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HappyTrails (entry 13)

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((from the diary of Keith Rawkings))

Man I am bushed! And speakin' a bush... What a night.
I don' got me some good dancin' practice with tha ladies last night at this party in New Flagstaff. Hosted by none other than tha Zombie King.  He don't look much like a zombie. More like in a trance. Good tunes though, so I aint complainin'.

So we was all dancing in a circle. Me, Shawnee, and Dru. Al gitin high and really cuttin a rug. Thems the laid back girls. Real country women. At least in this day and age. I wasn't feelin much like gitin shot tonight, so I think this was tha most "natural way to go." We were gitin all sweaty and stuff havin' a real ol good time.
Even Carol, who tried ta step on ma nuts earlier with one of them ditry sneakers, was loosenin up a bit, smokin tha Mary Jane with us and jist dancing along with tha Rawkings fan club.

Then some dang cop kept ruinin' ma game. This "Kurt" guy from the NFPD. Kept comin over and being a typical bronze about "what you smokin', "careful with them knives" (I was jugglin), "I'm watchin you", "stop with all them hand signals"(I was givin ma buddy Fox Dogg the wink and the thumbs up fer catchin' one tough gal on tha hook).
Guy tried startin' a fight with me too outta tha blue. They do pysch checks on them bronze before they hire 'em?

'Ventually them girls got tired of it I think and scattered away like cockroaches to a flashlight.
Then I saw Shawnee and Dru all gitin personal down by tha pond. Got damnit I shoulda known what was goin on there. Them girls was all up in each others shit when they were dancin'. Shoulda figured by how tough that Shawnee be acting all the time. Walkin' round with that warpaint and them tomahawks. Like she was gon' circumsize any man that don' got too close to Dru.

And Dru, damnit, why the hell? Why there always gotta be something outa wack with tha women I fall fer? Shoulda known by all them mechanical skills. Always greased up and shit. Workin on cars all day. Too good ta be true, Dru! Got dangit, now I remember why there wasn't so many women back in the Biomedical field!
Yeah so I got cockblocked and I'm not really sure by which one exactly, considerin the fact that Shawnee was their first.
Gotta admit though, that shit was pretty hot. Man can always dream, can't he? Mm mmm.

Anyway, so I was havin' some ol' serious conversation bout Yvette to Carol. That got dang cop was lurchin around sittin down close by, so I had to talk in code to Carol bout what happened the other night to Yvette gitin shot. Carol done sounded pretty surpised by that! Some "friend" a hers. This was startin to get wheels turnin' in ma mind despite the seriousness of the discussion. I had to think a Yvette outside the context of the shootin. Ya know, Ms Red and Ms Green. Call me perverted but it aint ma fault when I'm that high and two other womenz be dancing with me to the point a them makin out. Must be something I do to em.

Anyway, somehow when Aulwrak got brought up, Carol thought about ma buddy Foxx Dogg and got er panties all up in a bunch about it. Then she done got up and walked away. Whatever man!
I wonder if she ever heard that sayin : "love me, love ma dog!" That's jist the way it is ladies. Package deal here when ya act now on this offer to lease er lease ta own me.

Then I remember later on that night I was gittin kinda onery and fed up with the whole rejection process. 'Bout that time I walked over to some people talking about killin other people, ya know, the usual in this fucked up land. Met some interestin feller who had some serious fashion sense I might add. He was wearin' like a red pimpin suit. Ma favorite color. He was quite humble on that compliment but that guy had it goin on with tha threads, and nobody should be tellin' him different I told em! Anyway we exchanged blunts and I got a little relaxed. Slept well that night after the conversation was all over.

But anyhow, back on the subject...
The Man got up cause he was gitin mighty tired and looked like he was missin something er someone.
I decided to give ma full attention to these other two interestin people, one who I had met before.

Was this Cornelius guy I remember seein' out at Hope Springs one night. Real up tight guy all bitchin about being slipped a roufie in his tea er something. I don't know why tha hell people call him "Mr Preacher" if he aint no got dang reverend. Lives in a church apparently and carries a rosary. Also acts as auptight as a priest, don't wanna drink with me er smoke ma blunts, so what tha fuck man?

The other person was this real interestin' gal named Jari. She seemed like a spunky little gal, she had been involved in that conversation about bronze killin er whatever before I sat my ass down into the middle of it. I jist told em all I hate them pigs too (I mean cmon man that Kurt guy bushwacked ma whole party earlier!), I jist dont takes to killin them lightly. Much prefer to fuck with em and piss em off and all cause its fun.

Anyway, it appeared from the small conversation I made between her and I, that Cornelius got his tea spiked by her. Ya know, she joked like she didnt. But I knew. I saw the way that little snifflin' guy was lookin at her, tryin to hide his intentions. I even asked em if they were an item but he was all like "no."

Bout that time I decided to put some moves on the girl. I mean hell, I was tired and all but I figured, fuck it, he dont want 'er, Ill jist move in and give it tha ol Rawkings try.
Im gitin mighty tired a all of these "taken" women I run into. Taken fer what I dunno, maybe fools, considering most of their men never seem to be around long enough to conversate wit em, er watch there backs when they git shot, er even acknowledge they like em, when I'm over here puttin on 100% charm. Fuckin clones er weird man. And why tha fuck does lifenet gotta make all them gals looks so darn pretty? Fuckin torture man.

Maybe I shoulda been brainwiped er somethin when I first came outta that stankin cell long ago. Woulda made shit easier if I had less mackin' skills. Then I wouldn't be so put off fer failin so dang much lately!

Yeah so, the girl got up and bid us both gnight, apparently not interested. Whatever. Then when I decided to give a little chat to that preacher and tell em to "man the fuck up." He got some radio call er somethin from a woman on the other line and left.

((entry stops and begins again on the next day))

Woke up today. Another day fer fishin. Fishin' fer prized trout that is. And I got me some fresh bait today.

You would not believe who I ran into in New Flagstaff. It was ma lady! Ya know, that big ol tough one that came huntin me down before back at Serenity Falls. My heart was just a flutterin' as I chased her down on ma horse, while she was runnin away in that cute little dun buggy a hers. She stopped and I walked up and gave er the full Rawkings special. Women still wasn't talkin much. Had to go do somethin. She sure was playin hard to git. All nasty and riled up like usual. Turnin me the fuck on with that middle finger gesture. Then she kept playin around tellin me to go away and stuff. But I told her to jist drive away if she really want, and I knew she wanted the Rawkings cause she wouldnt. Eventually I told her to meet me at the dance and she still wouldn't gimme er name. Tried givin err ma personal comm frequency ya know, case she wanted ta git "personal" wit me but she was like all wavin her hands in the air and shit and wapped it away. She was jist tryin to lead me on fer the ride I knew it. She rode off and I felt like Id see er again.

I met some weird lookin guy later on by that pond in New Flagstaff. Looked like tha got dang terminator er somethin. Apparently he was somethin like that but not really. Sounded like a robot and kept talkin to himself and me at the same time.
Carol walked up, I think she was walkin over ta hit on me. I was engaged in conversation with "them," when she told me this guy was name Moltrazahn, and he was the mayor a Hope Springs. "What tha hell?" I thought. This guy was so dang weird I mean it was like talkin to tha internet er "ask jeeves" er somethin' when I talked to him. But, whatever, different strokes, different folks. Maybe he was like extra smart er something cause he sounded like a computer.
I made sure to shake with both hands, one fer each personality, lest I insult "them."

About this time, some other girl done walked over while I was flirtin with Carol and butted into the conversation. Some tough lookin, wild, broad. Like one a them CHOTA girls. Ya know, the ones with daddy issues, who like to swing big sharp objects and shit as an outlet. Had an iron lookin mask coverin er mouth like she might bite somethin if it wasnt on her face. Sexually confused I thinks most a em CHOTA girls are. Well thats ok. Thats what Rawkings is here for. I can straighten any woman out. In time that is.

I tried to tell her to relax, and that I'd be with er shortly. Plenty go around, take a number and all. "One at a time" I told er.

She wasn't the friendly sort. Seemed to have violent conversatin skills like most CHOTA girls.
How the hell does Foxx deal with these women on a daily basis? Makes it harder that they wear even less than other women. Maybe thats ther dang game. I mosty jist figure play along the same and take more a ma clothes off too.
Anyway she was rude and turned er back on me and started talkin to Carol. I win either way when a woman does that since I can see their whole backside as a result. I told her she should take that mask off, cause I bet she had a real pretty smile on err.

I went back over to the mayor since I had a thought fer concern. Wanted to know how Yvette was. He said she was alive. I breathed a sigh a relief. I asked er if she was mad I left er with a zipper chest, but he didn't have any details on 'er condition. I hope she'll be alright. I Felt mighty bad about that whole situation.

Now you wouldn't believe this but ma dream woman jist showed up outta no where. And she was comin this way. I didn't know if she was gonna shoot at me er kiss me. I didn't care cause I was jist so glad to see er again. Someone called er "Ghostlyn." I now knew her name!
And she wanted to go talk in private! Holy shit this day couldn't a turned out any better. I am so glad I woke up early this mornin!

We walked away from those people and I was definitely expectin some good things to come outta this. But she asked me some weird shit like "You seen khalil lately?" I'm thinking  "what the hell she want with that guy." Damnit does everyone wanna kill em? This wasn't the topic I had expected, and as I was trying to flirt it up wit er still, I asked er jist what the hell that had to do with me and her.
Then she kinda said somethin like "Cindri wants me to tell you, he is OK." Somethin about paying back a friend fer helpin a friend. I was mighty confused by this. I did help hide Khalil by hidin him in the cemetary the other night after the gunfight. Iniya said she got a call from him on the radio though and knew where he was. I thought my business was done in the matter. I mean I heard some shit on the radio late last night about him gitin shot er something I think. Did they kidnap him? Was I supposed to tell someone?

Well whatever man. I asked her to the Broken Hearts dance again, but she left me in the dust, again. I admired her figure while she was walkin away. Later someone shot at her and I got all worried. She shot him down, though, and stood on the man's head. I almost exploded in ma pants from the site. Least she talked to me now. I have patience. Some day we will git together I can jist feel it in ma bones.


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((hey...some guys got it with the CHOTA chicks other DEFFENTLY dont.. he he he... :D anyway other than that epic read!))

((also..dont kill me i did it for the lols!))



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((Fun meeting you for the first time there Keith.  I'll have to stick around a bit longer next time, if nothing else to just to watch you ramble.  Always love seeing Keith's completely skewed point of view on things.  I'm still trying to figure out how Jari disagreeing with Enforcers turned into killing them.))

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((he heard some rambling about killing people, probably from Ardenn coming over there when he was just on his horse smokin up. But yeah, I guess if you hang around long enough, then a party happens in front of your eyes))

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(( Im happy to finally have met another person whose speech tends to give peopel headaces ^^ Terminator approves ))

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(( Haha...Keith's perspective on things is priceless.  "Woulda made shit easier if I had less mackin' skills."  :) Was fun dancing and chatting, that was my first time making it to one of the Demonville RP events. ))

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