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Happy Trails (entry elev--*line is crossed out here*(entry 12)

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((From the Diary of Keith Rawkings))

I think I am in love. Oh my, I am jist so xcited 'bout it. the birds, the bees, even the trees seem preddier now. Ah,but first, maybe I should rewind...

It all started when I was jist walkin' round Serenity, it was kinda early and all, I was fixin' to git me some breakfast at the ol' wafflehouse. Fer some reason that dang place says "Waffle House 24 hrs." on the sign, but it's never open fer breakfast! So anyway, I ran into this Kron feller I had met bout a week ago. Hardly recognized em. I had to excuse ma self fer not when he said hello. Looked like he was jist settlin' right in and all. Some damn biker done almost run over his foot when we was jist standin outside the post office. But anyway, I digress...

So here I am yappin about England and stuff when outta the corner a ma eye this big ol' dune buggy comes ragin' down the street and pulls up so close to ma back, the driver damn near run ma foot over. And then she got out....

My, oh my, what a gal! She got right out a that car, got all up close to me, and pointed a big all magnum pistol at ma head. She had all this black leathery stuff on that jist drives me up the wall when I see it on a woman. She was all angry and fiesty lookin' and I was real turned on. Yeah I knew the other day when I saw that gal I shoulda jist went with ma gut and confessed ma true identity. Cause I think she was jist love sick fer the Rawkings at this point. And I'll admit, that was jist cruel of ol Rawkings to leave er hangin fer days like that.

As I saw the gun come out I jist played it cool. Tryin to be all suave and flirt with er a bit before movin in fer 1st base. I told err she had nice big guns, but if she "really wanted to play with a gun," as I pointed downward to ma pants, then well, hehe, I don' have ta explain it do I?

I member she started yappin something, can't really remember, somethin' like "rawr rawr rawr! Agression, yap yap yap!!" I was too busy sizing up this fine female specimen and takin' photos of er fer ma mental 12 month catalog of ma "dream women in the wastes" I think I was trying to figure out what month to assign er to. Maybe in October er somethin. I think I had Dru in May. I was runnin' outa months on the dang thing.

I think what she said was something bout that wabbit guy sending his regards er something. Now that didn't make much sense to me. All I could think of was he was mad fer me kissin Fuzzy when I got drunk a week ago. But I thought everyone thinks I'm harmless? Fuzzy made em sound like such a badass, why would he waste chips sending this tough all merc broad, (who probably didn't come cheap, judgin by er very good looks and sexy accent) , instead a comin' on out here and trying to kill someone everybody thinks is jist harmless? Was it laziness? Well I don't really care cause at that moment I was jist more glad then I evr was fer kissin Fuzzy that night. I woulda never met my biggest fan yet, if I hadn't. And what most people weren't countin on was the fact that

A. I don' recloned recently and felt like I was 20 years old again, and that
B. I didn't survive all this time out here in the shits because I'm slow on ma feet. Maybe I cant arm wrestle someone like Aulwrak er Fox, but I sure as hell knew how to dodge and dance, and sing the sweet serenades to sooth the savage woman ta boot.

She fired a bullet outa that big ol gun at me and I pretty much jist dodged outta tha way like it was. I think she was a little more than surprised. I think she was even more so,  when I snuck up right behind her and started givin her a back massage right out there on the street. I knew how to deal with gals who got jealous and angry enough to wanna shoot me cause they thinks they caint have me. She didn't move at first. Ma fingers er jist too relaxin on a woman's neck once I git ma massage goin on em. They start meltin like butter. I started blowin in 'er ear and all. I saw the hairs start to tingle and rise on tha back a er neck. I knew, I jist knew it then. I figured she took that job, but she didn't take it cause she needed to. Naw, she musta heard about me from someone somewhere. Rawkings is gitin famous these days. I jist knew she took that job so she could git close to me. I was happily impressed.

It was about then that I realized I was still standing in front of Mr. Kron and a few passerbys.
I think she got all embarassed. Yeah, definitely. She spun around and screamed "FUCK YOU!"

More perfect words couldn't have come out of er mouth at that moment....

I gots real excited at this comment and I told her "definitely"

I think at this point, I had her really hooked on ma line, like a snapper on a worm. She just didn't know what to say anymore. And she didn't have to. I know these things. I know when a gal is awestruck with me. I told her to go think it over. I jist told put my finger up to ma lips and told er to "shush"
"Maybe you shoud let me buy you a drink sometime," I suggested.
 I left her there fer a spell and walked over to her little cute Dune buggy. I wrote ma number on some scrap paper and put it on er seat. Course, I think I wrote my home number from like 150 years ago er somethin (man I fergit stuff sometimes), but I think she approved of tha gesture.

She walked on back to her dune buggy with not much to say at this point. I think it was all jist too much fer er to take in. Ya know, the sight of Keith Rawkings in his tight green T-shirt on a sunny mornin'. Walkin' round the town in his tight blue jeans. Wearing them dark leather ridin boots. Big ol' brown leather, silky gloves. Smokin a badass cigar. Shucks, ladies jist love that shit.

Some asshole standing in front of her car told me to shoot er. "Jist once" he begged like a bad kid. I was like "Why would I shoot her? She's a piece a art! You don't ruin a piece a art. You frame it!
Dumb asshole.

I had my hands in front of me and was linin' her up in my imaginary frame sitting there in that dune buggy as she fired it up. Reminded me of a nice song by a feller by the name a "Prince." Prince a what, I can't remember. ((queue music again: http://www.myspace.com/video/quot-e-quot/prince-and-the-revolution-littl... ))     Got damn, she looked even better that way too.

I whispered to er "I love you," but she jist gave me a stare, probably wondering if she was dreamin.' Yep probably didn't seem real to er. I told err I'd hope we meet again.  She drove on outta town into tha sunset. I jist watched the dust kick up in er wake. Jist feelin' all pretty inside.

She had been so persistant the last two times she came fer me, that she deserved a nice payoff. See ladies, ya persistant enough with tha Rawkings and ya git rewarded.

Then I realized I never got the young ladie's name. Or where she was goin! I was so enraptured with the woman, that I never used ma brain to ask that simple question!

I have a new mission in life now. I will find that girl I will. I will ask her to that "broken hearts dance" if I do. Daddy didn't raise no fool. He raised the best damn tracker this place will ever see. And I intend to put ma huntin skills to use. She hunted me. Now I'm going to hunt her...Fer love....



((Rawkings tears the entry out of his journal, folds it up into a neat paper heart, and puts the heart in his inner jacket pocket, just in front of his own.))


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((LOL knew he was struck down by somethin...))



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[[Poor girl]]

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((no its good Rawkins finally finding some lady he likes that isnt with someone..not like that ever mattered with Fox :D))



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((Lol, I'd LOVE to see this written from this woman's perspective. :D))

Hugs: There are far too many broken hearts.  Fortunately, anyone can be a mechanic!

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(( Keith, That's... oh that's just a great read.

Big Ol' thumbs up to ya ))

"A last name implies a heritage, as a Beta, my only parent is Mother invention"

Cymon's head explodes violently (X.X)**~

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