabs Yvette in both his arms
Iniya checks Khalil's breathing again.
[Clan] [Clyde Harper] *R* Are you carrying her to Serenity Falls?
[Clan] [Theira Oxford] <R> She's being moved to the clinic in Hope Springs. And somebody get me Iniya's frequency.
[Keith Rawkings] says: holds the iv in his teeth
Khalil Volk slowly
[Keith Rawkings] says: ((fuckin superman now))
[Yvette Landers] says: (lmao)
[Keith Rawkings] says: just tell me where the hell it is
[Clan] [Clyde Harper] *R* I'm on my way
[Keith Rawkings] says: ((cmon))
[Iniya] says: It's right up the main street, before you get to the manor!

((journal entry to follow :D))


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((MOAR...is all i can say..))



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((Ah, good - glad you focused more on the actual happenings, as my post focused more on Iniya's feelings about it all.  Thanks!  Glad you kept chat logs too, even though I was there it was good to re-read :) ))

Hugs: There are far too many broken hearts.  Fortunately, anyone can be a mechanic!

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